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It's the same as always! Here are another 10 bike hacks for mountain bikes, bicycles in general, and outdoor enthusiasts.
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14. mar. 2019

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AJ Austria
AJ Austria Pred 5 urami
Suggested hack: if your hubs are not loud enough, put a plastic cup (disposable) between your rear wheel and frame. You'll sound like a motorcycle even if you're pedaling
Dennis Feeney
Dennis Feeney Pred 14 urami
Hey Seth what fanny pack is that? Thanks you rock!
Fux Pred 14 urami
Put a piece of paper with your name onit inside your handlebar or frame so when your bike gets stolen and you see it around you can use that paper as proof that it belongs to you
Captain Meemo
Captain Meemo Pred 20 urami
Ha ! Hey Seth ! I rode with you at Big Rock while you were filming the pickle juice part. Had zero clue who you were at the time ... but I do now! Keep up the good work man! Solid channel ! Luis from CT
luka Playzz
luka Playzz Pred 23 urami
მე ქართველი ვაარ არ წამიშალო კომენტარი გაიგეე!
BraveTamedHamster Pred 23 urami
If you ever need to get a zip-tie REALLY tight use a fourth hand tool.
N!cky Pred dnevom
In Serbia air is free. Lmfao
Giuseppe Sfregola
Giuseppe Sfregola Pred dnevom
Could piri piri work aswell
Kiro johnson
Kiro johnson Pred dnevom
Old plant hooks are perfect for hanging bike stands. If u dont mind them hangin.
Ethan Robinson
Ethan Robinson Pred dnevom
Use your wife's bobby pins to replace pins for brake pads if you run out, cut the bobby pins to size and they fit perfectly
sks42t Pred dnevom
What the hell is a charlies horse
Mr. Disorganized
Mr. Disorganized Pred dnevom
just as a side note, you don't have to pay for air, you can walk into the gas station or whatever building it is and ask for air. there is a law requiring them to give you air. They just don't tell you.
What's it like
What's it like Pred dnevom
I absolutely love your videos bro!
Antje-Pikantje Pred dnevom
What a wierd circumstance the air pumps in the the US are not free but in Germany they are. I mean we are the country where you have to pay for nearly every toilet and for bags at the grocery store.
mark jackson
mark jackson Pred 2 dnevi
Air is to expensive
Worldwide Cyclery
Worldwide Cyclery Pred 2 dnevi
Zip ties are the best.
Alex Konstas
Alex Konstas Pred 2 dnevi
You can use a spoon as a tyre lever. Just wrap the part of which you hold with your hand with electrical tape.
ruksana munni
ruksana munni Pred 2 dnevi
Is that that the honda amaze at out side the garage in 1:54
Luke Hawkins
Luke Hawkins Pred 2 dnevi
Cable tie cable ties on your gram for light wight riders who don’t were bags
Sean Christopher
Sean Christopher Pred 2 dnevi
I always use nearby rocks and sticks but that multi-tool idea for a camera stand is great!
David Enbal
David Enbal Pred 2 dnevi
I just thought of something that you might be the only one who can answer... Why do we have CO2 canisters and not Helium? I mean... Think of riding a fat bike with tires filled with Helium. I wonder what that would feel like...
readysetnogo Pred dnevom
CO2 is much cheaper than helium... that's the main reason. The CO2 we use in things like CO2 canisters for biking comes as a by-product of other industrial processes, so the companies can just capture the CO2 and sell it, instead of just letting it vent to atmosphere.
ronnrico Pred 2 dnevi
Can u review a trinx hardtail?
tiga286 Moriva
tiga286 Moriva Pred 2 dnevi
tiga286 Moriva
tiga286 Moriva Pred 2 dnevi
SteveSUX2BU Pred 2 dnevi
People pay for air at the servo?
Jeynald De Belen
Jeynald De Belen Pred 2 dnevi
hi seth, additional for the hacks, using of gloves (cotton) as a rag during bike wash, it helps you rub or access easily the corners or even the hub and spokes, a 360 deg rub in your bike, I learned it from BikecheckPH channel. hope to see it in your channel someday.
Davis Tomlin
Davis Tomlin Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Seth, will you be at the sea otter classic this year? If so what booth would you be at, I would like to meet you
San Andreas
San Andreas Pred 2 dnevi
Would you recommend SRAM or Shimano
Whiplash Pred 2 dnevi
I'm blown away that the air pumps at the gas stations cost money!!
Michael Cyr
Michael Cyr Pred 2 dnevi
Hi Seth, nice hacks, keep them coming. BTW, we worked Heartbreak last weekend and it is looking good. Let me know if you have sampled it since then.
Dirtboy 289
Dirtboy 289 Pred 2 dnevi
Make a wall ride after the Trouble Double
Ewan Bradley
Ewan Bradley Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Seth, what are your thoughts on the wheelie craze around the country?
Jeff Mcelfresh
Jeff Mcelfresh Pred 2 dnevi
Hey i don't ride. I do love the videos you make. Keep up the great work.
Matteo Nies
Matteo Nies Pred 2 dnevi
As another bike hack you can put literally anything inside a 10 cent lighter from bike chain grease or gel as long as you pressurize it, there are a few youtube videos about it, it is really simple an cheap.
Joel deniston
Joel deniston Pred 2 dnevi
seth you should build a wall rid behind the "trouble double" on that berm because when phill was head of berm creek for a day you said at 7:00 " we hae so much speed we could build a wallride, hold that thought for a minute:
elissa sandor
elissa sandor Pred 3 dnevi
hey do you have any hacks for when you dont have a spare tube or patch to repair your tire
James Basham
James Basham Pred 3 dnevi
Fyi it's illegal to charge for air and water at gas stations, all you have to do is ask them to turn it on, but if you feel like paying they will gladly take the money.
Hamburger 124c
Hamburger 124c Pred 3 dnevi
I don t Have a bike
connor callaghan
connor callaghan Pred 3 dnevi
glue magnets to two pieces of grip or rubber to attach them directly to your vice for non tubular parts, also can be stored on the side of the vice
puntok uno
puntok uno Pred 3 dnevi
good day, sir. do you have a suggestions for any mountain bike sandals? i like strolling on and off road with my mountain bike and i would love wearing sandals because its easy to wear without hassle. thank you so much sir.
Joyal KJ
Joyal KJ Pred 3 dnevi
Useful hack. Support
by HUGO Pred 3 dnevi
Hi Mate. I sent to you a Hack by email and Instagram. I'm using aerosol deodorant in my knees before wear the kneepads. That stop the stink smell of kneepads, work pretty well.
by HUGO Pred 3 dnevi
Hi Mate. I sent to you a Hack by email and Instagram. I'm using aerosol deodorant in my knees before wear the kneepads. That stop the stink smell of kneepads, work pretty well.
the squad
the squad Pred 3 dnevi
If you dont have a tire lever use a fork. This is not the best bike hack but it helped me on the trials ones
Steven Humphrey
Steven Humphrey Pred 3 dnevi
I'm good on the unknown industrial waterproofing chemicals on my gear. Better and more studied ways to achieve that state. I'd never recommend products without knowing what kind of chemicals, class, what they do to other people.
Sudin Gamer
Sudin Gamer Pred 3 dnevi
Mtb hack using home things
Joseph Kruger
Joseph Kruger Pred 3 dnevi
When you are riding street, you can put pressure (by standing on it) on the back of your clamps for your bars. It will put bars back in place if they were moved from a big gap or drop
Karai Pred 3 dnevi
I put that no wet spray on myself sometimes lol
Karai Pred 3 dnevi
My auto correct for clothes is acid. Wtf
Karai Pred 3 dnevi
If u are concerned, no, I’m not insane. Also I don’t put it on my skin, just on my clothes
David D
David D Pred 3 dnevi
I use car paint sealant coating on my frame, shock stanchions, stem and other painted parts to make cleaning the bike a lot easier. Pretty simple to apply and wipe off, makes cleaning the bike a lot easier as most dirt and grim comes off with just pressurized water. Just don't use it on drivetrain and brakes...obviously.
Callum McClure
Callum McClure Pred 3 dnevi
What?! You have to pay for air in he US? What!?
him Pred 3 dnevi
Dude, you totally saved the day for me with a hack I remembered here. I couldn't find any of my presta adaptors while changing a flat and just used the cap. Now I'm back at it fast. Thanks.
Pablo Monares
Pablo Monares Pred 4 dnevi
Pay you the Air?
B.F.L TV Pred 4 dnevi
Is a carbon bike easier to break then a aluminum bike is?
Ionic Pred 4 dnevi
I used a kitchen torch and pliers to cut my bmx brake cable to length. Probably use leather gloves tho.
Rob Dabb
Rob Dabb Pred 4 dnevi
Everytime I get my teeth cleaned I ask for the dental picks that they throw out after use!
Chicho ALZ - MTB
Chicho ALZ - MTB Pred 4 dnevi
Great 👍🏼!
Finn.k3aN _YT
Finn.k3aN _YT Pred 4 dnevi
If u willing to fly to a different country to ride MTB u should come over her to Britain Woburn sands forest and get riding on the bike trail multiple routs and a freestyle their
Playzee Bros
Playzee Bros Pred 4 dnevi
Bike hack: If you are broke as f*** you can use laminating plastic and push it to your Laminator and cut out a mudguard
Kwagga Pred 4 dnevi
A vote for Seth to play Descenders on PC?
Sean Bradford
Sean Bradford Pred 4 dnevi
pro tip, just ask the gas station clerk to turn the air on for you for free - almost always they say no problem.
Mason M.
Mason M. Pred 4 dnevi
Challenge: make a freak hard tail outfitted like a downhill bike. Double crown fork and all.
Mr beasty Vlogs
Mr beasty Vlogs Pred 4 dnevi
When you use a gas station air pump attach a string to the end so you can put it in then pull it out it is really easy to do
we_are_legends 05
we_are_legends 05 Pred 4 dnevi
You can use a cheap laser for leveling jumps and lining stuff up on your bike.
With The Flow
With The Flow Pred 4 dnevi
Check state laws regarding those gas station air pumps too! I know in California they have to provide air and water for free to anyone who asks so you can just walk inside, ask them to turn on the air, and they have to do so for free. Never paid for air in Cali
Brendan Carberry
Brendan Carberry Pred 4 dnevi
You can use a shoelace to stand in for a broken chain link.
Nathan Stolte
Nathan Stolte Pred 4 dnevi
Hey Seth! I've been looking to upgrade the mechanical disc brakes on my bike, and I've discovered some ZOOM branded brakes available on eBay and AliExpress for only $40 ish. Are these worth my while it should I just drop the extra cash on some good brakes?
Faults_ Reaper
Faults_ Reaper Pred 4 dnevi
Your hack videos are the best
Faults_ Reaper
Faults_ Reaper Pred 4 dnevi
Chain stay protectors can be made out of clear tape in a pinch
Lucas Russell 82
Lucas Russell 82 Pred 4 dnevi
LIFE HACK if you get a flat tire pull the tire over both sides of the rim and it will be good enough to ride on but nothing too much!!!!
Frank Mash
Frank Mash Pred 4 dnevi
Some tips that may or may not have been mentioned. Cable ends. Instead of a crimp. A very small dap of super glue on the last 1/8 inch will hold the ends together for almost ever. It keeps the cable end neat and allows for pulling and reinserting the cable back through the housing later if needed. You can also add a drop of additional glue and heat shrink over it for a finished look. Seat posts. A non dropper seat post can be used to hold spare spokes, zip ties, some cash, Co2 etc. You can roll up and shove in a pair of nitrile gloves in to hold everything in there. Pieces of old inner tubes. Cut up pieces of old innertubes have a lot of uses. MTB tubes are pretty big but old road tubes can be used in a lot of places too. A piece on your seat post be prevent a seat bag strap from scratching, cut up a small piece and wrap it under some electrical tape on your bars to give your headlight and other mounted accessories a mounting pad with some extra grip and stability. Used around a multitool to prevent the tools from flapping around. Experiment with the size tubes you have laying around. It's easier to roll it in place sometimes than try to pull into place around something. A large cut up piece of tube and some electrical tape can make a decent frame protector and deadens debris noise.
Lucas Barnett
Lucas Barnett Pred 4 dnevi
Have to much of a nice bike to leave out side but the wheels are scuffing the walls use a card board box on both ends on where the wheels are touching and no more scuffs
Lucas Barnett
Lucas Barnett Pred 4 dnevi
If your helmet comes with a travel bag and don’t use it put all of your tools in it and it is small and compact to use it
Stef mtb
Stef mtb Pred 4 dnevi
you can stuff a small towel in the handle bars if its "hot as balls" and use it ti dry off the sweat, you can also use a plastic water bottle as rear suspension and let out more air more less psi and blow more in for more.
Josh Leonhardt
Josh Leonhardt Pred 4 dnevi
For muscle cramps, bananas work the best. They contain lots of potassium which help to reduce cramping and retain water. They are also easy to store and you don’t have to worry about finding a bin for the peel, as it will naturally decompose!
Alex lee
Alex lee Pred 4 dnevi
You should look into waterproof spray for your next hack or even rubbing a cheap small candle onto clothes or equipment then heat for the same effect. I would recommend the latter then to just take waterproof spray out with you in case anything needs protecting. Worth mentioning, although I haven't tried it I wouldn't use it on frames as I imagine it isn't good for paintwork. Never mind after rewatching it was you who gave me the idea 😂 but still you can use the candle one, it's better than the spray
Jamie Bonczek
Jamie Bonczek Pred 4 dnevi
Use those skateboard grip tape on the brake levers. Also, not sure if you did this before, put information (name, cell, email) on a piece of paper and shove it inside of the handlebars. Or you could possibly put it in the crank set. You can add a tile gps locator too!
tom lewis
tom lewis Pred 4 dnevi
"I hope you found these 10 bike hacks entertaining, or even useful" lmao
mystery man
mystery man Pred 4 dnevi
use a brake lever and the mount to have a emergency pair of plyers
Electric Sushi
Electric Sushi Pred 4 dnevi
put mustard in a bag,then cut a small hole on the corner and squeeze it out.#🤮 mustard
Kev’in Bike Vu Atome XC
as usual very good advice that I will use. thank you
Darius Lazarica
Darius Lazarica Pred 5 dnevi
Hello i have a questin? I have a Kona Stinky 6 2010 its a good bike?
Patrick Stoof
Patrick Stoof Pred 5 dnevi
In addition to your tip to move bikes indoors on the rear wheel: if you need to get your bike down some stairs, take it by the front wheel and let it roll backwards down the stairs while you follow. This will save your back and it is super easy to steer the bike, even if the stairs are twisty. This was the way I did it when I was a mechanic and moved bikes to the attic of an Amsterdam store.
Curly MTB
Curly MTB Pred 5 dnevi
helmet is a a great phone holder for filming when you’re not riding
Mulidubicus Pred 5 dnevi
Write a little list with things on it wich you’ll need on a biketrip so you dont forget something
Dave Sackett
Dave Sackett Pred 5 dnevi
“A rock or something” ha ha ha. If you know, you know.
shhhhhhhhhhhhhh Pred 5 dnevi
Lots of gas stations will turn on the air pump for free if you ask them.
Madmartigan Pred 5 dnevi
1$ for an air ? Oh America...
Dale W
Dale W Pred 5 dnevi
I always carry mustard packs
Dana Hunley
Dana Hunley Pred 5 dnevi
I have 1 if you drink beer before a ride you my get injured or you my just be drunk
Loner Joe
Loner Joe Pred 5 dnevi
3:52 that face nom nom nom 😆
Eric Castillo
Eric Castillo Pred 5 dnevi
I put pickle juice in the fridge in empty water water bottle and take it where ever I go.
Raggavabbiez Pred 5 dnevi
That home-made pick will work wonders if you get sent to prison aswell!
LJV13B Pred 5 dnevi
Hi Seth all the way from Australia🤙 Been loving your videos and stories ever since I was trapped at home for 4.5 months after a riding injury one year ago. Today I used your presta chopped valve cap to schrader style tyre pressure pump hack at my car workshop to help a workmate out in a pinch, worked a treat thanks champ!!👌😃
pinoy bmx
pinoy bmx Pred 5 dnevi
Use a rag or towel to help you get the right chain tension of your bmx or any other bicycles with single speed drivetrain. First loosen the nuts of your back wheel then put a rag between the wish bone and back tire(The rag will prevent the wheel from moving forward) then tighten the nuts
Zarek Mora
Zarek Mora Pred 5 dnevi
I just got a leg cramp just by looking at this video
clumsy monkey
clumsy monkey Pred 5 dnevi
How can I convince my mom to let me buy a Dimondback bike for $600 brand new off the website
Matthias Fritz
Matthias Fritz Pred 5 dnevi
Tell her biking is like cocaine. But healthier.. You get a hobby, workout, maybe find friends, get out in the fresh air and you probably won't have any money left for stupid stuff.
Ken Witt
Ken Witt Pred 5 dnevi
Pickle juice is also great for rehydration after or during a ride due to the high salinity which better helps your body absorb water you are drinking. It's better tasting than salt water and healthier than Gatorade. If you're weird like me and love pickles, the juice is enjoyable to drink.
C J Films
C J Films Pred 5 dnevi
Are you going to sea otter this year?
Charlie LaFont
Charlie LaFont Pred 5 dnevi
every one who is reading this go subscribe to Sam Pilgrim
Humongous Chungus77
Humongous Chungus77 Pred 5 dnevi
You should do a full mountain bike maintenance video