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Joker - Teaser Trailer - In Theaters October 4




3. apr. 2019

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RF RC Pred uro
Almost looks like Jack Nicholson, the best fit for joker in my opinion.
Am I the only one who got emotional watching this trailer 🤔🤔
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
Poor Joker.
Krayton 86
Krayton 86 Pred uro
At 0:39 you'll know blood will flow like a river later on! :P
1:45 so creepie
salsal bio
salsal bio Pred uro
Empyreal Denizen
Samarth Srivastava
If you meet right people in your life, you could become Joker or something totally different like a Politician.
Lama 7
Lama 7 Pred uro
Oscar is waiting
jfan P
jfan P Pred uro
never liked a movie sooo much by just watching its trailer!
Reyes Black
Reyes Black Pred uro
LazyJoe Pred uro
This is a perfect example of how movie trailers should be. Music fits really well and I put it up there with Watchmen's trailer. Doesn't really reveal anything (*cough* Pet Cemetery and countless others) and just leaves you wanting more. This really should be the only trailer they release.
Incredible World
Incredible World Pred 2 urami
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Asakura Takeshi
Asakura Takeshi Pred 2 urami
This version of Gotham deserves to live in chaos, they have created the joker
Bhargab Das
Bhargab Das Pred 2 urami
Definitely going to be better than Shazam 😂😂
Mike The Magic Man
Mike The Magic Man Pred 2 urami
Oh boy! I cannot wait for this movie. I hope they actually say how he got his scars because in The Dark Knight, he changes his story every time he tells it.
Vaccinize Pred 2 urami
Joker Trailer > Star Wars Trailer
Jeff Skywalker
Jeff Skywalker Pred 2 urami
Vaccinize this trailer made me forget about the Star Wars trailer completely!
Σάκης Ναούμ
Imagine this joker and ben affleck's batman at same movie
Ali Hasyimi
Ali Hasyimi Pred 2 urami
i dont know why, i came back here after watching final trailer of Godzilla, feel like the trailer created by same person/team
tord Pred 2 urami
I dont know what about you all but im mercy on the joker
Saket Sinha
Saket Sinha Pred 2 urami
DC: We gotta make a good movie * *brings Joker back* *
Penact Pred 2 urami
I can imagine Leonardo DiCaprio being a really good joker joker
OoM MoO Pred 2 urami
Nope I don't think so!
Mike Pred 2 urami
“I used to think my life was a tragedy, but now I realize it’s a comedy.” Never heard truer words.
konrad5000 Pred 2 urami
Un1versal Giraffe
Un1versal Giraffe Pred 3 urami
I still hear Johnny cash
Benchmade Tactical
Benchmade Tactical Pred 3 urami
Please ! Do NOT release any other trailers until release .. if you want to keep the hype ❗️👏 and please make this rated R and graphic as f 👌
Cie Tai
Cie Tai Pred 3 urami
100th time I've watched this
BabaDucks Pred 3 urami
Put "JOJI- SLOW DANCING IN THE DARK" And MMMM. Edit: I actually did it! slvid.net/video/video-tjQv9a83TsE.html it's unlisted so you have to click on that link
AudioAndroid Pred 3 urami
All I need now to top off this Trailer High is for Zazie Beetz to come out dressed as Harley Quinn.... racecar spelled backwards.
Silly Little Thot
Silly Little Thot Pred 3 urami
This is definitely going to be a great fucking movie. It's an R rated Joker origin story and they're already making some pretty creepy twists in the trailer.
Chris Gabis
Chris Gabis Pred 3 urami
Phoenix should be in Oscar right now
Coffee Pred 3 urami
Heath Ledger lives on!
Kemot300 Pred 3 urami
Joker - The villain that Gotham doesn't need. But one it certainly Deserves.
Barnzooka Pred 3 urami
Just to clear things up the reason DC is not popular right now is because they have still stuck to classic comic movies as the trailer proves. Marvel is geared toward the pop culture (not hating on Marvel) and has pumped out much more movies in a year than DC. I think that after all the Endgame hype has died down this will a great movie that just looks downright interesting. DC will have their moment when this comes out I can assure you.
Numidia Ibrahimi
Numidia Ibrahimi Pred 4 urami
Already seen this 50 times or even more
robsguelo Pred 4 urami
1:08 usually I try make the emotionless, never crying type of man. But this scene... It dries my throat. Heartbreaking.
Gregg S
Gregg S Pred 4 urami
Roman Henry
Roman Henry Pred 4 urami
Honk Honk
mahdi amine
mahdi amine Pred 4 urami
When is this movie coming out ?
mahdi amine
mahdi amine Pred 4 urami
+OoM MoO wow i can't wait till october
OoM MoO Pred 4 urami
4th Oct this year so excited!
John Adm
John Adm Pred 4 urami
The film will be one of the best films in history
[*Channel With No Name*]
Woah! People still watch this trailer. I thought I was the only one. I just keep coming back to it again and again. It’s absolutely amazing.
Blocko Pred 4 urami
I have to agree with everyone here that I am excited to see this film. But I’m still skeptical bout this because last time we saw the joker he was terrible but overall the teaser was amazing and Phoenix will hopefully give the joker life
OoM MoO Pred 4 urami
please when I was watching Leto's joker trailer I knew it was bad and couldn't watch the whole movie it didn't seem good or even make sense to me but with this new joker it's different Joaquin Phoenix looks amazing and fits to play this role unlike Leto's joker there is no chance to be bad I'm sure they will make it right this time!
Matthew Maifrini
Matthew Maifrini Pred 4 urami
Holy shit
Giovanni Baresi
Giovanni Baresi Pred 5 urami
Cannot stop watching this trailer still as good as the first time watching it.
CharlieZuko Pred 5 urami
They should have given him an unknown name, kinda like they do in Fight Club and Layer Cake, where the names of the lead characters are never mentioned.
Jon Avenger71985
Jon Avenger71985 Pred 5 urami
I love clowns so this movie is right up my alley.
top 5 EVERYTHING Pred 5 urami
Heath ledger is proud on this jocker and smiling form heaven.
Outworld Studios
Outworld Studios Pred 5 urami
What if they made a shitty Jared Letto Joker on purpose, only to leave people so disappointed that when they made a good version of the Joker; More people would watch it and hence more cha-ching.
OoM MoO Pred 4 urami
I think they wanted a good looking actor and of course Leto's a good actor in other movies but not in this role with a dark deep character so they was trying to just focus on that to make a successful movie but with the weak script and the whole thing didn't work out that role need more than handsome man with just a previous good roles it's need more needs an actor fits the evil dark deep side of the character and also need a good script a story to tell and good director that's what happened in my opinion! and the new joker really seems perfect and fit to play this role!
야스 레저도 기립박수치겠노
Samuel Camacho
Samuel Camacho Pred 5 urami
Some of the things I loved about Batman The Animated Series is, how it showed every villain as a victim of society. Freeze, Clayface and Joker. This movie seems to capture that essence masterfully. Villains aren't born, they are creative.
OoM MoO Pred 4 urami
Yes Omg I love animated series of batman so much still watching it from time to time best stories and memories!
MiłeX Pred 5 urami
Wtf is with his body
Sam Samson
Sam Samson Pred 5 urami
*Joker, crossover with the NEW Netflix SHE-RA cartoon. Season 2 comes out on April 26.*
Arturo Cabral
Arturo Cabral Pred 5 urami
Let’s if this one can do better than venom?
LookHereLookListen Pred 5 urami
Roman Henry
Roman Henry Pred 4 urami
Honk Honk
daring dude
daring dude Pred 5 urami
Am I the only one whoz dream of the millenium MCU uniting with DC
Kultrick The Kulprit
I used to think the Democrat party was a tragedy, but now i realize it's a comedy.
Subhodeep Thakur
Subhodeep Thakur Pred 5 urami
I think the bruise on his back at 0:40 is from the crash at 2:00 🤔 Its really getting crazier out here
pprkt0 Pred 6 urami
Honk honk
LookHereLookListen Pred 5 urami
Rock Raven A.G.
Rock Raven A.G. Pred 6 urami
How many times have you come back to watch this trailer? I'm nearing a googolplexian.
nicolas acuña
nicolas acuña Pred 6 urami
Vivimos en un asaito
Top Games Daily
Top Games Daily Pred 6 urami
Joker: Wanna Know How I Got These Scars DC: Don't Worry Joker We Will Show Everyone How Joker: SHIT!
Nick930 Pred 6 urami
When he stomps on the wet ground to the beat... goosebumps.. this looks so freaking good
Xxm3nxX 2007
Xxm3nxX 2007 Pred 6 urami
That made me crying 😭 It reminds of school days when I used to be on 1st grade My mom was always there for me and now I’m helping her
Dark Knight F
Dark Knight F Pred 6 urami
The start of something 👍🏻.Marvellous trailer
Ninad Taggarse
Ninad Taggarse Pred 7 urami
I thought my life is a tragedy...but actually my life is a comedy...just like joker😁😁
Ayush Choudhary
Ayush Choudhary Pred 7 urami
This is that movie which is making me consider watching DC's movies
The Lion
The Lion Pred 7 urami
I don’t know if this is a trailer or a whole movie because this trailer is AMAZINGG
Something New
Something New Pred 7 urami
The worlds most dangerous man, is the one who finally gains confidence
T0mmybravo Pred 7 urami
We’ll eventually ask you one thing and one thing only Joaquin... DONT DIE THIS TIME!!
I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was the Joker.
nudrat muneeb
nudrat muneeb Pred 7 urami
Have to watch it daily man 💕
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali Pred 7 urami
Wawawo 👌❤️ Blockbuster
Evafamia Langstodir
Evafamia Langstodir Pred 7 urami
Damn, we can't get enough of this trailer!
Evafamia Langstodir
Evafamia Langstodir Pred 6 urami
+OoM MoO same!
OoM MoO Pred 6 urami
I know right? everyday I'm here to watch it so good!
rakesh gen
rakesh gen Pred 7 urami
41K dislikes by marvel comics fans 😑👈....why
Lavi Moyal
Lavi Moyal Pred 7 urami
Maybe disliker are kaylie's Fan
ramlisinaga 300
ramlisinaga 300 Pred 7 urami
47m viewer mostly adults Unlike End game, 3 years old kids can watch it
Conner Cruz
Conner Cruz Pred 3 urami
@ramlisinaga 300 your just a dc fanboys
Mr. AltradoT
Mr. AltradoT Pred 7 urami
This is new york 1980 !!
CharlesX Pred 8 urami
it is just drama movie?
First Name Last Name
Honk honk
sherwoodz Pred 8 urami
2:06 - 2:10 = a man who fears nothing... just beautiful and creepy at the same time, damn....
Gurveer Singh
Gurveer Singh Pred 8 urami
Oh how much I love warner bros and how they make realistic villainous stories, how real life like adventure as we sit and watch the true comedy of comics.
Keroz Nazri
Keroz Nazri Pred 8 urami
Right after watching this teaser trailer, I straightaway searching for 'teaser trailer reaction. I swear!
OneTakeBigDog Pred 8 urami
This mightjust be my favorite trailer ever!!
Dwin Pred 8 urami
please be rated r
Elithekid12345 Pred 8 urami
His laugh is incredible. I get chills
Michael Parisi
Michael Parisi Pred 7 urami
Me too
Unnatural09 Pred 8 urami
Joker is supposed to be anarchy, because that's all he is. He's the opposite to batman who is the symbol of law.
OoM MoO Pred 6 urami
Honestly batman's character is boring in my opinion if they only make the movie about him I'm done with that very boring and I prefer Joker's character deep deep character who we feel related to we need to know more about his dark past and maybe next movie batman and joker both in would be good.
seshu A
seshu A Pred 8 urami
Oscar movie
Manish Pred 8 urami
1:11 that smile !!!!!
Reko Sanchez
Reko Sanchez Pred 8 urami
Let’s not forget Joaquin quit acting to be a rapper in the 2010 doc “I’m still here” from rapper to joker🃏
森仔Tony Pred 8 urami
I was so sad when he get bullied in 0:25
OoM MoO Pred 6 urami
me too sad then I will be happy when he take revenge after that I will crying of happiness if that happened and I will put a smile on my face then!
The Triggering
The Triggering Pred 8 urami
Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?
Guillermo Reynoso
Guillermo Reynoso Pred 8 urami
1:05 me when i saw jared letos joker
Steve L
Steve L Pred 9 urami
Let's me guess, his mother's name is Martha.
krissy crossway
krissy crossway Pred 9 urami
I never would have thought to put him in this role but when you think about it, he's perfect. He's already faced an actual life of betrayal, death, mockery. Losing his brother, being made fun of for wanting a singing career after beautifully portraying Johnny Cash..This man has experienced actual pain. This is the product of PERFECT casting. I can't wait to see this.
Glennfalse Pred 9 urami
The Killing Joke
IA pro 9
IA pro 9 Pred 9 urami
00:12 - when u know people hate u. 2:11 - when you relize audience love joker more then batman
kmz tube
kmz tube Pred 9 urami
1:28 best part
kmz tube
kmz tube Pred 9 urami
I don't think it's like any joker we have seen i think that's gonna h'all new movie talling h'all nather movie
Manuel Vitalerio
Manuel Vitalerio Pred 9 urami
Finally a movie worthy of the number 1 villain in all dc
Ogledi 10 000 000
My Son's First Kiss **sweet**
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