Dallas Mavericks vs Denver Nuggets - Full Game Highlights | March 14, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season

Ximo Pierto
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Denver Nuggets vs Dallas Mavericks - Full Game Highlights | March 14, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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15. mar. 2019

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Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto Pred 8 dnevi
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Felix Zayas Jr
Felix Zayas Jr Pred 8 dnevi
Whats the name of song in the beginning of this video? Its clean
John Christou
John Christou Pred 23 urami
do you understand now? did you saw his reaction AFTER Joker's winning shot? Luka does NOT play for money.. HE PLAYS TO WIN!
Life According to BHawk
lets go mavs!
Life According to BHawk
i went to that game
J C Pred 4 dnevi
Doncic really caught Millsap with the same move 3 times. Lmao
Rejaul Bari
Rejaul Bari Pred 4 dnevi
Luka was crying after game winning shot by Nikola.... Luka 😍😍😍
cesar leon
cesar leon Pred 4 dnevi
1:19, was that legal or not?
firenight124 Pred 5 dnevi
Wow, that really sucks for Luka, that free throw literally went in and out and cost him the game
O.FD173 Pred 5 dnevi
Forgiven Sinner
Forgiven Sinner Pred 6 dnevi
Fabulous game. The fans got their money's worth. The Mavs'll be a playoff contender next year.
Crystalis Chronicle
Crystalis Chronicle Pred 6 dnevi
doncic as a rookie IS more clutch than Lebron throughout his career
808 Kamakazi
808 Kamakazi Pred 6 dnevi
So happy for IT we miss you IN BOSTON
Shaq daddy
Shaq daddy Pred 6 dnevi
Mavs need to get this man Doncic some better team mates. dont make the same mistake they did with Dirk. you cant win a Championships with 1 star player these days.
Shaq daddy
Shaq daddy Pred 6 dnevi
i feel like if Dirk jumped he would buckle both his ankles.
Ketchupboyz Sorot.T
Ketchupboyz Sorot.T Pred 6 dnevi
9:15 Luka SLAM!
Ketchupboyz Sorot.T
Ketchupboyz Sorot.T Pred 6 dnevi
good dog fight game!
Evans Lemont
Evans Lemont Pred 6 dnevi
Luka is nasty. That dunk and all his head fakes at the basket. His games is so dam polished for a 19 year old. We might need to check that boy birth certificate or whatever they got over in his eastern European country. Him and brunson play well together.
William de Murney
William de Murney Pred 6 dnevi
Luka doncic was 💔 after Nikola jokics buzzer-beater saved the ⛏️⚒️ once again...
Dawson Lipman
Dawson Lipman Pred 7 dnevi
Really gotta hit those clutch free throws
Air-Grip Biker
Air-Grip Biker Pred 7 dnevi
Nikola Flopic
I luw sandwich
I luw sandwich Pred 7 dnevi
Is doncic getting fater? Hahahah boy cut down that dad bod
I luw sandwich
I luw sandwich Pred 7 dnevi
He seems better defensivly as he was a few moths back. Still not good but i hope he gets there.
padaprvisneg3331 Pred 7 dnevi
Luka is copied Drazen Petrovic, except for free throws
M1key Pred 7 dnevi
Can someone name this game's commentator? He is my favourite voice in the NBA!
Leon Leo
Leon Leo Pred 7 dnevi
I love Doncic and Jokic
Perfect Gaming
Perfect Gaming Pred 7 dnevi
I like how Luka kept giving the other Mavs the ball to hit the big shot. It shows that he's not trying to be a ball hog in those key moments. But, I bet Dallas would have won if he had cause they were throwing up air balls.
Manly Zeeke
Manly Zeeke Pred 7 dnevi
carlisle sucks
jgsk78 Pred 7 dnevi
Great game thanks for the upload, .... Final 4 possessions: ,brunson airball, hardaway airball, Luka 2 buckets.. while you on the other side: milsap and Jokic handle the clutch.. pity for that free throw, imagine overtime but refs made up a call against Denver at the end it's about fair ending.
Tieu Van Vu
Tieu Van Vu Pred 7 dnevi
E Cmyk
E Cmyk Pred 7 dnevi
Awesome battle. Awesome finish.
Limitedly Unlimited
Limitedly Unlimited Pred 7 dnevi
whoever won the game, I enjoyed it nonetheless
Lil Loudy
Lil Loudy Pred 7 dnevi
Gotta force jokic to the middle he been eating off that right mid wing all game
Renato Kovačič
Renato Kovačič Pred 7 dnevi
LUKA > JOKIĆ be fucking real people LUKA is better !!! ROTY has best season ever NBA seen ..... + insane highlights reel .....
Andru Pred 7 dnevi
Tank dallas tank so we can get zion...TANC!!!!
Thomas Navejas
Thomas Navejas Pred 7 dnevi
What a sick finish!!
Rok Podlogar
Rok Podlogar Pred 7 dnevi
mavs really play like a team though.
Alex Hennigh
Alex Hennigh Pred 7 dnevi
That might be game of the year material. Solid game all around but the last 5 minutes were fucking ridiculous
ComptGeorges Pred 7 dnevi
Just wow!
Zhongming Zhao
Zhongming Zhao Pred 7 dnevi
I love rick’s reaction after Tim Hardaway Jr. made that ridiculous shot.
Paul Gedorio
Paul Gedorio Pred 7 dnevi
Doncic jam was NASTY!!! :)
jacob ovaska
jacob ovaska Pred 7 dnevi
That late clock start after Lukas missed free throw. 0.8 seconds went off the clock when it should have been 2... Irritating.
Ronnie Whitehead
Ronnie Whitehead Pred 7 dnevi
Why nobody said anything bout that beat at the beginning of the video!! That dhit fire dawg but aite back to the video
den d
den d Pred 7 dnevi
Man,Dirk moves like an invalid
JonesLaw Pred 7 dnevi
Jokic's buzzer beater is impressive. But that kid, Doncic...he's scary.
Roman Phillips
Roman Phillips Pred 7 dnevi
Anybody hear how wet that J was..dirk dropped roun 2 min mark 😂😂
This one of the top game of the season. Fucking ending with a clutch shot by the joker.
Tamo Daleko
Tamo Daleko Pred 7 dnevi
Jokic & Luka =magic
maxpaine 0827
maxpaine 0827 Pred 7 dnevi
Dallas always come up short in every games
G Ramos
G Ramos Pred 7 dnevi
Probably should update y'all cases from OBJ
Bismo Funyuns_10
Bismo Funyuns_10 Pred 7 dnevi
3-0 vs Mavs this season
Agent Orange
Agent Orange Pred 7 dnevi
Euroleague Protagonist
Euroleague lovers here!!!
Denilson Moreira
Denilson Moreira Pred 7 dnevi
Luca Doncic lost the game in that free throw. Good effort, though
God is Light
God is Light Pred 7 dnevi
NO HE DIDN’t...take 2
derrick harris
derrick harris Pred 7 dnevi
Big missed free throw
derrick harris
derrick harris Pred 7 dnevi
One of the best games ever
T Moz
T Moz Pred 7 dnevi
Whooo Denver good job great clutch shot jokic
Rustingraham1 Pred 7 dnevi
two contested shots by mavs at the end lost the game, pro tip for mavs… GIVE THE BALL TO DONCIC!!!
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound Pred 7 dnevi
Luka with more points more assists and almost more rebs than the tower Joker.
Alan KS
Alan KS Pred 7 dnevi
I honestly thought the nuggets would not pass the ball to jokic that far out and allowed him to dribble
Go Gaito
Go Gaito Pred 7 dnevi
If LUCA hits the free throw, there will be OT but that's a game . better luck MAVS next season with the UNICORN PORZINGIS
Lee Jizzle
Lee Jizzle Pred 7 dnevi
What was the music at the Beginning?
Biz Denardo
Biz Denardo Pred 8 dnevi
Luka doncic produces a must-see dunk, wow.
Danielpfishing Pred 8 dnevi
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דניאל שמאילוב
nba European players have taken over the NBA and almost all the Europeans in NBA are excellent players and simply stars
Marc Lazarre
Marc Lazarre Pred 8 dnevi
did they draw that one up for my man's Jokic?
Luke Miles
Luke Miles Pred 8 dnevi
Those two I’d like to see in the Finals!
Marko Pavlovic
Marko Pavlovic Pred 8 dnevi
Jokic has cold blood like my grandmother that died 1992....
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound Pred 7 dnevi
who the fuck jokes with his grandmothers blood? sickhead
Egrin Pred 8 dnevi
Always love your videos! Could you leave the video running a little bit longer so we can see the celebration in these kind of situations?
Queendidine C
Queendidine C Pred 8 dnevi
How sad is it for Isaiah Thomas from starter to please don't cut me!!!
Rafael Castano
Rafael Castano Pred 8 dnevi
I know that whenever Joker's contract expires, Mark Cuban is gonna throw the bank at him. You heard it here first. But he might just stay, regardless.
jgsk78 Pred 7 dnevi
But he just got max in Denver didn't he? That should be for quite a few years
Rafael Castano
Rafael Castano Pred 8 dnevi
So wait... They found this man in the SECOND ROUND??
Freddy Fox 500
Freddy Fox 500 Pred 8 dnevi
Luca and Porzingis would be nice on the Nuggets team
TDot Toons Gaming
TDot Toons Gaming Pred 8 dnevi
Wowwww wata game!!! 🔥🔥 🔥💯
Captain Cartman
Captain Cartman Pred 8 dnevi
And the Rivalry was born... Luka vs Joker FIGHT
none name
none name Pred 8 dnevi
Luka gotta hit that freethrow man. No excuses. Damn shame.
Jason Chia
Jason Chia Pred 8 dnevi
luka 100% ROTY
Tris Matu
Tris Matu Pred 8 dnevi
Denver still have Michael porter jr, if the Kid turns out great then guess who’s the new king of the west
Paul George
Paul George Pred 8 dnevi
Tris Matu the warriors
SlapNDash Pred 8 dnevi
That last graphic at 9:40 pretty much explains the quality of talent around Luka at the moment.
Nick Adkins
Nick Adkins Pred 8 dnevi
Damn Luka won the game for them, but lost it at the same time by missing the free throw......fuckin way she goes boys, way she goes
jomicamp Pred 8 dnevi
Who had the idea of putting the ball in Tim Hardaway´s hands before Luka´s jam...terrible decision making ! The f... ball should go to Luka´s hands always !!
Nick Adkins
Nick Adkins Pred 8 dnevi
LMAO Denver 4-20 when trailing after 3rd quarter....blaze it bro
Donnell Evans
Donnell Evans Pred 8 dnevi
We need Luka to make a face for when he missed that free throw.
ektasp Pred 8 dnevi
Imagine Luka and Joker in same team Where is a fucking ball %\
a64750 Pred 8 dnevi
Good Game
Raymart Macabodbod
Raymart Macabodbod Pred 8 dnevi
Luka is on another level , so excited for dallas next season
none name
none name Pred 8 dnevi
Year 2 is usually harder cause teams game plan for you after the first season. But if he comes back in avg like 24 25 points per game. 8 assist. Or something. This man is my favorite player. If I'm teams in the west i would stop worrying about the LAkers and start worrying about Dallas. They are real.
FMchannel x
FMchannel x Pred 8 dnevi
doncic, porzingis, hard. jr. and a nice pick would make the mavericks a really solid team
Stephen Virtudazo
Stephen Virtudazo Pred 6 dnevi
Nah they gonna trade Hardaway Jr anyways. He plays like DSJ 2.0
King Shango Sound
King Shango Sound Pred 7 dnevi
hard jr. is not impressve, kleber powell brunson seem better
Dana kaleb
Dana kaleb Pred 7 dnevi
Raphael Jackson they do - first five protected
Raphael Jackson
Raphael Jackson Pred 8 dnevi
Mavs dont have a pick
Zoran Markovic
Zoran Markovic Pred 8 dnevi
+Cameron Luer No, it's not! He plays 5 on 5 in training and he says that he feels better than before injury. These are his words. You never know how it will be.
The Rebel One
The Rebel One Pred 8 dnevi
Battle at West!
Sogekii Pred 8 dnevi
Luka should of been an Allstar idgaf what anybody said....that boy passion for the game is unmatched and he’s only a rookie. Get him some more help and mavs a be in top 6 seed at least
Kellie Alanis
Kellie Alanis Pred 8 dnevi
Great tanking job by the mavs
June Soul
June Soul Pred 8 dnevi
8:36 one of the worst offensive fouls I've ever seen.
khaled alotaibi
khaled alotaibi Pred 8 dnevi
Luka whooo !!!!!
Alex B
Alex B Pred 8 dnevi
Jokic is one of the worst floppers in the game today. Look at the BS at 8:56
bdotxxx none
bdotxxx none Pred 8 dnevi
Wow what a comeback
Mart kenyon
Mart kenyon Pred 8 dnevi
Nice that we won but can't be happy about that one. Playing against one of the last teams in the standings on our own floor and having to rely on a miracle to beat them isn't cause for celebration. Besides, every one of our players, except for Millsap and Jokic, was pathetic. We need more effort next time.
KIDD TSE Pred 8 dnevi
What a beautiful dream move by 077.
King Khan
King Khan Pred 8 dnevi
Luka Doncic lost that game on a choked free throw. Nikola Jokic with that clutch game winner. Paul Milsap with the huge game kept them in the game.
Freddie Capillan
Freddie Capillan Pred 8 dnevi
buzzer beater is the most painful type of lose
Tyler Gary
Tyler Gary Pred 8 dnevi
I ain’t gonna lie even tho mavs ain’t making the playoffs, mavs vs nuggets in the playoffs would be so fun. 2 of my favorite games this year were this game and jazz vs nuggets. I really want to see jazz vs nuggets it would be so fun
Tyler Gary
Tyler Gary Pred 8 dnevi
I ain’t gonna lie even tho mavs ain’t making the playoffs, mavs vs nuggets in the playoffs would be so fun. 2 of my favorite games this year were this game and jazz vs nuggets. I really want to see jazz vs nuggets it would be so fun
otcubaba Pred 8 dnevi
jokic was like "hold my beer"