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Check out life-changing beauty ideas that will speed up your beauty routine! You will learn crazy but handy beauty tips every girl should try! You don’t need to go to a beauty shop and spend a ton of money on different masks - watch our video and make them at home! Turmeric contains a lot of antioxidants, exfoliates skin, improves it’s texture and reduce pigmentation and we share recipes of facial masks that will make your skin healthier. Make an inexpensive sheet mask for blackheads using egg whites and toilet paper. If you have oily skin, try this mask - mix sandalwood powder, orange juice, and turmeric. One more helpful beauty recipe is to make a natural scrub for chapped and dry lips. You will need sugar, turmeric, and honey. Gently massage your lips for a minute and the problem is sold! If you woke up after a sleepless night and your skin looks pale and dark circles are huge, try our mask recipe to look fresh and shining! Take a bowl and mix yogurt, turmeric, rice flour, and honey. Apply for 20 minutes and enjoy the result.
Check out the tutorial on how to make French manicure without any effort. If you like romantic nail art designs or spring inspires, try our tutorials on how to make heart nail designs. It won’t require much effort to make a simple heart from dots. Floral manicure is the best choice for a spring look. Follow our tutorial: cover your nails with white nail polish and using a simple marker, draw flowers. Using a small nail brush add a few drops of alcohol. Use the same nail art brush apply more marker on the top of your nail and enjoy the result. Create a very helpful manicure tool - a nail polish remover marker. This is an awesome idea especially when you need to correct your manicure. Take an old highlighter and remove the core piece and place in water until the color is gone. After that place in nail polish remover, pull out and return to the marker.
02:18 Sheet mask for blackheads
05:44 Spring manicure idea
07:31 Wax for healthy nails
12:16 Mask for pale skin
13:41 Whipped coconut cream for dry hair

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10. apr. 2019

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts Pred 12 dnevi
10:38 Fluffy idea for your nails😍 More cool solutions: 02:18 Sheet mask for blackheads 05:44 Spring manicure idea 07:31 Wax for healthy nails 12:16 Mask for pale skin 13:41 Whipped coconut cream for dry hair Clothing ideas you may like slvid.net/video/video-Uy3mokM8gr4.html
Priscilla Kamara
Priscilla Kamara Pred 11 urami
Why yolk
Omi Khan
Omi Khan Pred 13 urami
5-Minute Crafts hi
si lees esto me debes 452 galletas
They probably buy a lot of Turmeric before this video, and then they realised of that was a very big mistake (sorry for the bad english :p)
Mely Lopez
Mely Lopez Pred uro
El primero lo intente y fue todo un" fake "
Zenexpro 2
Zenexpro 2 Pred uro
Even though I'm not a girl Good content!
Leryn Lozano
Leryn Lozano Pred 2 urami
The fluffy nails look like hot Cheeto powder... My mouth is already getting watery just by thinking of it. The fluffy nails aren’t really my thing!
مۣۗہرضۣۗہ لَآتۣۗہتۣۗہقۣۗہربۣۗہ
Łukaszek Łupicki
Łukaszek Łupicki Pred 3 urami
Kto z Polski?
kapak 12q
kapak 12q Pred 3 urami
Very good👍👍👍
عاشقة تالا زيلع
الي يتكلم عربي لايك 👉👍
Bruna Veiga
Bruna Veiga Pred 4 urami
Aris Gasca
Aris Gasca Pred 4 urami
Like si antes intentaron unos de esos trucos👍👍👍👍🌹🌹🌹
Sami Abushamsia
Sami Abushamsia Pred 5 urami
Wow ... ILOVe YOU
Aleksa •
Aleksa • Pred 5 urami
These are not tricks because you use a lot of non affordable tools
Каринка тв
Каринка тв Pred 6 urami
У меня веснушки
the real saphire calico
I would rather have blackheads than smell like egg thanks 02:18
سونا؟ كيف
سونا؟ كيف Pred 6 urami
Ghbi mlih
Nader Naser
Nader Naser Pred 7 urami
Pixelated Gamers
Pixelated Gamers Pred 7 urami
Nice video Grow your channel- #PixelatedGamers
Andres Flores
Andres Flores Pred 7 urami
I liked the nails 👍
علي ت
علي ت Pred 7 urami
Bungbnhfjkjbfdru k nbdwqwee Roy uu opp sfhjkkkzxccvbnnm@kjhfdsry k@mnbhjjiohdfhv bfn h crafty imu her fjord
Soso Soso
Soso Soso Pred 8 urami
ههههههههه مااا فيش حد يحكي عربي 🤣🤣
Af Consco
Af Consco Pred 8 urami
4:47 is very dirty
Eylül Pred 8 urami
Sakthi Lakshmi
Sakthi Lakshmi Pred 9 urami
Super sister bravo
HANAN Elmel Pred 9 urami
Settimio Acciarri
Settimio Acciarri Pred 10 urami
Nicole Tsopo
Nicole Tsopo Pred 10 urami
The glitters in the refrigerator for highlight one had me almost choking from laughter
Saleem Rahhal
Saleem Rahhal Pred 10 urami
You make it look so easy but it is not like 👍if you agree
mohamed Elma7 Ey
mohamed Elma7 Ey Pred 11 urami
مش عاجبني وحش
Daily Vlog S
Daily Vlog S Pred 12 urami
I love your challenges 😍
Sameer Shaik
Sameer Shaik Pred 13 urami
Nice ♣️😊😊😘
Luana Quilca Lenz
Luana Quilca Lenz Pred 13 urami
Son. Geniales. Esos. Trugos. Daleke. Se. Tu. Gusto
nativeamericanwolf07 ._.
I just noticed right now that you guys don't have many life hacks for dark skin tones. :/
KittMouri Pred 12 urami
Or ANY hacks for dark skin tones. 😩
Roxanne Cook
Roxanne Cook Pred 14 urami
fortnite i brawl stars
Maira Singh
Maira Singh Pred 16 urami
Insta. Pe h kya koi.???? Follow shereen_nida_ 💖💖💖
Maja Dubikowska
Maja Dubikowska Pred 17 urami
No no no no
Potato Man
Potato Man Pred 18 urami
You know instead of using tape you can use superglue for the extra smiling look. Sooo when your mom dies your still be smiling 😗#superglue for life #i have no friends#i was adopted 😙😇❤💄☻
Potato Man
Potato Man Pred 18 urami
Not meaning to be rude just a joke sorry. Your all beautiful 😘
Md Farid
Md Farid Pred 18 urami
Your nail is fake
meow Plays
meow Plays Pred 19 urami
how long till christen showes up
Bala Subramanian
Bala Subramanian Pred 20 urami
You was mad
Megan-Jade Barrett
Megan-Jade Barrett Pred 20 urami
What is that acrylic nail one 11:18 🙄🙄🙄
RP DP Pred 21 uro
I have tried sheet mask for blackheads and more.It worked. Thank you 5 minutes craft.😊😊😊😊😊
Iris Valentine
Iris Valentine Pred 21 uro
The hair curl hack is smart, but maybe use hair ties or aluminum foil? Aluminum foil can be repurposed for the same thing or scissor sharpening.. but I doubt anyone would keep paper towels around
Hashir H
Hashir H Pred 21 uro
Great ideas
Fran y Angui Kawüai
Fran y Angui Kawüai Pred 22 urami
Q buenos trucos
Syd the dog lover :D
Syd the dog lover :D Pred 22 urami
This is a great video to teach you how to love yourself 😒😒😒😒
Bongo the monkey
Bongo the monkey Pred 23 urami
Didin Lido
Didin Lido Pred 23 urami
Yang nonton orang Indonesia like yaaa
Hathal Pred 23 urami
Subscribe 1000 ? 🖤🖤😴
A de la Paz Perez
A de la Paz Perez Pred 23 urami
Vez 😍
xX Gachawolf Xx
xX Gachawolf Xx Pred 23 urami
Guys and gals, this channel stinks, you see I did the fuzzy nails hack and let me tell you it doesnt work it just gets you clumps of fuzz that get everywhere and if it does work it still gets you a mess and you wont be able to get it off because the fuzz blocks the nail polish remover from the nail polish.
Josi Oliveira
Josi Oliveira Pred 23 urami
Sabrina Reddington
Sabrina Reddington Pred dnevom
Super cute 😍
Orne jaja
Orne jaja Pred dnevom
Clorox bleach
Clorox bleach Pred dnevom
4:41 spelling mistake refrigerate
Hayes Alldredge
Hayes Alldredge Pred dnevom
How do I block a SLvid channel
Hug all the Connor cows
Who the heck has “thermoprotecter”
Unicorn Girl 2006
Unicorn Girl 2006 Pred dnevom
Listen, y'all don't need these beauty hacks to make you look good. Everyone's beautiful, these aren't going to change that. Never change for other people. 😊
Tina G
Tina G Pred uro
What a sweet comment. Thank you! You are so right.
Unicorn Girl 2006
Unicorn Girl 2006 Pred dnevom
+Eliana Bagel Thank you! I just feel that if people don't like the way you look, they're not worth your time. The people who are will accept you no matter what you look like.
Eliana Bagel
Eliana Bagel Pred dnevom
Why does this amazing comment only have two likes? One is mine! :)
Valdecy Alves
Valdecy Alves Pred dnevom
Alguém do Brasil
Veronica Guerra
Veronica Guerra Pred dnevom
Cant wait for Nailogical
Iris Lettieri
Iris Lettieri Pred dnevom
Não clique em ler mais! Faça o que você quiser mesmo !
Elias Laurent
Elias Laurent Pred dnevom
pony_obsessed _forever
6:26 there is such thing as a peel off base coat
Emir Speelt
Emir Speelt Pred dnevom
Watching this But knowing that Im never going to use these lifehacks............
Sleeping Foxy
Sleeping Foxy Pred dnevom
The first one is very cute
cucus m
cucus m Pred dnevom
Soy la única que abla español
cat underwater
cat underwater Pred dnevom
I think that simplynailogical would die if she saw this wHat d yOU ThInK
GymnasticsGianna World
15:50 VASELINE!!!!
Yazzy Ander
Yazzy Ander Pred dnevom
This is faker then my future
magic lps
magic lps Pred dnevom
Working ?
Lukáš Kocourek
Lukáš Kocourek Pred dnevom
Genia Reisher
Genia Reisher Pred dnevom
#PLAy ChiK#
#PLAy ChiK# Pred dnevom
Fanático por Futebol
Essa menina aí que tá tirando as espinhas ela faz muito errado porque ela não mostra essas espinhas do nariz saiu🙄🙄🙄🙄
Ibrahim Ahmed Yamen Ibrahim M. Hassan
I can not to. Swim
fatimaz vlog
fatimaz vlog Pred dnevom
Love this ..plzz subscribe to my channel
Baby's Kumari
Baby's Kumari Pred dnevom
Nail look like horrible
Baby's Kumari
Baby's Kumari Pred dnevom
Nice adia
صوفي العراقي
منو عراقي او عربي لايك
凯濠 方
凯濠 方 Pred dnevom
celestyna castro
celestyna castro Pred dnevom
Que tipo de cerra é essa
Fatima zAHRAAA Machmoum
هي طريقات خيالية وجميلة🖒🖒🖒
celestyna castro
celestyna castro Pred dnevom
What kind of wax do you use plsss answer
si lees esto me debes 452 galletas
They probably buy a lot of Turmeric before this video, and then they realised of that was a very big mistake (sorry for the bad english :p)
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook Pred dnevom
Hi army
Crimson Pred dnevom
This is like "5 year old found mommies make up... "
Nadirou Wiliam
Nadirou Wiliam Pred dnevom
Rel il, =76,555,412,001.114
Maria Regis
Maria Regis Pred dnevom
Keisha Dela Pena
Keisha Dela Pena Pred dnevom
Sıla Özpaltacı
Sıla Özpaltacı Pred dnevom
O simi yapmasan iyiydi
Shayna Schwenck
Shayna Schwenck Pred dnevom
tis gerl is on fire
Krishna Goel
Krishna Goel Pred dnevom
Я Я Pred dnevom
Sumaiya Saleem
Sumaiya Saleem Pred dnevom
دانا غلايني الغلايني
اروع قنات بلعالم
Pred dnevom
شباب قناتي اتسكرت ارجوا الدعم هي رابط قناتي الجديدة : slvid.net/show-UC4bF8KyRp3PAQGZ5rovXC6Q
Toys and Family Fun
Really good nice tat packs
Andre Adtya
Andre Adtya Pred dnevom
Lagu ooo asmara ku cinta
Aurelia Zevanya
Aurelia Zevanya Pred dnevom
Good 👍👍
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