How Did A Woman Ruin Her Chances With You?

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Guys on SLvid, how did a woman ruin her chances with you?
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10. feb. 2019

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PopeFire The Starfire God
PopeFire The Starfire God Pred 35 minutami
Yea run away from these women
Neko Pred 44 minutami
I died at dzhuh lah peh noe
Retired Manager
Retired Manager Pred 9 urami
A girl I knew for a while and casually hooked up with repeatedly told me she didn’t want a relationship. She was a friend but moody and unpredictable. After one of her mood swings, she called and we talked. She said she’d call the next day. I said that won’t work, I’m moving. She said, what’s wrong can’t afford rent by yourself? I told her something like that, I bought a house a few months earlier and construction was done. I heard dead silence, then she said, Can I move with you? I laughed and said your mood swings are why I’m moving. I just wanted to leave on a good note. She said call me. I never did, I got an unlisted number and new cell phone number.
djextinct Pred 12 urami
Made a friend after years of constant moving schools was really into her she seemed so down to earth and easy to talk to. I got a Jeep and would drive her home everyday we’d just hang out and I couldn’t be happier. Then she started to get comfortable with me and opened up and that was just a nope she would explain how she counciled at this summer camp and fuck all the councilors, she was completely immersed in horoscopes and let it lead her life. She had this obsession with her ex she met in Mexico who had a girlfriend and she would insult her and said he’d choose her cause he was “confused or lost” legit his words me and her friend kept telling her he was just using her as a backup but she truly believed he was her “true love” because his grandmother who she believes is from the ocean told her so. She dated other guys at school and only cared about fucking them to “scratch an itch” and when they’d find her ex’s pictures in her phone and try to delete she loses her shit. Honestly lost my crush on her the second she said the stuff about the summer camp but stayed her friend cause it’s been so long since I had a friend I can act out with and just relax. She started becoming a bad influence having me skip school to hang out with her yata yata. Her and her other friend who’s name is Amelia is very beautiful and is probably even more down to earth than her. See one morning they got into a fight and it wasn’t a good morning for Amelia so their friendship ended and they’ve been friends since middle school which ended for such a stupid reason but Amelia tried to mend it but she didn’t want to even though it’s her fault .... petty. I had texted Amelia later on explaining to her I’m not gonna pick sides because even though I’m closer to her I’m still gonna be Amelia’s friend and if she needed anything like a ride or wanted to hangout she should let me know and she appreciated it. Back to her I explained the same thing to her that I’m not letting their broken friendship effect either of ours and she got slightly pissed that I was still talking to Amelia but gave up. Here’s a funny thing that she told me was that “I didn’t really trust you because I thought you only wanted to get close to me to get close to Amelia” see she knew I liked her before she legit always said I get this angry look when she’s with other dudes but that was before and I didn’t even know I was doing it we even almost kissed once but got interrupted, she knew I was new to the school she knew I didn’t even know Amelia. She was using me and making sure I wasn’t gonna leave her, I knew she was using me for the car rides and just someone to pour all her easily fixable problems on me but I didn’t care in a way I was using her too I just needed a friend to act my age with as I wasn’t able to for previous years. Our friendship continued with the same old stuff just her talking about herself and her stresses til she asked me for a ride to her friends house after school on a Friday. I told her idk I’ll let you know Friday morning she says okay. Now school starts at 7:30 I live around the corner so I sleep in and get up at 6:45 ish my mom tells me I have a orthodontist appointment after school so I go to text her that I can’t I look at my phone she was texting me at 4-5 in the morning asking do I have an answer I was like well okay and told her I couldn’t she was pissed off that I didn’t tell her at 4-5 am when she was texting me like I’m supposed to change me schedule for her then she hit me with the “don’t let it happen again” and I just put my phone away before I said something I would regret because fuck that noise. We were one and off that day still sat together but hardly talked we were going into thanksgiving break and I had to drive down to my hometown to visit my half-sister I got to leave a weak early and told her in person that so I drive down there with my mom still haven’t texted her after that shit comment and when I got to the hotel I was staying in I crashed for a whole day as I offered my mom a break and drive 9 hours of our 24 hour drive I woke up and decided to see how she’s doing and she said she was lonely and I was joking around saying how are you lonely ik you have plenty of friends and she was like “I don’t have any friends” I was confused and asked I thought we were friends and she hits me with the “your not around” and I just said fuck it and quit texting her I was literally in another state visiting MY LITTLE SISTER honestly the nerve of her I just hang with Amelia nowadays and we hit it off got even closer when we went on a trip to Costa Rica one of our teachers were hosting haven’t hear much of “her” only that she’s decent now she texted me and being pelite I just asked how she is and she says and I’m coping and pasting “lotsa things! I got a boyfriend, a job, I’m doin well in life :)” good for her 👍
Jaspion CCV
Jaspion CCV Pred 17 minutami
You just made me waste half an hour of my life. What was the point of this wall of text? I know that i am wasting more replying, but you really made me read all of that thinking that this would go somewhere
msho cohen
msho cohen Pred 14 urami
"The earth is 5000 years old" is jewish
GTX 1050TI
GTX 1050TI Pred 17 urami
8:35 you are the one that fcked up here, not the girl. She was already ready to smash, but you passed. Dumb ass
PINKY Zz Pred 19 urami
Sheesh seems as if woman think too much for their own good
Chz3Cream Productions
Chz3Cream Productions Pred 20 urami
that dude at 6:11, jeeeeeez
Risha Rene
Risha Rene Pred 21 uro
😂😂😂 I feel so bad for the guy that took the girl to see the 3D movie
Lucas Osuagwu
Lucas Osuagwu Pred dnevom
I don’t care about Trevor Holts or the rumor going around damn
Christopher Dean
Christopher Dean Pred dnevom
Usually, they ruin their chances by being attractive and allowing me to try and talk to them...........
Atheismo Pred dnevom
That last one though.
Chandra Kumar
Chandra Kumar Pred dnevom
By asking me to choose between her (a bit psycho and untrustworthy) and my friend (whom I can blindly trust). I avoided telling her my choice while I knew I would choose my friend. One day she pushed me to a corner and forced me. And then used that as a reason to dump me.
Hell Bro
Hell Bro Pred dnevom
Why is everyone on Reddit such a liar?
prezlieomfg Pred dnevom
I got a Reddit ad before this no joke😂
Pyro Pred dnevom
For real though, men, tell your GF’s to buy their own shoes.
Death Dealer
Death Dealer Pred 2 dnevi
"Pearl Harbor"
Tremo Anathemon
Tremo Anathemon Pred 2 dnevi
When grandma taught me how to make my own sandwiches. Game Over.
Kill Me
Kill Me Pred 2 dnevi
The long hair and dinner one is bs
Dark Power
Dark Power Pred 2 dnevi
Me:Charmander,Squirtel or Bulbasaur? Girlfriend:I don't like Pokemon... Me:"Dio walk out of there"
Casper bommezij
Casper bommezij Pred 2 dnevi
If a woman is constantly showing you shes interested and flirts with you and then rejects you when you ask her out shes not interested in you shes just out to get your attention and shes playing you.
Silver play button with no Videos
The last one on 10:23 she is probs a Jewish because in the Jewish religion the world is around 5000 years old
Phil McCracken
Phil McCracken Pred 2 dnevi
She said that her dream guy would be a firefighter, she wanted to marry a firefighter and have little fire fighter babies. She had recently went to go see a firefighter movie and it was her favorite movie. Her father was a fire fighter....I was not a firefighter. Years later I heard about how she fell in love with an inappropriately older man that was a firefighter. Something about a miscarriage I think and clearly some mental issues. All I could think was,”Thank god I dodged that bullet!”
Anthony Freeman
Anthony Freeman Pred 2 dnevi
Vyxel OP
Vyxel OP Pred 2 dnevi
She talked to me.
Suspended Doubt
Suspended Doubt Pred 2 dnevi
4:00 ikr women need to understand that shit.
Derpy Bubblez
Derpy Bubblez Pred 3 dnevi
I could accept "the world is 201X years old" but why 5000? That's just so out of place.
RNG Stalinium
RNG Stalinium Pred 3 dnevi
As a atheist the last one was relatable... Instant turn off
Dylan Mangezvo
Dylan Mangezvo Pred 3 dnevi
For me it was the day she said *I like you as a brother.*
Zodiac Galileo Klondike
"No" means "no", Guys! Also damn, I feel bad for sapphics who have to deal with girls like this, too. (Not a sapphic, just a thought I had while watching.)
Aidan Cuff
Aidan Cuff Pred 3 dnevi
LoL that creationism one at the end killed me 🤣
Nicolas T
Nicolas T Pred 2 dnevi
oh yeah yeah
Malcolm Coburn
Malcolm Coburn Pred 3 dnevi
3:55 same here
Metal Mayhem
Metal Mayhem Pred 3 dnevi
We were watching Reno 911 and she never laughed.
Cliff Dweller
Cliff Dweller Pred 3 dnevi
I was cuddling a girl in the back of my car after dinner, she farts in my lap and says "Sorry, I farted." I try to be nice and act like I didn't hear it what she said, then she says it again but louder.
Goblin Slayer
Goblin Slayer Pred 3 dnevi
I never had a crazy girlfriend the girls I always been getting where the shy quiet and cute adorable one's which I don't understand why they like me because if you saw me you would think I'm not a friendly dude I have the face of a person who does not take crap from anyone but then again my personality is kind caring and sweet but I have to say thanks to those angels you didn't judge me by my appearance which I thank you and I hope you find true happiness in your life right now I'm in a 4 years relationship (about to be 5 in August 14) plus I wish to marry her one day
Average Nazi
Average Nazi Pred 4 dnevi
So you literally are sending some guy nudes giving him all these hint you like him and finally one day he asks you out Girl:NO’S INTENSIFYING
Joshua Flores
Joshua Flores Pred 4 dnevi
There was this girl that I really liked but she liked someone else. So I helped her talk to him and get his number ( he was my friend ) fast forward a year. My friend fucking ignores the shit out of her doesn't get with her. She starts saying she likes me now. My face when I got over her.
Proto Kirby
Proto Kirby Pred 4 dnevi
women are stupid
mariotaz Pred 4 dnevi
Womanbo Combo! Dat ain't Falco!
xxhalloweenx Pred 4 dnevi
My neighbor caught his wife with a man in a parked car in front of their house. So he does the sane thing and divorces her. Only for his two daughters to take her side somehow. Present day he’s still single the ex happily married (not sure if it was the guy she cheated with) and both girls don’t talk to him. What made it worse is that they both are married now (youngest just got married) and he wasn’t invited to theirs weddings, with the step dad walking them down the aisle. He knows about it because his mother was invited who obviously didn’t go. He was a drunk mess the day of the wedding.
Adaora Pred 4 dnevi
*Japan has entered the chat*
dxd2006 Pred 4 dnevi
Girls don't get a chance to ruin their chance with me because girls don't give me chances to begin with
Jesse Mathis
Jesse Mathis Pred 4 dnevi
Ruined her chances by turning me down..
Ankit Sharma
Ankit Sharma Pred 4 dnevi
"Stupid things like video games"... Wuttt???
Simply-Abstract Pred 5 dnevi
A lot of the comments here are written in the way the narrator talks in these videos. I'm inclined to think a lot of these stories are fake.
NeoFluxer Pred 5 dnevi
Kirby theme song???
Scimitar123 Pred 5 dnevi
The majority of the people described in this video need a really strong throttling to get common sense and straightforwardness to set in
Habib Abdellatifi
Habib Abdellatifi Pred 5 dnevi
Big difference between that video and the female version of it. When women say no, it's a huge no. In this one, it's more them saying no and guys sqying ok...
Erica Weeks
Erica Weeks Pred 5 dnevi
A guy ruined his chances with me after telling me LGBTQ+ people were disgusting and should die and burn in hell. I'm Pan. Big mistake, pal.
Derron Browning
Derron Browning Pred 5 dnevi
I met a coworker of mine on New Year's Eve. We really had a lot in common and hit it off almost right away. Within the first day of meeting her, she really started talking about her past abusive relationships wiith exes, etc. Also, she asked for my # and wanted to hang out with me and he r group of friends. She cancels a week later because one of her friend's kids got sick and couldn't come. She says she wants to be friends after I told her I was attracted to her. I begrudgingly accepted. Two months later, I find out she's pregnant by a friend of hers. Dodged a bullet there as we don't talk at all at work.
MKFM_ HunterDrone
MKFM_ HunterDrone Pred 5 dnevi
I met this amazing girl at my friends birthday, we went bowling! We were flirting and I got her number! We hung out a few times after that with a small group of friends. I then asked her “hey would you like to go to dinner?” She said yes and dinner went amazing! We talked for like 3 and a half hours and there were only like 2 awkward silences and when they happened we just looked at each other and complimented each other and started giggling. So I paid the bill and walked her out and I grabbed her waist and told her “ I really like you and would love to start a relationship with you.” She said she would love to and we kissed! Everything went so well and now she hasn’t responded to any of my texts for the past 5 days :( I asked her friend and she says that her parents always take her phone away. I’m 19 and she’s 18 and I really have a good felling about this girl but it’s just so hard to see things work if we can’t communicate. But I’m willing to put up with it because we are both about to go to college. I fucking love her tbh and I hope somehow she sees this and really sees how much I care for her
Tuco Benedicto
Tuco Benedicto Pred 5 dnevi
Some of these short stories remembered me one thing. Here's a generic advice for any woman reading: if you ever *actually* considered the idea of talking about another love interest to force our hand/convince us to make a move, you should know that shit doesn't work that well, at least 9 times out of 10. If we are with you and you start talking about another guy you like, that doesn't make us feel the urge to be competitive with this real/fictional antagonist to get the prize. It makes us feel completely overlooked and devalued in your eyes, like even a scenario where we were going to "score" with you would be just because you settled for the lesser option. If you are used to do it regularly to discourage guys from going after you, on the other hand... Well done. It works.
Mark the shark
Mark the shark Pred 5 dnevi
Girls like to play hard to get and then some of them get confused why they can’t get into a relationship
Big Spooks
Big Spooks Pred 5 dnevi
Dear lord who the hell are these women?! What the hell, these are nightmares and I’m so happy that these guys were smart enough to get the hell out of dodge
Carlie Pred 6 dnevi
Who are these women? I would never do any of these things.
Starla Sue Pearson
Starla Sue Pearson Pred 6 dnevi
JAhH l a p e e n o e s
Diabetic Alien
Diabetic Alien Pred 6 dnevi
The one with chinese people and pearl harbor KILLED ME I swear I wasn't ready for that
Hakan D.
Hakan D. Pred 6 dnevi
The thing that turns me off the most is that when she's too close and too touchy with her best male friend.
ME-DIC! Pred dnevom
+OryzivorousAllegory I second that notion. Hakan, grow a pair.
OryzivorousAllegory Pred 6 dnevi
Real talk: tell her to cut that crap or you're dumping her. And mean it, too.
Austin Felton
Austin Felton Pred 6 dnevi
*laughs in asexual*
Leah Smith
Leah Smith Pred 6 dnevi
I'm an awful person- it wasn't on purpose but I led a guy on TWICE. I feel awful about it. I'm glad he doesn't talk to me anymore he deserves someone who won't mess with his emotions, intentionally or not.
FREEZY POP Pred 6 dnevi
I know there are intelligent, kind and thoughtful women out there. But, wtf are these women smoking?!
Metal Wolf
Metal Wolf Pred 6 dnevi
How Did A Woman Ruin Her Chances With You? She's 3D
TheChristiti Pred 6 dnevi
I have a kicker. This happened to my fiancé back in highschool. He was dating this girl named Kelly, while walking home from school an old couple was walking the opposite way from them. So common courtesy he moves on to the grass to let the old couple pass, Kelly stayed on the path giving my fiancé a confused look. Once the couple were out of ear shot Kelly asked him "what's wrong with you?! are you scared of old people?!" dumped her right on the spot.
Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason Pred 6 dnevi
Men are waking up... The juice just isn't worth the squeez.
Erik Seavey
Erik Seavey Pred 6 dnevi
She told me she didn't believe in dinosaurs and that the world was 5000 years old lmfao yeah I don't date retards either.
D.R. Townley
D.R. Townley Pred 6 dnevi
5000 years old and dinosaurs dont exist ....marry that
Caroline Winston
Caroline Winston Pred 6 dnevi
My roommate used to go on dates with guys just so she could get a free dinner... She ghosted guys after their first date everytime. This probably happened 50+ times throughout the school year.
Andy Eccentric
Andy Eccentric Pred 6 dnevi
The kirby music is annoying as hell. And I fucking love that soundtrack.
YAMIKAMI闇神 Pred 6 dnevi
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Pred 7 dnevi
Remember, Eve tricked Adam into eating the apple. Stay Safe lads
Cthulhu’s Abode
Cthulhu’s Abode Pred 7 dnevi
Don't you hate it when you try to compliment someone's appearance but she denies the fact that she's attractive over and over again?
Martin Mooney
Martin Mooney Pred 7 dnevi
The most I can gather is that men’s brains are logic based while female’s are emotion based. No one is better than the other but I believe it lends to the lack of understanding each other..
Not Your business
Not Your business Pred 7 dnevi
I brought a girl I've just met back to my place for a one night stand. After sex she started taking about moving in with me.......
Emily Kai
Emily Kai Pred 7 dnevi
Lol is that Kirby in the background
lelwut Pred 7 dnevi
my main turn offs: - any kind of substance abuse (smoking anything, drinking etc) - being a brain-dead idiot who doesn't care about important things - being a commie - constantly whining about how they have to wear makeup/bra/whatever because of us guys (we really prefer no makeup) - big tits girls who complain about back pain but refusing to train the tit holding muscles - girls who constantly compare themselves to other girls. Nobody gives a shit. We like you the way you are, that's why we're with you.
lelwut Pred 7 dnevi
I used to be really really really good friends with a girl. We would give long, big hugs to each other and stuff, but it was just that, friendship. She was dating a dude and since she knew me and how honest and pretty much always right I am, she asked me (2 other guys were at the table, this is uni) about guy behaviour. All 3 guys just said certified douche. She thanked us, looked sad, but kept dating him. (she had some issues, was pretty lonely) Then they break up, in the meantime I got a gf myself, also from uni, same class and all. Then this really good friend starts flirting like fucking MAD. She was way hotter than my gf (who was already pretty hot), but still, I wasn't single anymore, and I was quite confused, so I gently said nope, try again if/when we're both single. She hooked up with another douche (this time, his face was enough to tell), stopped talking to me entirely, and after 3 years of being nothing but a maid and a warm bed for him, she comes complaining to me about why she always seems to end up with these idiots. I still considered her a friend, since she wasn't malicious or anything, and after consoling her, she stopped talking to me again. Apparently she was seriously into me, but since she's got issues (quite literally daddy issues, abusive as fuck), she didn't know how to handle the whole thing. We still talk occasionally, but we're both very busy at our jobs and whatnot, so we rarely ever hang out anymore. tldr: if you like a dude, fucking go for it. Before they get a gf. If you're into him, chances are someone else will be too. Don't try to play it safe. You can do that by taking it slow, not being slow at beginning something. And never ever ever ever wait for us to get hints. WE DO NOT GET HINTS. Especially those of us who went through shit while growing up. We don't think much of ourselves. our default thought is always "Nah, no way she'd be into me".
Christopher Dean
Christopher Dean Pred dnevom
Those last three lines, been there, got the t shirt mate..........
The Trojan Horse
The Trojan Horse Pred 7 dnevi
Sometimes when going through the comments I find some that I like and try to get that like number even. Gets me harder than a rock.
Cookie Bandit
Cookie Bandit Pred 7 dnevi
I've gotten the cold shoulder, and have been toyed with so many times I've lost all interest in meeting girls and just keep myself busy with work and hobbies. No longer feel any need to meet a girl. It's quite nice. You should try that method.
Raul Martinez
Raul Martinez Pred 7 dnevi
This one time I went on a date with this girl who was 2 years older than me. She had 2 kids and was working towards becoming a registered nurse. We went to a bar to watch a Chargers game and we sat in the bar for 6 hours. She eventually invited her best friend (who had a thing with my best friend) and I decided to invite my best friend We all continued hanging out at the bar and at that point I was bored because I was the designated driver for my date. Eventually a guy with three other ghetto looking guys started to talk to her. Apparently they knew each other. At first I was ok with it, but as soon as I saw him feel her up I introduced myself to that guy. After he shrugged me off and continued to feel her up, I raised my voice, stood up, and looked him straight in the eye and said, "Do you mind? She is with me. We are on a date. How about you go pound some salt and leave?" He and his friends agreed to leave and I asked my date who were they. She refused to tell me, so I got up and went into my car to give my date her house keys and told her I don't want to see her again and have a nice life. I left her with her friend who agreed to take her home. Later that night, my best friend told me that my date had asked him if he knows anyone who sells cocaine while they were still in the bar. I laughed and told him she is even more pathetic than what I thought.
Jimmy Thornseed
Jimmy Thornseed Pred 5 dnevi
Gawd damn, what a fucking mess. Handled that perfectly tho my bro.
Lazar Pred 8 dnevi
It's sometimes fascinating how stupid some people are...
Literally just a piece of pie
Yeah biblically speaking the world is only ~7000 years old but denying the existence of dinosaurs?
Literally just a piece of pie
One girl who liked me (and I liked back) started talking to me through my brother but trying to stay discreet (i.e. my brother would say to me out of the blue "hey, ----- really wants a date to homecoming. You should ask her." Got weird as this kind of stuff went on and I stopped talking to her a while back.
There was a girl I was trying to get with Senior year. I would always flirt and ask her out. But she would never follow along because she was in love with somebody else. The problem was her crush was gay and she believed that, if she tried hard enough, she could make him straight again. This went on for awhile that eventually I moved on.
beaniebassist Pred 8 dnevi
That last one. My reaction: Oh my god! Sarah palin!
xS4turnx Pred 8 dnevi
I live in Europe, and when I was single for quite a long time, I've tried a free online dating website that I've read about by coincidence. So, one day this girl from Malaysia texts me (no idea how she even found my profile) and we talk. We soon found that we actually really like eachother, and our conversations sometimes also started to have a more intimate character. Fine with me. Things first became a bit weird, when she said she didn't actually consider us a couple yet because I've never actually asked her if she'd want to be my girlfriend. So I decided to play along, and sent her a text to ask her that question; worded like a formal engagement proposal (but instead of asking for marriage, asking her to be my girlfriend). She replied that she doesn't know me well enough yet to answer that question. I was like "wtf?", but decided to just leave it at that. What really made me lose interest was when during a conversation, she mentioned she'd want to still work full time if we'd ever get to the point of marrying. I was like that's fine with me. She said she expects me to do all the work at home (chores and stuff) and I was like "Well; if you earn enough to support us, I could possibly live with being a houseman", to which she replied she'd of course expect me to work full time as well. So I was like "Well then we should obviously share the chores and stuff equally", which made her complain that she doesn't like doing chores and that's why I should do them. So I was like "I don't like doing chores either", to which she replied "If you love me, you'll agree to do them because I don't like doing them"... I replied "So by that definition, it means you don't love me because I don't like doing them either, yet you'd not be willing to share them... and in fact want me to do them all alone?" She never replied to that, and instead got mad at me. We didn't talk for a while; and when we talked next time, we've found that neither of us changed their stance on the topic. Later I've discovered that she had deleted me from her Facebook, and when I sent her a WhatsApp message telling her that's a cheap way to end a contact, she didn't reply. Never heard anything from her anymore. Crazy entitled-feeling woman... *rolls eyes while slowly shaking my head *
Burn Me Please
Burn Me Please Pred 5 dnevi
As a malaysian and a girl, i apologize for you having to deal with that
Jimmy Thornseed
Jimmy Thornseed Pred 5 dnevi
So dumb. Some women think they have an inflated market value just for being a woman and that every guy should just want them for being pretty. Lots of men though do, in fact, have self respect and wont put up with that THOTtery.
Books & Solitude
Books & Solitude Pred 8 dnevi
I'm a girl and I had never shook my head in my life at the stupidity in these girls.
PantiesGoneWild Pred 8 dnevi
if u arn't mexican then dont bother asking me to go out
Inkpierno Fingla
Inkpierno Fingla Pred 8 dnevi
Said she had it for someone else but she didn’t see him again the following year Yep that actually happened
HuskyRL Pred 8 dnevi
i have a good one, i had a girlfriend for a couple months and then i bought her a expensive gift for her birthday and not a day later she tells me she doesnt know if we'll work because she likes me and another guy she met a couple days ago and then goes on to say ''give me a couple days to decide''. Thats when i ended things.
TheMarioMen1 Pred 9 dnevi
8:40 fuck man I've seen this personally in real life and had no idea how significant of a red flag it was at the time, but when girls say things like "you'd rather be with her not me" it's bad because no matter how much affection you show there's no way to reassure her and it just keeps getting worse
o. l
o. l Pred 9 dnevi
the egg roll / pearl harbor thing was great
Yasya Ti
Yasya Ti Pred 9 dnevi
Whats up with that girl Who turned him down twice?? Excuse wtf
Boop Doop
Boop Doop Pred 9 dnevi
Seeing all these men in the comments talk about what they want in a girl just makes me want a bf even more lol
goderino kripparino
goderino kripparino Pred 7 dnevi
Terreliv Pred 10 dnevi
9:50 ~Hey there, Delilah~
Samuel Akoi Saschiko
Samuel Akoi Saschiko Pred 10 dnevi
If women want valuable men, you all gotta be valuable too. lol
LoveAllGirls TheyMakeMeFeelSoGood
5:07 That could have gone a whole different way, ever heard "if she smokes, she pokes". When she asked for weed money, that's like winning first date lottery, i would have said, "let's get half an ounce and spend the next week fucking high" ~ quite literally a chick that smokes weed will fuck your brains out while stoned.
lorsange 1
lorsange 1 Pred 10 dnevi
When they rejected you.🤣🤣
ThanklessDust Pred 10 dnevi
Women just to let you know if you ask a guy out it's a 90% chance of a yes and it's hot
Nathan Mang
Nathan Mang Pred 10 dnevi
why do i hear Dreamland in the background of this video?
ICameHereToHaveAGoodTime _
They knew I was gay and still went for it. So... Yeah.
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