Catching a Human With a Giant Glue Trap! | MythBusters Jr.

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With the help of Adam Savage, Jesse, Valerie, and Rachel try to run through a human-sized roach motel that features a giant glue trap!
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25. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 6 293
Gamer Izzie The Kitty
Gamer Izzie The Kitty Pred 6 minutami
Twinkle toes didn’t work ha I knew it
Uzi got bars
Uzi got bars Pred 27 minutami
3:13 she ran flat footed ofc it didn’t work
Jorge Fuentes
Jorge Fuentes Pred uro
0:42 Bruh wassup with that foot
best strategy imo is to take small steps so you can lift your foot directly upwards each time. this also poses no risk to balance
Xiumin’sWife Also Chen’s
3:02 That was such a fake fall
Letzbehonest Pred 3 urami
catch robbers
Gladwin James
Gladwin James Pred 3 urami
Cupcakes And donuts
Cupcakes And donuts Pred 3 urami
I love the sound when they pull something off that glue it’s just so satisfying
Squid Rider
Squid Rider Pred 3 urami
*Just like daddy's cummies* 😍😍😍😍
bombb82 Pred 3 urami
these kids are worse than chimpanzee testing. 1m on the line i could make it through that, DM me. My word this is only plausible and 100% not busted
Battle Beast
Battle Beast Pred 3 urami
Looks like caramel
Banz Tobl3ron3
Banz Tobl3ron3 Pred 4 urami
last guy had a sad looking life
family first
family first Pred 5 urami
really so if these kids doing smart shit why wouldnt the white boy tie is shitty ass vans before he goes into the glue smhh
MrRedstyy Pred 6 urami
0:40 wtf is wrong with that foot
Maximilian Wohler
Maximilian Wohler Pred 6 urami
they have missed the spider
HammerBann Pred 9 urami
Imagine falling into this face first and the glue is shutting your mouth and nose...
Dimension Sisters
Dimension Sisters Pred 9 urami
I click the video only because the guy on the cover looks like DIO from JoJo's bizarre adventure, lol.
User Pred 13 urami
rip jesse's crotch
DaMadnessIsBack Pred 16 urami
the flies installed this in their house
Befuzzled Lillie
Befuzzled Lillie Pred 16 urami
The moment I heard Twinkle Toes I went "nopenopenopenopenope"
Pyrrolinium Pred 17 urami
dafuqs wrong with that leg omg haha 0:42
Daria Anton
Daria Anton Pred 10 urami
That is a hand :)))
AjiKustik Pred 18 urami
4:14 RIP GOPRO :")
FFAscend ,
FFAscend , Pred 20 urami
4:24 spiderman when hes trying to get out of the venom suit
TM Gaming
TM Gaming Pred 20 urami
Here’s an idea museums with jewelry
victor sorgente
victor sorgente Pred 20 urami
the second girl is dumb no doubt about it.
Katherin Orozco
Katherin Orozco Pred 21 uro
am soy la unica que habla español buen no importa pero una pregunta es mas pegajoso que el slime
Wolfie _0097
Wolfie _0097 Pred 21 uro
No offense but the twinkle toes might work if you didn't put your foot down. I'm NOT here to be rude but I'm my opinion, I think the twinkle toes would've worked better out of all of them. Sorry Rachel
Kim Pomario
Kim Pomario Pred 21 uro
This was so fun keep it up
R3D_FUSION_ ‘-‘ Pred 22 urami
Jesse: I’m going to try to jump on to the glue trap to try to get farther. I’m pretty sure it will work! Glue Trap: Oh no you don’t INSTANTLY FACEPLANTS ONTO GLUE TRAP
LonelyBore Pred 22 urami
Next Thing:Jigsaw Movie Uses This
Thunder Ninja
Thunder Ninja Pred 22 urami
0:57 Kid: is that honey? :3 Meh:no y Kid: *eats*
Llama Cake
Llama Cake Pred 23 urami
To be honest the second girl when she fell she actually couldn't have been that stuck if you saw she could of been on her hands and knees or even her hands and feet but she purposely planted her whole body on the glue...😐 I also noticed she was gonna put her knee down but decided to put her while body...
AzRaeL Pred 23 urami
DBZ Abridged Mr.PoPo: 😊Finally I can fix my human infestation!
Londonlove120 Mwah
Londonlove120 Mwah Pred 23 urami
Twinkle toes was the funniest. 😂😂😂
Can we reach 1,000 subs without posting?
Harder than fighting in the war.
BTS Memes
BTS Memes Pred dnevom
1:47 how did you get nightmares of glue traps?
Summer Skull
Summer Skull Pred dnevom
How long until we implement this in battle?
Eddy The Poo
Eddy The Poo Pred dnevom
I want to try this....... Can I try????
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer Pred dnevom
No one: No one:
Peter Te
Peter Te Pred dnevom
If bugs and humans switch places
Julien B
Julien B Pred dnevom
Steven Fitzgibbon
Steven Fitzgibbon Pred dnevom
Imagine falling face first and the glue completely covers your nose and mouth
LockofMetal Pred 10 urami
You'd suffocate most likely.
Drewbee000 :D
Drewbee000 :D Pred dnevom
Walking in that stuff is like trying to waste time in class while in the bathroom at school.
K FOX Pred dnevom
They copied this idea
Hector Simonetti
Hector Simonetti Pred dnevom
So it's confirmed that a kid that isn't fully physically developed can't escape a glue trap.. Got it
venus Pred dnevom
3:43 I laughed so hard😂😂😂
lnoths Pred dnevom
I feel like Adam’s living his best life, getting to be that cool uncle/teacher and doing some rad experiments.
i got that different thing is honey
Tae_ luv83
Tae_ luv83 Pred dnevom
This would be fabulous for stopping walkers, just sayin
Poké-thug Rayquaza
spam 4:38 its so funny hahaha
Akira - 00
Akira - 00 Pred dnevom
singed in reallife
Keyana brown
Keyana brown Pred dnevom
Xpier d
Xpier d Pred dnevom
prawira udayana
prawira udayana Pred dnevom
What the glue made from?
Glenn McKnight
Glenn McKnight Pred dnevom
Why tf is this shit popping up on my recommendations??
skyproYT Pred dnevom
but they can get out use shirt drop on trap human and he jump on that
Seto Mulyadi
Seto Mulyadi Pred dnevom
Are Those Glue Real Sound Or Just A Sound Fx? Its Annoying
Cool Videos
Cool Videos Pred dnevom
0:43 wtf is that? is that a cyst?
Zoe line
Zoe line Pred dnevom
This is kazzy
Silas Clay never uploads
Backyard scientist
backstrogena23 Pred dnevom
Pitchoune Art
Pitchoune Art Pred dnevom
It look like chewing-gum!
d6ath6ang6l Pred dnevom
Dentiste needed
Limbu Pratikchha
Limbu Pratikchha Pred dnevom
Besjana Bytyci
Besjana Bytyci Pred dnevom
souparno majumder
souparno majumder Pred dnevom
going to use that to catch a beautiful damzel
Vicky lesson for B,I,P
Glue trap vs..... 1.bike 2.car 3.lick with D
Larena Abdon
Larena Abdon Pred dnevom
"It's like a Caterpillar turning into a butterfly" 😂 I can't believe he thought jumping would work. He was wearing Vans too, that sucks
Wargamer2096YT Pred dnevom
You can be Spider-Man!
Kalyan Nayak
Kalyan Nayak Pred dnevom
4:38 😂
DustyTheMexii Pred dnevom
if you did this with some redwings and had them on tight and were not 14 yrs old you could make it across
Jeff Meme
Jeff Meme Pred dnevom
Why the girls laughing when they both failed 1 with a face plant and the other loosing socks and shoes and had crusty musty toes 2:42 face plant girl 2:01 crusty musty toes
Average 12-Year Old Gamer
I swear im not the only one who saw Dio face planted into the floor as the thumbnail, right?
Allison V
Allison V Pred dnevom
I feel like its Slime
XIAODUO WANG Pred dnevom
So no one is going to talk about this? 4:24
Kishan Pred dnevom
Mom my feet are glued to the bathtub I can’t go to school
Mark Trinh
Mark Trinh Pred dnevom
3:44 “good gravy you alright”? “I don’t know”! Read this in a British accent
TeraTheGolden Pred 2 dnevi
0:43 what is wrong with her foot?!
Gia Huy
Gia Huy Pred 2 dnevi
Bad experiment, animals don't wear clothes. They should do it butt naked only with their underwear on. Lets go!
Грибоед Мухоморов
is that nightmare on Elm street?
Ana Maria Ochoa
Ana Maria Ochoa Pred 2 dnevi
They. Are. Girls
Rajaona Vatosoa
Rajaona Vatosoa Pred 2 dnevi
I thought this was a japanese gamle show
Now Wow
Now Wow Pred 2 dnevi
I feel bad for the person in the thumbnail
Lord Salt
Lord Salt Pred 2 dnevi
3:01 she sounds like toad
Technical Debabrata Ghosh
Brother Great Video..
LaumiRez Pred 2 dnevi
Can it catch intruders trying to go into my house?
Superfnafboi Pred 2 dnevi
When the roach pulls out a reverse card
Richard Yin
Richard Yin Pred 2 dnevi
Jesse: I'm gonna try not to face plant John Cena: Are you sure about that?
Emily Schofield
Emily Schofield Pred 2 dnevi
Matt Bas-Vi
Matt Bas-Vi Pred 2 dnevi
0:41 I thought that was the most fcked up ankle I'd seen in quite some time. . .
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager Pred 2 dnevi
Just the title alone of the video sounds like an alien TV channels.
Cefe King
Cefe King Pred 2 dnevi
Por que la cinta esta escrita en español y el audio en ingles ?
Maleeya Dawson
Maleeya Dawson Pred 2 dnevi
It's so funny how you got stuck.
Tabby Scientia
Tabby Scientia Pred 2 dnevi
I want to try this so bad
Evа Ingerman
Evа Ingerman Pred 2 dnevi
4:30 haha I thought the same 😂😂😂
Nicholas Kusaka Lim
Nicholas Kusaka Lim Pred 2 dnevi
Run with your toe starting to hit the ground first, you will be able to jump on your first step and hopefully get away
Wayne King
Wayne King Pred 2 dnevi
Drive a Tesla through some at like 5mph
Jenny Jimenez
Jenny Jimenez Pred 2 dnevi
My name is Valerie 🤤😝🤤😝🤤😝
tappie999 Pred 2 dnevi
Am i the only one who thinks these guys are pussys and its actually not that hard? ;DD
kudo law
kudo law Pred 2 dnevi
why dont you try oily cloth and shoess
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