A Tour Of My Plants

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Music is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Applepie open.spotify.com/artist/5BYcwjrQth7em7maAt0yKE
These are the fun and helpful youtube channels (among many) that I like to watch
Planterina - slvid.net/show-UCUIdHDKQIy-vr-D7M6KuRUQ
Kaylee Ellen - slvid.net/show-UCWRyi0LgQqAs7_Zz09VZA-Q
Hilton Carter from Apartment Therapy - slvid.net/u-results?search_query=hilton+carter
Betsy Begonia - slvid.net/show-UCRjGbWm25MaUd3VLuJpPtYg

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14. mar. 2019

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Mh206 Lewis
Mh206 Lewis Pred 6 minutami
You should name your big favorite tree plant Julian with an A
Kate Burbery
Kate Burbery Pred 7 minutami
The thumbnail looks like she was showing off her ring and I thought it was going to be a different kind of video... but it’s really her showing her plants.... hahaha
Abby Farrell
Abby Farrell Pred 10 minutami
More plant videos please!! Living my best plant lady life. Tho my asshole cat eats them all..
Lucille -
Lucille - Pred 20 minutami
love the earring she's waring on the top on her left ear, anyone know where you can get a similar one?
darksister Pred 26 minutami
what website is she saying at 4:00? flogi? flow gi's? low gis? could anyone provide a link please?
Camilla All Night
Camilla All Night Pred 31 minuto
Well im 16 and i WANNA WACH it but after she Said its (only) for 32 y olds, my wifi turnt offff JESUS Jenna is hunting meeee!
Rachel Jackson
Rachel Jackson Pred 31 minuto
No aloe leaf????
Ioana Ciustea
Ioana Ciustea Pred 36 minutami
Take me to the beach bitch... Ninki Minjaj
TinyTigerAnimations TT
TinyTigerAnimations TT Pred 56 minutami
OMG get two of one plant and call them thing one and thing two!!!
SemicolonBIGD Pred uro
This is so pure. I love Jenna so much.
Tania Cintron
Tania Cintron Pred uro
From GoGo dancer 💃 to plant 🌱 mama! So proud
James Del Rey
James Del Rey Pred uro
I want someone to take care of me like Jenna takes care of her plants
Blu Pred uro
This was one of the most relaxing videos I’ve ever watched.
Laana DePina
Laana DePina Pred uro
I love this!!!! Plant houses are the best houses!
Nirotic Pred uro
damn thought it said pants
Chloe Palin
Chloe Palin Pred uro
I also, have a crippling plant problem
Elizabeth Bryce
Elizabeth Bryce Pred 2 urami
SerialKillerSweet Pred 2 urami
Jenna is the *only fucking one* that can make me watch a 30 minute video about plants. She has grown so much, love that for her.😭😭💕
Taylor Emerick
Taylor Emerick Pred 2 urami
The fact that you remember all of the plant names is crazy impressive.
Digna Stephanie Martinez
I feel so seen by Jenna when she says “and non binary friends” coz that’s me TT_TT luv u jenna never stop making videos
may golliher
may golliher Pred 2 urami
You should name your palm tree big chungus
Niphredyl Pred 2 urami
I'm 31 and can't keep a plant alive
Ragnhild Klungtveit
Ragnhild Klungtveit Pred 2 urami
Jenna buy fertilizer!!!! Your hoyas might bloom then (my spider plant did after a week of fertilizer).
neji7728 Pred 2 urami
I thought this video was silly at first because who cares about plants. BUT THEN I bought a fern a couple days later and I LOVE IT AND I WAS WRONG.
Stephanie Ponce
Stephanie Ponce Pred 2 urami
LaHoya Jackson 😭😭😭😂😂😂 thank you for such a relaxing yet comical video.
Alissa C
Alissa C Pred 2 urami
2:08 subtle flex😔👊
Alissa C
Alissa C Pred 2 urami
Sophia Z
Sophia Z Pred 2 urami
Idk why but I'm really happy to learn you're a Virgo! I am too and I love and name my plants, :p Also your house is beautiful.
Forget-me-not please
Another video about happy little plants and their humans on yt! The greenery and positivity here is overwhelming. Too bad every plant I bring home starts dying the next day and I have no idea why...
Jelle Verbeek
Jelle Verbeek Pred 3 urami
(brb buying a kentia palm)
Marcos Madella
Marcos Madella Pred 3 urami
Just adorable
Chaylin Perocier
Chaylin Perocier Pred 3 urami
This video make so’ happy, I don’t even know why.
Shelby Van Schaick
Shelby Van Schaick Pred 3 urami
Jenna post a video about plants Everyone the next day at garden stores: Where can I find the house plant section?
Shannon Blake
Shannon Blake Pred 3 urami
Fuck. Just bought 3 plants off Etsy and my list is getting bigger because I fell in a rabbit hole. Apparently I'm a Crassula succulent person. Thanks Jenna 💸
Manue Group smale
Manue Group smale Pred 3 urami
viddynovic Pred 3 urami
You're like the Steve Irwin of plants, the enthusiasm is contagious
Trista Wold
Trista Wold Pred 4 urami
I didn’t expect to love this video but the unconditional love shown to these plants deserved a like
Amiya WHACK Pred 4 urami
My 15 year old brain was occupied by plants for almost a half an hour tf?
Wittyskitty Pred 4 urami
Put your gender, age, and favorite plant. I'm a genderqueer trans man, 15, and my fave plant is a bluebonnet flower!
Michelle Dean
Michelle Dean Pred 4 urami
not a plant enthusiast but weirdly entertaining
melonaise Pred 4 urami
Hey, apparently you're part of a trend! www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2018/08/06/instead-of-houses-young-people-have-houseplants
alyssa eaton
alyssa eaton Pred 4 urami
You should check out Summer Rayne Oaks on youtube if you have not already. There is also a video of her apartment where she lives among 700+ plants.
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Pred 4 urami
Those waxy leaves plants are beautiful but smell like semen when they bloom
Vanesa Gaspar
Vanesa Gaspar Pred 4 urami
Oh my god please do an update at the end of spring/summer and show us all the growth!
A the Alpaca
A the Alpaca Pred 4 urami
Jenna is a precious mom to all, her dogs, her subscribers, and even her plants. She is so precious.
Rochelle Lindfield
Rochelle Lindfield Pred 4 urami
This video gives me life. Your plants are so pretty. I’ve got many of the same and they make me so damn happy 😍🥰
Straw Baby
Straw Baby Pred 4 urami
You seem like a nice plant-loving, vegan princess, but this is the only video I've enjoyed from you in about 10 years.
Zokora von Yensloh
Zokora von Yensloh Pred 5 urami
THEY ARE CALLED SPIDER PLANT IN ENGLISH???? WTH??? I know them as green lily. I guess I'm watering my plants now, they tend to grow...crispy ^^ Have a wonderful day! Zokora
Trina Keller
Trina Keller Pred 5 urami
Yes thank you I love seeing your too much hobbies
Caroline Cooke
Caroline Cooke Pred 5 urami
Hey @JennaMarbles! Can you & Julien do another painting episode where you both follow Bob Ross paintings & have Virgo & Aries therapy??? 😂
Luci Staker
Luci Staker Pred 5 urami
I wish my cat was that chill lol
Sarah Penney
Sarah Penney Pred 5 urami
Remember those times when you rated our pets? Looks like it might be time to rate our plants! I know there are other 32 yr old ladies out here who've got some bomb plants! 🤓
taskateeter Pred 5 urami
Loved this! I need more plants now!
tarepanday Pred 5 urami
When this video showed up on my feed, I thought it say "Tour of my pants" 😂
AASH Music
AASH Music Pred 5 urami
Is sis gunna acknowledge the engagement or nah? 👀
Ryan James
Ryan James Pred 5 urami
This is one of my FAVORITE videos! Jenna is so cute with her cute little plant baby monitors and remembering all the names of all her plants! THIS IS WHY WE LOVE YOU JENNA! You are so sweet and so smart and never in any drama and you just mind your business and live your life and make people so happy!
paglo1989 Pred 6 urami
I had a beautiful Hoya once! She was on a wire, molded in an arch and had lots and lots of flowers! But then, for whatever reason I moved it to a different room and it almost killed her! I heard they don't like to be moved (too late of course)... Too bad she stayed with my parents when I moved out :(
Julie Elias Kovacic
Julie Elias Kovacic Pred 6 urami
Such a fun video this week! Here is a suggestion for a future vid: Cleaning out your fuckery drawer 😊
CryBxby Pred 6 urami
i just wanna be loved the way jenna loves her plants
LeeAnn Klawiter
LeeAnn Klawiter Pred 6 urami
As a 32 year old lady I loved this tour! I’m inspired to buy a plant
PlantzNThings Pred 6 urami
I loved this video... your love for your plants shows. it's also great that you have a fun experimental vibe with them.. plants are supposed to be relaxing and fun... not over complicated ... good luck and Happy Growing :)
Pigeon Existence
Pigeon Existence Pred 6 urami
What was that thing she used to measure the amount of water in the soil?
Lotte G.
Lotte G. Pred 6 urami
This was the most wholesome thing I've watched in a while
Angela Williamson
Angela Williamson Pred 6 urami
What is the online store she is talking about?
Emily Collins
Emily Collins Pred 7 urami
La-hoya jackson has me dead
Stacie MacLaughlin
Stacie MacLaughlin Pred 7 urami
I feel like I’m that friend who doesn’t know plants, doesn’t fuck with plants, but like my friend is finding her plantlove so I’m out here watching just supporting my friend like do you fam grow your hoyas find your passion.
Anth McGinley
Anth McGinley Pred 8 urami
Has anybody realised shes weating a ring on her engagement finger in the thumbnail!?
OrchidJulia 144
OrchidJulia 144 Pred 8 urami
Always good to know one is not crazy with 75 orchids .... Jenna has some lovely plants
Emily Pickens
Emily Pickens Pred 8 urami
Not to be that person but...in the picture for this video, it looks like Jenna is wearing a wedding ring?
Madison Marshall
Madison Marshall Pred 8 urami
This is the most important on the whole of SLvid everyone else needs to go home
jewel Pred 9 urami
who is stream? the other person naming the plants?
Sun Flower
Sun Flower Pred 9 urami
This video is de-stressing gold holy heck. The calming voice, the beautiful plants, and the love and energy Jenna has for each and every one of them ;-; will definitely be watching this a few more times before my test this week.
workinprogress Pred 9 urami
Jenna: I don't really know anything about plants haha also Jenna: *uses fancy plant terms and knows most the science behind every breed of plant she has*
Barbora Pred 10 urami
I founds this so informative! I love plants but don’t have the greenest thumb, now I feel inspired to learn more about my plants to care for them better
D Grisko
D Grisko Pred 10 urami
ZZ plants are poisonous and if you touch it you need to wash your hands. They also shouldn't be around animals because they are toxic. Just sayin🤷‍♀️
Simple jellyrose
Simple jellyrose Pred 10 urami
Thank you for reminding me I have plants I have to water because I forgot they are not plastic lol 🌱
Brigette Follante
Brigette Follante Pred 12 urami
Conley Brock
Conley Brock Pred 12 urami
I was watching this video, thinking about how much I FREAKING LOVE JENNA. And I started bawling. Love you boo!
meganbaer11 Pred 13 urami
She's wearing the shirt Julien picked out for her! 😊
Isabella Orozco Gtz
Isabella Orozco Gtz Pred 13 urami
This video was so fucking enjoyable.
Χριστίνα27 Pred 13 urami
i thot it sed "a tour of my pants" so i clicked
Maria Lyn
Maria Lyn Pred 13 urami
Just started watching, does she has a Venus fly trap? If not she needs one
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams Pred 13 urami
Jenna is just so precious. She really shows how kind and loving she is to all living things. I love how she is so supportive and positive she is!
Charlie StoicFool
Charlie StoicFool Pred 13 urami
I’m 30. I appreciate this video. Also I have a small cactus. Also I’m getting a spider plant.
— HONEY Pred 14 urami
*i am also a plant lover, enthusiast and collector i have about 18 plants in my room and i have to limit it too* im so sad you have a monstera deliciosa smhhh i always wanted one
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams Pred 14 urami
I'm a 26 year old 32 year old lady.
Tara Hays
Tara Hays Pred 14 urami
Jenna, I’m 36, haven’t watched you in AT LEAST 4 years, hi, we’re both adults now.💚💚💚
Emily Grayson
Emily Grayson Pred 14 urami
Thanks Jenna now I want ALL THE PLANTS
kellsysledge Pred 14 urami
Am I the only one staring at that ring finger?!
Arieslittlelight Pred 14 urami
Thank you Julien for being quiet in this video.
gabx donut
gabx donut Pred 14 urami
you should do your every day plant routine
Noah Brobeck
Noah Brobeck Pred 14 urami
yas my botany queen
Luvee Luvr
Luvee Luvr Pred 14 urami
I love plants I have many I do like however to go to the what I call death row section where the plants are nearly half dead and I rescue them and they come back to life and make me happy
Ella Yan
Ella Yan Pred 15 urami
i could honestly watch jenna talk about her plants till i die
dancing4ever2998 Pred 15 urami
I watched this video with my mom. She also has an obsession with Hoyas, so thank you for making not only me but my mom really happy
nothankyou672 Pred 15 urami
I'm 12 lol and I just spent 30 minutes and watched this whole thing 😂 I love plants and I find it so cool how much you have and how you've memorized all of them
Jonathan Nightfire
Jonathan Nightfire Pred 15 urami
Are you going to get a hemp plant or cannabis/marijuana plant Jenna for your next upload video on SLvid? Marijuana is legal right now in California Jenna. Libertarians support the legalization of marijuana.
Kate White
Kate White Pred 15 urami
I want to see them when they flower!!!
Tabitha Wallace
Tabitha Wallace Pred 15 urami
Youre doing amazing sweetie❤ Ps you inspired me and my bf to buy house plants of our own. Mine are named Jenna, Julien, and Cermit :) Pps your nails look great!!
Jonathan Kay
Jonathan Kay Pred 15 urami
Honestly this is now my favourite video on SLvid, makes me so happy
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