BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

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BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love'
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4. apr. 2019

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Maida mariana Diaz
Maida mariana Diaz Pred 26 minutami
Michelle Brover
Michelle Brover Pred 26 minutami
the thing is, the song itself (music and stuff) isnt really that good , like it doesn't have much meaning but they are such talented dancers! and actors! and they are good singers even the song itself isn't good! woah
Camilla Perry
Camilla Perry Pred 26 minutami
SOAD AL FARHAN Pred 27 minutami
I LOVE BTS😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
ทองเทพ เพชรประเสริญ
รปภ ปภ ปภ โย่วๆ
Muhammad Wahyu
Muhammad Wahyu Pred 28 minutami
fany Calderón Barrera
fany Calderón Barrera Pred 28 minutami
ermosa casion
Phong Duong
Phong Duong Pred 29 minutami
Super Shar
Super Shar Pred 29 minutami
When was the exact time we reached 200m views?
Jisoo is Queen
Jisoo is Queen Pred 26 minutami
11 day 18H 50 minutes
Phuong Duong
Phuong Duong Pred 29 minutami
💜💜💛💚💚💚💙💛💚💙💙💚💙💚💙💙❤💚❤💛❤💚❤💚💚💚❤💚❤💚💚❤❤💚👒⌚👒👑👗👕👗🎩👗🎩⌚👒👓👒👗🎩👗🎩👘🎩🏩🏦⛲🏦⛲🏫⛲🏫🏨🏩🏫🏨🏫⛲⛲🏫⛲🏦⛲🏦🏬🏦🏩🏦🏬⛲🏦⛲🏦⛲🏦🗻🗻🏫🗻🏫⛲⛲🏫🏬Stream view #Blonkloz ⛲🏫⛲🏦🗻🏦🏩🏫🏩🏫⛲⛲🏫
Phuong Duong
Phuong Duong Pred 30 minutami
❤❤💙💙💙💙♥💜💛💚💚💚💙💛❤💜❤💛❤💚❤💚💚💛💙💛💛❤💜💛💚💚💙❤💛❤💛❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💛❤💚❤💚❤💛❤💛❤💚❤❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤💚❤❤❤Stream 🎂❤💛❤💚❤💛❤💜💛❤💚❤❤💚❤💚❤💛❤💛💚❤💚❤ views 💛💜💚💙💚💙🎉💚 #Blonkloz
YanFaulsen Tobing
YanFaulsen Tobing Pred 30 minutami
sunflowxr editx
sunflowxr editx Pred 30 minutami
*blackpink will always be in our area when they say "blackpink in your area" ;)*
Hạ Nguyễn Ngọc Hạ
I like it . Verry gôd
Phuong Duong
Phuong Duong Pred 31 minuto
Phuong Duong
Phuong Duong Pred 31 minuto
ashkate cute girl
ashkate cute girl Pred 32 minutami
Black pink
k.t43. h
k.t43. h Pred 32 minutami
Violence is not aesthetic ugh
k.t43. h
k.t43. h Pred 26 minutami
+h t I'm not talking just about this, but I forgot that you are blinks sorry ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
h t
h t Pred 28 minutami
perhaps you should actually understand the message behind the song
angelo pandan
angelo pandan Pred 32 minutami
Honestly, Kill This Love is the most powerful comeback compared to boys in luv and fancy. Based on my thorough evaluation..
k.t43. h
k.t43. h Pred 31 minuto
hihyenmi Pred 33 minutami
Thoeun Bodain_OFFICAIL
Thoeun Bodain_OFFICAIL Pred 33 minutami
BTS TXT Pred 34 minutami
Stream views🙌☺😊🙂😍
roselyn boniao
roselyn boniao Pred 35 minutami
wow ganda nman ang astig talaga ng blackpink wohohhoh
Thuy Pham
Thuy Pham Pred 35 minutami
rose 😍😍😍😍😍😍🤔😘😘🤔😘😶😶😶😶😚😚😚😚😚😚😙😗
Say life's a bitch but mine's a movie
Me friend (who is only boygroups stan) asked me : -why tf they always say BLACKPINK in their songs? - BLACKPINK IN YOUR AREA BITCH
JENNIESPOTLIGHT Pred 35 minutami
*DAILY UPDATE **_0AM KST_* D1: 49 852 930 views (56.7m confirmed) D2: 85 672 367 views (+35 819 437) D3: 110 236 626 views (+24 564 259) D4: 126 549 370 views (+16 312 744) D5: 138 166 185 views (+11 616 815) D6: 148 169 389 views (+10 003 204) D7: 157 705 437 views (+9 536 048) D8: 167 698 987 views (+9 993 550) D9: 178 197 755 views (+10 498 768) D10: 187 715 393 views (+9 517 638) D11: 194 821 994 views (+7 106 601) D12: 201 497 542 views (+6 675 548) D13: 208 095 158 views (+6 597 616) D14: 213 964 868 views (+5 869 710) D15: 219 833 616 views (+5 868 748) D16: 225 928 791 views (+6 095 175) D17: 231 606 855 views (+5 678 064) D18: 236 332 620 views (+4 725 765) D19: 241 073 361 views (+4 740 741)
Paloma Souza
Paloma Souza Pred 36 minutami
Paloma Souza
Paloma Souza Pred 37 minutami
Zelle Palima
Zelle Palima Pred 37 minutami
The first time i heard this song, it's not catchy at all. But when I play this all over again, i would say it is one of their best songs. Then i wait for twice comeback. Sorry but Blackpink really slays this comeback. Come on bash me, i'am not a fan either of the two groups. Lol stating only my opinion
Carolina Jiménez
Carolina Jiménez Pred 37 minutami
Lisa 😘😍
park chin chim
park chin chim Pred 38 minutami
Hey you guys I just wanted to say that I'm realy sorry for everything blackpink is amazing and I think that my cousin just made me be a hater from now on I'm gonna be nice and love blackpink for who they are
Family sweet Nguyen
Family sweet Nguyen Pred 38 minutami
Who is a fan of Viet Nam
Lexie Saelee
Lexie Saelee Pred 38 minutami
rose is so amazing its so good
shizza khan
shizza khan Pred 39 minutami
I'm here just fr increasing views😂✌🔨
Evelyn :3
Evelyn :3 Pred 40 minutami
I love the song!@💜💜😘😘😙😘😘😍
Neko Neko
Neko Neko Pred 40 minutami
Keep st3aming blinks 😄
Isabely Vitoria
Isabely Vitoria Pred 40 minutami
Eu amo as Blackpinque 🤩😘😍
Pito Septianzah
Pito Septianzah Pred 40 minutami
very proud of Lisa. Southeast Asia is proud to have woman like you ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Riȵ Riȵ
Riȵ Riȵ Pred 41 minuto
Xuất săc 💓
Trần Trung Hiếu
Trần Trung Hiếu Pred 42 minutami
I like it
Lucas gamer
Lucas gamer Pred 42 minutami
Tava trollando um amigo ele disse que n tinha hater de black pink
Ezra Parguian
Ezra Parguian Pred 42 minutami
242M views...cmon guyz lets help them to reach 300M views for only 2 weeks cmonblonks we can do ITTT
Wendy Ordoñez
Wendy Ordoñez Pred 43 minutami
very good!
Carlos Wellington
Carlos Wellington Pred 43 minutami
quick search Blackpink:I like BTS:comments
Raisyah Alvida
Raisyah Alvida Pred 43 minutami
Linh Phạm
Linh Phạm Pred 43 minutami
Ayanna Kavaguti
Ayanna Kavaguti Pred 44 minutami
Dewdipie Pred 45 minutami
Blackpink Im coming to your CONCERT! Newark, NJ Cant wait to see you!
ekadewi ng
ekadewi ng Pred 45 minutami
Eaeaeaeaea....... Bagus nari nya lisa
maye lucas
maye lucas Pred 45 minutami
8.6 m £¡k€$
Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall Pred 45 minutami
Does anyone else just sing there own words in english that sound like korean lol
Ignatius Chua
Ignatius Chua Pred 44 minutami
Yes, there are a few covers out there. As a matter of fact, they were well done, and the singers have beautiful voices. So far, I hear from two.
arta bali
arta bali Pred 47 minutami
Sejak kapan buat lagu ini?
helen Pred 47 minutami
Shella Belgira
Shella Belgira Pred 48 minutami
Why its 451k dislike plss the haters of the blackpink dont watch this video
Ignatius Chua
Ignatius Chua Pred 43 minutami
They didn't watch. They came in click dislike and leave.
Modder Pred 48 minutami
Not gonna lie those girl is fkin beatiful as diamond heart
Mary Alison
Mary Alison Pred 49 minutami
I just wanna keep streaming
사리 Pred 49 minutami
rose - cry lisa - damn jennie- queen jisoo =pretty
Momoland Korea
Momoland Korea Pred 49 minutami
Blinks, please help to str4am ,,I‘m so Hot“ by Momoland
Ignatius Chua
Ignatius Chua Pred 42 minutami
I have seen requests from so many fandom. How to accede to all? If I do, then no more time for BP. I can lie and said I did though. Would that be better.
Dasha Zub
Dasha Zub Pred 49 minutami
So cool. Rose😍😍😍😍
waddupEXO Pred 49 minutami
Guys? We are getting slower now :(
Clémence Bourdon
Clémence Bourdon Pred 50 minutami
*7M likes today blinks?*
Vy Nguyen
Vy Nguyen Pred 50 minutami
Pha Nith
Pha Nith Pred 50 minutami
Anelcio Mendez
Anelcio Mendez Pred 51 minuto
Cady Smith
Cady Smith Pred 52 minutami
harry styles x blackpink sounds hot to me
sunflowxr editx
sunflowxr editx Pred 52 minutami
My mom : you keep on watching "kill this love" almost the whole day in repeat that you cant even do anything properly me : *streaming ktl while eating and taking a bath :^*
Multi GG Stan
Multi GG Stan Pred 42 minutami
Lmfao xD
Anelcio Mendez
Anelcio Mendez Pred 52 minutami
Anelcio Mendez
Anelcio Mendez Pred 52 minutami
kim kpop
kim kpop Pred 53 minutami
Faltan 8m para los 250m vamos BLINKS lo podemos lograr hoy ..
Micaela Olazar
Micaela Olazar Pred 53 minutami
ride ulrich
ride ulrich Pred 53 minutami
Excelente tema.
Trân Nguyễn
Trân Nguyễn Pred 54 minutami
Trân Nguyễn
Trân Nguyễn Pred 54 minutami
R B Pred 54 minutami
Trân Nguyễn
Trân Nguyễn Pred 54 minutami
Minatozaki Sana
Minatozaki Sana Pred 54 minutami
Thank you to all the Blinks helping str34m 'Fancy' I Fancy you guys
reen 444
reen 444 Pred 54 minutami
Emma bella
Emma bella Pred 55 minutami
Let's reach 250M today ♡
Truly Virushka
Truly Virushka Pred 55 minutami
We've got the speed blinks keep going
Fitri Fitri
Fitri Fitri Pred 55 minutami
Partomuan Silaban
Partomuan Silaban Pred 55 minutami
Saya dan kamu tentu sma sja dengar soara musik irama
Victória Lacerda
Victória Lacerda Pred 56 minutami
Tristan Joe
Tristan Joe Pred 56 minutami
Apa cuma aku yg indo
Vicio Puro xD
Vicio Puro xD Pred 56 minutami
Asi me siento cuando llego tarde a unosd e los videos de bts o black pink P#TA VIDA >:,V
Xioma Torero pozo
Xioma Torero pozo Pred 56 minutami
A mi me salio esa cancion en snapchat y me gusto kdkdkf😂
Cy nochu
Cy nochu Pred 56 minutami
Cy nochu
Cy nochu Pred 56 minutami
Cy nochu
Cy nochu Pred 56 minutami
Mawy Sketches
Mawy Sketches Pred 57 minutami
Ok i feel attacked, i need to question my sexuality now.
Sigit Prasetyo
Sigit Prasetyo Pred 58 minutami
Lagunya keren bangetttt....🤗🤗
GD Return 10-27-2019
GD Return 10-27-2019 Pred 58 minutami
Evi Sitorus
Evi Sitorus Pred 58 minutami
seru banget ya blackpink
jade orly paler
jade orly paler Pred 58 minutami
We go down to 86 in billboard hot 100.. Blinks let's keep streaming...
Cần Lương
Cần Lương Pred 58 minutami
They are very good
Dzikra Abdullah sa'ad
Dzikra Abdullah sa'ad Pred 59 minutami
Yang dari Indonesia mana like nya👉
Unknown Pred 59 minutami
*Not gonna lie hearing this song & blackpinks first time but after listening this song & other more songs of them, just addicted to their songs 😍😃*
Antø Game
Antø Game Pred 59 minutami
Hola me encanta la nueva cancion es reee hermosaaa!!!!! ^^
I'm Foxy
I'm Foxy Pred uro
a nossa maior burrada desse ano, além de ter acreditado no yg dnv, foi a gente realmente ter acreditado que a Jennie tinha pintado o cabelo
Victória Lacerda
sandra yoshikai
they are the best
Victória Lacerda
No coment emojis please!! No comenten emojis por favor! Não comentem emojis, por favor!!
Rick Valusek
Rick Valusek Pred 48 minutami
You need to stop telling people these lies already.
Ogledi 285 000 000
Why Russia is Shrinking Fast