Blueface Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Blueface goes Sneaker Shopping at Flight Club in Los Angeles and talks about playing football in high school, his love of blue sneakers, and how he used to do meet and greets in Foot Lockers.
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15. apr. 2019

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Complex Pred 8 dnevi
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PaperWay Lo
PaperWay Lo Pred 3 dnevi
Complex hw 👏🏽💩👺☠️🤲🏾😀😃😂g
Ansel Greene
Ansel Greene Pred 10 minutami
"shoutout to the youth"
Siam Hossain
Siam Hossain Pred 30 minutami
Yea!! Special ed represent 👌
gangstalishis Pred 42 minutami
0:55 this dude got werewolf legs, and so do I lol. no hate just an observation.
Almighty Doflamingo
Almighty Doflamingo Pred 53 minutami
People hate on huraches but blue face likes em, I’m kinda suprised
AD Adreonna
AD Adreonna Pred uro
Blueface a Fake Crip !!
xLittleBoy- Pred 2 urami
Complex only does these interviews to get these people to spend there money on shoes lol
toast ios
toast ios Pred 2 urami
use me as the “yeah ight” button 👇🏽
wanted Pred 2 urami
Parents: Blueface, what’s your favorite color? Blueface: 𝐈 𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞 𝐛𝐥𝐮𝐞.
Kay Kay
Kay Kay Pred 3 urami
Why he stay be tryin to crip walk tf!?!?
gamingwit josh
gamingwit josh Pred 3 urami
Bet you won't catch him buying red shoes 😂😂
Juicello Pred 3 urami
Blueface could be sooo attractive if he didn't have so many tattoos and actually talked clearly
Karlee Cherry
Karlee Cherry Pred 3 urami
how he a famous crip but got a pair of bright red shoes ?
wame woood
wame woood Pred 3 urami
Wtf he can’t talk
XXXELLIEL / Pred 4 urami
Juice wrld spent more than him
Ramani Warner
Ramani Warner Pred 5 urami
What was those noises ? 6:01
VictroZ7 Pred 6 urami
*Aliens visit the earth. Albert Einstein is revived, time travelers come from the future to warn us about things, Notre Dame burns* Blueface: "Yea aight"
venillson payet
venillson payet Pred 6 urami
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Diego v v
Diego v v Pred 6 urami
Жак Морозов
Blueface got blue faces in his pocket
Жак Морозов
mumble mumble mumble mumble
Beats by Son of Nel
Beats by Son of Nel Pred 6 urami
Jaiden Cameron
Jaiden Cameron Pred 7 urami
5:55 BOP! 🤣
Chica The chicken
Chica The chicken Pred 8 urami
Blue face baby yahhh ay
Alexander Draco
Alexander Draco Pred 8 urami
The Cashier Was BAd ASF
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia Pred 8 urami
Blueface is officially the cjeapest nigga on complex
Hunter Hallows
Hunter Hallows Pred 8 urami
You guys are sleeping on Ernie Johnson, gotta get him on sneaker shopping soon! Seen in the Infrared 6, Concord 11, and Adapt BB's in the playoffs alone!
corie nicole
corie nicole Pred 8 urami
he speaks in cursive wtf
And thats the tea!
And thats the tea! Pred 8 urami
Look at the foot work!!
Zo Hu
Zo Hu Pred 9 urami
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Ricardo Martinez
Ricardo Martinez Pred 9 urami
Amelyn Ebuna
Amelyn Ebuna Pred 10 urami
Blueface 👍
OSARLOL Pred 11 urami
He sounds like little angry kid at the store telling his mom what candy he wants
Gerald Gillum
Gerald Gillum Pred 12 urami
i like him i dont kno why. it is not his rap for sure, but i like him
KiNgLaPm40 Pred 12 urami
I can't understand blue faces language of cursive
Valeria Robles
Valeria Robles Pred 13 urami
*no one:* *literally no one:* *blueface:mmmyeahiliiikeeeblueeeissscuuooolll*
Aces Pred 13 urami
Cashier chicks like “man, he didn’t even pay attention to me ..l
Kiy Sezz Blaah
Kiy Sezz Blaah Pred 15 urami
“LoOk OuT FoR NeW MuSiC CoMiNg SoOn”... how bout no..
JustLeafy Pred 15 urami
Employee: So, you want to buy these Gucci shoes? Blueface: Yea aight
ayesha Abdul Jalil
ayesha Abdul Jalil Pred 15 urami
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Yuvraj Bhandari
Yuvraj Bhandari Pred 15 urami
TF cant he talk straight?
Raackz TV
Raackz TV Pred 17 urami
Sound like a damn video game . “Bop!”
Rocky Jaswani
Rocky Jaswani Pred 18 urami
those are some awesome kicks man.
iFang Pred 18 urami
The way he say oooooh.😂 Oh yeah apparently blue face 6’3
Ama34536 Pred 20 urami
Nobody: Blueface: I LiKe Bluue.. Joe: -_-
iCHARISMA Pred 20 urami
Blue face baby Feaineee
Next Level Niggatry
"Ooooooh, bop"
xAC3x Pred 21 uro
0:53 BLUEface wearing RED
Luffy Dragneel
Luffy Dragneel Pred 21 uro
Why blueface a whole ass celery stick nigga
명익 Pred 21 uro
Joe: How’s the fit? Blueface: they TAIGHT
ChristinaRose Pred 21 uro
I can’t understand one word he’s sayin💀
wherestheKFC 467
wherestheKFC 467 Pred 21 uro
His name is Blueface but he bought all red shoes
Justo Thompson
Justo Thompson Pred 22 urami
Yeooooo wtf bring jay critch it’s only right
Julian Vera
Julian Vera Pred 22 urami
A crip bought red shoes and had red shoes before
FriedRyanChicken Is shleep
why when i saw those prices m i said nigga you cappin
Jessie Valdez
Jessie Valdez Pred 22 urami
Blue faces sucks cock
Michaella Gordon
Michaella Gordon Pred 22 urami
Blue face kinda cute 🥰
dixmond.sindy Pred 23 urami
his smile man 😭
Kyle Marso
Kyle Marso Pred 23 urami
Thanks for doing an episode on BlueFace🙏trying to get to know him more
Layloo B
Layloo B Pred dnevom
i like blue
Fang Pred dnevom
Who else came here just to read the comments 😂
$upreme! Pred dnevom
"I like blue" yoooooooooo facts
TheReall Angëll
TheReall Angëll Pred dnevom
My boy started off Crip walking 😂😂
Syleb GG
Syleb GG Pred dnevom
No one: Blueface: BAP
C.T. Pred dnevom
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Dime Dime
Dime Dime Pred 16 urami
What is it? Not gonna click the site
DIRTY BOY Pred dnevom
this nigga has such a vast vocabulary very well educated
M8 Days
M8 Days Pred dnevom
You need to do Faze Banks or the crew
life sucks
life sucks Pred dnevom
So the whole vid hes buying shoes and its trending wow is your lifes so boring you watch a guy buy shoes get a life you hoes 4.3m hoes who have no life watched this watched this vid
Isaac Andrew
Isaac Andrew Pred dnevom
D🌹 Pred dnevom
we need the @ for the cashier yaerrrr
DανєHitit! Pred dnevom
Joe: So what's your football influence? Blueface: yeah sowwmrnmwmmwmw hehwmwmw wwnrnwmwm you know
KeVin WU
KeVin WU Pred dnevom
as soon as he spoke, I almost thought my audio had a problem lol
DανєHitit! Pred dnevom
0:55 Joe: So when did you start liking them? Blueface: *answers whatever the fuck he wants*
Marcin Lendzion
Marcin Lendzion Pred dnevom
Amoji Pred dnevom
The intro should have subtitles
Smokie Pred dnevom
He's off video
Anas Zaaroura
Anas Zaaroura Pred dnevom
He has red spot on his black jacket fake crip
John Billeh
John Billeh Pred dnevom
Bruh the way he talks is just....🤦‍♂️
j inx
j inx Pred dnevom
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Mikey Pedone
Mikey Pedone Pred dnevom
Low key first person ever to pay in cash
Farr Pred dnevom
ya ight i cant speak
Ronish Pred dnevom
Blueface only dude to buy his stuff without a card
Hailey Vazquez
Hailey Vazquez Pred dnevom
waveboi360 Pred dnevom
0:54 this dude look like harambe correct me if im wrong
Amelia Paul
Amelia Paul Pred dnevom
Bro Blueface and Billie as a couple think about it
Hispanic! At The Disco
bro he even talks offbeat that’s some serious shit
V Beatz
V Beatz Pred dnevom
Aight, is this called mumble talk?
Savagelife_takira 122
EVERYTIME he says yea I get a like..deal?
UMG OFFICIAL Pred dnevom
Nobody: Blueface: ymbfffffgsnzkamkxhhgdb dnjxggujdgxgffkfbebeybkfnfvgufjfhjcnfnjfj yeah aigh
Diana 05
Diana 05 Pred dnevom
do saweeite next
Bryant Joseph
Bryant Joseph Pred dnevom
This must be old cause been had all these shoes in his Instagram pics for a while now
Darius Vitek
Darius Vitek Pred dnevom
John Morris
John Morris Pred dnevom
Sounds like he hasnt gotten his afternoon nap
Bugatti 2006
Bugatti 2006 Pred dnevom
U know my boi blue face trying to flirt with the cashier
Bugatti 2006
Bugatti 2006 Pred dnevom
Next on complex:Donald trump goes sneaker shopping
Kiernan Takashima
Kiernan Takashima Pred dnevom
It's like he has a stuffed up nose
Mountain Wolf
Mountain Wolf Pred dnevom
Alieu Touray
Alieu Touray Pred dnevom
Nobody: Blueface:I like blue
Islam _______
Islam _______ Pred dnevom
Worst guest efter lil pump
Ricardo Rocha-Carrillo
why in the fuck did he buy a pair of all red sneakers 😂😂😂
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