💪🏼RONALDO HAT-TRICK HERO!💪🏼(Juventus vs Atletico Madrid 3-0 Parody Song Goals Highlights)

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Cristiano Ronaldo scores three to beat Atleti in the Champions League Last 16 2019! Two headers and a penalty!
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13. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 2 166
The Explore
The Explore Pred 22 minutami
LordBobrys yt
LordBobrys yt Pred 8 urami
i Love hat trick hero
Fuck Legacy
Fuck Legacy Pred 9 urami
Remember Bayern vs Real Madrid it’s the same vid
Samantha Jest
Samantha Jest Pred 10 urami
Yes that's OK
Ali Murteza
Ali Murteza Pred 11 urami
TIGER MEN Pred 12 urami
Asili Ahmadi
Asili Ahmadi Pred 22 urami
Plonkain Pred dnevom
This is why Messi is worse than Ronaldo in the champions league and is why Ronaldo has won more champions leagues. Messi can never save his team in the champions league.
OpiPL YT Pred dnevom
Song Krzysztof piątek Milan i'm Poland Poland 1:0 Austria ha
hamza salman
hamza salman Pred dnevom
I think all 738 dislike are from atletico madrid fans like atleti fans must be saying fuck ronny
luiz fernando jogador de games
I Love your Channel
luiz fernando jogador de games
I from bradzil
luiz fernando jogador de games
My top lass sííííí☆☆☆☆☆☆
Aalaap Seshanand
Aalaap Seshanand Pred dnevom
The voice actor for simeone sounds like many of the voice actors from South Park: the fractured butthole
kelvin arasa
kelvin arasa Pred dnevom
lijah boss
lijah boss Pred 2 dnevi
Iczekalski Pred 2 dnevi
Take the L To Simeone
Saul Vitales
Saul Vitales Pred 2 dnevi
This kills me so fucking much
Fatima Vega
Fatima Vega Pred 3 dnevi
You hace to change juventus badge...
Rodrigo Gamez
Rodrigo Gamez Pred 3 dnevi
No we like it like that
Andy Anh Kiet
Andy Anh Kiet Pred 3 dnevi
*s u u*
Ivana P.
Ivana P. Pred 3 dnevi
O du
Ivana P.
Ivana P. Pred 3 dnevi
Roni roni go tu real Madrid plus su a vidio abaut dat
yash jadon
yash jadon Pred 3 dnevi
What is the fake news in this video Ronaldo is talking about?
Chelo ,Chelo
Chelo ,Chelo Pred 3 dnevi
0:36 😂
Patrice Semo
Patrice Semo Pred 3 dnevi
AJ Annandale
AJ Annandale Pred 3 dnevi
Make a video messi hatrick v betis true I even see messi play v betis
Inkaphyx Pred 3 dnevi
0:22 wHeN i WoRe ThE rEaL wHiTe ThEy'Re ShItE!
Bernardo fazbear Lorenzo purisaca
what name is the music original
Ebrahim Pred 3 dnevi
F*ck Ronaldo.....................................
Supermario Sanskar Gurung
0:19 there is griezmans reflection in the mirror but at 0:22 you can’t see ronaldos reflection 😮Nani?
Vanquish Pred 4 dnevi
Isn't it time for another hattrick club vid? :D
Waterblast Tube
Waterblast Tube Pred 4 dnevi
What song is this from
Steve Duce
Steve Duce Pred 4 dnevi
Why does it always rain on Atleti?
mechartur mc
mechartur mc Pred 4 dnevi
Ronaldo = shit
Just Aria
Just Aria Pred dnevom
Ronaldo = G.O.A.T
SimohTV Pred 4 dnevi
Love greizman
Erwin Duenas
Erwin Duenas Pred 4 dnevi
Who's here after messi hat trick?
Charly Flow
Charly Flow Pred 4 dnevi
Video 1K
Matthias _06
Matthias _06 Pred 4 dnevi
Dean why aren't you using the new Juventus logo? Like so Dean can see
Darth Malgus
Darth Malgus Pred 2 dnevi
Er.Swadesh Debbarma
Er.Swadesh Debbarma Pred 5 dnevi
I like the laughing of Ronaldo hu hu........
Ayham player
Ayham player Pred 5 dnevi
عربي حط لايك واشترك بقناتي 😐
Aditya Waghmare
Aditya Waghmare Pred 5 dnevi
*0:05* "Genuine quote" *Is that true? *
Star Wolf369
Star Wolf369 Pred 5 dnevi
I thought I'd never say this but... SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AnDrEW_31 Pred 5 dnevi
Diego is melon hero!
Mr.Anonymoos Pred 5 dnevi
0:23 😞😢😪
karim ElBaz
karim ElBaz Pred 5 dnevi
Diego! give me seedless watermelon :P :D
Luciana Amadei
Luciana Amadei Pred 6 dnevi
Police Crazy 4029
Police Crazy 4029 Pred 6 dnevi
Troll bong da
Police Crazy 4029
Police Crazy 4029 Pred 6 dnevi
Ghien bong da
Football Fun Channel
Prithvi Sundar
Prithvi Sundar Pred 6 dnevi
Ronaldo just humiliated "someone"... Oh it's SIMEONE
Thegamerloves gaming
I'm miss the old Ronaldo hattrick hero
Red Devil’s and Jesse lingard
Best hat trick 44200ns song
Polish Gamer 2004
Polish Gamer 2004 Pred 6 dnevi
Wait... that's illegal. Ron isn't slavic
Gazmend Koldashi
Gazmend Koldashi Pred 6 dnevi
This was the funniest song ever!😂😂😂
Mad Max
Mad Max Pred 6 dnevi
giorgos papadopoulos
The best video ever Dean
nhat anh jang
nhat anh jang Pred 6 dnevi
What is the song name from 0:43??
Shadow Nes
Shadow Nes Pred 6 dnevi
Sound of Silence
TheBlueJackle Pred 6 dnevi
one thousand amazing videos...wow
Gabriel Sierra
Gabriel Sierra Pred 6 dnevi
Best Hat Trick Here video is the one vs BYErn
Neym4r Lover
Neym4r Lover Pred 6 dnevi
Happy 1000 video
maw mawi
maw mawi Pred 6 dnevi
That how you know Ronaldo is better than Messi.
erum Hussain
erum Hussain Pred 7 dnevi
Th3Arnis Pred 7 dnevi
When i wore the real kit, they're s*** would rime better 0:24
PlaySolosWithMe :D
PlaySolosWithMe :D Pred 7 dnevi
I like the flashback to Cristiano Euronaldo
usha shankar
usha shankar Pred 7 dnevi
Where is messigician and chewy saurez?
cabo daciolo Ygor
cabo daciolo Ygor Pred 7 dnevi
Onde está o Diego bosta agora
thin zar
thin zar Pred 7 dnevi
Eduardo Santos
Eduardo Santos Pred 7 dnevi
Legenda portugues?
ARII ANA Pred 7 dnevi
Maja Curkovic Holte
Maja Curkovic Holte Pred 7 dnevi
thanks 442ons
Zen legend
Zen legend Pred 7 dnevi
ayy cristiano gang
Krkdk Iii
Krkdk Iii Pred 7 dnevi
Diego Sell ​​me a watermelon Please
story teller
story teller Pred 7 dnevi
In real he had r for Ronaldo but now he has j for junior
Maja Curkovic Holte
Maja Curkovic Holte Pred 7 dnevi
Juventus will win against ajax
SOMNATH KUNDU Pred 7 dnevi
Make a video on footballers reacting to ucl 19 quarter final
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Omg, how many 5 years old Penaldo fans are there in the world?!
Keima Tainaka
Keima Tainaka Pred 7 dnevi
Силбаич trigerred :"
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Yes, amazing hat-trick: goal after 2 fouls, save by Oblak and a dive penalty, wow!) f*ck Penaldo!
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Keima Tainaka lol you can’t even write well)
Keima Tainaka
Keima Tainaka Pred 7 dnevi
Силбаич why? Whatever, you playing football? I see you mad lol Atletico madrid lose again !!
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Keima Tainaka ok, im gonna try to explain. 1st goal: Ronaldo first pushes and then holds Juanfran to make it impossible for Spanish to jump for ball with Ronaldo. 2nd goal: yes, its legit, but with IMMERSIVE amount of luck. 3rd... Bernardeschi just dived, but ref didnt even watch VAR. You can say that 1st goal is legit, BUT, in 1st leg Morata’s goal was denied because he pushed Chiellini or Bonucci, forgetting about that Alex Sandro pushed Morata right before that. So it was either goal, or penalty. And if Morata’s goal was still denied, then Ronaldo’s 1st must be denied too.
Keima Tainaka
Keima Tainaka Pred 7 dnevi
Силбаич mad lol xD
Anelplayz Pred 7 dnevi
this is a watermelony video
Frederico Barreto
Frederico Barreto Pred 7 dnevi
Stop ading 18+ names and sings (Ex.: the middle finger up)
kawayfoxy28 Gacha
kawayfoxy28 Gacha Pred 6 dnevi
Exuse me bitch but did he ever say that this is for kids
Zolke Pred 7 dnevi
That his 3 hatrick againts atletico and you make all 3. I have just to say Penaldo fanboyyyyyyyyyyyy
midas rashford and ole gunar solskajer
Made a Hatrick club
Andrew Coronado
Andrew Coronado Pred 7 dnevi
Andrew Coronado
Andrew Coronado Pred 7 dnevi
Bombom Gameplays
Bombom Gameplays Pred 7 dnevi
Su su su suiiiui
Belinda Zhou
Belinda Zhou Pred 7 dnevi
What is the original music of the first song ?
sarah gibbs
sarah gibbs Pred 7 dnevi
Ive listened to this over 30 times and still continuing
Maxxim B.S.R
Maxxim B.S.R Pred 7 dnevi
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Maxxim B.S.R then Griezmann is the best in the galaxy and Messi is the best in the universe lol)
CR7 Legend
CR7 Legend Pred 7 dnevi
Can I your video get new video for my channel
zoro italiano
zoro italiano Pred 7 dnevi
I’m no atletico fan. Juve clearly deserves to win that as they were dominant. However this is likes juve’s best game of the entire season. Wait til a team presses high and cr7 bitches and Moans that he doesn’t get the ball.
Cool Kevin77
Cool Kevin77 Pred 7 dnevi
nickname for Ronaldo Hero-naldo
Cool Kevin77
Cool Kevin77 Pred 7 dnevi
did simeone actually say he'll sell watermelons?
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Cool Kevin77 yes
Thijmen Beijersbergen
Can we get a full version of hat-trick hero?
Jonathan Wat
Jonathan Wat Pred 7 dnevi
YOu just can't deny how brilliant Ronaldo is, whether or not you think Messi is better
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Jonathan Wat yes hes good at scoring 1 goal in emty net out of 9999999999 tries XD
Boge Galal
Boge Galal Pred 7 dnevi
Can you do the last 16 in 2 minutes
Силбаич Pred 7 dnevi
Boge Galal i think there were too many goals to fit in 2 mins
Erik Pihl
Erik Pihl Pred 7 dnevi
The 1000th video on 442oons!
Ben Ramirez
Ben Ramirez Pred 7 dnevi
Ha Ha
Steve Godino
Steve Godino Pred 7 dnevi
Congrats on the 1000th video
Siobhan Yuill
Siobhan Yuill Pred 7 dnevi
Here’s the song we’ve been waiting for
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