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Furious Trailer
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7. apr. 2019

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Furious Trailer
Furious Trailer Pred 16 dnevi
After hits theater this Friday, are you going to see it?
snowfake game
snowfake game Pred 10 urami
Obviously yes
Bangga Clarkson
Bangga Clarkson Pred 10 urami
After film (2019) Available t.co/Qwj9jT2jF1
Mia Gandee
Mia Gandee Pred 15 urami
After film 2019 - available now : [ t.co/Qwj9jT2jF1 ]
itz me mario
itz me mario Pred dnevom
I did!!! Its so gooooooood
Дарья Фомина
This movie is a shithole Empty and illogical Waste of time
RXEGXN Pred 2 urami
Just saw it, I cried when Hardin cried. He’s too cute.
BANAT ARI Pred 3 urami
AFTER ( 2OI9) fiIm: t.co/BDwNXfvb1g?191919%% Leurs états de santé respectifs les empêchent de s'approcher trop près l'un de l'autre.?
cr7 Kaymaz
cr7 Kaymaz Pred 3 urami
7:58 he looks like paul walker
Tatyana Anglin
Tatyana Anglin Pred 4 urami
I personally just think the movie was dumb in a sense cause in the trailer they make Hardin seem like this psychotic person that sleeps with her to be haunting her and hurting her and i didn't like when you got to the moment to find out why he was acting the way he was just because of some stupid dare, i thought it would of been more of he captured her or something and the ending seemed stupid, i honestly don't get what the movie was supposed to be about cuz i don't see what the hype was about or why they had the dumbest reasonings as to why he wanted to be with her, i just thought it could of been more reason then a stupid dare also, i didn't like the ending and they met at the lake and also in the movie what took them sooo long to have some stupid sex scene, i just think the movie will get bad ratings all i hope is whoever made the movie, the book has some real success, a waste of my money and time tbh
Zsófia Sofi
Zsófia Sofi Pred 5 urami
I think this movie is not that good. The book is special and iconic. But this film is...idk...I just don’t like it. I miss from the book the good parts and here I don’t like these plus parts.
iftlatlw Pred 5 urami
who is this actor and why does he have the emotional range of a cucumber?
Nie Rizza Gonzales
Nie Rizza Gonzales Pred 6 urami
mahendran M
mahendran M Pred 7 urami
Sharon Miichele
Sharon Miichele Pred 8 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?jRt Leurs états de santé respectifs les empêchent de s'approcher trop près l'un de l'autre.
Lauren Pred 11 urami
Yes! Let’s cheer on abusive and toxic relationships 😒😒🙄
Ladua Kamini
Ladua Kamini Pred 8 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?jRt
ZoSo Pred 12 urami
am i the only one thoroughly creaped out by everything
ZoSo Pred 10 urami
Cena Dalyell what
Cena Dalyell
Cena Dalyell Pred 10 urami
❤️ 😍 After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9 fiIm: t.co/cZJDb68Osi Leurs états de santé respectifs les empêchent de s'approcher trop près l'un de l'autre.
Bella Pred 13 urami
Wow, I've nearly finished the third book, and HUGE SPOILERS HERE!!! But I wonder whether when they shot this the actors had to keep in mind that Stef is not actually Tessa's friend, considering the betrayal.
Acdragonrider Videos
Acdragonrider Videos Pred 13 urami
Just another movie that glorifies sex culture, cheating, breaking rules. Pathetic part of today’s society. There is no respect for rules, traditions, laws
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man Pred 13 urami
Is that inanna sarkis?
Gabriela justiniano
Gabriela justiniano Pred 14 urami
To all those 16-18 years old girls. Real love isn’t the one that hurts you or done let you sleep or any bad boy. Real the real one will always respect you and value you.
Delia Beldeanu
Delia Beldeanu Pred 19 urami
2:08 nuj daca sunt romani dar eu va spun ca daca el e harry, ii da dorian popa si alex velea cate o palma si il lasa inconstient pe jos, smr😂 Edit: #nutepui sau #nute🐥
Isabella Mercado
Isabella Mercado Pred 20 urami
they author wrote on her instagram that the movie wasn’t gonna be like the book so chill
Tatyana Anglin
Tatyana Anglin Pred 4 urami
i understand the author may of said it would be different then than the book, i think ppl were expecting more of a suspense, drama movie, i guess Hardin would of been some boy who was crazy and psycho, who was trying to hurt tessa physically or he just wanted her all to himself, and i probably think it was more of the fact, they had a chance in the movie to explain why he was acting the way he was or they just created his character to be creepy so when tessa finally figured out it was a dare, probably some viewers found that reason was a little dumb and the ending made no sense and the who movie based on Hardin's character was dumb also the ending didn't really make the movie any better, all i hope the author's book is better than the movie
Ladua Kamini
Ladua Kamini Pred 8 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?jRt
Iris Flash
Iris Flash Pred 21 uro
How dare they use him to play Hardin aka Harry lmaoo what a joke. The book was shit now the movie gonna be
flix SELECT Pred 23 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?AfterFiIm Leurs états de santé respectifs les empêchent de s'approcher trop près l'un de l'autre.
melissa gayle
melissa gayle Pred dnevom
Who read this book on wattpad first😎😎 I was kinda expecting more from the movie stills.. The book is a 1000x better!
c meyang
c meyang Pred 2 urami
NotImportant Pred 8 urami
What is the books name?
Sharon Miichele
Sharon Miichele Pred 8 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?jRt
Retta Hale
Retta Hale Pred dnevom
Does Selena Gomez have a voice doppelgänger ? 🤔😍
Moyna Jamire
Moyna Jamire Pred 8 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?jRt
Janeah Lim
Janeah Lim Pred dnevom
I thought Selena Gomez was in this movie?
just Nathalie
just Nathalie Pred dnevom
Okay this is not the Harry in the book! Where are all the tattoos and piercings?
Ladua Kamini
Ladua Kamini Pred 8 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?jRt
Agatha Peaches
Agatha Peaches Pred dnevom
I hate him I hate him Even tho he looks like that I just... Tessa girl find a better man
4 Share
4 Share Pred 7 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?kTe
Mr Meng
Mr Meng Pred dnevom
Full movie pls.😭🙏🙏
Dx Fire
Dx Fire Pred dnevom
I knew beforehand feminism and sex was involved...like every other movie 😂
Sydnee Rae
Sydnee Rae Pred dnevom
I read all the books and cried and now I feel like the movie is going to be different
Moyna Jamire
Moyna Jamire Pred 8 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?jRt
Jack Mania
Jack Mania Pred dnevom
Sarah Anabelle
Sarah Anabelle Pred dnevom
❤️ 😍 *AFTER (2OI9)* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?MyW Leurs états de santé respectifs les empêchent de s'approcher trop près l'un de l'autre.
setyo budiaji
setyo budiaji Pred dnevom
Anyone know what song is this from “0.36 to 1.30” please?
tiny mayo
tiny mayo Pred dnevom
I must be dumb bc I thought Hardin was secretly a psycho when I saw the end of the trailer 😂
Toby vlog
Toby vlog Pred dnevom
I have scene it three times
Swathi Gurunathan
Swathi Gurunathan Pred dnevom
The book was azom this movie misses many minute identity like hardin's green eyes, his tattoos 😑
Hidu Ganna
Hidu Ganna Pred 10 urami
After film (2019) Available t.co/cZJDb68Osi
Simplement Patricia
The last scene sucks.. I mean they could do better☹
frozenolaf olaf
frozenolaf olaf Pred dnevom
His accent makes him more hot
A Quaking 17 Year old
wAiT aRe YoU a ViRgIn
Merrybill Ocaya
Merrybill Ocaya Pred dnevom
Uploaded before even the movie's release
Handsome Man
Handsome Man Pred dnevom
Instagram models wanna be actors lol
טרק Trek_330
טרק Trek_330 Pred dnevom
Link that works, and for free? 😊
Aly Kyzer
Aly Kyzer Pred dnevom
Hey my watt pad people should I read the book? Also I still can't get over the fact that they made a 1D fanfiction a movie lol
Aly Kyzer
Aly Kyzer Pred 11 urami
Maria Agu So like a normal fanfic
Maria Agu
Maria Agu Pred 14 urami
Aly Kyzer no don’t bother reading it. It’s literally just them making out and then fighting, making out again and fighting...
lindsey Pred dnevom
My movie theater isn’t playing this movie I want to SCREAM
jordan Pred dnevom
Just seen this movie it’s not that bad, but I wouldn’t call it a complete movie. Everything feels so rushed and jumps from scene to scene too fast. The ending was overall just a complete let down. The concept is good and this movie had potential but honestly it’s just another cheesy romance movie. 3/5
sizzle bizzle
sizzle bizzle Pred dnevom
I actually think the Book should be a Series just to get all the Details Anyone with me?
sdtjr Dianes
sdtjr Dianes Pred 10 urami
sizzle bizzle it would be soo cool 😵
Billy Jones
Billy Jones Pred dnevom
❤️ 😍 *AFTER (2OI9)* fiIm: t.co/A23tXfzDI6?VfZ
Radwa Elbanna
Radwa Elbanna Pred 2 dnevi
Excuse me, where’s Harry?
Alexa Petter
Alexa Petter Pred 2 dnevi
4:25 song name pleaseeeee😩😍
Test O
Test O Pred 2 dnevi
Is it me or do they all look related
Minh Anh
Minh Anh Pred 2 dnevi
Please tell me. Will this film be projected in Vietnam????
Farah Ramadhan
Farah Ramadhan Pred 2 dnevi
qaerinae nae
qaerinae nae Pred 2 dnevi
4:23 can anyone kindly tell me the name of the song?
qaerinae nae
qaerinae nae Pred 9 urami
+wasted mind thank you so much
wasted mind
wasted mind Pred 23 urami
Someone to you - Banners
yvonne rico
yvonne rico Pred 2 dnevi
So This is what singer/songwriter FIONA APPLE would look like if she didn't skip a meal! Seriously, this actress could be her kid sister
Kaleigh Nicole
Kaleigh Nicole Pred 2 dnevi
i read the books and then reread them a day later and this movie is total trash in comparison. very disappointing.
lalauma Pred 2 dnevi
Kinda cringe but ok
Eva Lloyd
Eva Lloyd Pred 2 dnevi
Anyone know the release date for the UK?
raebele Pred 2 dnevi
ok i never read the book or heard of this until late 2018 but ppl i know keep talking abt this and a youtuber i watch did a rant review on this "book" and this is what i got from that and this video our of my curiosity: so she's apparently a feminist but she slut shames other girls, like that pink haired girl (molly?), she is self aware that hardin is emotionally abusive but repeats that he wont hurt her physically as if that helps, she didnt care about her boyfriend (noah?) even while flirting with hardin and broke up with him in the most embarrassing way you could be broken up by, hardin is manipulative and makes her cry a lot, they're both aware their relationship isn't romantic at all, and the author was around 23-24 when she first published this as a harry styles fan fiction and harry was 17 at the time... thats -- yeah, very appealing. i mean my guilty pleasure movie is twilight and ive read fan fiction/stories with this exact plot, more or less messy, so i'll hold in the judgment just bc young tom riddle is the main actor.
오다혜 Pred 2 dnevi
이거 한국자막 언제 나옴?...
mamashenash Pred 2 dnevi
banyak adegan mesumnya
Zakaria sp.d
Zakaria sp.d Pred 2 dnevi
Give your virgin for first night wedding
Vuden13 Pred 2 dnevi
omg... words cannot describe this movie but numbers can 2/5
Sarah Anabelle
Sarah Anabelle Pred dnevom
❤️ 😍 *AFTER (2OI9)* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?MyW
Gieline Escartin
Gieline Escartin Pred 2 dnevi
Gieline Escartin
Gieline Escartin Pred 2 dnevi
kessy dixon
kessy dixon Pred 2 dnevi
Can't find a good quality of this movie anywhere.. One that doesn't ask u to create an account
Joann Le
Joann Le Pred 2 dnevi
Jo's and Hero's pupils r dilated most of the time when they look at eachother
Liriko Lirika
Liriko Lirika Pred 2 dnevi
Great and Interesting movie! Check out for the ENDGAME TRAILER wishes2.com/lL4RY
ika yudha
ika yudha Pred 2 dnevi
Endingnya biasa ajjah... 😑
Kassandra Ramirez
Kassandra Ramirez Pred 2 dnevi
I want to see this so bad but I know I can't. I don't know if my mom will let me xD I'm only 11 but I have a personality of a 18 year old. I watch movies that are usually PG-13 or just PG. I have only watched 2 Rated R movies that were really not that bad. I just hope when I am 13, I can buy this movie when it's on DVD lol.
Marti Shores
Marti Shores Pred 3 dnevi
They really turned a Harry Styles fanfiction into a full-blown movie... OKAY WHO LET THIS HAPPEN
Machtyn Pred 3 dnevi
Aaaaand.... what's wrong with being a virgin?
Serafina Thornwood
Serafina Thornwood Pred 3 dnevi
Hardin is growing on me now. I'm just way too used to "Harry Styles" and how he was described in the book. In the movie, he isn't covered in tattoos like I imagined lol.
sopiyan bebe
sopiyan bebe Pred 3 dnevi
Jay Pee
Jay Pee Pred 3 dnevi
Lol... millenials settle for sub par shit like this then movies that suck will keep coming...
ToJaaa xd
ToJaaa xd Pred 3 dnevi
1.30 song name?
Nikkxmi Pred 3 dnevi
Can you like make a video about Hardin Scott?
Ana Lúcia
Ana Lúcia Pred 3 dnevi
Precisamos urgentemente de tradução 😂
Leyla Maria HM
Leyla Maria HM Pred 3 dnevi
Such a disappointment. A lot of scenes aren't there. A lot of scenes DO NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. I've been waiting for this for the past 6 years. They are all great actors but everything was off. I couldn't find one single scene that was the same in the book and in the movie. This was poorly directed to be honest.
Leyla Maria HM
Leyla Maria HM Pred 3 dnevi
IF they ever decide to turn after we collided, after we fell and after ever happy i wouldnt even think about it twice. I wont watch them.
Belycia Mailoa
Belycia Mailoa Pred 3 dnevi
Too much kissing in this movie🙄too much
kisvirag0607 Pred dnevom
Never too much😄❤
Nikol Petrova
Nikol Petrova Pred 3 dnevi
Emma Rhoades
Emma Rhoades Pred 3 dnevi
Is this movie actually good Im going to see it today. Should I not?
Korynneb 101
Korynneb 101 Pred 3 dnevi
When molly showed her the video of the truth my heart broke down :(;
Geeks In Motion
Geeks In Motion Pred 23 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?AfterFiIm
Natalie H Xx
Natalie H Xx Pred 3 dnevi
Iv just watched after it was so good... But it sad coz iv waited 4 months for this movie,it would of been such a good TV show 😅😭 Can't wait to see if there will be a after 2
Geeks In Motion
Geeks In Motion Pred 23 urami
❤️ 😍 *After (Romance, Drama) 2OI9* fiIm: t.co/AL8dvv5TIo?AfterFiIm
Jasmyn Ella
Jasmyn Ella Pred 3 dnevi
did anyone else have a fricken heart attack at 6:21 ??
Maily Pham
Maily Pham Pred 3 dnevi
What is the SONG at the beginning of this video ? Please
Zionhyl Faigne Cabab
omg omg I have read this na! can’t believe it’s a movieeee!!!!!!
Liza Saakadze
Liza Saakadze Pred 3 dnevi
This is way too romantic , with way to little sex. I mean the book was about the toxic relationships , even if we worget the whole Lying and bet , they still had terrible relationships, they fought about everything and almost everytime Tessa ended up emotionally broken and hardin would get super drunk.
Liza Saakadze
Liza Saakadze Pred 3 dnevi
I hated Tessa in the first trailer but more i watch, more i love her
eleni gk
eleni gk Pred 3 dnevi
Orla Le Mans
Orla Le Mans Pred 3 dnevi
She reminds me so damn much of betty cooper
headless gummy bears
Yess in the beginning she does this expression and they honestly look identical
Kaitlynn Henderson
Kaitlynn Henderson Pred 3 dnevi
I just saw this movie... I don't really have anything to say... it's how you would expect a wattpad book turned into a movie to be. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good. The movie itself wasn't boring persay, it just didn't really have any plot points. I kept waiting for a interesting turn of events that never occurred. Honestly, the trailer says it all. Nothing that interesting happens that you couldn't get from the trailer.
Nhi Dương
Nhi Dương Pred 3 dnevi
What the name of movie?? Thank
Rx Silient
Rx Silient Pred 3 dnevi
Kezo Amr
Kezo Amr Pred 3 dnevi
Guys did they mention in the movie that he had a bet at first for making her lose her virginity or they didn’t add that to the movie
Estefania Montero
Estefania Montero Pred 3 dnevi
Damn, he looks like a young version of Paul Walker ._.
Kitastraphee Pred 4 dnevi
She has the same exact voice as Vanessa Morgan
random gaming
random gaming Pred 4 dnevi
Wasn’t it suppose to come out it’s April 19 rn? Is it on Netflix?
Freya Underwood
Freya Underwood Pred 4 dnevi
When does it come out in the UK?
Yurz Alwayz
Yurz Alwayz Pred 4 dnevi
Watch it free on this link hate when they say free and you have too create an account m4ufree.fun/watch-o8i7f-after-2019-movie-online-free-m4ufree.html
light headeed
light headeed Pred 4 dnevi
the name of the music please 4:13 ?
Winnie Sunflower
Winnie Sunflower Pred 2 dnevi
Banners- Someone to you
Agiad_T Pred 4 dnevi
Movie is so disappointing. Book was so intense and just you couldn’t stop reading. But this movie it looks like all the best parts has been taken out. And Hardin in a book was way sexier than in movie. 😭
Selena Gorgees
Selena Gorgees Pred 4 dnevi
The movie was not good and expected it to be better. The end was sooo bad, it was not worth to watch.
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