Is Luka Doncic the best NBA rookie since LeBron James? | First Take

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Will Cain, Ryan Hollins and Domonique Foxworth evaluate Luka Doncic's rookie year with the Dallas Mavericks and compare it to LeBron James' rookie season from 2003. Hollins agrees with Rick Carlisle's statement that Luka is the best rookie since LeBron, but Will and Foxworth bring up Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant as other players to consider as the best rookie since LeBron.
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11. apr. 2019

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Komentarjev 1 930
Jonathan Cosby
Jonathan Cosby Pred 2 urami
He might not win rookie of the year !!!! Tre young been amazing
Ksi Pred 19 urami
El Cuz
El Cuz Pred 3 dnevi
I never seen nothing like it 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ lawd they never see nothing like it smh
jj53s411 Pred 5 dnevi
These 3 should never have jobs talking on tv
D GAMER Pred 7 dnevi
Who is this guy keep riding Le Queen Di_K, Looks like he never watched MJ and Kobe, I am serious who is this guy?
jordan 777
jordan 777 Pred 7 dnevi
Hes better than lebron
Jesse Cab
Jesse Cab Pred 8 dnevi
Hell the fuck no 😂😂😂😂
THE WOAT Pred 8 dnevi
Jesse Cab luka one of the best rookies of the century mate
Faloth Pred 8 dnevi
Well probablly yeah because he’s Slovenian
STATS DONT LIE Pred 8 dnevi
yeah compare him with blake but forget that BLAKE was playing almost 40 minutes to get those numbers...
STATS DONT LIE Pred 8 dnevi
LUKA in less minutes has a lot better stats and has made more clutch shoots then LBJ in 10 years...
Jabari Paris
Jabari Paris Pred 8 dnevi
foxworth is saying anything doncic is 19-20 blake was like 22-23 already
Mateja Tejka
Mateja Tejka Pred 8 dnevi
Xenophobic Americans, I guess. Lukas rookie numbers are even better than Lebrons...C'mon haters, open your eyes already.
mandapalque Pred 8 dnevi
Better than KD? Not even close.
THE WOAT Pred 8 dnevi
mandapalque lol www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.fcgi?request=1&sum=0&player_id1_hint=Luka+Doncic&player_id1_select=Luka+Doncic&y1=2019&player_id1=doncilu01&idx=players&player_id2_hint=Kevin+Durant&player_id2_select=Kevin+Durant&y2=2008&player_id2=duranke01&idx=players
Has King
Has King Pred 9 dnevi
Yes and he will be better then Lebron and will have more rings then Curry.
Basketball God
Basketball God Pred 8 dnevi
Has King lol stop
Meredith Leavitt
Meredith Leavitt Pred 9 dnevi
Not Even Close
THE WOAT Pred 8 dnevi
Meredith Leavitt hellooo?
THE WOAT Pred 8 dnevi
Meredith Leavitt trae had the WORST DRPM in the LEAGUE this szn lmao www.espn.com/nba/statistics/rpm
Meredith Leavitt
Meredith Leavitt Pred 9 dnevi
+THE WOAT so I guess trae young is what.... the 2nd or arguably best too lol How can u possibly think this bsxwhen hes barely gonna win his own roy race U euros r u fukn joke doncic dickridin lol bitches Doncic is a stat padding, non winni g impact type of player Devin booker... Lite
Aras Limaj
Aras Limaj Pred 9 dnevi
ryan hollins doesn't even watch games he has a guy to watch his games ryan should be fired
chillstep4life Pred 9 dnevi
Ryan Hollins is an idiot.
darkknightsds Pred 9 dnevi
Domonique Foxworth is awful and looks like a deer in headlights
veazy v
veazy v Pred 9 dnevi
What’s with these fake ass rookies. Ben Simmons and the 4 year professional Luka.
THE WOAT Pred 9 dnevi
veazy v luka was 19 for most of the szn mate
Mia Dowd
Mia Dowd Pred 9 dnevi
The shade by Dominique tho Ryan: “I played against KD his rookie year” Dominque: “Yeah we know. You played against everybody and we’re coached by all of them” Lmao 😂😂😂😂😂
alc blazee
alc blazee Pred 10 dnevi
LeBron should have went to the 76rs dont @me
Futuristictpa Yt
Futuristictpa Yt Pred 10 dnevi
I will say one thing.......I think this is the first time in the league where we are seeing a possible ROY and A MVP who are both from outside of the U.S. Not to mention one already has a superstar status and the other one seems to be very close as well. This is fantastic and all, but I think we should find a way to better develop our young players as well. And I am not saying this because Euro league players may or may not take over the nba one day, but because we have great young talent that is not always maximizing their potential as players.
Wolfpack Media
Wolfpack Media Pred 10 dnevi
Tyreik Evans was 20 5 5 also
Hop Off
Hop Off Pred 10 dnevi
Can they get their lips off LeBron’s dick for one day? Jesus fucking Christ these mfs can’t stop talking about him!
Chris Dreamer
Chris Dreamer Pred 10 dnevi
ben simmons af 17 8 8 and made it to the 2nd round of the playoffs
Never Fearful
Never Fearful Pred 10 dnevi
Its painful just how little Ryan Hollins knows about basketball...and he's a basketball player. Jesus Christ.
Nate Tha Great
Nate Tha Great Pred 10 dnevi
Hell no
THE WOAT Pred 10 dnevi
Nate Tha Great hes up there tho
KPianoMan Pred 10 dnevi
Ryan Hollins feels like he's so good like to the point that he feels he actually accomplished something relevant in his career. The other men in the lineup had decent points bringing up kd or blake griffin but Ryan for some reason acted so defensive about it. Bad analytics all the way
Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst Pred 10 dnevi
Get Hollins outta there...stupid fuck
Donovan Amaranto
Donovan Amaranto Pred 10 dnevi
Why is Ryan Hollins here?
Wuthell Wethbrook
Wuthell Wethbrook Pred 10 dnevi
D Rose KD Tyreke Evans Blake Ben Simmons Should all be in the conversation
Chris Dreamer
Chris Dreamer Pred 10 dnevi
ben simmons 17 8 8
Truth Pred 10 dnevi
Ryan Hollins belongs in a sports bar debating basketball, not on TV 😂
CTFKeith1994 Pred 10 dnevi
talking about those stats lol Griffin was 21 and played 38 minutes per game. Doncic was 19 and played 32 minutes per game.
STATS DONT LIE Pred 8 dnevi
finally someone who sees reality...
Gibs Edits
Gibs Edits Pred 10 dnevi
No, the best rookie since bron was drose tbh
THE WOAT Pred 10 dnevi
Gibs Edits not even close
Michael Rondon
Michael Rondon Pred 10 dnevi
Bro Donovan Mitchell was a lot better in his rookie season than Luka
THE WOAT Pred 10 dnevi
Michael Rondon stop
Humza Uddin
Humza Uddin Pred 10 dnevi
Foxworth shitted on Collins 😂😂
Humza Uddin
Humza Uddin Pred 10 dnevi
“Most polished rookie we’ve ever seen” no shit the dude played professionally in Europe.
LeX iEcho
LeX iEcho Pred 10 dnevi
Man Ryan Hollins is getting on my nerves
Pointer Ryan
Pointer Ryan Pred 10 dnevi
Luka was, but the later part of the season he wasn't as consistent. That said, give him next season and we will see. I believe he has it in him
DaRebel Pred 10 dnevi
So we are just going to forget about Trae young?!!! Lol!!! I think it should be co ROY. Luka and Trae both had great seasons leading their teams.
THE WOAT Pred 10 dnevi
DaRebel why should it be co? Luka has way better stats
Kenshiro Pred 10 dnevi
Ryan= 🗑
Sean Tilley
Sean Tilley Pred 10 dnevi
Take Will Cain and give him his own show. Dallas repping like a boss.
Basic Droid
Basic Droid Pred 10 dnevi
Ronaldo is the best athlete not lebron
owen bengco
owen bengco Pred 10 dnevi
*Ben Simmons left the chat*
Hash Trey
Hash Trey Pred 10 dnevi
Ryan Hollins Face Is Punchable 🤛
AJ ON THE MIC Pred 10 dnevi
Yo who tf is that chick???? if the rest of us ran first take.........BYE MOLLY
Seventh Mist
Seventh Mist Pred 10 dnevi
White rookies matter.
RA Wanderlust
RA Wanderlust Pred 10 dnevi
Hollins go home man. What you sayinn man. 🤐
Bartholomew Lyons
Bartholomew Lyons Pred 10 dnevi
Why them niggas arguing over white meat?
E D Pred 10 dnevi
Ben Simmons was better. it’s easy for luka to be the best player on a terrible loosing team. Overall he is fantastic and definitely deserves the Rookie of the year award.
Armin Hashtroodi
Armin Hashtroodi Pred 10 dnevi
He is the reincarnation of Dirk
erick adegarg
erick adegarg Pred 10 dnevi
the forgot D. Rose
Lazuardinho Pred 10 dnevi
LeBron is the most talented athlete we've ever seen in any sport? He is not even the most talented in basketball 😂
Dallas Carver
Dallas Carver Pred 10 dnevi
At 2:01 Hollins Talking and Looking like somebody Momma while making no sense at the same time lol get this queer off ESPN
DLKnightstick1989 Pred 10 dnevi
The "[insert player here] wasn't a rookie because they were drafted a season before they played their first game" argument is just stupid. The debate isn't about if the player is a basketball rookie. It's about them being an NBA rookie. And if you've never played a single game, you can't be a rookie. That's why at the end of the season last year Andre Ingram became a 32 year old ROOKIE. He had been playing professional basketball for a while, but never before in the NBA. It's so simple; I don't know why people argue against it.
Why2k Pred 10 dnevi
Yall forgot about Michael Jordan
DwadeFL4SHMV3 Pred 10 dnevi
Yo get this Thomas the train face lookin ass off my phone mannnn why does his ugly ass get airtime
34JROD34 Pred 10 dnevi
Ryan Hollins a clown. Didnt think espn could get this much lower
Trailblazin 33rd
Trailblazin 33rd Pred 10 dnevi
LeBron to the Mavs!
Antonio Bridges
Antonio Bridges Pred 10 dnevi
crazy because melo lowkey had a better rookie season than lebron
If u look at stats is luka even better than last years roty? Who also got to the 2nd round of the playoffs while being the best player during the 1st series
cocoy bibit
cocoy bibit Pred 10 dnevi
I see Hollins i press dislike
La Flame
La Flame Pred 10 dnevi
Zion is coming 🤫
rachel Pred 10 dnevi
ben simmons was the best rookie since lebron and you cannot tell me otherwise TTP
Brett Frost
Brett Frost Pred 11 dnevi
How is that if he isn’t even better than Trae young
THE WOAT Pred 10 dnevi
Brett Frost luka gonna win unanimously or by a landslide. Ur wrong
Aye Bee
Aye Bee Pred 11 dnevi
Take Ryan off of fucking TV
Nkosi Barrow
Nkosi Barrow Pred 11 dnevi
Who is the black guy camping for every player not named Luka? He’s annoying.
Moustapha Moussa Bouh
Moustapha Moussa Bouh Pred 11 dnevi
Americans... "Lebron most talented athlete across all sports" Dearie me
GoshJosh Pred 11 dnevi
lets be honest, we play Luka at SF but he is really our PG, brunson is just a very good high IQ player like Luka, so they work well together, but Luka runs the offense so he is our PG, brunson could be the steal of the draft
mejo Pred 10 dnevi
Zavdon Pred 11 dnevi
And blake at his best is the best PF
Zavdon Pred 11 dnevi
10-12 years luka gonna be the GOAT
ollihro82 Pred 11 dnevi
guy on the right side is a frickin idiot
Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo
Shout out to Ryan Hollins who's been the team mate of everyone in the NBA and outside of the NBA, LOL
Brandon Means
Brandon Means Pred 11 dnevi
I know he didn’t turn as great as he should’ve.. but Tyreke Evans had a Lebron like rookie season too. 20ppg 5.3 Reb & 5.8 ast Lebron 20.9(21) PPG 5.5 Reb & 5.9 ast. But I mean Luka’s at 21 6 & 7 so I mean hey 🤷🏾‍♂️
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
Brandon Means Per 36m Luka 23.7p 8.7r 6.7a Tyreke 19.5p 5.1r 5.6a Bron 19.1p 5.0r 5.4a 🤷🏻‍♂️
Cap Change is Always Possible
Carmelo had a better rookie season than lebron and they were drafted the same year . 1 & 2
Christian Tran
Christian Tran Pred 11 dnevi
blake did the same shit over and over, luka over blake any day of the week, except dunk contest weekend.
Tenjin San
Tenjin San Pred 11 dnevi
Are you seriously comparing Griffin's 2nd year to Luka's rookie year?!
allstar sports
allstar sports Pred 11 dnevi
the new fake white hope. he's hot garbage
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
allstar sports 24/9/7 per 36m mate
Jumanji Woe
Jumanji Woe Pred 11 dnevi
Drose had the best rookie playoff run
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
Jumanji Woe nope
J Horne
J Horne Pred 11 dnevi
Yo I be LMAO at these Ryan H. comments. He be rubbing a lot of people wrong... Is it his Face?? LMAO
Thomas Tripp
Thomas Tripp Pred 11 dnevi
Who’s this little urkel ass mofo.. dude be talking wayyyy 2 fast and sweating profusely
BigTmusic.com Pred 11 dnevi
0:16 Ryan Hollins asks Ryan Hollins a question that no one else would have asked Ryan because that would mean Ryan is going to talk longer.
Kelstooo Pred 11 dnevi
Tre young is way better than luka... they’re both franchise players, but young should get rookie of the year
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
Kelstooo no hes not and no he shouldnt lmao
Jonathan Dow
Jonathan Dow Pred 11 dnevi
Umm..Donovan Mitchell?
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
Jonathan Dow luka>spida
Norbert Mieczkowski
Norbert Mieczkowski Pred 11 dnevi
Better athlete than Larry? Crazy how much they underrate larry
Kelstooo Pred 11 dnevi
Ben Simmons wasn’t a rookie 🤷🏾‍♂️
D.J. Morris
D.J. Morris Pred 11 dnevi
Tyreke Evans would be a perennial all star if the kings would have left him at pg🤦🏾‍♂️💯
Hugh Jassel
Hugh Jassel Pred 11 dnevi
Trey Young is the shit!
Bando Jonez
Bando Jonez Pred 11 dnevi
Melo actually had a good rookie season and made the playoffs as well averaging 21 a game
happy ride
happy ride Pred 11 dnevi
Wouldn't that be something if he became better then mj and kobe, holy fuck, a white dude? Hahah, hey it's a possibility, how old is vs 20! And he's doing this? Lol
Harold Townsend
Harold Townsend Pred 11 dnevi
Trey young putting up the same numbers up
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
Harold Townsend 21/8/6>19/4/8. Luka beats trae in pts reb stl blk efg% tov per ws bpm and vorp. Cmon man
silent_ride_home Pred 11 dnevi
Naw.. Even Mitchell had a season just as good as him last year... similar number as Luka.. Better defense and killed the thunder in playoffs...
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
silent_ride_home luka>spida
kou moua
kou moua Pred 11 dnevi
Really lebron??? Dwade was better as a rookie. Cmon man
Adam A
Adam A Pred 11 dnevi
the answer is no, he is the best nba rookie since jordan
TheJumpman319 Pred 11 dnevi
Blake griffin???
Jaden B
Jaden B Pred 11 dnevi
I PlAyed aGainsT roOkie KD who the fuck are you bro
Jaden B
Jaden B Pred 11 dnevi
I’d rather trade Luka back for Trae than keep listening to Ryan and Will talk
Iversonwings Pred 11 dnevi
Ryan Hollins tries so hard, but he still sucks as an analyst
Raylord Serrano
Raylord Serrano Pred 11 dnevi
Ryan Hollins u trippin nigga
Raylord Serrano
Raylord Serrano Pred 11 dnevi
But i agree with luka daz good
Razatiger Ault
Razatiger Ault Pred 11 dnevi
So KD and Derrick Rose died? As well as Melo? Didn’t Melo lead the nuggets to the playoffs in his rookie year as well?
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
Razatiger Ault better ROOKIE szn. R u stupid?
Razatiger Ault
Razatiger Ault Pred 11 dnevi
+THE WOAT Are you stupid? Dont compare doncic to 2 of the greatest scorers of our generation and the youngest MVP of all time.
THE WOAT Pred 11 dnevi
Razatiger Ault luka better than all of em