Game of Thrones | Season 8 | Official Trailer (HBO)

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The trailer is here.
The Final Season begins April 14 on HBO.

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5. mar. 2019

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green earth
green earth Pred minuto
Shah Pahlawi,s marriage video link , same music slvid.net/video/video-IgQ2eruVhE4.html
green earth
green earth Pred 3 minutami
Game of Thrones title music is copied from the Royal wedding of Iran. Shah Pahlawi.
Diego  Diaz
Diego Diaz Pred 9 minutami
Our enemy doesn’t time, doesn’t stop, doesn’t fell. Is Cersei!!! Maybe she has something with the Night King 👑
Ismael Caceres
Ismael Caceres Pred 23 minutami
Felicidad y tristeza me emociona la octava temporada pero me entristece q sea la temporada final ︵‿︵(´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `)︵‿︵
OWAHID IRFAN Pred 24 minutami
Winter Is Coming........
Bastian Bruch
Bastian Bruch Pred 26 minutami
A 100 golddragons they cgi removed Jon from Rhaegal in this trailer!
Silent Ninja
Silent Ninja Pred 35 minutami
What about the Hound tho?
liverpoolJFT96 Pred 48 minutami
I hope they can end it well. The best TV series ever imo hope they can give it the ending it deserves.
Mr. peanut TV2233
Just think how much fans of this will die before the season 8 begin
adegiare Pred uro
Game of Cringe
Renade Spangenberg
It comes out on my 18th birthday!!!!!!
neeraj kumar
neeraj kumar Pred uro
Eagerly waiting for season 8. I watched 7 seasons in 4 days
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Pred uro
It would be so cool if night king just kills everyone and it ends with him riding viserion to esos lol
Juan Blanco
Juan Blanco Pred uro
If u think this has a happy ending you haven’t been paying attention .....
Mariam Visser
Mariam Visser Pred uro
I guess dani will be very confident that she can end the great war at winter fell with her dothraki,unsullied and two dragons.just another 12000 year old raising the dead obstacle
Noremac220 Pred uro
Seen this trailer about 10 times now, and I know one things for sure. Characters(side and main) are going to be killed off like flies.
Dj Zephyr
Dj Zephyr Pred uro
This is season 8 right?? so I dare bet it gonna be 8 episode or less...
Thrash Sis
Thrash Sis Pred uro
"The Final Season" oh no!!!
Night King
Night King Pred uro
I have a Javelin Olympics gold medal incase your all wondering how I hit the dragon
Rian Afsanzani
Where is ragnar?
Chad McFly
Chad McFly Pred uro
Wow a show that knows when to finish. Cough walking dead cough cough
A pinchOfSalt
A pinchOfSalt Pred uro
I'm shaking of excitement!!!!!!
C X Pred 2 urami
Damn!! can´t wait!!
Cường Nguyễn
Cường Nguyễn Pred 2 urami
Love film
Daryl Scott
Daryl Scott Pred 2 urami
winter is coming but the night king has launched a spring offensive
Funny like jokes
Funny like jokes Pred 2 urami
why don t you make a huge ps4 and xbox one , pc game of thrones . we don t want this to end. and make it with three main persons just like gta5 . u can play as a king each decision will make consequences or u can play as a warrior control a wholefucking army or you can be that person who lives between pple and do some missions like gathering iron .... . u can play three roles . but there is something comon between them.the normal person will be a warrior ...........
Jacob 00
Jacob 00 Pred 3 urami
I haven’t even seen season 1.. Do you guys recommend to watch it?
Jay Hoang
Jay Hoang Pred 3 urami
I've been starting GOT lately & I've just finished season 2 (that ending scene tho!). I know watching this is gonna give spoilers but i can't help myself and DAMN this is EPIC! Going to start season 3 and finish all the rest before this final season premiere!
The Break
The Break Pred 3 urami
Anyone else looking forward to Cersei's death? ... why is she drinking wine while pregnant? did she lie? ... Jamie is going to to be pissed. Either way the situation is effed up how he raped her at their son's body viewing, he must have never cared for Geoffrey like he did for the other two. As I type this I just realize this show is disgusting AF.
Acrius Pred 3 urami
am i the only one seeing winter has come in spring?
Lenn Mendes
Lenn Mendes Pred 3 urami
Melhor série!!! Tô super ansiosa pelo final! 😍😍😍😍😍
adLer Pred 3 urami
Is there going to be a second trailer for the new season?
Steven Brown
Steven Brown Pred 3 urami
People... check it. Ok, when they were in the dragon pits meeting between Daenerys and crew & Cersei and her crew... when Sandor (The Hound) Clegane went to talk smack to his brother Ser Gregor,..he said "You know who's coming for you, you always have." He was talking about Arya. The S8 trailer is Arya luring The Mountain under the Red Keep where the dragon sculls are kept. Then at the end of the trailer you see Drogon coming out of the shadows to roast some mf... he's gonna torch The Mountain!! Question is, how does Arya get Drogon to help her check The Mountain off her list? Does somebody actually have to be dead for Arya to use their face? Hit me back!
adLer Pred 3 urami
Yes i think arya should give a life to the faceless god
Chem Bot
Chem Bot Pred 3 urami
Can't wait to it. Summer will be more entertaining. HBO . HBO. you so amazing!!!
منى منو
منى منو Pred 4 urami
على أحر من الجمر
kora chow
kora chow Pred 4 urami
Aboné plzzz
kora chow
kora chow Pred 4 urami
Aboné plzzz
vDžiugasD 420
vDžiugasD 420 Pred 4 urami
Noooo 😭😭 its over !😓😰
gina sa
gina sa Pred 4 urami
Baibuaz Ac
Baibuaz Ac Pred 4 urami
The war of humans and white walkers
Daniel Sjie
Daniel Sjie Pred 4 urami
Did any of you catches Cersei drinking WINE!? SHE IS NOT PREGNANT DOG
Hi Welcome to Chili's
We might see zombie Ned if they make it to the crypt in Winterfell.
Johnny Dhaxcz
Johnny Dhaxcz Pred 5 urami
Watched all seven seasons in just two weeks and I should say that I am excited for what's to come. I just need to read the book tho 😂
Quinn Von Kerman
Quinn Von Kerman Pred 5 urami
1:13 Just like Beggar’s Canyon back home.
Tushar Ghere
Tushar Ghere Pred 5 urami
ohhh I think u Missed This Indian Version of GOT slvid.net/video/video-7y4KZaYCQhY.html
Tanja Hann
Tanja Hann Pred 5 urami
ghoosebumps 😍🙏🗡⚔🏹
Wakabe Pred 5 urami
Battle of Winterfell, let's have a head count.. #teamwinterfell - Forces within Winterfell - Unsullied - Freefolk/Nights Watch - The Vale - Dothraki - 2 Dragons #teamnightking - Army of The Dead.. - Giants.. - Animals? (Bears?) - 1 Dragon Geezus..
Veronika Alcoba
Veronika Alcoba Pred 6 urami
This April, it be revealed that Tony will be the true Lord of House Stark. 👏
Veronika Alcoba
Veronika Alcoba Pred 6 urami
SPOILER: Podrick's magic dick will end everything. 😬
Wole Obayemi
Wole Obayemi Pred 6 urami
Me: ve you seen game of thrones Him: No Me: you should be matching on winter fell with the night king!
Kovas Mikutis
Kovas Mikutis Pred 6 urami
Well now I need to watch all the seasons in about 2 weeks, so I can remember everything that happened.
neki tamo lik
neki tamo lik Pred 6 urami
Sve bih ti dao. To. Uvek si znao
لواء دليم
لواء دليم Pred 6 urami
اكو عرب
Will Wicks
Will Wicks Pred 7 urami
Imagine fucking Podrick on the iron throne
FanArt Pred 7 urami
21 days left
We Make You Smile Logh
OMG Awesome movie ,i can't see it alone -;
Carlos Gutierrez jr.
I wonder why the dorthraki were not in this trailer
Drakath Gaming
Drakath Gaming Pred 7 urami
This reminded me of Detroit Become Human trailer, they look similar
arjun Pred 7 urami
As of my count I found 8002 cockless men in GOT. Point out in the reply section.
Lykkesprederen Pred 7 urami
Давид Мачарашвили
Это будет леген.... подожди подожди, Подожди Дарно,легендарно!
arjun Pred 8 urami
Spoiler alert:Bran is the night king(that leader of whitewalkers)
arjun Pred 8 urami
One thing. That I don't want to die before the season8 ends. Or I will be some thirsty ghost wandering around without full filling desires.
There are only 2 Uchihas alive (Im reincarnated)
Anybody knows where can i watch all seasons for free?
Jayakumar Jayaraman
Jayakumar Jayaraman Pred 9 urami
The dragons have become small I'm disappointed whyyyy
Jayakumar Jayaraman
Jayakumar Jayaraman Pred 9 urami
It's like the 20th freaking time and I still can't get enough
Adam Bejšovec
Adam Bejšovec Pred 9 urami
It's a weird feeling being all hyped up and in the same time going "it's been so long, who the hell is this guy and this guy?"
MrRaging Sloth16
MrRaging Sloth16 Pred 9 urami
its my birthday today and i know what i am watching to celebrate GOT best show on TV
Hrabina Pred 9 urami
This season is going to break my heart to pieces, I bet it
No one
No one Pred 9 urami
A man has no business with the white walkers... A man is scared.
THE ASTRONAUT Pred 9 urami
Tens of millions have watched this trailer. More than, many film trailers. It would be nice, if each episode played at movie theaters. Each episode will probably be at least 75 minutes.
Mael .B
Mael .B Pred 8 urami
THE ASTRONAUT episode 1 (April 14): 54 minutes episode 2 (April 21): 58 minutes episode 3 (April 28): 1 hour, 22 minutes episode 4 (May 5): 1 hour, 18 minutes episode 5 (May 12): 1 hour, 20 minutes episode 6 (May 19): 1 hour, 20 minutes
sysya schaatsen
sysya schaatsen Pred 9 urami
Spoiler It's crazy to think that Tyrion will betray Dany and dies because of treason. Crazy though that it even makes sense looking back at the past two seasons. Everything he has advised Dany to do technically resulted in her being separated from others except him (in the cases that Dany listened to him anyway). He advised Dany to send away Jorah, he advised her to let go of Dario, he advised her to leave Jon and the others to die beyond the wall, he was the one to convince Dany of the trip beyond the wall in the first place, his look during boatsex because he knew Dany and Jon were getting close. Tyrion always seemed genuine but looking back his betrayal is actually logical and very well written.
Ab by
Ab by Pred 10 urami
Arya running from dead ed sheeran.
CIWO Channel
CIWO Channel Pred 10 urami
*INDONESIA ANGKAT TANGAN DONG* 👇👇👇👇♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👆👆👆👆
C Rodriguez
C Rodriguez Pred 10 urami
I love Game of Thrones!! I can't wait, how about you!?!😁
Márk Bartók
Márk Bartók Pred 10 urami
summs2k Pred 11 urami
I always wonder the intentions of the wights and the night king. Maybe his plan is something bigger than world domination excuse the irony. If every single person in their world dies and rises in his army, then what? For the rest of eternity they will just lol about the earth, they can’t die a second time without being slayn can they? What if the night king is just after one person? Maybe it’s Cersei, this would explain why when the dead was released from the box it went directly for her rather than anyone else. Maybe he wants bran, the three eyed raven?
تفسير الاحلام
rk kj
rk kj Pred 11 urami
Cersie might be the next mad king/queen.and the king Slayer might kill her..hence the queen Slayer!!
MJS 88
MJS 88 Pred 12 urami
I can't wait to find out what Varys is upto, If LF is dead, what the NK has been wanting, Does Cercei survive, what Euron will do, is the mother sand shown to be alive and who or how the show ends.
Medo Gamer
Medo Gamer Pred 12 urami
ممكن تشكركوا فى قناتى please
Ali ROSHDY Pred 10 urami
Subscribe completely
-_- meh
-_- meh Pred 12 urami
Take my money damn it.
Vigorously Hugger
Vigorously Hugger Pred 12 urami
Emely Silva
Emely Silva Pred 12 urami
I wanna see ghost and nymeria!!!! What is there important role in the whole series 🐺🐺
lanmola Pred 13 urami
why does this encode look so bad? terrible artifacting
OgBobby Johnson
OgBobby Johnson Pred 13 urami
Someone leak this shit I can’t fucking wait another day for it
sysya schaatsen
sysya schaatsen Pred 9 urami
Episode 1 has already been leaked, not the actual episode but everything that is going to happen, just go to reddit.
Abojahad Asim
Abojahad Asim Pred 13 urami
I hope Arya , John, Daenerys, sansa could servive from night king
Elias Bagacina
Elias Bagacina Pred 13 urami
that smile proves Cersei lost it
Agent Of Vengeance
Agent Of Vengeance Pred 14 urami
Jon did exactly what the Night King wanted. The Night King couldn't get past the wall unless he had a dragon. So basically if he didn't go to Daenerys and ask for help, he would have nothing to worry about.
subseven Pred 15 urami
Let's hope this season doesn't drop the ball like the last two seasons. You started strong Game of Thrones. Please finish strong.
Mario Argeñal Pinto
Mario Argeñal Pinto Pred 15 urami
Esta temporada sera la mejor .... que empieze yaaaa🤣
cruz loera
cruz loera Pred 16 urami
Two dragon wights?
Calon Presiden
Calon Presiden Pred 16 urami
The game is the first of adventure
aa Pred 16 urami
I just hope it's not as ridiculous as the previous season
ur fat
ur fat Pred 16 urami
hey this season doesnt look shit . finally a season of GOT that might not turn out shit for example : Dany is a fucking retard
Joel the Great
Joel the Great Pred 16 urami
I guess the Night King is gonna usher Westeros into an era of... Wight Supremacy.
Cọp Pred 16 urami
Danielle Machuse
Danielle Machuse Pred 17 urami
I bought season one out of curiosity of why this show is so popular and loved. I’ve become interested, but is the rest of the seasons afterward worth getting?
Sean Hayter
Sean Hayter Pred 17 urami
Really why even make a trailer we know its good, sigh
Cristian Ivan
Cristian Ivan Pred 17 urami
Anyone knows the name of the song?
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