15 Year Old YAASHWIN SARAWANAN Is A HUMAN CALCULATOR! | Asia's Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

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YAASHWIN SARAWANAN is a #HumanCalculator and he can do math faster than you can press your calculator. Don't believe it? Get your calculator ready and press along!
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7. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 27 623
Tuli Shre
Tuli Shre Pred 20 minutami
How could he did🤤
ashu U
ashu U Pred 36 minutami
2 minutes of silence for those who think he is Indian
EMovius Pred uro
The Tech Support Skills :>
Its Tachanka
Its Tachanka Pred uro
Say he gets to the final, wonder what calculations he’ll do
Its Tachanka
Its Tachanka Pred uro
Never thought a maths vid could be this interesting
Daemisaka Chalz
Daemisaka Chalz Pred 2 urami
Disliker hates math
Iyappan Shankaran
Iyappan Shankaran Pred 2 urami
Sarahwanan congrats from tamil nadu
ALIN PATRU Pred 2 urami
Yup NASA is hireing !!
jon life skills
jon life skills Pred 2 urami
Tamilians like here
pussy juice
pussy juice Pred 2 urami
what the fuck
Naumanistani Pred 2 urami
In Math I put 0+0 in my calculator to make sure it’s 0
K O R i G A N
K O R i G A N Pred 3 urami
This is A kid that everyone wants too sit next to during math exam ...
Khrawbormi Ryngkhlem
Wow cool that's Awesome,.,.,.
Ch1ef Gaming
Ch1ef Gaming Pred 3 urami
People be like "Woah he is good at maths", but he may be not, he is just good at calculations and Maths is not just about calculations!!!!!!!!
Deadpool who slays assholes
He looks and songs like Indian though.
Unknown ??
Unknown ?? Pred 3 urami
In which country did the ritual of mathematics happen and that great person has named
sher mohammad
sher mohammad Pred 4 urami
F shah ghandi Chan cu
Ali Mustaqim
Ali Mustaqim Pred 4 urami
keling pukimak dapig
vixtor Pred 3 urami
Ali Mustaqim d kumbai d sapa ditok? Polah malu ngau orang laut jak lalu pulai ke keting indai d diatok!
Ali Mustaqim
Ali Mustaqim Pred 3 urami
+vixtor buto bapak ki anjing vixtor anak keling pukimak
vixtor Pred 3 urami
Ali Mustaqim inggar mai ukui sial paloi
awesome name
awesome name Pred 4 urami
You make us proud our matcha
BubbleGumMochi Slimes
If you think about, we are trained from an early age to perform like a human calculator. In kindergarten, we memorize simple subtraction and addition problems. (Either that or you just count with your fingers, I guess.) The third grade is usually when we end our training off by learning/memorizing simple multiplication and division questions. Afterward, you can choose to continue your studies as a human calculator ans take it to the extremes like Yaashwin! And maybe go on Asia's Got Talent.. I am also very aware that the way schools teach are not alike. I am NOT speaking for everybody-- I am going by how I was taught in elementary school.
Gama Toth
Gama Toth Pred 4 urami
U r not allowed in the exam room😂😂😂
Hyungwonsta X
Hyungwonsta X Pred 5 urami
This all are vaidic math.. ye to India ke bache vi kar lete he 😏
vixtor Pred uro
Hyungwonsta X paloi mai ukui inggar tok. D kumbai menua d manah magang taja bc rayat paloi bk d
Hyungwonsta X
Hyungwonsta X Pred uro
+vixtor Have a good day 😂 Tum jayse bohot gadhe dakhe mayne.
vixtor Pred uro
Hyungwonsta X boh bulak ditok. Nmu inggar jak ukui paloi tok.
Hyungwonsta X
Hyungwonsta X Pred uro
+vixtor Nothing's like that.. I'm not commenting in you comments. You are the one doing this .. I added this emoji 😂 with all my comments. 😂😂😂
vixtor Pred 2 urami
Hyungwonsta X looks like you are blowing your trumpet here and there with that lame excuse.
Dancing Grizzly
Dancing Grizzly Pred 5 urami
I suddenly imagine that i am a stupid boy who uses calculator to add 10+10....
abhijit bhosale
abhijit bhosale Pred 5 urami
I_Trad Pred 5 urami
Of course he’s asian.
sudarson baskaran
sudarson baskaran Pred 5 urami
வாழ்க தமிழ்...
Chubs Kim
Chubs Kim Pred 5 urami
I'm even faster: I solved a very hard equation 1+1 in 1 millisicond
PLAKSHYA RAJ K.C Pred 5 urami
my calculator break!! im gonna take this guy
Fouzia Khan
Fouzia Khan Pred 5 urami
Well my favourite subject was math in school .....and I still love this subject.....I just love calculation.....but you are the best .... So thumbs up to you 👍👍👍👍👍
Mad Kancil
Mad Kancil Pred 6 urami
Wow malaysia..its over 15M view for this 15 years old genius... like la sikit...
Aqil Luqman
Aqil Luqman Pred 6 urami
Gempak sia budak kl ni...telan kalkulator ke apa sial
Shah Stereo
Shah Stereo Pred 6 urami
I guess this just make me even more hate maths😂
NeroTheRogue Pred 6 urami
I was playing fallout shelter when it was 1:59, one of my room went burning and the alarm was perfect as the judger went shock XD
dan hilton
dan hilton Pred 6 urami
Mum: What do you want to be when your older? Me: A Calculator
Thanasis Vlaxaitis
Thanasis Vlaxaitis Pred 6 urami
Fake. In ear speaker for sure just for marketing numbers for the show.
vixtor Pred 3 urami
Thanasis Vlaxaitis you are just jealous and insecure that he is better than you in maths. And you are just purely racist cause he is from malaysia not India.
barabas1037 Pred 6 urami
Everyone’s seems impressed with this chap, lol! If I’ve only known this is also a talent then I could have joined myself few years back.
Vidhya Venkat
Vidhya Venkat Pred 7 urami
I want to see his brain
Thivagar Balachendran
Mr Calculator
Soul Monster
Soul Monster Pred 7 urami
Woaahh me at exam : Can't relate
Yandi N
Yandi N Pred 8 urami
That's skill not talent for sure
vixtor Pred 2 urami
Yandi N yeah your opinion looks like a hate speech.
Yandi N
Yandi N Pred 2 urami
+vixtor omg, it's up to you i don't give a shit for you it just my opinion and i didn't mean roasted him
vixtor Pred 3 urami
Yandi N the comment looks like you are roasting him
Yandi N
Yandi N Pred 3 urami
+vixtor it's really matter for you to know? I don't roast him lol
vixtor Pred 7 urami
Yandi N yeah do you have the talent or the skill he has?
Ajeesh kutty
Ajeesh kutty Pred 8 urami
Saravanan Yashwin frm Tamilnadu india...he is a tamilan😎😎❤
vixtor Pred 7 urami
Ajeesh kutty he is from malaysia not India.
Tricia Fradrick
Tricia Fradrick Pred 8 urami
Wait... He's 15??
Lucky shots
Lucky shots Pred 8 urami
This is why T -Series get subs
Usama Bamasood
Usama Bamasood Pred 8 urami
Bulla+bulla =double bulla
Old Clasher
Old Clasher Pred 9 urami
*please confirm that you are not a bot*
AnimePiece Pred 9 urami
what a fuck Man
Lance White
Lance White Pred 9 urami
Hes a genius. Hope he uses that genius to change the world for the better.
Hahaha Hajaba
Hahaha Hajaba Pred 9 urami
Bruh i be puttin 8+3 on a calculator just to be sure
Curious Brain
Curious Brain Pred 10 urami
And here me uses calculator, mobile, laptop, desktop, fingers, rough paper, etc just to pass time. Anyways I am going to fail in mathematics.
Jenny Polly
Jenny Polly Pred 10 urami
I think I can did it too
Latest Only
Latest Only Pred 11 urami
No talent
vixtor Pred uro
Latest Only inggar gik pia? Ukui paloi
vixtor Pred uro
Latest Only inggar jak ukui paloi tok
Latest Only
Latest Only Pred uro
vixtor what you want ,
vixtor Pred uro
Latest Only says you only
Latest Only
Latest Only Pred uro
vixtor you're mistaken bro
hari sharma
hari sharma Pred 11 urami
Vadik mathods!!!!
Ajay Cbaby
Ajay Cbaby Pred 11 urami
Yaashwin is a genius.
Sky Gaming
Sky Gaming Pred 11 urami
Skinny ugly nerd
Sky Gaming
Sky Gaming Pred uro
+vixtor he wouldn't even stand up in a fight with me and he will have shorter lifespan because he has depression + autism
vixtor Pred 9 urami
Sky Gaming at least he is better than you in maths
Paul Guarin
Paul Guarin Pred 11 urami
I wonder how will he beat a scientific calculator hehe
breezy Pred 11 urami
i guess you could say he was a good *_addition_* to the show.. i'll *_subtract_* myself from this comment section..
Jones David
Jones David Pred 12 urami
His face looks too old
vixtor Pred 9 urami
Jones David but he is 15 and that’s for sure
periyasamy somu
periyasamy somu Pred 12 urami
He is Tamilan Tamilan is Best Tamilnadu Best forever Without Tamilan and tamilnadu never be a india is great .. Respect to our tamilnadu and peoples
lingesh kumar
lingesh kumar Pred 9 urami
Nice to hear that, but actually we r Malaysians🇲🇾 and we are very proud to be malaysian 👍
freaky frog
freaky frog Pred 12 urami
Omar Abueljebain
Omar Abueljebain Pred 12 urami
Calculator is now crying because this guy beat him in addition, multiplication, etc
Pragya Kachhava
Pragya Kachhava Pred 12 urami
Wow👏 to him coz i can't but the actual credit goes to ABACUS. Or may be similar.
Rupesh Verma
Rupesh Verma Pred 12 urami
We do it every day man 🤣🤣🤣🤣
teah kreasi
teah kreasi Pred 12 urami
Is this jakow trachtenberg system???
YouTube NK
YouTube NK Pred 13 urami
He is using specs calculator
vixtor Pred 9 urami
SLvid NK are you jealous that he is better than you in maths?
Punsiba Takhel
Punsiba Takhel Pred 13 urami
No calculator are allowed in Indian exam ,,, if you do have one ,, you will get kick out because of cheating
FLN_ Aryan
FLN_ Aryan Pred 13 urami
Human calculator- i am smarter than calculator and everyone agree Calculator- am i a joke to the public
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen Pred 13 urami
Bleh. Nothing impressive. Just two digits? C'mon now.
Aaron Daniel
Aaron Daniel Pred 14 urami
Malaysia ministry of education has done a good job
Kashvie Selva Kumaran
Kashvie Selva Kumaran Pred 14 urami
I vote for yes
VIKI 6434
VIKI 6434 Pred 14 urami
Malaysia one Vs all
2nix Pred 14 urami
HE IS irs
KALAIVANI MANI Pred 14 urami
It's not a human
Beans Lmao
Beans Lmao Pred 14 urami
Of course it’s Asia
Vxbe Pred 15 urami
the last judge surprised me with their voice. i thought that was a chick
ironman 88
ironman 88 Pred 16 urami
He should go to Las Vegas now !
LOVE WISDOM Pred 16 urami
Gtfoh!That's amazing!
Aldo Alcani
Aldo Alcani Pred 17 urami
You mf look at least 40!!
Rommy Cheese
Rommy Cheese Pred 17 urami
Sorry not tryna debunk this genius Coz I may be wrong but I think the earphone he's wearing on his right ear's got a voice he can hear from a colleague from somewhere hidden in the building with a calculator and a damn headset on his left ear telling him the answers before the judge's calculators.
Rommy Cheese
Rommy Cheese Pred uro
vixtor But I'm better than him in magic tricks, singing, playing the guitar, and pulling bitches home. I just prefer to keep errthang lowkey. However you're pathetic for saying I'm pathetic coz he knows better math than me bitch shut your trap fore I shut it for you
vixtor Pred 9 urami
Rommy Cheese you are just pathetic that he is better than you in maths.
deena elzaree
deena elzaree Pred 17 urami
“mAth iS vErY fUn aNd eAsy tO dO” 🧐
Alipapapapapapi Pred 17 urami
*Casio and Texas Instruments have left the chat*
Alipapapapapapi Pred 17 urami
The Brit guy is always a dickbag
Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj Pred 18 urami
Must be an Indian by Origin🙂
Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj Pred 8 urami
+vixtor I know we don't allow dual citizenship but I am only talking about origin and I'm sorry if my statement hurt you in any way...I respect Malaysian people 😊👍
vixtor Pred 8 urami
Vikas Bhardwaj he is of Indian ancestry but mind you malaysia and India do not allow dual citizenship
Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj Pred 9 urami
+vixtor yeah I saw that but I said about the origin, Yaashwin is an Indian name, you can search him on social media, I'm sure he is an Indian by origin 😊
vixtor Pred 9 urami
Vikas Bhardwaj but he is from malaysia.
Sony Xperia Z1
Sony Xperia Z1 Pred 18 urami
Exactly same As my sister.. When she see this, she see with only one eyes...
Jon Labu Labulabi
Jon Labu Labulabi Pred 18 urami
aku dah vote dah bdk ni ehh korang jangan lupa voteeee!!! sampai hari ahad jeeee.
Wisdom Rose
Wisdom Rose Pred 18 urami
It’s normal to be different..........Don’t let other’s stop you from being yourself. 😊
Arie Iris
Arie Iris Pred 19 urami
Weldone thamby..
A P A C H E Pred 19 urami
MALAYSIA 🇲🇾 ....
Tan James
Tan James Pred 19 urami
50 yrs ago, a lady from india came to my school. She solves so much more complex than these...in seconds. Many people in the world can do more complicated than these. He’s intelligent though.
vixtor Pred 9 urami
Tan James but many of these people didn’t go for the audition
Obito Uchiha
Obito Uchiha Pred 19 urami
I need help with math so he can help me plzzzzzzz
Rudra Patel
Rudra Patel Pred 19 urami
I would use him instead of a calculator
Awsomesungod 129
Awsomesungod 129 Pred 20 urami
If this guy was my brother I just have him do my math homework every time
Rihana kamal
Rihana kamal Pred 20 urami
Watch how my mum finds this someone how and forwards this to me as a hint of “you should be able to that”😂😂😂
david adekunle
david adekunle Pred 21 uro
Omm Tax
Omm Tax Pred 21 uro
Semoga anda berjaya. Harap Malaysia bersama mu adik.
Demoniccereal S
Demoniccereal S Pred 22 urami
I mean he is Asian
Isabel McClellan
Isabel McClellan Pred 23 urami
I’m am *cOnfUsIoN*
uncooked ham
uncooked ham Pred 23 urami
Can I train myself to do this if I ram skittles up my vagina? Asking for a friend :)
Chetan K
Chetan K Pred dnevom
He's not faster than the calculator. He's faster than the dumbass judges.
xXOmerPlayzXx Pred dnevom
To be honest I can actually do that math that he can it is actually very easy. I went to a program called UCMAS which teaches math in a special way and I finished the whole program. So the math he was actually so simple to me...
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