Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

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Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Paul Rudd talk about the premiere of Avengers: Endgame, getting matching tattoos, their favorite lines from the films, visiting Disneyland, getting each other gifts for their birthdays (except Chris Hemsworth), a stand-alone Black Widow movie, Ant-Man fan theories, and the Avengers have a surprise for our studio audience.
Jimmy Kimmel & Celine Dion Surprise Couple Getting Married in Las Vegas slvid.net/video/video-R6X1V9c_HbA.html

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Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts




9. apr. 2019

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Komentarjev 11 965
Luna Muhree
Luna Muhree Pred 59 minutami
The audience is annoying
Lauren Pred uro
Why did i feel scarlet has a little crush to Chris
Alexis Emond
Alexis Emond Pred uro
dinner for schmucks is one of paul's best works, fight me about it
Rift Animations
Rift Animations Pred 2 urami
Chris - Maybe there's a reason for the height thing Robert - MAYBE?!
Kevin G Conroy
Kevin G Conroy Pred 3 urami
Downey Junior has my birthday!
Hey There
Hey There Pred 3 urami
Someone shut up all these stupid seals clapping and screaming
Ivania Fuentes
Ivania Fuentes Pred 3 urami
My mom has the same birthday as RDJ
William Barragan
William Barragan Pred 3 urami
Scarlett Johansson : What is the dumb stuff? Robert Downey Jr. :Well your parts
Maali Aljasem
Maali Aljasem Pred 3 urami
Thanks so much sir 😚 we want interview with Jason Statham too please !
Milorad Cvetanovic
Milorad Cvetanovic Pred 3 urami
I like this one ! .... Thor bro who dont like her xD shes super hot and bad ass hero xD
Jan kael orsal
Jan kael orsal Pred 3 urami
Today april 24 now showing avengers in the philippines cant wait
Hugo Lara
Hugo Lara Pred 3 urami
Hi Woooooooooooooooooow How are you ? Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow You suck ! Woooooooooooooooooow
semtexxl Pred 3 urami
So much fun & relaxed atmosphere between all of these beloved actors and characters! ..especially with one individual not around.....
SRL Pred 4 urami
Empty bottle is all I need for a bathroom break
spooky electric
spooky electric Pred 4 urami
I was dying at Chris with the tape gag. That was some really good improvisation.
Z28Gaming Pred 4 urami
Even Brie is nasty in this clip. You can tell that her ego feeds on the line.
Chrisara xo
Chrisara xo Pred 4 urami
Everytime i see Robert Downey Jr. i think back to how he looked and was acting the first time i saw him, in the movie Weird Science. Go check him out there. And the first time i saw Scarlett Johansson, was the movie The Island (2005).
coco bourget
coco bourget Pred 4 urami
they have to be so careful to not spoil anything
Hins Tsui
Hins Tsui Pred 4 urami
who comes back here like me after finished endgame and realize: 'wait a minute'
Daniel Vargo
Daniel Vargo Pred 5 urami
Buffalo bills NEVER WIN!😄 i always made money betting AGAINST THEM!😊😄
Alice Sinclair
Alice Sinclair Pred 5 urami
Who else use to think Paul Rudd was Adam Sandler
stephanie campbell
stephanie campbell Pred 5 urami
Omg I can relate to Chris's story about his daughter on the ride only I was the little girl. I'm 30 now but when I was 10ish my dad took me on a roller coaster. It was a very basic wood rollar coaster, old school nothing over your shoulders... I was the right height but I'm very skinny. When we went down i went up so high, my dad had to grap me back down and hold me the rest of the ride... rollercoasters were and sometimes still so unsafe. I still to this day wanna face it hahaha (This was at Canada's wonderland in Toronto, anyone that has been there probably knows which old wooden roller coaster)
Muhammad Ikhwan
Muhammad Ikhwan Pred 6 urami
Ikhwan like movie avengers Ikhwan form Malaysia
Emily Little
Emily Little Pred 6 urami
The fact that Paul didn’t outright deny it is worrying
Bilal Faruki
Bilal Faruki Pred 6 urami
Language cap!
hilalovests Pred 6 urami
Ive watched this video like a hundred times
hilalovests Pred 4 urami
+Hins Tsui im watching it tonight 😭
Hins Tsui
Hins Tsui Pred 4 urami
you will come back here after you watched endgame
TakeTwoChickens Pred 7 urami
jezus, this Jimmy Kimmel guy talks way too much. I just wanna hear the cast speak
SlasherPepper Pred 7 urami
Lol look at them at 0:20 and pause. They look like a band!
Kirsten Sanders
Kirsten Sanders Pred 7 urami
I just want them to make a black widow movie...like deadass
No Name
No Name Pred 8 urami
"What's the dumb stuff ?" "Idk.myb ur character?" Hahaa I'm dead
Hins Tsui
Hins Tsui Pred 4 urami
after you finish endgame and you will see this line differently
Sydney Cordero
Sydney Cordero Pred 8 urami
robert downey jr. has always been and destined to be tony stark even before he was casted
King Pin
King Pin Pred 9 urami
RDJ : farts... Audience : wohoooohabjkalsjosownjkkkkoooooo
ua jandroale
ua jandroale Pred 9 urami
Even if they wont guest on tv shows to promote the movie, the world will still watch it.
RKC908 Pred 9 urami
Sasi Mardika Rini
Sasi Mardika Rini Pred 9 urami
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown Pred 10 urami
larissa dias
larissa dias Pred 10 urami
Avengers:End game
Queenny Elarcosa
Queenny Elarcosa Pred 12 urami
robert downy jr is tony stark in real life! 😍
TeamLovatoRain Pred 12 urami
3:36 lmfaaaooo!
jordan greenwood
jordan greenwood Pred 12 urami
ah my god i love the avengers but can the fans please stop screaming over every little thing for about half an hour. i spent half the video taking my headphones off lol
iTyr Lifeafter
iTyr Lifeafter Pred 12 urami
No!! Its 24 april
Mr J
Mr J Pred 13 urami
brie stuff
Wendy Garton
Wendy Garton Pred 14 urami
The wipe out at dreamworld at the Gold Coast was like that years ago! Didn’t matter how tall you were, if you are thin, you go flying out of it
Hridday Sharma
Hridday Sharma Pred 14 urami
Thor is the best and strongest
Shirley Candew
Shirley Candew Pred 15 urami
They managed to avoid making any spoilers of the new film.
lokolo lok
lokolo lok Pred 15 urami
I'm glad that I can watch the film in less than 13 hours!!!
zulfikar krc
zulfikar krc Pred 2 urami
You watching right now god damn it
Galactic Jewels
Galactic Jewels Pred 15 urami
I know Marvel is still continuing after the Avengers storyline, and I’m sure it will still be great, but nothing will ever compare to these guys. The original Avengers. Nothing will ever impact the fans the way they have, our nostalgic and emotional connection and attachment to them is far too strong and they are far too powerful. It’s been the most amazing, inspiring 11 years following their story and honestly I’m not ready to say goodbye :,(
red rose
red rose Pred 16 urami
crap bag ..hahah
Lanrey Joseph
Lanrey Joseph Pred 17 urami
Ant-Man is funny.
B. Chandler
B. Chandler Pred 17 urami
Never in my wildest dreams, when I saw 'Clueless' in theaters 24 years ago, did I think Paul Rudd would emerge as the bigger star than all of them. Kudos, sir. Well played.
lim chenchoong
lim chenchoong Pred 17 urami
I am glad that Larson is not in this interview
Billy Tiphareth
Billy Tiphareth Pred 18 urami
Amelie Koury
Amelie Koury Pred 18 urami
If Mark won't get the Avengers tat, they should have Edward Norton get it in his place 😂
Squiish Pred 19 urami
Woah cap, language buddy.
Roy Vincent Niepes
Roy Vincent Niepes Pred 19 urami
damn theirs no awkward with their interview whenever larson is not present
ThePlayZ Gamer
ThePlayZ Gamer Pred 20 urami
Isaiah parnell
Isaiah parnell Pred 20 urami
I have the same B-Day as Robert Downey Jr. Mine is April 4th 2005
Alexia Hill
Alexia Hill Pred 20 urami
Rudd is 😂 he said “on here”
Wolf Treetruck
Wolf Treetruck Pred 21 uro
I saw the character ark joke coming a mile away
eby mathews
eby mathews Pred 22 urami
I wish I was USA.....at the studio.....I wish I had that ticket....I wish I wish iwish
Denis Araujo
Denis Araujo Pred 22 urami
These guys are the best ..
LFC 77
LFC 77 Pred 22 urami
They can't hold it for 3 hours in between going to the bathroom? Intermission needed in a 3-hour movie?
Denis Araujo
Denis Araujo Pred 22 urami
Thank God no Brie Larson
Ryan Garner
Ryan Garner Pred 22 urami
I like how RDJ involves Rudd at 4:14
TaTa GZ Pred 23 urami
Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty Pred dnevom
Paul Rudd, THe onLy hANDSOmE wHitE GuY tHAt iSNt NamED CHriS
Eli York
Eli York Pred dnevom
I was praying that Jimmy was going to say something about ant man going into Thanos
Maxine Millendez
Maxine Millendez Pred dnevom
"Did you apply peer pressure to Mark" Scarlett: Yes. Robert: nO, we're not some kind of psycho, marine squad-
Sam Mulvihill
Sam Mulvihill Pred 44 minutami
Maxine Millendez rah lol
Joycelyn L. Akamba
Joycelyn L. Akamba Pred dnevom
They are like a real family wauw
laura dufresne
laura dufresne Pred dnevom
love rdjs reponse to chris' story about the rollercoaster at 11:54. " maybe threre's a reason that theres a height limit. Rdj: MAYBE?????!!!!! that man is literally tony stark!!! :)
Oscar Pred dnevom
They’re so lucky guys, love you Avengers 🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Tresa Patterson
Tresa Patterson Pred dnevom
Can you please dislike this comment
Cal Decker
Cal Decker Pred dnevom
No matter what he wears Robert Downey he always looks most stylish
Caio Fonseca
Caio Fonseca Pred dnevom
o brasileiro nao sabi faser tiqi toqi
Arianna Gamboa
Arianna Gamboa Pred dnevom
😂Hemsworth everyone with expensive gifts and he just a tape
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh Pred dnevom
Drax is there, but you can't see him as he is not moving.
Electrical Boom
That’s because dust doesn’t move
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh Pred dnevom
DAT "fuckme" face of my fav Scarlett. She is cute.
*Crystal Amethyst*
*Crystal Amethyst* Pred dnevom
Chris Evans got from "LANGUAGE" to "Let's go get this son of a b%tch" iCONIC
John Daniels
John Daniels Pred dnevom
Rocket needs tape. Not Iron Man.
Jose Gordo
Jose Gordo Pred dnevom
Laura Lang
Laura Lang Pred dnevom
the audience was so annoying this time
Raven Quirabo
Raven Quirabo Pred dnevom
Woah chris evas doesn’t have beard in the endgame.
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Pred dnevom
Everyone started clapping when they heard Scarlett’s name
The Amazing Sky DRAGON
Chris: Maybe there is a reason for the hight thingy Rdj: MAYBE?!?!
Taha Mimesh
Taha Mimesh Pred dnevom
Scarlett took the words right out of my mouth about the diaper
Missal Queen
Missal Queen Pred dnevom
I am not that familiar with the avengers world but can swear that all the actors in that couch are the real characters. Love and respect to you all!
4thrun z4la
4thrun z4la Pred dnevom
Love Scarlett's hair. She looks beautiful!
Venkat A
Venkat A Pred dnevom
16:06 Scarlett:Jesus why am i laughing
random dude
random dude Pred dnevom
No one will ever replace robert Downey as iron man. He is just like hugh jackman as wolverine. He is irreplacable
Nikhil Verma
Nikhil Verma Pred dnevom
chris: we r gonna give everybody tickects to avengers at imax guy at the exit handling tickets : dude didnt u see the star sign of terms n condition ... u gotta pay for these
Nikhil Verma
Nikhil Verma Pred dnevom
how many lives has PAUL RUDD lived ... i mean thi guy was in friends and is in the avengers and yet all the other actors of friends seem so old now but not him
catherine jovita
catherine jovita Pred dnevom
11:53 RDJ going "Maybe???" 😂😂😂
sam stambikaper
sam stambikaper Pred dnevom
Who know Algeria 🇩🇿 ??
Faiq -kun
Faiq -kun Pred dnevom
I keep repeating the time at 0:20 ... The chivalry given by those three gentlemen; classful act
james wong
james wong Pred dnevom
Maybe drax was in the clip but he was invisable
adeila shah
adeila shah Pred dnevom
I miss tom Holland for this moment 😭❤
Rant Duo Reviews
Rant Duo Reviews Pred dnevom
Casual brad paisley
Tilly Obrien
Tilly Obrien Pred dnevom
When your hyped for the new movie: “HELL YAH IM SO EXCITED” When you realise it’s the last one: “SOMEONE GET ME A TISH”
Fit as fuck
Fit as fuck Pred dnevom
Omg ....Robert is fast thinker man
Lmao rai
Lmao rai Pred dnevom
Just came back from brie larson interview
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