I Tried Wedding Dresses From Wish

Safiya Nygaard
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Ok, here it is, finally, after all of your requests! I bought 4 wedding dresses from Wish.com and tried them out IRL to see how they were! We bought a ballgown, a renaissance dress, a black wedding dress, and a slightly more expensive gown to test out a few different categories.
Now, I have previously bought inexpensive clothing, knockoff electronics, "free" items, and mostly fake makeup from Wish before, with usually the same results: it's just not that great, and definitely not as good as the item listings seem online. However, I think the convergence of my recent engagement and the desire for more Wish roasting resulted in this: The Wish Wedding Dress Haul. What do you guys think?
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2. mar. 2019

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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Pred 21 dnevom
HELLO FRIENDS!! and now, a highly requested video that opens the jar to more (non-wish-related) wedding content!! i hope u enjoy it! and have a happy weekend :) xoxo, saf
fav_kiddojelly Pred 3 dnevi
_I love you Safiya_
David Marin
David Marin Pred 18 dnevi
Safiya Nygaard You should get a wedding dress that is similar to the one catwoman wore in the comics.
Alex Aoba
Alex Aoba Pred 18 dnevi
Safiya Nygaard hey you should try a Kawaii clothes challenge but you can only buy online, If your try check out kawaii nation! Also I love you clothes challenges! 😆
sabrina islam
sabrina islam Pred 18 dnevi
You became fat
Katerilager007 Pred 18 dnevi
Safiya Nygaard working in retail we use to get shipment in that randomly smelled like what it describing... it’s like a wet, mildew, fish smell it’s weird
green_canopy Pred uro
bazongas and boob cavities!
Indian plays
Indian plays Pred 2 urami
Put the nxt vedio soon pls
WAT IS LIFE Pred 2 urami
hi this is Rosie i love all your vidios thank you
Steve & Laura
Steve & Laura Pred 2 urami
Always the bridesmaid
sarah brandom
sarah brandom Pred 2 urami
the second one and third are def witch costumes lol the first was the best.
Crazy Rat Lady
Crazy Rat Lady Pred 2 urami
Ha ha ha I love you
Jess McHanson
Jess McHanson Pred 3 urami
"new videos every week".
Brooke Chesmore
Brooke Chesmore Pred 3 urami
Has anyone else noticed she hasn’t posted a video for 3 weeks?
Sarahi Garcia
Sarahi Garcia Pred 4 urami
You should mix every chapstick together!!!
Evrn Ç
Evrn Ç Pred 4 urami
Kee kee Batemon
Kee kee Batemon Pred 4 urami
It has been 3 weeks we’re is the new video
Sheridan Mate
Sheridan Mate Pred 5 urami
Low key actually LOVE the first dress on you 😂💕
Mocha Bateman
Mocha Bateman Pred 5 urami
Who else wants her to post soooooo bad?
Lalelo Lala
Lalelo Lala Pred 5 urami
Saf I miss you ! Where are you :(
Lily Maria
Lily Maria Pred 5 urami
You are just adorable... and thank you for unleashing the mystery behind the WISH Wedding dresses... I have spent too much time already debating with my friends just how realistic those posts on WISH were 😳🙈😳🙈😳🙈🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Luci Engle
Luci Engle Pred 5 urami
Why haven’t you been uploading?
Sara Hertzog
Sara Hertzog Pred 6 urami
where's her new video?? It's been 3 weeks ahhhhh
Flávia Ferraz
Flávia Ferraz Pred 6 urami
The “expensive dress” is originally from an high couture boutique in Brasil, called Isabella Narchi! She’s very talented!
lilmommalady76 Pred 6 urami
WISH makes the customers WISH they will get something close to what they see on the screen and the workers that are making it/putting it together WISH for more pay 😂😂😂
Niki Lee Forever
Niki Lee Forever Pred 6 urami
Legit Safiya’s such goals!!!
james iris
james iris Pred 7 urami
Waste of time video
*varsha's world*
*varsha's world* Pred 3 urami
+james iris your wish **shrugs**
james iris
james iris Pred 3 urami
+*varsha's world* was expecting some good content...but this was just made up...cdnt watch full.
*varsha's world*
*varsha's world* Pred 6 urami
Thennwhy did you watch it
Penokan Pred 7 urami
Well, what do you expect buyin from wish....
*varsha's world*
*varsha's world* Pred 6 urami
Its supposed to be the theme tho
MRS PARTYIIX Pred 7 urami
Omg...so I literally have a whole wedding dress wishlist. As a plus size beautiful woman im looking for a dress to gorgeous. Ready to impress but be comfortable as well. Im so glad you made this video. Im going to the court because my fiance and I don't have much family so no need for a 10k dress but I definitely appreciate descent quality. I don't mind complainting for my money back. Wish knows me lol Besides all of that...you still look wonderful. I enjoyed the video from the beginning to the end.
Alassea Riddle
Alassea Riddle Pred 7 urami
All the items I got are of good quality. Then again I only took the stuff that I thought would be impossible to be bad. But I also got some dresses. One of the three was too small so I gave it to my dad's wife. The two others were great tho and I use them regularly. Electronics from wish tho? No thanks.
Neve Lambert
Neve Lambert Pred 7 urami
It has been 23 days since she uploaded a video
katharine hammond
katharine hammond Pred 8 urami
Hi I'm confused!!!!!! You haven't posted a new video for 3 weeks but Im still receiving notifications. I hope you are ok and on holiday xxx
Muhammad Khalid
Muhammad Khalid Pred 8 urami
The black dress is looking perfect on you in like ur videos
Mandy Cheong
Mandy Cheong Pred 8 urami
I kinda hope you can try on Chinese online buying website next time. Like with 149 dollars you can definitely get something better there LOL
Gabrielle Ryan
Gabrielle Ryan Pred 8 urami
Do tie dye hacks from Instagram
Wormy Pickle
Wormy Pickle Pred 9 urami
Bazongas 😂😂😂
Rebecca Morrison
Rebecca Morrison Pred 10 urami
Your body is gorgues
BananaBomb Pred 11 urami
Honestly my favourite was the ballgown inspired one ❤️
Rebecca Morrison
Rebecca Morrison Pred 11 urami
I wonder what your real wedding dress will look like
Manasa Gogulapati
Manasa Gogulapati Pred 12 urami
Tyler is so cute with his comments :3
Sweeta Rodrigues
Sweeta Rodrigues Pred 12 urami
Hey saf how many children do u n Ty want.
Beautiful Believers
Beautiful Believers Pred 12 urami
Can you make more vids I love you and I would realy really like to see more vids.
Amber Thompson
Amber Thompson Pred 13 urami
You should go to kleinfield and do a video.
Kellie Allred-Salmon
Kellie Allred-Salmon Pred 13 urami
Please do a video testing out competing types of home dip nail systems. These look so neat and they make them look so simple. I want to know if they truly are so easy.
Darla M.
Darla M. Pred 13 urami
The renaissance dress would actually be cute for a low cost wedding if it was fitted by a seamstress. I like the higher cost one (definitely need altered). Thanks for being brave!
halasalready Pred 13 urami
The reason most items do not look like the picture online is because they will take the actual photo the authentic company uses to show their item. ALL Wish is counterfeit. No joke.
sea st.pierre
sea st.pierre Pred 13 urami
you know wish isn't ethical and you keep buying stuff from them
TideGypsy Pred 14 urami
I actually sort of like the first one! Although they were all questionable.
Tarannom Moheq
Tarannom Moheq Pred 14 urami
It would be cool if you mixed all nail polish colours together, maybe from one brand or something. I would like that
Paul Pratt
Paul Pratt Pred 14 urami
When is the next video coming out. I need more of your videos in my life
Sam Kuentz
Sam Kuentz Pred 14 urami
0:26 bottom left Lmao anal plugs
a derpy seal
a derpy seal Pred 14 urami
Buzzfeed copied you
*varsha's world*
*varsha's world* Pred 3 urami
Video name please Gotta go trash them there lol
a derpy seal
a derpy seal Pred 3 urami
+*varsha's world* yes....
*varsha's world*
*varsha's world* Pred 6 urami
What? Again
Little Star Small Wolf
Anyone else wondering why she hasn’t uploaded in almost a month?
Melinna Lopez
Melinna Lopez Pred 10 urami
Little Star Small Wolf probably planning her wedding
Destiny Wagner
Destiny Wagner Pred 15 urami
Isnt there supposed to be a video every week .😓 i know you are probably busy with life but i miss it. !
Vanessa Zhou
Vanessa Zhou Pred 15 urami
The sellers of these dresses are the ones who pressed thumbs down 😂👎👗
Kady Redz
Kady Redz Pred 16 urami
New subscriber...you're funny. I like u
Isabella Rodgers
Isabella Rodgers Pred 16 urami
Where have you been? 😭
Jimena Flowers
Jimena Flowers Pred 16 urami
Wish wedding dresses look like bed sheets
Sandi Burt
Sandi Burt Pred 17 urami
that was an interesting video, thank you .. one thing came to mind that each dress you bought would have cost a lot of money to have altered. My daughter brought her wedding forward to November last year (instead of this year) as her dad has cancer and she wanted him to be able to walk her down the aisle (just in case his health deteriorated quickly) She bought her dress from China about 6 weeks before her day and it fell into the "slightly more expensive gown" category (about $250 AU). It then cost us nearly $400 to have altered to fit right, Making it a “very expensive gown” for a small garden wedding.
Yuuka 006
Yuuka 006 Pred 17 urami
I like this video 😂
Shannon Ayala
Shannon Ayala Pred 17 urami
Try the overtone product please ☺️🙏🏻
Kynuo S
Kynuo S Pred 18 urami
Can you do the subway diet for a week?! You eat subway twice a day to see if you lose weight
Idk but she looks like the brunette on legally blonde 😳 but except less MeAn
Diana Yumi Artist
Diana Yumi Artist Pred 18 urami
One of the white dresses looks like a medieval dress to chinese fighter girl from chinese dramas. I would dress just to make a cosplay from it. LOL
MaGenious_Bros_Who_RapDDAENG Bts
This part is cute 😆😙 18:38
Liz Phoenix
Liz Phoenix Pred 18 urami
First time watching your video and I must say that I find you very entertaining. You have a new fan and subscriber. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.
Emma Grace
Emma Grace Pred 19 urami
Renaissance was my fav dress
Kaiden Stratton
Kaiden Stratton Pred 19 urami
...got a wish ad, help me saf
Claire Crookshanks
Claire Crookshanks Pred 19 urami
I ordered my dress of a site called DHgate. only paid $130 and it was gorgeous and fit perfectly!
Thebeautiful11 Pred 20 urami
Girl, you are wild! Ha! Ha!
OrrieLee Jones
OrrieLee Jones Pred 20 urami
Hi Safiya I have my take on WISH . I believe there is a little Chinese lady or maybe 3 sitting to the side as orders come in. I have ordered sweaters that DID NOT look like anything I expected soooo received gifts that said gift ,when I opened it up there was not one but two pink like chaffon material size small so I being 2x large.I ordered a beautiful. Turquoise long top but the color was dark teal so ugly... So I feel sorry for her and sent her a card with 50.00 in it and said Thank you ...I did order a brush that cleans out your other brushes and it was even the right. Haha I love what you do and yourrrieL very smart and funny . OrrieLee. Jones
OrrieLee Jones
OrrieLee Jones Pred 20 urami
Hello Safiya
Beauty on a Barn Budget
Saf, we r the same size, except i got bigger saggier tatas. U should be xl at MOST. No way r u a xxl
Jade Goulding
Jade Goulding Pred 21 uro
Happy to have a purple bat
Jack Jones
Jack Jones Pred 21 uro
Valerie Le Gurun
Valerie Le Gurun Pred 21 uro
Did you see the beautiful ones on Amazon ???? amzn.to/2OjMENO
AVTAVT Pred 22 urami
the medieval one was awful🤣 and the expensive one was a rip off, my prom dress was £80 and really good quality
LoverOfReminiscing92 Pred 22 urami
Nope all the dresses look like awful knock offs
Mechell Turner
Mechell Turner Pred 22 urami
remember bridal is always smaller by a couple sizes smaller than normal
Bradley Pred 22 urami
I think the ballgown looked pretty cute in the montage
SorryImHere Pred 22 urami
Say Yes to the Dress: Wish Edition
Chenise Yates
Chenise Yates Pred dnevom
I like the ballgown and the last one on you. Looks amazing
aaisha sair
aaisha sair Pred dnevom
If you went on say yes to the dress I’d DIEE
Kasai Sardothian
Kasai Sardothian Pred dnevom
Why did she get XXL?? Ahaha
Menchie_ Gang
Menchie_ Gang Pred dnevom
Okay so who else is thinking baby names?
Antooo Pred dnevom
That black dress looked amazing on you, though 😍😍🖤
Mags Martini
Mags Martini Pred dnevom
"I try disney bounding for a week"
vjpearce Pred dnevom
You saying black wedding dress reminds me of the comedy series Allo Allo, where Heir Flick pulls out a black leather wedding dress: Helda: A black leather wedding dress? Heir Flick: What did you expect? White leather?
Sandy Cholewczynski
Did you send the, back. How nasty some we're. Thx. You had me laughing.
Chelsi Ruiz
Chelsi Ruiz Pred dnevom
I bought my wedding dress from wish, and it was perfect no complaining, nothing was wrong, and I wore it on my wedding day and my husband loved it and said I was beautiful. Me personally Safiya, I see you in a mermaid styled dress, maybe some lace or rhinestones your choice, corset dress, and batwing sleeves. Good luck finding your PERFECT dress!👍👍👰🤵
seerat fatima 1122
seerat fatima 1122 Pred dnevom
My dear safiya you should do " I mix all my blush"
Janet Leo
Janet Leo Pred dnevom
You are hilarious! That was the best review of wish I've seen yet LOL. I have ordered from there for gifts for my daughter and they came and I laughed. Nothing like what was advertised LOL
Raz Gharbi
Raz Gharbi Pred dnevom
you should try *Wedding Dresses from ASOS,* they actually have some decent designs in their own bridal design section
Raz Gharbi
Raz Gharbi Pred dnevom
i actually want to see her do his now
Melanies Msp Welt
Melanies Msp Welt Pred dnevom
joyce kirk
joyce kirk Pred dnevom
you should do this again with amazon
Sammy Zell
Sammy Zell Pred dnevom
How long does it take to arrive because I ordered 4 things at the same time and it comes on April 17
Brandi Barr
Brandi Barr Pred dnevom
you should mix face mask
Kate Nation
Kate Nation Pred dnevom
Trust me the Excalibur Hotel is *Defiantly* the place you could wear the renaissance dress
Chitra Devi
Chitra Devi Pred dnevom
Hey Safiya Why have you not been uploading please don’t say that you are only uploading on the memberships Yours truly A stranger
Chitra Devi
Chitra Devi Pred 5 urami
Ok then
Amrys Pred 5 urami
The info says, videos once a week. I guess this means, that they are not for non-paying viewers. Which is fine of course, only a bit misunderstanding.
Ida Plesner
Ida Plesner Pred dnevom
Kan du egentligt take dansk????
diamond Pred dnevom
Not bad lol
Rhea Singh
Rhea Singh Pred dnevom
I saw an ad on Instagram about gel nail polish pen!!! It said " Get perfect nails with 3-in-1 Gel Nail Polish Pen.Flawless Nails have never been easier!" You should try it out bujibeauty.com/products/3-in-1-gel-nail-polish-pen
Maira Kauser
Maira Kauser Pred dnevom
Are you a muslim safiya
Michelle Tilbury
Michelle Tilbury Pred dnevom
So this has nothing to do with this video but could you possibly try curology? I know your skin isn’t bad or anything of that sort but it would be nice to hear your thoughts on it, especially since I’m sure we’ve all seen the ad on SLvid a million times.
Happy Catuts
Happy Catuts Pred dnevom
My "wedding dress would be a skirt and a top. There u go. A dress.
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