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David Dobrik takes a lie detector test. Was he born in Slovakia? How would he rank his vlog squad from best to worst friends? Does he think he's cuter than Cameron Dallas? Did Liza Koshy break up with him? How does he feel that his breakup announcement video is his most-watched video on channel? What's the worst SLvid comment he's ever read? For more David Dobrik check out his SLvid: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair




12. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 16 785
David Dobrik
David Dobrik Pred 10 dnevi
Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol
Jordyn McBee
Jordyn McBee Pred uro
david you’re such a beautiful handsome little angel aweeee👼🏼👼🏼💗
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker Pred dnevom
All Gacha
All Gacha Pred 2 dnevi
Your the best !
Jasmine Brueggeman
Jasmine Brueggeman Pred 2 dnevi
10/10 would smash
May Martinez
May Martinez Pred 3 minutami
He could totally go for a Serial Killer lmao and this is the documentary😂
bored person
bored person Pred 10 minutami
Poor David he’s so scared
Rain treesns
Rain treesns Pred 38 minutami
Only here for Liza
Kiwi_CooCoo Pred 45 minutami
David looks very upset throughout this. i don’t know what happened with Zane and stuff.. but that’s REALLY upsetting. I’m so sorry. and with Erin- wow. so much is going on.
Taylor .Wadsworth
Taylor .Wadsworth Pred 55 minutami
my heart hurts a little but thats fine
PuNg Atzletr
PuNg Atzletr Pred uro
It's like a darker version of 73 questions.
Celma Antonio | English Chanel
PuNg Atzletr yes 😂😂😂😍
masha p
masha p Pred uro
Watch logan make a reaction video to David calling him a sell out...
Celma Antonio | English Chanel
masha p 😂😂😂😂
Judgemealluwant 4
Judgemealluwant 4 Pred 2 urami
TripleThreatTV Pred 2 urami
Lets talk about SLvid Guy: what was your favorite vine you made?
Zohar Reinstein
Zohar Reinstein Pred 3 urami
Wait hold up- did he literally just say that he wants to be with someone that is married and has a family?
PrinceXTC86 Pred 3 urami
Not_ Wolvezz
Not_ Wolvezz Pred 3 urami
Oh so this is what David is like without any friends lol
• IPurpleYou_Luv •
i just wanted to hug him this entire video ;(
Liv Ok
Liv Ok Pred 4 urami
“is your name David Dobrik” David: yes *no, my name Jeff*
Natalia D
Natalia D Pred 4 urami
David Dobrik you poor bub. They did you so wrong
xxxalex Pred 5 urami
now let's just talk about how hard winning a tennis tournament it.
Bella Robles
Bella Robles Pred 5 urami
Ik it was gonna be Jason first
luke rogers
luke rogers Pred 6 urami
3:32 Natalie's alias.
Alexis De La Cruz
Alexis De La Cruz Pred 6 urami
He’s way cuter than Cameron ‼️
Etheral Beauty
Etheral Beauty Pred 7 urami
I love that he and Liza shared their breakup with us but on the other hand my non-selfish part just wants them to be private about this so that fans don‘t constantly react and remind them of it and yeah I count myself in 😬
Etheral Beauty
Etheral Beauty Pred 7 urami
I love that he and Liza shared their breakup with us but on the other hand my non-selfish part just wants them to be private about this so that fans don‘t constantly react and remind them of it and yeah I count myself in 😬
The Lion
The Lion Pred 7 urami
I love how they think that I know how to read a polygraph
X X Pred 9 urami
David is hot
Liberty Gentry
Liberty Gentry Pred 9 urami
He's adorable🖤
Angelo, I guess
Angelo, I guess Pred 10 urami
Why did they do him like that.. WHYYYYYY!!!! HE SEEMS SO FWEAKING.... SADDD LIKE WHYYY
Angelo, I guess
Angelo, I guess Pred 10 urami
Turquoise dots
Turquoise dots Pred 11 urami
I had a panic attack watching him have a panic attack throughout this whole video.
Ella Dawn
Ella Dawn Pred 11 urami
Because he is cute
Desi Rae
Desi Rae Pred 12 urami
Why change yourself for anyone. You don’t need to workout more to be funny. Just stay true to yourself and your true fans will follow. You got this far being yourself, so expect the same going forward.
Rebecca Mills
Rebecca Mills Pred 12 urami
he’s so high omg
Azalea Carriedo
Azalea Carriedo Pred 12 urami
it looked like he was gonna cry when he talked about the backhand compliments aww. i love david so much and there isn’t anything wrong with that
SgtDonut4 Pred 12 urami
“is this your girlfriend?” “no”. ok. ok. ok. ok. coming for me 30 seconds in. i see how it is.
Jenna Chabayta
Jenna Chabayta Pred 13 urami
I miss David and Liza
Kim Namjoon
Kim Namjoon Pred 14 urami
The longer I look at David the more I don’t recognize him......
Kim Namjoon OMG tae 😘😘
gabrielle noel
gabrielle noel Pred 15 urami
Christ I feel so tense right now
Connor Miller
Connor Miller Pred 16 urami
I almost cried watching your struggle. Why were u so scared
ocassionaltea Pred 16 urami
marry me, thanks
Sandra Littleton
Sandra Littleton Pred 16 urami
ZANE IS NOT A SELL OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IvyYangstah Pred 17 urami
Omg, he's so cute. The whole time he was laughing cause he was so nervous.
Matthew Rodriguez
Matthew Rodriguez Pred 17 urami
David dobrik is weak af
Candice McRorie
Candice McRorie Pred 17 urami
This was so uncomfortable
Marley Billy
Marley Billy Pred 17 urami
Aw I’m sorry about the bunny 🐰🥺
Doireann O'Hanlon
Doireann O'Hanlon Pred 18 urami
This cracked me up I swear to God 😂
Unkown Unown
Unkown Unown Pred 18 urami
I’m mad that they kept bringing up Liza
OTTO Rocket HD
OTTO Rocket HD Pred 18 urami
David would be a good act for joker
Isaac Coon
Isaac Coon Pred 18 urami
Yo but the way he answered the question of how high he was made it impossible to tell.....
Angelica Flores
Angelica Flores Pred 18 urami
Hey david. The other day I lost the man i love dearly. I plan on winning him back but I want to do something crazy to show him I'm sorry and i love him. If you happen to come upon this comment all I hope for is some crazy ideas or advice. He loves your channel and introduced it to me. You and all your friends have pretty crazy times btw, And so I am willing to get out of my comfort zone for the man i love.
kareena Pred 18 urami
That last “NoAh” got mee 😂😂💀👏🏽 same
sam tea
sam tea Pred 18 urami
That's not fine
Luna Pred 19 urami
I feel bad about those comments he get that people find him attractive in a weird way.. I think he's hot lol
bob doe
bob doe Pred 19 urami
"Never slide into her DMs?" was the most calmest question I have ever heard anyone say.
BLEACH THUG Pred 19 urami
DooDooDom Pred 19 urami
You didn’t bleep his crush right
JustKaylaJade Pred 20 urami
9:01 - 9:27 broke my heart 🙁❤️
AGURL- Pred 20 urami
15:44 min of awkwardness 🤧😬
Nbxu Pred 20 urami
they needa get snoop dogg on here
Lovisa Jonsson
Lovisa Jonsson Pred 20 urami
Wwwaaaaaoooowwwww he is one uncomfortable boy
Stephanie Hickner
Stephanie Hickner Pred 20 urami
I feel like David is just plain attractive. There’s nothing weird about it. He’s quirky, but definitely cute
Daddy Derrick
Daddy Derrick Pred 20 urami
YOOOO creepy man voice asking question : what did you win in high school david: all state tennis creepy man voice: hehe lmaooo
Deidra Torres
Deidra Torres Pred 20 urami
I find it kind of rude that they ask him about liza so much
Sara Live
Sara Live Pred 20 urami
MiistySkies Pred 21 uro
Are you cuter than.... *CAMERON DALLAS?!*
MiistySkies Pred 21 uro
Leticia Tejada-Espino
*Why Y'all Gotta Do David Like That?*
Calvieraa Pred 21 uro
David your adorable 😍❤️
Black Reaper
Black Reaper Pred 21 uro
*Fix it Felix*
Elites Engineering
Elites Engineering Pred 22 urami
One of the funniest ones that I've seen.
Lizasunshine Pred 23 urami
when they move it does not mean that he is lying, it means that he is worried about this question!
Izzy Davis
Izzy Davis Pred 23 urami
Those are shown through different studies that they are a farce (the equipment that registers heart rate and sweat increase not being able to detect lies)
Anijah Franks
Anijah Franks Pred 23 urami
“Is this your girlfriend? *Slides over pic of Liza* 💀💀💀
Layla Thueson
Layla Thueson Pred 23 urami
Omg, he looks so nervous!!
Sophict Artistic
Sophict Artistic Pred dnevom
i need nothin
i need nothin Pred dnevom
He's going to cry.
i need nothin
i need nothin Pred dnevom
Cameron. I don't find him attractive anymore.
Sarah Roddy
Sarah Roddy Pred dnevom
Im sorry but how.dare.you. you can have ur jokes and fun but some of the stuff u threw out there was highly menatlly taxing and shouldnt have been asked or shared.
Mia Keane
Mia Keane Pred dnevom
love d way he says noooo
Zeynep Tezbaşar
Zeynep Tezbaşar Pred dnevom
This is torture
Alexandra Holtham
Alexandra Holtham Pred dnevom
Don’t worry David...I’ve never watched a Dolan Twin SLvid video...you have at least one loyal fan.
vicky wen
vicky wen Pred dnevom
He looked so sad in this video. David is so beautiful and this video made sad to see him look so uncomfortable and unhappy
Seth_Gamez_12 Pred dnevom
This video reminds me of L.A. Noir the game omg
Naomi xo
Naomi xo Pred dnevom
Agh I hate how they didn’t show the results at the end😆😆😆😆
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez Pred dnevom
David Dobrick is a 20/10 like excuse me you precious boi you 😂💓
Blue 812
Blue 812 Pred dnevom
David is way funnier than the Dolan twins and Emma like boi his blogs are way more hype
crusty hobo 420
crusty hobo 420 Pred dnevom
The tables have turned david
anthony spaeth
anthony spaeth Pred dnevom
He honestly hated every moment of this 😂 he should’ve asked do you wanna hit me david would’ve jumped across the table
how to be a procrastinator 101
so no ones gonna talk about how zane is apparently a sell out
Selina Samara
Selina Samara Pred dnevom
It's kinda sad that David's best friend is a 45 year old man
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose Pred dnevom
I get that the lie detector looks confusing. But it’s not very hard you just gotta look for the big spikes. Usually when you lie your heart beats faster and harder. Or maybe David was just really nervous
Alexcia Nicole
Alexcia Nicole Pred dnevom
My friend seems very uncomfortable in this video😭 and he’s not weirdly attractive he’s hot AF 🙄💕
Diana Smail
Diana Smail Pred dnevom
Кто здесь после видео от Nastya Jackson?
f l u f f b a l l
f l u f f b a l l Pred dnevom
_Courtney f*ck was your highschool crush?_
emotional hazard
emotional hazard Pred dnevom
No David you are hot and that’s final
fluffy mochi draws
fluffy mochi draws Pred dnevom
Awww poor baby stop showing him pictures of Liza 😢💗
Holly Nicole
Holly Nicole Pred dnevom
shoulda asked him about his sexuality tho
Girl Online
Girl Online Pred dnevom
Wait what?....we keep bunnies as a pets in Slovakia
really regular
really regular Pred dnevom
The way this interviewer is going in on the questions 😂😂
really regular
really regular Pred dnevom
Was this intro edited by Shane Dawson ?
Siri Smith
Siri Smith Pred dnevom
Someone get this mans some chapstick
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