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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.
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How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut
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9. apr. 2019

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Komentarjev 22 236
trixie Pred uro
im uncomfy
ryan Pred uro
Why they lying
emmaa Pred uro
4:30 He/She so fucking fine
K J Pred uro
The cute black man should take Carter out on a date
Shanikah Fredericks
Wow the lady at 0:39 really said white guys
Makani Beach
Makani Beach Pred uro
this woman in the blazer should go home and fuck herself
mapplesugar moose
"on a lesbian scale" omg i died
Ijaha_ Chexy
Ijaha_ Chexy Pred uro
Idky but that white girl was pissing me tf off
Michael molina
Awww he made carters day
Alizza Solis
Alizza Solis Pred uro
The Korean guy was fineeeeee
Luna Rojo
Luna Rojo Pred uro
Blue blazer girl is so honest but I like it
_ exotress _
_ exotress _ Pred uro
The first woman who was rated reminds me of snow-white 😅
Paulina xx
Paulina xx Pred uro
the girl with the blue blazer is so rude damn😂 she’s a solid 3
Gaming is Life
Ur face is long and weird Me: starts screaming and laughing 😂 lol hah
Wyatt Vanattia
Dude that guy wearing all white is like the single best human
Neno Pred uro
Am I the only one that thought the girl in the blue blazer was funny?
Yuii Pixie
Yuii Pixie Pred 2 urami
Are they all gay and lesbian
Kookies and Tae
Kookies and Tae Pred 2 urami
The girl in blue for me is a 2 The black man 10 And the red lipstick 6 All black clothes person 8
OnlySkye Pred 2 urami
I feel so bad for the Korean White Boy lmao. Lmfao. I enjoyed the studs confidence lol.
ana // moonchild
ana // moonchild Pred 2 urami
carters laugh when the guy told her she was cute and gave her a 9 warmed my heart
Mr.Melon J
Mr.Melon J Pred 2 urami
But she Voluptuous Or do you mean *dummy thicc*
ana // moonchild
ana // moonchild Pred 2 urami
the girl with the blue blazer the most generic ass girl with a squished Barbie face get her out
Larissa Karla
Larissa Karla Pred 2 urami
Artemis Moon
Artemis Moon Pred 2 urami
4:42 she sounds (and looks) so fake right there lol... like sure, of course you’re soooo sorry 🙄
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez Pred 2 urami
7:04 is a ugly nerdy racist mean Latina I’m glad she ain’t my race!! fuck her !!
Lazy Mena
Lazy Mena Pred 2 urami
but the dude in the green shirt he’s my cup of tea
mariam diakité
mariam diakité Pred 2 urami
Emma Elisabet
Emma Elisabet Pred 2 urami
Bruh, the girl giving out 5s is a 6 on a good day c’mon now.
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez Pred 2 urami
I would rate everyone 10
Mason Peterson
Mason Peterson Pred 2 urami
Do we really need another reason to prove how vapid human beings are?
Gabriela Martinez
Gabriela Martinez Pred 2 urami
2:15 white asian man is sexy cute innocent baby face
Sarah Whittington
Sarah Whittington Pred 2 urami
The girl with the short hair and the jean vest seems to have a great personality. I love her.
Owl Pharaoh
Owl Pharaoh Pred 2 urami
0:22 do y’all hear something wtf lol
Diventria Pred 2 urami
Ive always gone by "If they can't fix it in 5 minutes then don't point it out" So like, hair bit messy, lipstick stain on teeth- I'll tell em, It's quickly fixable. But If theres something about them I don't like, I won't say "Oh your face is strange, your nose is a bit big" I won't tell them. It's rude and can cause major insecurities for people. Blue blazer girl, good on being honest but maybe think before opening your mouth. Edit: I know they were asked to say why they weren't attracted to the people but at the same time "Your face doesn't attract me personally" Is a lot nicer then "Your face is a little weird"
punk frog
punk frog Pred 2 urami
“you like me dont u” “you cute” “i know :)”
patrick star
patrick star Pred 2 urami
the lady in the blue blazer isnt so hot herself and she annoying af idk why shes being so rude & the girl with the long ass granny skirt, she didnt need to be so harsh too like sometimes honesty isnt always for the best.. smh
Magnificent Sky
Magnificent Sky Pred 2 urami
I liked the girl in the blue before she opened her mouth.
Samantha Theisen
Samantha Theisen Pred 2 urami
I think that all the participants should've been able to rate the rater before the rating and then again at the end. Show contrast of looks & personality though when someone is asked to do this and judge based off of their preference... some people could be more tactful, but in the end everyone is attracted to different things and I think that some of the raters were generous in their numbers so as not to hurt feelings. Should've done the scale 1-5 to save feelings.
Maxìmo Davis
Maxìmo Davis Pred 2 urami
Honestly both those chicks should've rated themselves lower lmao and they were hella rude
Seif Khorshed
Seif Khorshed Pred 2 urami
Yoo the gothic guy is a male or a female and personally I think he’s gay right?
Reauna Pred 2 urami
I hope carter and the guy with the hat went on a date
Tired Child
Tired Child Pred 2 urami
The girl in the blue is the one allllll the way on the right, she might look pretty but she ugly as hell on the inside.
Kenzie Catlin
Kenzie Catlin Pred 3 urami
5:28 made me smile ngl
Chatao Lauj
Chatao Lauj Pred 3 urami
Background Person: How was it? Blue Blazer Girl: It was terrible. Everyone (including me): YOU'RE terrible.
N Rose
N Rose Pred 3 urami
that first girl looks like madchen amick!
N Rose
N Rose Pred 3 urami
y’all know i would get like a -10
womanforboca Pred 3 urami
the girl in the blue blazer.. I don’t know if she’s being comedic or she’s dead on serious, or being really rude to everyone..🤷‍♀️
IIIFALL APART Pred 3 urami
Carters face is freaking pretty and everyone who does not think so is a potato
Brittany Lopper
Brittany Lopper Pred 3 urami
The fact the blue blazer girl told the boy that he needed to, “put his hair back” is absolutely disgusting to me. Me being a little black girl and struggling with my 4c hair texture. Like how is it that white peoples hair is naturally accepted and people of colors hair is only accepted when its long and a softer texture. And don’t get me started on noses. That’s why all this bullshit is happening in the world
Fun Run Slayer
Fun Run Slayer Pred 3 urami
Blue Blazer girl is unnecessarily rude. A solid 5.
Lia Smith
Lia Smith Pred 3 urami
Blue blazer lol I'm gonna give you a 0. Your attitude is compassionless. She acts like she never got hugged as a child.
Amani Mynt
Amani Mynt Pred 3 urami
2:20 What's this?
Krystal Mahoney
Krystal Mahoney Pred 3 urami
the guy at 5:45 is one of the prettiest humans on this earth
Giacomo Capitani
Giacomo Capitani Pred 3 urami
If you don't know who is Madison STFU. For me is a solid 10+, love her cynicism
Mykahl Summers
Mykahl Summers Pred 3 urami
Let me just say.. the woman who dissed that beautiful man’s har is a trash individual. Just because someone isn’t your type doesn’t mean you have to insult them and belittle things about them.. his hair goes hand in hand with his ethnicity, saying what she said is the equivalent of saying ‘The colour of your skin is undesirable to me.. we’d have to change that.’ Clearly he’s proud as hell of his hair and he SHOULD be. Screw that chick!
Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman Pred 3 urami
Mykahl Summers
Mykahl Summers Pred 3 urami
The people who are being rated should have the chance to rate the people that were judging them at the end.. turn that sh*t around on them at the end!! Once they’re in the line up, go down the row of people that they’ve arranged and let each of them provide a number...
704 buttnugget
704 buttnugget Pred 3 urami
0:33 when you make up a joke to a group of your friends and no else laughs at the joke but you...
doodle does random stuff
I'm at the back bieng ugly.
Hye Tension
Hye Tension Pred 3 urami
yo these lesbians are everywhere
Buddha Christ
Buddha Christ Pred 4 urami
I would have gave the fat lass a 1
Diana Sarmiento
Diana Sarmiento Pred 4 urami
Yeah the first one and the cute girl with pinup shoes. They are an easy 10 😍
Bryn Rea
Bryn Rea Pred 4 urami
I don’t know why everyone is so mad with the girl in the blue blazer. They asked her to be honest and she answered accordingly.
DoubleDown Pred uro
Cause that white woman is so UGLY! It's like a fat person telling another fat person they're ugly, because they're fat. Get it?!
thedancerSK Pred 4 urami
Wait what did the mean lady give the white boy
Ignacio Hernandez
Ignacio Hernandez Pred 4 urami
The girl in the blue is such a bitch lol
Jean-Christophe Pred 4 urami
I got a crush on the Black dude who adores Carter.
A Sidhu
A Sidhu Pred 4 urami
Ignacio Hernandez
Ignacio Hernandez Pred 4 urami
i couldn't do this id feel too bad
Dominatrix Pred 4 urami
below average looking girl in the blue blazer.. good luck finding anyone (including friends) to stick with you more than 10 seconds with that fucking nasty attitude :rolling_eyes:
Ssimon Pred 4 urami
This bitch is such a douche I want to pop her in her shit 🤦🏼‍♀️
That Vegan Hippie
That Vegan Hippie Pred 4 urami
Blue blazer bitch be crazy.
Oh Pred 4 urami
Girl in the blue blazer can fuck right OFF
petra ;
petra ; Pred 4 urami
the black girl with short hair is fucking gorgeous wtf im literally crushing whats her @
GREN Pred 4 urami
Girl in blue, yeah, single
James Maxton
James Maxton Pred 4 urami
yo that white girl is my type 😂, picky as a mother fucker
Max Purcell
Max Purcell Pred 4 urami
Lady with the blazer sounds like a complete zero
John C.
John C. Pred 4 urami
carter lol!
Kayla Henson
Kayla Henson Pred 4 urami
I think the asian girl was a 10
flairslunatic Pred 4 urami
Everyone was rude except the lesbian and the guy in all white
Jonathan Ortiz
Jonathan Ortiz Pred 4 urami
That Asian girl, girl who’s picking with grey top, and specially in that black dress with red lipstick... Damnnnnn
ડꫀꪀꪮritᥲ Pred 4 urami
There's a difference between being honest and plain disrespectful, just saying.
XxGIULIAxX Yt Pred 4 urami
Someone is laughing like a pig
Kimberly Hinson
Kimberly Hinson Pred 4 urami
Seriously how can I get cast for this type of stuff? lol
Morten Paskins
Morten Paskins Pred 4 urami
No one is a solid 10 for everyone Max a 9, Individual preference (Asians, blondes, ect.) is what brings someone to a 10
Alicia Delgado
Alicia Delgado Pred 4 urami
The girl with blue blazer, i can't stand her...
Skeptic Pred 4 urami
I feel sorry for the black dude with curly hair. He wasn't even that unattractive
Lau Sanz
Lau Sanz Pred 4 urami
Lol the first girl is so fucking RUDE
R 100
R 100 Pred 5 urami
Lmao the blazer girl rated herself by standing next to the hottest chick thinking she belongs there. Confidence is sexy but stay humble.
Reece Bibbeh
Reece Bibbeh Pred 5 urami
7:59 what the fuck is this sound I just hear this for 882277w times jxjxhxhxjx
Grace Ochieng
Grace Ochieng Pred 5 urami
The girl in blue is no one to say that someone has a weird face 😭😂
Kaynig Pred 5 urami
That butch was HOT tho ten from me
Seriah Unstated.
Seriah Unstated. Pred 5 urami
I would’ve given everybody a 10. Not gonna lie they were all beautiful human beings
Vkook is true kekekek
4:21 hot
Ana Gheorghiu
Ana Gheorghiu Pred 5 urami
I love that black guy in white. I hate that white bitch in blue. *feel like 99% of people can relate*
Vesta Pred 5 urami
Damn they were harsh on that dude with the flannel. If he tied back his hair or cut it then he'd scrap up pretty damn fine, especially with a better outfit to go along with it. Also, blue blazer lady was kidding herself with her own rating, and she didn't have a good attitude to justify it. Also "one night stand material. 5." WTF Madison? Ten for sure,
SULLY Pred 5 urami
bro the girl in the blue blazer shouldn’t be judging so harsh with that laugh
Yorsha 57
Yorsha 57 Pred 5 urami
That light-blue jacket bitchass chick is so disrespectful omg she pisses me off SO MUCH👿👿
HellaCrayy Pred 5 urami
The girl with the green dress tho
ThatBradGuy93 Pred 5 urami
I don’t think you could pay me to do this...well not anything less than $350.
eliza Pred 5 urami
Lady in the blazer is awful she is so rude
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