Can You Walk on Rodent Glue Without Getting Stuck? | MythBusters Jr.

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Jesse, Valerie, and Rachel test the tacky myth that a scaled-up pest trap can really trap a human.
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14. feb. 2019

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Komentarjev 7 614
misifus_XDD Pred uro
no mms uei esta re asquerosiño eso parece moco de un mamut :,,v
1992 Daihatsu Charade
More glue doesn't make it more sticky.
1992 Daihatsu Charade
Before even watching the video, yes you can obviously.
Vasile Mocanu
Vasile Mocanu Pred 9 urami
Mai Ho
Mai Ho Pred 11 urami
The girl is chiming
John Gabriel Ferraer
John Gabriel Ferraer Pred 14 urami
Just Imagine how much monster effects you can make with that.
John Gabriel Ferraer
John Gabriel Ferraer Pred 14 urami
Just Imagine the mister effects you can make with that sound.
ravi anand
ravi anand Pred 16 urami
The backyard scientist did something similar!
Brent Mueller
Brent Mueller Pred 16 urami
Lololololololo Lllllllll
Olha Drozd
Olha Drozd Pred 19 urami
Wow it's cool😊
Lachlan Daly
Lachlan Daly Pred 21 uro
He didn’t even run
Nina Sanghera
Nina Sanghera Pred 21 uro
I kinda feel bad for the rodents that get stuck to this
Azher Khan
Azher Khan Pred 23 urami
Why wear converse tho 😥
Аружан Сеитказиева
Creative C TV
Creative C TV Pred dnevom
eh try daw sa motor thank you.
princess galaxy
princess galaxy Pred dnevom
My name is Valerie 😁
THE COOKIE Pred dnevom
*flex tape 2.0*
glow green
glow green Pred dnevom
Did he get paid?
Jl Mendoza
Jl Mendoza Pred dnevom
I like the sounds
Jawn Lemon
Jawn Lemon Pred dnevom
It looked and sounded satifiying
Stinky Stinky
Stinky Stinky Pred dnevom
This looks similar to what the backyard scientist did.
horacio gonzalez
horacio gonzalez Pred dnevom
Nylah Sheikh
Nylah Sheikh Pred dnevom
Looks like hunny to me but also satisfying lol
Anna Donato
Anna Donato Pred 2 dnevi
WOW wow wow wow wow wow wow
Random Fahmi
Random Fahmi Pred 2 dnevi
Just imagine if you fall on it
Evie _Samantha
Evie _Samantha Pred 2 dnevi
*Time to get cooking in the meth lab* Oh my god I can believe I heard that
TheRegret Pred 2 dnevi
sometimes movie effects use real life materials... in home alone's case, they absolutely used buckets of industrial rodent glue to get that "stuck boot" effect.
Risky Risky Bloxer
Risky Risky Bloxer Pred 2 dnevi
The sound effects tho
unun intint
unun intint Pred 3 dnevi
unun intint
unun intint Pred 3 dnevi
1.21. 55555
Max Comstock
Max Comstock Pred 3 dnevi
This is what humans are doing. You people worry about his shoes but what about rodents? There shouldn’t be a thing called rodent glue. why do people not care about other lifeforms??
princess galaxy
princess galaxy Pred 3 dnevi
This reminds me of cloud of the chance of meatball the syrup
paul key
paul key Pred 4 dnevi
It looks like honey
Kay Gaming
Kay Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
They wasted good shoes
MarkPalantos Pred 4 dnevi
Rodent "glue" should not even be a thing. Really cruel and inhumane method of killing animals, outlawed in a lot of countries already.
DK Broman
DK Broman Pred 4 dnevi
I was trying to find out how to sticky walk in smash bros and found this
Heather Semon
Heather Semon Pred 4 dnevi
Sorry about my spelling
Ujjwal Sinha
Ujjwal Sinha Pred 4 dnevi
Are you stucked on your company's glue?!..
Gensis Gaming
Gensis Gaming Pred 4 dnevi
0 L 1 gnash. V.
Justin Y.
Justin Y. Pred 4 dnevi
Copied from backyard scientist
Margaretha Blokland
Margaretha Blokland Pred 5 dnevi
Sund of the shoes
Mr. Hamster
Mr. Hamster Pred 5 dnevi
Super funny😂😂😂😂😂😂
ava v
ava v Pred 5 dnevi
Ysgol Cei Newydd
Ysgol Cei Newydd Pred 5 dnevi
Hi mi doods
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Pred 6 dnevi
Your not funny at all and you are not cool
Moonlight Dustu
Moonlight Dustu Pred 6 dnevi
Poor shoes
Sara Miszke
Sara Miszke Pred 6 dnevi
1:19 and 1:26
ДАНИ 1238 Valchev
1:33 lol
Derion Patton
Derion Patton Pred 6 dnevi
i N t07
Aribah Arizan
Aribah Arizan Pred 6 dnevi
Its look like honey 🍯
QLFamily Edward quiambao
Wow negative 25
Eunsil Kim
Eunsil Kim Pred 6 dnevi
This is.... Gross and funny and amazing and something :D
space flower
space flower Pred 6 dnevi
They say the rodent glue is non toxic next thing we know there wearing hazmat suits to melt the substance
n Pred 3 dnevi
You have the same as the person who thought vaccinations are bad because you can't eat them.
Ethan Charles
Ethan Charles Pred 6 dnevi
Shevar Robinson
Shevar Robinson Pred 6 dnevi
tHis OnE iS DefIniTely sTiCky! Brilliant observation Sherlock
Λυris Pred 6 dnevi
Wait... that's it? Nothing more?
dulce amor
dulce amor Pred 7 dnevi
R0b0Bum the destructor
The sounds are fake!
tako kirvalidze
tako kirvalidze Pred 7 dnevi
AMANDA SILVA Pred 7 dnevi
Richard Reynolds
Richard Reynolds Pred 7 dnevi
*That's SO a sound affect at **1:54** 😂*
Louie Skerritt
Louie Skerritt Pred 7 dnevi
The boy running across it absolutely delete it
D Duran
D Duran Pred 7 dnevi
Dfhxfjzdhfoia isps j oh ZTE vs gx, v. Jhdt diu
Jtthzo Pred 7 dnevi
use humane traps on rats all im gonna say
Brithany Lizbeth Bautista Meraz
Reel Insects
Reel Insects Pred 7 dnevi
They should have used super glue or concrete/cement
Doe gacha Queen
Doe gacha Queen Pred 7 dnevi
I really didn’t know how this girl walked through that
AudreyTV Pred 7 dnevi
How did the guy that was saying what’s happening not laugh 1:20
Nova Cutie 1029
Nova Cutie 1029 Pred 7 dnevi
Sara Kinas
Sara Kinas Pred 7 dnevi
Tiago Leplang
Tiago Leplang Pred 7 dnevi
Rip les chaussures
ᴇʟʟɪᴇ Pred 8 dnevi
*imagine falling on this.*
beanieboo lover
beanieboo lover Pred 8 dnevi
My first thought is *can u make slime with that stuff* Talk about sticky slime
Elisabed Maziashvili
4thtroika Pred 8 dnevi
Did they show the other girl walk across?
Ahhh Haaa
Ahhh Haaa Pred 8 dnevi
BurejdUnejs Ameti
BurejdUnejs Ameti Pred 8 dnevi
Zoe ann Adams
Zoe ann Adams Pred 8 dnevi
That was very stupid
Ferdinand Pelayo
Ferdinand Pelayo Pred 8 dnevi
Or..... T-rex trap
Ferdinand Pelayo
Ferdinand Pelayo Pred 8 dnevi
elephant trap
Carrie Sloan
Carrie Sloan Pred 8 dnevi
This is definitely disingenuous but cool
Kawaii Studios
Kawaii Studios Pred 8 dnevi
*Nice Sound effects*
nick cas
nick cas Pred 9 dnevi
It’s like asmr
Hamdan almarar
Hamdan almarar Pred 9 dnevi
Intan Ayuni
Intan Ayuni Pred 9 dnevi
SABAY WATCH Pred 9 dnevi
Zandor YT
Zandor YT Pred 9 dnevi
I want to dive in
aldrichron valencia
aldrichron valencia Pred 9 dnevi
1:48 poor shoes😳 1:31 poor him😲
Tetris Takezo
Tetris Takezo Pred 9 dnevi
0:48 this is me going to school everyday
Ciara Beatrice Queri
In my first thought I thought it was slime but it has ASMR
Pretty girl Anna
Pretty girl Anna Pred 9 dnevi
That black girl just acting extra
diário da aninha Ana Paula lima Rodrigues
Ninguém do Brasil
Abet Boral
Abet Boral Pred 9 dnevi
Haha its funny
Khadija Benwahmane
Khadija Benwahmane Pred 10 dnevi
Ma che cos'è
Ninja Luck
Ninja Luck Pred 10 dnevi
Lol kkkkkk
Bishop bro
Bishop bro Pred 10 dnevi
What's with the sound effects
Dave Ian Peñalosa
Dave Ian Peñalosa Pred 10 dnevi
Parang hindi ko to kaya
Shehbaz Shaikh
Shehbaz Shaikh Pred 10 dnevi
Is that Gigi Hadid?
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