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21. mar. 2019

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Deshae Frost
Deshae Frost Pred mesecem
Who won the roast battle?
Mikaela Shirden
Mikaela Shirden Pred dnevom
Mike of course😍
nelly videos
nelly videos Pred 4 dnevi
Cool video frost
Desmond Doyle
Desmond Doyle Pred 4 dnevi
You did
gachagirl jojo
gachagirl jojo Pred 5 dnevi
Funny mike won.
Keylen Jones
Keylen Jones Pred 2 urami
Aye no cap deshae was gunnin funny mike😭😭😂😂
Misanthropist Joe
Misanthropist Joe Pred 5 urami
he is mad crazy but he got some ballz
Too Live
Too Live Pred 10 urami
Funniest part was runik giving mike the chips
LJM _ Pred 19 urami
runick threw the chips😂😂😂
Everette Mack
Everette Mack Pred 20 urami
“Say dick you don’t know me like that”😂
Edward Kimani
Edward Kimani Pred 22 urami
they are grown men theyve lived life get over yourself you don't joke like that with strangers. thats wierdo fame or not
Edward Kimani
Edward Kimani Pred 23 urami
southern niggas slow apparently i thought they were fast. they don't roast apparently out ther
Edward Kimani
Edward Kimani Pred 23 urami
funny mike doesn't roast that well he just has a gun. lmao. street dude. you came in and roasted cause you have acutal jokes he couldn't touch you cause hes on a different life path you elevated his intellect good job
ivan ortiz
ivan ortiz Pred dnevom
U is a weirdo bruh😂😂😂😂
Hector A Rodriguez
Hector A Rodriguez Pred dnevom
This shit fake Ik y’all saw mike laugh at 13:50
Lonnie Willams
Lonnie Willams Pred dnevom
This nigga really think yelling over somebody that’s roasting him is funny 🤦🏽‍♂️🤨
FARAJ2NICE YT Pred 2 dnevi
He risking life
Jay K
Jay K Pred 2 dnevi
If it’s a prank why tf u still mad like the shit ain’t even funny nomo that nigga soft bruh but I still fw them tho but mike gotta toughened up😂😂😡🤦🏾‍♂️
Jay K
Jay K Pred 2 dnevi
Xander_n Pred 2 dnevi
13:20 Runik threw the chips lol
Kenwood Jeannis
Kenwood Jeannis Pred 2 dnevi
Damn funnymike don't play when it comes to family🔥🔥🔥
Zenya Rooks
Zenya Rooks Pred 2 dnevi
The prank was funny and all that but when you start talking bout the baby that's when u fucked up at you took the prank to far right there...you made me mad when you said that....fr
Carla Cosby
Carla Cosby Pred 2 dnevi
I love you deshae but dont play that shit on mike he dont play brah
dee mixon
dee mixon Pred 3 dnevi
I want to see more videos
BLUNT MAN Pred 3 dnevi
Deshae playing with the wrong one
V Destiny
V Destiny Pred 4 dnevi
That shows how gangsta mike really is
V Destiny
V Destiny Pred 4 dnevi
That’s the murder funnymike
MagizMC Pred 4 dnevi
You won but he got you with that energetic battery havin ass
SamBam TV
SamBam TV Pred 4 dnevi
Anthony Hambrick
Anthony Hambrick Pred 4 dnevi
You a young 🐐 😂😂😂
nelly videos
nelly videos Pred 4 dnevi
Cool video frost For the record have help with you to prevent a bad accedent.👍👍👍👍👍👍
nelly videos
nelly videos Pred 4 dnevi
Frost you good but funny mike keeping his cool
nelly videos
nelly videos Pred 4 dnevi
Got um frost. 123456789-10 count stay down
Alonzo Cooper
Alonzo Cooper Pred 4 dnevi
Guwop Mike
Guwop Mike Pred 4 dnevi
The shoes in the intro gotta go
Dominique Carrillo
Dominique Carrillo Pred 5 dnevi
He threw him the chips . 🤣🤣🤣
Michael Carter
Michael Carter Pred 5 dnevi
Mike would of showed you what 22 mean in 22 savage
kingg staxxx
kingg staxxx Pred 5 dnevi
deshae gotta chill 🤦🏾‍♂️
YAE 5x
YAE 5x Pred 5 dnevi
FlightReact's Shoota
This is a blunt, Hit this blunt Every time u here "Hol on" I'll wait..............
ThakidLilGutta Pred 5 dnevi
Even though it was a prank they really don't fuck with ol buddy Lol
gachagirl jojo
gachagirl jojo Pred 5 dnevi
I did not know u knew Funnymike I subscribed to his channel
Funny mike roast his ass..cuse half of his shit was laughing!!
Annie Cabrera
Annie Cabrera Pred 6 dnevi
DAMN this video was funny then a bitch niggas was citing each other asses😭😂😂 shit had me weak
Annie Cabrera
Annie Cabrera Pred 6 dnevi
deshae when deshae do a prank he aways go hard.😭😭😭 the pranks that he be doing got me weak frostygang#
Iyunah Wimberly
Iyunah Wimberly Pred 6 dnevi
You lucky mike aint shoot yo ass .💀 You really be risking yo life on these pranks to ppl ypu barely know ..😂
its destiny love
its destiny love Pred 6 dnevi
so we just gonna act like that dude didn't come out of nowhere like and deshae was like "who the hell is this??"
Azi Jones
Azi Jones Pred 6 dnevi
Reshae I love you and I’m like your biggest fan but it was too soon to do that prank cause like you just met him but everyone makes mistakes but I hope he forgives you
Gwym dee 3shit
Gwym dee 3shit Pred 6 dnevi
Uriel De la Garza
Uriel De la Garza Pred 6 dnevi
You buggin stop doing to much for clout , finna get yo ass killed.
ruben saifoloi
ruben saifoloi Pred 7 dnevi
wassup Mike, I wanna met you tbh and I like people like you, acting serious, never calm down but tbh uce, I wish I met you uce🤟🤟🤟
Makai Aldajuste
Makai Aldajuste Pred 7 dnevi
You shund be happy you did not die
Kelvin Jr
Kelvin Jr Pred 7 dnevi
You mad childish !! Don't play with that man kid nor BM
ÏBK GÂÑG Pred 6 dnevi
It's called a "Prank". Even Funnymike did pranks on ppl saying he wants their gf or bm.👀
josiah charles
josiah charles Pred 7 dnevi
that wasn't funny at all
1400 ENT!!
1400 ENT!! Pred 7 dnevi
He ain’t gone put shit on a shirt😴💯
Kylarj .0
Kylarj .0 Pred 7 dnevi
He flaming FunnyMike ass😂😂
Alicia Smith
Alicia Smith Pred 7 dnevi
If you love god give a thumbs up!
Ms Renee
Ms Renee Pred 7 dnevi
Y’all better stop acting like Mike ain’t already body a nigga!!!! 😅💪🏾
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones Pred 7 dnevi
Bro looking for help he got roasted.
Marcus Jones
Marcus Jones Pred 7 dnevi
You tried to take shots and deshae unloaded on your ass. LMAO
FaZe BIGDADDY_YT Pred 7 dnevi
Why u plyin wit that Maaainn XD LoL
Lakiyah Gray
Lakiyah Gray Pred 7 dnevi
Deshae always about get beat up 😭😂
The Lmg Life
The Lmg Life Pred 7 dnevi
Man bruh u SLvid's be letting a nigga push y'all real shit a bitch ain't putten they hands on me fuck the video we bump asap Florida boy sht
ayo malco Chll
ayo malco Chll Pred 8 dnevi
12:26 What you put chips in my hand fo Naw you grabbed dem 🤣🤣
Chinyere Nlewedim
Chinyere Nlewedim Pred 8 dnevi
DESHAe shut the fuck up childish as nigga 😂😂😂🔥🖕🏼🙄
Amir Rashad
Amir Rashad Pred 8 dnevi
lmfao I knew mike and them was lame
jaylm kershaw
jaylm kershaw Pred 8 dnevi
His ass can’t roast and he started dick riding at the end he was scared shitless🤣
Jinx Life
Jinx Life Pred 8 dnevi
He was about to whoop that ass
Memphis Booger
Memphis Booger Pred 8 dnevi
Y'all really think this shit was real?. Crash test dummies 🤣😂🤣😂
RBKTN 2.0 Pred 8 dnevi
12:21 runik through the chips at mike 😂
Isaiah Kajoba
Isaiah Kajoba Pred 8 dnevi
11:27 Runick was real life worried for Deshea life🤣🤣
Queen Murda
Queen Murda Pred 8 dnevi
The fact Funny Mike started laughing at 13:49 got me thinking... 🤔🤔 But this was good entertainment
Joslynn Banks
Joslynn Banks Pred 7 dnevi
I think it was because dashae fell idefk
Lilj the king
Lilj the king Pred 8 dnevi
😂 3:53 Damn yo had smell like shit nigga 😂
7 ducedraco
7 ducedraco Pred 8 dnevi
U was scary as shit frfr lol
RFD Bilal
RFD Bilal Pred 8 dnevi
Yo ass was finna be on a t💯
Aaron livevil
Aaron livevil Pred 8 dnevi
12:08 he said "oh hell no get his ass" 😂😂
BIG ZACH Pred 8 dnevi
You was bout to get heated/beat down
Landoojiggy Pred 8 dnevi
My dude u want every vlogger want to fight u cause u keep fucking around with niggas gf and shit🤡
simplygorgeous210 Pred 9 dnevi
Can I be in the bad kid gang
Joyce Knight
Joyce Knight Pred 9 dnevi
More videos
malcolm alvarado
malcolm alvarado Pred 9 dnevi
22 bullets 😂
DarkEmperorRouge 1
DarkEmperorRouge 1 Pred 9 dnevi
When that nigga stood on the couch I was dead
demuijjana pack
demuijjana pack Pred 9 dnevi
Where his his account info doe? 🤦🏿‍♂️
andrew purcell
andrew purcell Pred 9 dnevi
Why one thing spark up everyone in the room🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
iam just heaven
iam just heaven Pred 9 dnevi
Dashae you stupid and I unsubscribed from your channel for this video I don’t care who agree and don’t agree with me OERIODT
Precious Williams
Precious Williams Pred 9 dnevi
The new kid made music before
ShookJahh Pred 9 dnevi
You went to far his daughter
Alek Mawith
Alek Mawith Pred 9 dnevi
Deshae was running cause he knew Mike was about to beat his ass 😂
0h Dats jay
0h Dats jay Pred 9 dnevi
Mike can you check your Instagram dm I’m tryna be part of the bad kids 😭😭💪🏽💯 @datsjay3x
Victor Mayzes
Victor Mayzes Pred 9 dnevi
Neither of them won both of them was wack as hl real talk
MrDreculberson Pred 10 dnevi
You meeting everyone ddg funny mike
MrDreculberson Pred 10 dnevi
Funny mike won the roasting
Pretty love
Pretty love Pred 10 dnevi
You.cant prank nobody you don’t even noo
Jessica Cromwell
Jessica Cromwell Pred 10 dnevi
Brush this needs too be funny mike video and brush your trash
LitBoys / OsoGang
LitBoys / OsoGang Pred 10 dnevi
13:47 buddy wah scared asff🤣🤣🤣‼️
Jerome Johnson
Jerome Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
This nigga ain't filmed anymore videos with them since this prank. They real life don't fuck with him 😂😂
Ella White
Ella White Pred 10 dnevi
Is you OK
adrian rivas
adrian rivas Pred 11 dnevi
You almost get your ass beat
lovefamily lovely
lovefamily lovely Pred 11 dnevi
Funny Mike can I come overnight and be a bad kid
THOKOZANI MIYA Pred 11 dnevi
Deshae brooh some love from South Africa 👌✌ stay frosty you diigg😂😂
Steve Williams
Steve Williams Pred 11 dnevi
Tf 22savage gone do
Shittu Gang
Shittu Gang Pred 12 dnevi
🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I would have beat tf outta bro on bro
JoeyGotJuice Pred 12 dnevi
🤣🤣 “how you got diamonds in yo mouth but crust on yo lip”
Rvmi_Rich Pred 12 dnevi
Finally a prank thats real and not planned💯
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