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Although a lot of people think that being a blogger means that you only spend time entertaining, it’s not true. Being a blogger means a lot of hard work otherwise you won’t be successful at all. You always find new ways to increase followers and please them with new photo ideas and interesting posts. As Instagram is incredibly popular now there are tons of bloggers and most photos are awfully boring, we are here to share new cool photography ideas with you. We will help you to make your photos special without any fancy camera or expensive editing software. Even if you are not a blogger, you will learn cool tricks to make awesome photos and share them with your friends!
Let’s start from the trick that girls may use to make romantic photos. This trick is especially good for those who have long hair. You will need some flowers and the help of your friend. Watch the tutorial! One more idea for girls is a tutorial on how to make photos with flowers and gifts. And the best idea is how to look skinnier in photos or add some curve, you will choose 😊
Another cool idea we may even call a prank. Put a pillow on the floor in your bathroom, stand in front of the mirror, press play and drop your phone. Harry Potter lovers will adore this tutorial. Check out!
Are you a travel blogger? Or even if you simply love traveling and want to make the memory of your trips, try to make ‘’change location’’ photos. Ask your friend to help you!
Don’t buy an underwater camera as you will use it only once or twice, you can make underwater photos using a clear vase and your phone. We know that you want to make perfect shots with minimum effort!
00:09 Photo trick for girls
00:52 Levitation photo hack
02:12 Do you love Harry Potter?
05:03 Romantic photo idea
08:21 Prank your boyfriend
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11. mar. 2019

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5-Minute Crafts
5-Minute Crafts Pred 12 dnevi
How many subs do you have on Instagram?📱 Secret features of your phone slvid.net/video/video-oh_IvSuwDnk.html
CharPlayz Owo
CharPlayz Owo Pred 4 urami
Lavonia Miller
Lavonia Miller Pred 20 urami
5-Minute Crafts gahhs
Christina Poultour
Christina Poultour Pred 21 uro
Are you from Russia???
Mr Expert
Mr Expert Pred dnevom
+وصال البهادلي supscribe me
وصال البهادلي
+Mr Expert هلال
Petchi Muthu
Petchi Muthu Pred uro
It's very interesting...... superb....👏👏👏👍👍👍❤❤❤👌👌👌😘😘😘
The Berra
The Berra Pred uro
Bunlara başlandı mı saatler geçiyor :) TURKEY 🇹🇷
Aloisio Cobe
Aloisio Cobe Pred 2 urami
tea mskhiladze
tea mskhiladze Pred 3 urami
maloka mahbola
maloka mahbola Pred 3 urami
Préfect crafts
Aloysius Obianefo
Aloysius Obianefo Pred 4 urami
This is how people do that in Instagram
stanley mijares
stanley mijares Pred 4 urami
the last secret is legit cuz the woman had different eye colors
Sid the Strange Kid
Sid the Strange Kid Pred 4 urami
12:00 two different color eyes???
Sid the Strange Kid
Sid the Strange Kid Pred 4 urami
7:00 that's looks really nasty somehow ( no hate )
Sid the Strange Kid
Sid the Strange Kid Pred 4 urami
1:07 there is a different way to do that
Who else watches about 46 of these and ends up not doing any of them?
Unaysah Makda
Unaysah Makda Pred 7 urami
This vid was TOTAL cringe lol
Leśna Loha
Leśna Loha Pred 7 urami
Cekinowe usta ale fajne Ghhfryhdsgfdgjiyffdfgbghhgffrgghjjkjhhvgffghbvffgukhgdergghgffhh To muj brat i jest taki malutki
Austin Hegwald
Austin Hegwald Pred 8 urami
5:12 use a gopro with head strap
Priyanka Patra
Priyanka Patra Pred 8 urami
Priyanka Patra
Priyanka Patra Pred 8 urami
Thank you very much and an again thanks a lot
Queenie Nabz Qorovakatini
Alice Svobodová
Alice Svobodová Pred 11 urami
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous Pred 15 urami
Haha now to find myself some friends so I can use these hacks
Anne Wylie
Anne Wylie Pred 15 urami
I subscribed!!🤗🏅🏆🎖🎉
Anne Wylie
Anne Wylie Pred 15 urami
I just watch i dont actully use the hacks. It's just really entertaining. Please do more.😀
katie Prouty
katie Prouty Pred 17 urami
love this
Charlotte Crowley
Charlotte Crowley Pred 17 urami
Hey eyes are so pretty 2 colors!
Roy Villanueva
Roy Villanueva Pred 18 urami
Your a cheater
Bird Box
Bird Box Pred 19 urami
I never realized the girl at the end had different color eyes, until this video
Kimberly Cruz Gonzalez
Wow la tipa de pelo corto tiene heterocromia yo también quisiera tener
Claudia Assis
Claudia Assis Pred 19 urami
Por favor sigam o canal maria luiza rosa parreira de assis é muito bom! Ples
Re & Ro Youtubers
Re & Ro Youtubers Pred 20 urami
I love you
sava4730 sava4730
sava4730 sava4730 Pred 21 uro
4:36 is my mooooood
Nyan Cat
Nyan Cat Pred 21 uro
Toni Hart
Toni Hart Pred 21 uro
Toni Hart
Toni Hart Pred 21 uro
tzinat Pred 21 uro
Omg in the last week hack the eyes of a woman are different colors the one is blue and the other one is green 😲
Zahraa Akhtar
Zahraa Akhtar Pred 22 urami
i'm watching this and i don't even have instagram wow well done me
Adriana Sevilla
Adriana Sevilla Pred 7 urami
ASMR Cookie Dough
ASMR Cookie Dough Pred 22 urami
You don’t need Instagram to do these, you can use Facebook or any social media app!
Mandy Johnston
Mandy Johnston Pred 22 urami
*this video is sponsored by tik tok*
Lara Gliwan
Lara Gliwan Pred dnevom
Follow 4 follow I promise guys
Stephen Brooks
Stephen Brooks Pred dnevom
this just proves that Instagram is a lie
Princess Pred dnevom
Thank you so much, i needed these
BiAmazing Pred dnevom
Why are you guys saying that the girl "at the end" has 2 colored eyes? She appears in the whole video! Not just In the end!
Bird Box
Bird Box Pred 19 urami
Bc the whole video wasn't a zoom up on her eyes,the end was a zoom up🤣
Stephanie Boyanowski
11 58 is it just me or are her eyes are two different colors lol
gr8ful2god4ever Pred 23 urami
alexa virginia
alexa virginia Pred dnevom
His eyes 12:23 is color blue and yellow or green
Stolkin Corona
Stolkin Corona Pred dnevom
En el truco de que caminaban alrebes hay un, arcoiris
Astronomy Girl
Astronomy Girl Pred dnevom
at 11:59 that girl , she had two coloured eyeballs. That's so amazing! I have always wanted two coloured eyeballs. She's so lucky !
yano chan gacha
yano chan gacha Pred dnevom
About 1
zouzou zinebe
zouzou zinebe Pred dnevom
انا كتيييييييييربحب حرف ابداعية في خمسة دقائق
Raisa Acosta
Raisa Acosta Pred dnevom
I like all your vidz.
Zaharin Din
Zaharin Din Pred dnevom
Celine Fernandez
Celine Fernandez Pred dnevom
12:01 she has different looted eyes!
lorena gutierrez
lorena gutierrez Pred dnevom
Kevin Alderete
Kevin Alderete Pred dnevom
11:59 look at her eyes there different
fer la unicornio
fer la unicornio Pred dnevom
6:59 her legs make me nightmares
Melody Sardiñas
Melody Sardiñas Pred dnevom
Adoro este tipo de videos
Jasmine Gooden
Jasmine Gooden Pred dnevom
if u like u will be famous in the future....
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad Pred 16 urami
Patricia Fontana
Patricia Fontana Pred dnevom
SunGoddess Pred dnevom
is i just me or did she have green and blue eyes
RainbowKittyz Pred dnevom
At 11:59 look t her eyes paused. Two different colors?! That’s cool
Billy Darks
Billy Darks Pred dnevom
It’s Jennifer
It’s Jennifer Pred dnevom
Courtney Mcleod
Courtney Mcleod Pred dnevom
12:00 anyone else notice her eyes are diffrent coulers!
Emilia Zborowska
Emilia Zborowska Pred dnevom
Wow! 12:00 beautyful eyes!
Chelsy Schuur
Chelsy Schuur Pred dnevom
30 'everybody knows' hacks to make you a tiktok star
Sheryl Farrow
Sheryl Farrow Pred dnevom
12:00 She has a birthmark in her eye. BTW
three beauty sisters 2
لا تنسو تشتركوا في قناتنا على اليوتيوب three beauty sisters2
sophie lampert
sophie lampert Pred 2 dnevi
This is kind of inappropriate.
why your eyes are diferent
Sera Pred 2 dnevi
W Wh Wha What What a What am What am I What am I d What am I do What am I doing
Gabrielle Simon
Gabrielle Simon Pred 2 dnevi
Eylül Varmaz
Eylül Varmaz Pred 2 dnevi
6:31 deki gökkuşağını fark eden bir tek ben miyim
Leonie Phillips
Leonie Phillips Pred 2 dnevi
10:24 no one eats raw sausages.... eeeeeww 😖😖😖😖😖😖
EvyPower 2008
EvyPower 2008 Pred 2 dnevi
2:36 a better tutorial maybe!?
Hanumanthu Gangyada
Hanumanthu Gangyada Pred 2 dnevi
11:58her 2eyes r in different colour
Radha Sajanikar
Radha Sajanikar Pred 2 dnevi
11:58 did anyone else notice the two different eye colours? Is she ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Frankenstine?
Jenie Jimenez
Jenie Jimenez Pred 2 dnevi
This is chuchu 👩🏻 👗 👠 She's happy to see this 1+like=will make her more happier
Mukul Mishra
Mukul Mishra Pred 2 dnevi
Me:Where do you live?????
Sarah 194
Sarah 194 Pred 2 dnevi
Am i the only one getting annoyed with these girls and thinking they can look cute with big butts
Mozza and friend Channel
Matrix Gamer
Matrix Gamer Pred 2 dnevi
11:58 look at her eyes
S. Hossain
S. Hossain Pred 2 dnevi
Which app do you use
chiara scibilia
chiara scibilia Pred 2 dnevi
2.33 Harry Potter 😍
Eva Pred 2 dnevi
This video is sponsored by instagram 😂
Retos y mas con isa
Retos y mas con isa Pred 2 dnevi
I like so much your eyes
Savannah Pred 2 dnevi
Atomic Rainbow
Atomic Rainbow Pred 2 dnevi
Who just watches it and don’t even try the hack #relatable
MadCatMaddie Pred 2 dnevi
Omg you have heterocromia woah
Boyb Conz
Boyb Conz Pred 2 dnevi
MadCatMaddie 😇😇😗🤗😎😋😂😄😆😅😆😆😀😀
Maya Miller
Maya Miller Pred 2 dnevi
5:20 Why can’t you repeat and what does it mean by repeat?????
KawaiiAllison O,O
KawaiiAllison O,O Pred 2 dnevi
Nadilli Araujo
Nadilli Araujo Pred 2 dnevi
A maior merda q eu já vi na minha vida inteira pior canal do SLvid
Jeannette Brooks
Jeannette Brooks Pred 2 dnevi
8:00 I saw that girls fingers.
Chloe xoxo
Chloe xoxo Pred 2 dnevi
2:57 🤣
Pandagirl Peeps
Pandagirl Peeps Pred 2 dnevi
Does anyone else have a problem with watching yt nonestop
CurlyHead Genesis
CurlyHead Genesis Pred 2 dnevi
8:23 he is so flexible😏 me: ok😂
Ami Moss
Ami Moss Pred 2 dnevi
The last one were she puts the bag near her face,her eyes are two different colours
Emma Booth
Emma Booth Pred 2 dnevi
Karima Tounsi
Karima Tounsi Pred 2 dnevi
I love you
Saul Santos
Saul Santos Pred 3 dnevi
I love the crafts there soooo cool(don’t worry about people making your rant ok 👍🏻)
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One girl have one green eye one blue eye 😱😱😱
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