4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of a hamburger. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which hamburger was the best?
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4 Levels of Hamburgers: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious




28. mar. 2019

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Tiffany Pennington
Tiffany Pennington Pred 4 minutami
You can keep talking pointer lady but Id honestly eat all of those burgers regardless.
Bad Music
Bad Music Pred 29 minutami
Mc Donald’s is at toddler with crayon level
Mountain Du
Mountain Du Pred 40 minutami
Profession chef be like, I watch a lot of 5-Minute Crafts and I do too much DIY ( ✧≖ ͜ʖ≖)
vvwast Pred 42 minutami
Im surprised level 3 didn’t butcher a cow for the burger
Shep Ski
Shep Ski Pred 58 minutami
I feel like Lorenzo is that one friends dad that you love cuz he makes good food
Fish Sticks
Fish Sticks Pred uro
Eȥ'ҽƙια. Pred uro
Frank likes to grind his meat. You know he cooks it R A R E.
betofelix15 Pred 2 urami
The level 2 guy reminds me of charles from brooklyn 99
Don’t click on dis Please
I’m imagining Gordon Ramsey watching this video thinking “Wow, they’re all lvl 1”
Shining Bacon STUDIOS
Krabby Patty beats all
shi Pred 3 urami
why does lorenzo always have something fresh and fancy and why does frank always make everything himself????
Josefine Gustafsson
Josefine Gustafsson Pred 3 urami
I love the lvl 2 he is so funny and cooking with love
Strelok Pred 3 urami
I came here for the comments, you guys are golden!
Thog The Barbarian
Thog The Barbarian Pred 3 urami
2 and 3 are sitting here trying to make a perfect burger and 1 is out here saying ”yeah I guess that looks right”
Kreativjunkie Pred 3 urami
Level 100: Hannibal Lecter aka. Mads Mikkelsen
Stuntman707 Pred 3 urami
I didn't really like anything the amateur did but the home cook and chef both did some better things. From the home cook, I'd try the bacon, more practical meat, cheese and toppings. From the chef I'd try the shaping, onion and plain toasting the bun.
YoungManDub Pred 4 urami
8:45 you can overwork your meat, but it's hard to do by hand 😑
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
The woman is trash she makes me never want to say I'm an amateur at anything even if its true
TassosRig a
TassosRig a Pred 5 urami
I will just go to MacDonalds and buy a bigmac.
MrMystol Pred 5 urami
Spongebob will do it better, you crooks!
Ilie Bogdan-Mihai
Ilie Bogdan-Mihai Pred 6 urami
You guys need to make more from this seriesssssss
Johnny Boi
Johnny Boi Pred 6 urami
need this guys pickle recipe
N M V Pred 6 urami
She sucks soo hard... She isn't even level 0
August D
August D Pred 6 urami
Can I have a level 2. Cheese bacon burger
Ted Doe
Ted Doe Pred 6 urami
So, I'm still stuck on the 4 levels...there are only three. Three levels, not four. The food scientist is not a level of hamburger. She doesn't have a hamburger.
Tob world
Tob world Pred 6 urami
the lvl 1 burguer looks epic in the view
TaswcmT Pred 6 urami
So... if actually MAKING the burgers happen even at the amateur level, what does that make us that just buy some frozen ones?
Ted Doe
Ted Doe Pred 6 urami
So, I'm still stuck on the 4 levels...there are only three. Three levels, not four. WTF
Harley Q
Harley Q Pred 6 urami
Level 1 give up dame
TANGERINE Pred 8 urami
This is the best combination, this right here. Best combination of cooks.
mralexander123ful Pred 8 urami
She's not even an amateur cook.. probalbly more like a lvl -50
Alexander Fan
Alexander Fan Pred 8 urami
"Let it stay in the fridge for 1 week" Competition 100
Anonymous Phucker
Anonymous Phucker Pred 8 urami
men are superior
The Building Buyer
The Building Buyer Pred 8 urami
Ron Swanson wouldn't even waste his time with this video.
Tifany Aprilia
Tifany Aprilia Pred 8 urami
Watching this at the middle of the night makes me hungryy...
Alejandro Martos
Alejandro Martos Pred 9 urami
That women must never go to a kitchen
noobTV Pred 9 urami
Thisbitch cant cook
KableFI Pred 9 urami
Lorenzo definitely...
Stay Ranty
Stay Ranty Pred 10 urami
Wow i mean its so bad what is she doing ffs
Chris Lee
Chris Lee Pred 10 urami
Put all 3 together!
MajSolo Pred 10 urami
good actors, the level 1 and 2 chefs sounded a little bit insane :)
DukeShoots Pred 10 urami
How did I end up here??
Ellitrot Pred 10 urami
Isn’t it weird how level 1’s looks the best and level 3’s looks the worst
shazzthedon Pred 11 urami
Flippin americans
Adil set
Adil set Pred 11 urami
kovsv40 Pred 11 urami
Stop racism and sexism. The white man should not have won.
oh hey.
oh hey. Pred 13 urami
Level 1: amateur Level 2: home cook Level 3: professional chef Level 100: spongebob
desdaa Pred uro
oh hey. Oh yeah nahui
high explosive PANZER
high explosive PANZER Pred 14 urami
lorenzo that burger is a 10 out 10 would bang
the sushi cookie cat G
Xzariov Pred 15 urami
Iim frank i make my own picles
Lonely Corner
Lonely Corner Pred 15 urami
Lol level 3 chef always got hate and complain by most people in comment section. But man I would love to taste all of those 3 burgers.
David Lumley
David Lumley Pred 16 urami
shame American beef is full of steroids and antibiotics and the grass they feed on is genetically modified and sprayed with pesticides that kill bees... "i know whats in it" from the pro chef. Ha
Mamtha Paul
Mamtha Paul Pred 16 urami
I'm with level 2 the home cook.. 🤘 cause they enjoy every bit🤘 Oh amature convey my regards to your husband.. 😂 I feel bad for him..😂
Mtho Blaime
Mtho Blaime Pred 17 urami
Why Emily's cheeseburger look like a krabby patty
Gogo Pikacho
Gogo Pikacho Pred 17 urami
What about mcdonlads?
Buford T. Justice
Buford T. Justice Pred 17 urami
What that lady did to her burger should be considered a hate crime.
Caitlyn Braden
Caitlyn Braden Pred 17 urami
Okay Lorenzo's looked the best though
BoneCity Pred 17 urami
I cook way better than Emily and I am a Level Zero.
Flav Pred 17 urami
Preps his own pickle for a week.... says not complicated
Thanos Pred 18 urami
Frank: I like to kill my cow personally Also Frank: This burger is so simple
My penis is unbelievably small ,but
Amateur cook? I wouldn’t even say she’s a cook and I’m 14
Tdh5a Pred 18 urami
Emily is the realest. She's my spirit chef
Brit Hey
Brit Hey Pred 19 urami
Just goes to show that no matter what, hamburger is good. So why waste time grinding meat and making your own pickles. Emily wins.
Noel Rodriguez
Noel Rodriguez Pred 19 urami
This lady went to burger school
Erik Anderson
Erik Anderson Pred 19 urami
6:55 I love how only the level 3 chef is sophisticated enough not to talk while chewing
joelabo Pred 19 urami
Will Lorenzo just get a real job.
Deadpool 3
Deadpool 3 Pred 19 urami
Asian Guy is for sure my spirit chef
Alex Correa
Alex Correa Pred 19 urami
I love level 2
demendez Pred 19 urami
Destiny’s Animations
You say four levels but there is only... 3?.....
Louis Clementine
Louis Clementine Pred 20 urami
Level 2 is the best
Abraham Adi
Abraham Adi Pred 20 urami
Imo emilys burger looks the best
Joseph Porter
Joseph Porter Pred 21 uro
Can we please stop saying women belong in the kitchen? They burn the food!
Renee  Gardner
Renee Gardner Pred 21 uro
My burger has to have grilled onion. Mushrooms, and avocado!!!
bbh Juan
bbh Juan Pred 21 uro
Give me Lorenzo's burger. Frank is the most qualified chef of them all but his burger doesn't look tasty. Too fancy for me.
NinjaVlog s
NinjaVlog s Pred 21 uro
Frank's cheeseburger is depressing it needs some color it may look weird but might taste delicious
Col Pred 22 urami
the food scientist looks like my principal im scared
Serxhio Al
Serxhio Al Pred 22 urami
Thank god he didn't make that ketchup from scratch lol
Bogdan W
Bogdan W Pred 22 urami
The second chef is that one funny friend we all have
Edgy Guy
Edgy Guy Pred 22 urami
it's a little hard to overwork your meat by hand, but use lotion anyway. oh wait, wrong video...
Guitar Man
Guitar Man Pred 22 urami
poor level 1's husband
Volta P.
Volta P. Pred 22 urami
Must really like extending that stick.
Tobi Kms
Tobi Kms Pred 23 urami
My dumb vegan brain screamed "NO ITS NOT VEGSN" when he put the beef fat in the pan. Then I realized that they're using beef as meat and I got sad
3K_ Md
3K_ Md Pred 23 urami
Dimasikx52 Pred 23 urami
Lvl 1 is a complete noob
Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks Pred 23 urami
I love cheeseburgers
GameAddiction123 Pred dnevom
No one: Frank: I bred these cows for the patty and cheese myself
Odin Rizzo
Odin Rizzo Pred dnevom
The home cooked one looks way better than the expert 1 if you took off the catch up that thing would be beautiful
ShyGuy Animates
ShyGuy Animates Pred dnevom
Lorenzo laughs too much.
Dab Police
Dab Police Pred dnevom
I wouldn’t trust that level 1 chef to cook for my worst enemy
Our Quirky Conversations
Not tryna flex but lorenzos looks the best
Abe Llewellyn
Abe Llewellyn Pred dnevom
You're supposed to salt patties after they have been cooked.
Sloth Studios facundo benitez
Ohhh now i'm hungry... new subscriber 😜
Cash Carter
Cash Carter Pred dnevom
6:20 he sounds like pee wee Herman
yo, the guy in level 3, as a chef why you don't have your homemade sauce???? mix with some chopped pickled cucumber, yellow mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Add a little bit tabasco and whiskey. I guess it might delicious. (来自中国的留学生哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈
Vinc uchiha
Vinc uchiha Pred dnevom
Danielle Geerman
Danielle Geerman Pred dnevom
The amateur cook was a hot mess 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
The AmazingFortnitePlayer
Level 1 chef Level 2 chef Level 3 chef Level 100 chef Gordon Ramsay Level 200 chef mum Level 1000 chef grandma
FifaSkillz Pred dnevom
I love the home cooks laugh
Ha Ha.
Ha Ha. Pred dnevom
"I like to grind my meat"
The Wise Men of Instagram