Dirk Nowitzki IN TEARS After Spurs Tribute Video! Final NBA Game

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Dirk Nowitzki couldn't hold back the tears after watching the Spurs tribute video to him.
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11. apr. 2019

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Adrian Magadia
There is Only One “Dirk Nowitzki” #41
We The People
We The People Pred 2 urami
Always a true professional and a class act... We salute you Dirk god bless...
Darren PM
Darren PM Pred 3 urami
The Spurs have always been a first class organization.
Alfredo Di Stéfano Laulhé
The best white player ever after Larry Bird and Pete Maravich.
Bleak Solipsism
Bleak Solipsism Pred 10 urami
Game recognizes game.
m gymman
m gymman Pred 11 urami
Greetings from Poland.Man u are great.True inspiration.
archerpride Pred 17 urami
San Antonio Spurs: classiest organization in all of pro sports.
D1S Pred 18 urami
song? :-)
Roy Garza
Roy Garza Pred 19 urami
From San Anto 210... Thank You Dirk!!! Respect to one of the elite players to ever played the game.....👍👏👏👏👏👏👏🏀
El Gato
El Gato Pred 22 urami
Grew up watching dirk 💯 Humblest person in the game
Adam patriotsfan541
Adam patriotsfan541 Pred 22 urami
Spurs r my team because the class that David Robinson showed. Tim Duncan carried the tradition of not saying it but showing it. Dirk reminded me of the 2 LAST TWIN TOWERS. He rarely had any big names on his team but was always in the mix at the end if the year. End of an era. Basketball nit the same as when we were young and is not the same as 10 years ago. James harden,Westbrook,swaggy p,that's what we have to watch . Individuals playing a team game Much as I'm not a golden state fan,gotta respect how they play the team game and feed the hot hand. Give up a good shot to get it to teammate for a great shot. Thanks dirk for being another example of why Lebron isn't the best ever.
fredjp1975 Pred dnevom
This brought tears to my eyes and I'm a huge spurs fan.. Goodbye Dirk...
TOM CRUZ Pred dnevom
he retired in the same team wow!
Ave Nero
Ave Nero Pred dnevom
What a game changer. Danke, Dirk. Ich kenne die NBA eigentlich nur mit dir bei den Mavs. Ende einer Ära. Dallas war immer Dirk und wird es irgendwie auch immer sein. Wenn ich an die Bulls denke, ist das erste Bild in meinem Kopf von MJ in der Luft. Und bei den Mavs ist es Dirk mit seinem one legged fadeaway. ;)
Cubano Porvida
Cubano Porvida Pred dnevom
Man Dirk thank you for all the battles you gave us in Sacramento. I will definitely miss your style of play you and Nash were awesome together
Celeste Pred dnevom
he's one of my favorite ..NBA player
Ibero Fernández
Ibero Fernández Pred dnevom
Simply the best international ambassador of the NBA !!!!
Leilani Ku'uipo
Leilani Ku'uipo Pred dnevom
Such a humble man. God Bless Dirk. :)
Anthony Noriega
Anthony Noriega Pred dnevom
Congratulations Dirk... As a San Antonian, I'll always remember and will miss the headaches and couple heartaches you put me through. Love my Spurs. loved this rilvary. Plus we whooped yalls ass too😝😁
tempebill Pred dnevom
A Suns fan am I, of course over here in the AZ.. but since the beginning of Dirks tenure over their in big D, I recognized this guys great character... We just celebrated 1 of our favorite son's retirement, Shane Doan of the Arizona Coyotes. Like Dirk, a first class dude who spent all his career here, over 20 yrs, and who became truly loved by everyone. The outpouring of affection for these guys is so deserving...
David Duran Morales
People the word LOYALTY on the wrong guys... this man is the meaning and absolutely deserves respect and the word loyalty to be put on him. Respect for dirk
Gilbert Bulosan
Gilbert Bulosan Pred dnevom
Huge respect to spurs organization for doing this and thank you sir Dirk..you made me win $400 during your championship fight with miami 😂😂😂
nts programme
nts programme Pred dnevom
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Chad O
Chad O Pred dnevom
This would NEVER have happened in Dallas if this were Tim Duncan's last game. They would've booed him. Spurs organization is class above all else.
Drem m
Drem m Pred dnevom
Did anybody catch towards the end that the comentator said "Jerk Nowitski"? Just me? Oh ok
Deprese Bady
Deprese Bady Pred dnevom
We use to call Dirk the "Dirty Gentleman" cause he was a nice guy, unassuming but he was #nasty on that hardwood. Another of them 80's babies gone from the game. #legend #futurehalloffamer 👍🏾😊
Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns Pred dnevom
better than dwight howard tribute video
dman1737 Pred 2 dnevi
Very classy by the Spurs...awesome!
Anibal Gomez
Anibal Gomez Pred 2 dnevi
Gran jugador. Sin palabras
Ferdie Nantes
Ferdie Nantes Pred 2 dnevi
Wow! So awe-aspiring! Heads up cheers to another example of unprecedented and high-level type of class from the Spurs! I must admit 2006 has still that tinge of sting, but the Spurs has moved on and it is not an excuse to honor Dirk. They really walk the talk of what it means of "taking the high road."
Knut Kniffte
Knut Kniffte Pred 2 dnevi
Schon 21 Jahre her als es in der Bravo Sport stand. Ganze Karriere verfolgt. Super Typ. :)
quaress fergus
quaress fergus Pred 2 dnevi
thank you dirk, thanx for every memories. now you became the legend as iverson, kobe, jordan and shaq did. legends never die. loves from Turkei
鄭名軒 Pred 2 dnevi
Barry Howell
Barry Howell Pred 2 dnevi
The fucking punk announcer called him "JERK Nowitzki"... at 1:38. The son of a bitch just earned a total ass beating.
Eian Martinez
Eian Martinez Pred 2 dnevi
Shit have me chills and I’m from San Antonio’s
Justin Pred 3 dnevi
Nooooo my favorite 3.point shooter
Dinadayal Sharma Hanjabam
Man... even I m in tears...
Aaron Valdes
Aaron Valdes Pred 3 dnevi
Total Class
matt patterson
matt patterson Pred 3 dnevi
going miss u playing dirk
chiefweef Pred 3 dnevi
Kostas has that Giannis smile
Павло Яковенко
ведь есть же пидоры,которые дизлайк поставили.
Robbasse 2Live
Robbasse 2Live Pred 3 dnevi
Top 5 shooter of all time, first ballot NBA hall of famer, NBA legend I'm extremely happy to watch this man play thanks for all of the memories Dirk 💯💪
ananias odivilas
ananias odivilas Pred 3 dnevi
One of my favorite basketball player of all time. I just love how simple he played the game.
Mav3r1ck 1
Mav3r1ck 1 Pred 3 dnevi
I cry again, first time was Ichiro, Dirk is the second reason, both of them are true icon and legendary player in 2 kinds of sports!
ryublueblanka Pred 4 dnevi
"the optical stimuli of watching man cry" - CANIBUS
Rubens Pred 4 dnevi
Größter Vorbild sowohl im Sport als auch außerhalb! 🏀
Z1PPER Pred 4 dnevi
Why am I still watching this 😥😥😭😭😭😢😢
yeeesu Yesu
yeeesu Yesu Pred 4 dnevi
Yoon hye Hwang
Yoon hye Hwang Pred 4 dnevi
Thanks dirk
Ryan Jay Angala
Ryan Jay Angala Pred 4 dnevi
can anyone tell both of the music played in this video?
100,000 subs without A video
Greatest power forward of all time imho
Maximilian Pred 5 dnevi
Dirk Nowitzki's... 10-yr peak: 25.9 PTS, 9.3 REB, 3 AST, 1 STL, 1.1 BLK & .186 Win Shares per 75 poss, +5.1 rTS%, +4.4 Box +/-, +11.2 NetRtg swing 5-yr peak: 25.8 PTS, 9.6 REB, 3.1 AST, 1.1 STL, 1.2 BLK & .204 Win Shares per 75 poss, +5.4 rTS%, +5.4 Box +/-, +12.5 NetRtg swing
fhouse13 Pred 5 dnevi
Lebrom will never gotta have this tribute even from Cleveland.
Larry Burt
Larry Burt Pred 5 dnevi
Sorry that our San Antonio announcer on the video didn't know in German, his name is NoVitski!! Sorry Dirk, but you are still the man of the hour for your great career!
Brian Zhu
Brian Zhu Pred 5 dnevi
Dean Viescas
Dean Viescas Pred 6 dnevi
Damn I got something in my eyes man.you rule Dirk true class
gp1497 Pred 6 dnevi
hubschab Pred 6 dnevi
Thank you Dirk :)
Juju Dada
Juju Dada Pred 6 dnevi
He never leave Dallas Maverick
iiCookiezz Pred 7 dnevi
If I was on Maverick I would be crying cause we lost our best player and we wont make it to the playoffs
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith Pred 7 dnevi
Class act player!
Tio Wenno
Tio Wenno Pred 7 dnevi
Thank u dirk thank u wade for making my childhood of nba so colourful and I gonna miss both of u Damn I can't still believe it that now every nba legend is retire 😢😢 kobe, Duncan, pierce, Ray Allen, many now wade and dirk 😢😢
Glenn C
Glenn C Pred 7 dnevi
Great player in his prime. Even a better person, which is rare as a pro athlete nowadays. Classy guy, classy tribute by the Spurs.
Mexiepino Pred 7 dnevi
He’s the consummate sportsman and he’s right up there with Robinson, Duncan and even Gwynn of the San Diego Padres. All very dedicated to their teams and the community. Good job to Spurs for making a farewell video on his last game at AT&T. Bravo!!!!
Jose Silva
Jose Silva Pred 7 dnevi
As a die hard spurs fan , I was glad to be at your last game. Believe me I cried! A lot of spurs fans did also Thank you Dirk! You are truly one of the best!! Enjoy retirement Champ!!
kdpowers Pred 7 dnevi
This is why Pop is the GOAT of NBA coaches. Him and the Spurs organization are so humble and respectful. Love through discipline.
Yeet Pred 7 dnevi
It’s crazy how most of his teammates watched dirk play when they were younger
Dave B
Dave B Pred 8 dnevi
So much class. Dirk is class. Spurs organization is class. Well done.
wtysont Pred 8 dnevi
JamalDizel Pred 8 dnevi
It sounds like the announcer is saying Jerk instead of Dirk.
Michael de Angeles
Michael de Angeles Pred 8 dnevi
Dang that Band of Brothers OST.
Laura Labriola
Laura Labriola Pred 8 dnevi
I'm crying too.
tommy fasthorse
tommy fasthorse Pred 8 dnevi
Niner Empire-Respect for teams from texas,Dirk was the current Larry Bird...always enjoyed watching Mavericks games
SirQL8 Pred 8 dnevi
Where is the towel guy when you need him ?
Jason Gilmore
Jason Gilmore Pred 8 dnevi
Spurs fans nothing but respect! He took it to us, it was hard but gotta appreciate greatness when it knocks down a last second shot in ur face!👍👍👍👍
BreakThrough Pred 8 dnevi
He changed the game.. thats why you see so many PF and centers in the league that is shooting 3's, is because Dirk.. so many examples like Joel Embiid, Kevin Durant and many more
BreakThrough Pred 8 dnevi
Im not crying.. you're crying..
Michael Castillo
Michael Castillo Pred 8 dnevi
I'm a Spurs fan 4 life. So glad we gave him a proper send off. Pretty incredible when a rival gives you respect. Even the enemies love you.
Tony Mata
Tony Mata Pred 8 dnevi
I'm not crying I just got something in both my eyes
Bishop Boyd
Bishop Boyd Pred 8 dnevi
Alltime nba euro squad: toni kukoc, vlade divac, detlef schrempf, arvydas sabonis,and dirk nowitski
Hunter Honda
Hunter Honda Pred 8 dnevi
Bravo Spurs. Bravo Dirk.
Anthony Green
Anthony Green Pred 9 dnevi
That simply a class act spurs.
jj la
jj la Pred 9 dnevi
Taevon Troupe
Taevon Troupe Pred 9 dnevi
This shit hit me. It’s almost the end of an era that I grew up watching. 😭🥺
Gabe McCall
Gabe McCall Pred 9 dnevi
Dirk is the most underrated NBA great ever! He was always under appreciated when he was in league. All he ever did is get a league MVP, win a championship, get the finals MVP, top 10 scoring all-time, 1 of 3 players to average 25 points and 10 reb in his career in the playoffs, heck! He won the 3 point competition one year! You could really go on and on.... I remember a game where Dirk entered the 4th Qt with 11 points..... finished with 40! Just could go on and the on.... Thank you Dirk Nowitzki!!!!
Russel Westbrook
Russel Westbrook Pred 9 dnevi
Doing Germans proud
Rocco Tufano
Rocco Tufano Pred 9 dnevi
Notice how they play the tribute before the game so hes out of it before they start
Gary Winthorp
Gary Winthorp Pred 9 dnevi
This got me in my feels
derek D
derek D Pred 9 dnevi
Henry Ammah
Henry Ammah Pred 9 dnevi
Assketit Uber
Assketit Uber Pred 9 dnevi
If the next 2k doesn’t have champion Mavericks and I can’t play as dirk,I’m gonna be pissed
ponshon Pred 9 dnevi
Anonymous Pred 9 dnevi
Nowitzki ... ich liebe dich!
Mitchell Glidewell
Mitchell Glidewell Pred 9 dnevi
All at the Mavs, that's RARE LOYALTY thank you Dirk. Coming from die hard Thunder fan
JM Liong
JM Liong Pred 9 dnevi
My Favorite NBA Player! Thankyou Dirk! #GOAT41 #MavsFansSince2007
r2 d2
r2 d2 Pred 9 dnevi
Thanks for the memories Dirk! You belong up there with the greatest amongst the greatest!
k tab
k tab Pred 9 dnevi
Thanks for setting an example and giving a template to others for how to truly be a professional athlete. We appreciate you. We love you.
MrStensnask Pred 9 dnevi
One of the greats
Mark Yokshas
Mark Yokshas Pred 9 dnevi
It's funny if you think about how so many players who grew up in the social media age (ala Golden State, LeBaby James, etc.), they are so openly divas and ego driven but the ones who have been playing in the league for 20 years all try to announce their retirements at the end of the season to go out quietly. I just hope that Vince Carter doesn't do that but he probably won't give much warning prior to retiring. It was no shock at all about the Kobe retirement tour but the league desperately needed Kobe at the time that he came into the league. Please go back and check before you try to slam me for that comment. The Bulls era was ending, the international player era was beginning, of course there was Vince Carter, the movement into 'anyone can win' (remember the NJ Nets?), and Shaq... who didn't accomplish anything really without Kobe at that point. Kobe saved the league at a time when he was MUCH needed.
Jr Alcaraz
Jr Alcaraz Pred 9 dnevi
Class act from Spurs