Juventus 2-1 Milan | Kean Strikes Again and Grabs a Late Winner! | Serie A

Serie A
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Juventus came from behind to secure 3 more points and move ever closer to the Serie A title
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6. apr. 2019

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Darth Vader
Darth Vader Pred 4 dnevi
Mandzukic makes a spectacular bicycle kick effort. Pepe Reina tips over the bar at full stretch. Dybala and Kean win it. In the CL, though, I feel that Ronaldo is not the right person for Juventus. He can't fit in with Dybala, Mandzukic, and Pjanic. We need to get someone who actually knows about teamwork. Who will let Pjanic take the free kicks. Who will give leadership to Chiellini and Mandzukic. Etc
Hüseyin Ahmet Balaban
resmen milanın hakkı yenmiş
christian straker
christian straker Pred 6 dnevi
as a new fan of juventus my favourite player is dybala
Kemal Leyhan
Kemal Leyhan Pred 8 dnevi
Milanın verilemeyen penaltısı için gelen Türk kardeşlerim 0.59 :)
Ibrahim Incesu
Ibrahim Incesu Pred 8 dnevi
Var only works who ever ref is supporting
MERT HOLMES Pred 9 dnevi
Hakem de az orosbucocuğu değil ha
ismail aykut
ismail aykut Pred 10 dnevi
Hakem türk galiba:))
Kadir Reyiz
Kadir Reyiz Pred 10 dnevi
Bgy den geliyom
Efe OKUR Pred 10 dnevi
Bu aq hakeminin gözüne maçtan önce boşalmıştım ondan görememiş
GTR13 F Pred 11 dnevi
Not The Right Referres For This Game !
Kergit Soylusu
Kergit Soylusu Pred 11 dnevi
Milan always loses Juventus.
Donal.J Trump
Donal.J Trump Pred 11 dnevi
김반석 Pred 11 dnevi
refree gave juve a victory.. It look like sily dicision for milan
AdiQ YT Pred 11 dnevi
Forza juve
The gaming T-rexes
The gaming T-rexes Pred 11 dnevi
Juventus for the win Italia
Qoqo Odena
Qoqo Odena Pred 12 dnevi
Juventus win because the referee, againt!!!
John Neko
John Neko Pred 12 dnevi
Євген Тимченко
raymi9612 Pred 12 dnevi
It's not about who is the best in Serie A, because it is Juventus at this moment, obiously. But we did deserve atleast a point from this game, but Juventus are being favoured by the refs even now when they do not need it. It's a total disgrace.
julie nasser
julie nasser Pred 12 dnevi
which team has most feraris
juninho Casas
juninho Casas Pred 12 dnevi
Juventus has always been a corrupt club.
abdalla abdulrahman
abdalla abdulrahman Pred 12 dnevi
I think VAR was for Juventus side of that day not for Milan
Cup Cream
Cup Cream Pred 12 dnevi
Owwww RONALDO 👽👽👽
Tole Gaming
Tole Gaming Pred 12 dnevi
No justice
Katie Pickett
Katie Pickett Pred 12 dnevi
Milan was all over them Juventus showed a terrible performance
onyque12 Pred 13 dnevi
juve conspiracy... again, again and again boringgggggg
Oyun Delisi
Oyun Delisi Pred 13 dnevi
N Q8
N Q8 Pred 13 dnevi
ANDY JONES Pred 13 dnevi
Denis Rybin
Denis Rybin Pred 13 dnevi
Ronaldo +++++++
Gangga Dwi Saputra
Gangga Dwi Saputra Pred 13 dnevi
Juventusooo won Seri-a Helping Referee.. All Match
Gangga Dwi Saputra
Gangga Dwi Saputra Pred 9 dnevi
+Dede Waluya sengaja
Dede Waluya
Dede Waluya Pred 11 dnevi
Belajar bahasa inggris lagi dek.
Ahmed el-banna
Ahmed el-banna Pred 13 dnevi
Forza milan 🖤❤️
12345 6789
12345 6789 Pred 13 dnevi
Trận này công nghệ VAR dùng để làm màu hả, cho có hả anh trọng tài??
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Pred 13 dnevi
Laltlansanga Sailo
Laltlansanga Sailo Pred 13 dnevi
Where is Ronaldo
Z Official
Z Official Pred 13 dnevi
Om Ronaldo... brova.. black n wait the winner....
Γιώργος Μπιλης
Νο penalty? What?
Michał Ka
Michał Ka Pred 13 dnevi
Fortnite Na MAKSA
Fortnite Na MAKSA Pred 13 dnevi
Pio Pio
edo mulyawan
edo mulyawan Pred 13 dnevi
Juventus league calcio or italian league ???
Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren Pred 13 dnevi
best. corrupt. league. in europe.
Quazi Omar Ferdous
Quazi Omar Ferdous Pred 13 dnevi
Piatek ♥️
Elang Lombok
Elang Lombok Pred 14 dnevi
علي الحمزي
علي الحمزي Pred 14 dnevi
مافي تعليق عربي ياحمير
Idham Wihar
Idham Wihar Pred 14 dnevi
Corruption league
Andiasta Kalpin
Andiasta Kalpin Pred 14 dnevi
Juve and referee , classic
Elena Basbakan
Elena Basbakan Pred 14 dnevi
RICHTIG ÜBEL mit haxfun kann man alle gelöschten bilder auf snap und insta wiederherstellen und mit alle mein ich ALLE!! also auch von anderen
Keine Angabe
Keine Angabe Pred 13 dnevi
Ist das jetzt deutsch?
Chris 587
Chris 587 Pred 14 dnevi
Elena Basbakan lol what?😂😂😂😂
bizim eller
bizim eller Pred 14 dnevi
basbakanmi? neyin basbakani ayol :)) calhanogluyla emreyi izlemeye gelmissin gibi :)
Noobsss Pred 14 dnevi
The referee should be fined for making a wrong decision even after the var....
Januari Sitompul
Januari Sitompul Pred 14 dnevi
Welcome to juve, refeere for juve
PROD. July
PROD. July Pred 14 dnevi
3:52 and happily ever after “Itza us! Ah Marios! “ Ketcheggo!!”
paul leon
paul leon Pred 14 dnevi
Moise kean el mejor.. 💪▶👽
Gani GF
Gani GF Pred 14 dnevi
Im a juve fans but i feel bad for milan
KaMiKaZa Pred 14 dnevi
Every timejuve have reffre like taliavento , luca banti , fabri
Anindita Maesa
Anindita Maesa Pred 14 dnevi
hmm,, hmm
Hodor Pred 14 dnevi
ARYA GAMERZZ Pred 14 dnevi
Milan Like
Ace 212
Ace 212 Pred 14 dnevi
Bonucci though
mzpreholic jr
mzpreholic jr Pred 14 dnevi
Hahahaha.. Dr awal kalau dapet pinalti bisa dihabisin tuh juve.. Keren maen nya Milan.. Mantapss..
Sol Sepatoe
Sol Sepatoe Pred 14 dnevi
haters : juve without ronaldo, no party. juve : no no no, we have referee... :p
S G M de Paz
S G M de Paz Pred 14 dnevi
Atraco de la Juve otra vez..... y van unas cuantas
Si MoMo
Si MoMo Pred 14 dnevi
Woy indonesia, Munculah kalian bujank
Mirmo Pred 14 dnevi
Dunno why I even bothered. Same old Juve winning 95% of thier games in the league.
channel unfaedah
channel unfaedah Pred 14 dnevi
Ahhh taiiikk sama aja kayak di indonesia,itu ada var juga malahan,anak papahnya italy ya juve wkwk, jelas penalty tuh hands ball, man of the match refree #forzamilan🔴⚫
Justin Farrugia
Justin Farrugia Pred 14 dnevi
Best Team in the whole world
Manuel Sinedd
Manuel Sinedd Pred 14 dnevi
Bonucci 🤐🤐
twinomujuni henry
twinomujuni henry Pred 14 dnevi
Bse of one penalty mistake your all tripping, come to England 20mistakes and we stay calm Remember Barcelona V chealse
Luciano Tarres
Luciano Tarres Pred 14 dnevi
Sreehari Sadasivan
Sreehari Sadasivan Pred 14 dnevi
Ooo juve have ref
Ramadhan Nirwanda
Ramadhan Nirwanda Pred 14 dnevi
4TheLoLzz legit
4TheLoLzz legit Pred 14 dnevi
Duche 27
Duche 27 Pred 14 dnevi
Pancet wae... Menang diewangi wasit.... Yo iku juve...
Ervin Irawan
Ervin Irawan Pred 14 dnevi
Fabri is mvp 🖕 in this match.
Destroyer ?
Destroyer ? Pred 14 dnevi
Hakem kel ama beyni sıfır amk iki penaltı ulan kör olsa verir lan 😂😂😂
kentank kotd
kentank kotd Pred 14 dnevi
Juve mafia
kentank kotd
kentank kotd Pred 14 dnevi
Juve mafia
Alejandro Diaz
Alejandro Diaz Pred 14 dnevi
Moisé kean sera fichado por el Madrid....09/04/2019
Marcello Confeiteiro
Marcello Confeiteiro Pred 14 dnevi
You think they’d have the social awareness with all the racism to not call Kean the “hottest property in Serie A,” like that’s unacceptable
Aru Umbara
Aru Umbara Pred 14 dnevi
Mhd Rendy
Mhd Rendy Pred 14 dnevi
Kmana ni abang gue cr7
Abdulpdeir Morse
Abdulpdeir Morse Pred 14 dnevi
قنااااص من الدرجۃ الاولي
Farhan Nis87
Farhan Nis87 Pred 14 dnevi
Bodo punya referee
capeqbijan Pred 14 dnevi
guys please dont forget about juve bribery scandal. The bribe still continue until now.
DrIft3Rz Gaming
DrIft3Rz Gaming Pred 14 dnevi
Where's CR7? :(
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero Pred 14 dnevi
Lol that was not a pen. If you think think it was you're a juventus or ronaldo bandwagon fan that now supports juventus. Not only does he move his arm into the penalty area(away from the ball) but the ball goes towards his arm anyways
Drajat s
Drajat s Pred 14 dnevi
No referee no party...great job ref!
Carlos Ponte Tejada
Carlos Ponte Tejada Pred 14 dnevi
Y sin cr7 :v
Nada zei monalisa
Nada zei monalisa Pred 14 dnevi
Bikin sakit hati sang pencuri rela lakuin ini slvid.net/video/video-Ds1Gv--vicA.html
Pub Goo
Pub Goo Pred 14 dnevi
Bonucci is score for juventus
Clinton Laishram489
Clinton Laishram489 Pred 14 dnevi
world is devided into two christiano fan and messi fan....pliz stop hating each other and lets make football a legend game
M M Pred 14 dnevi
Can I ask ? Where is Ronaldo ?
Marko Nikolic
Marko Nikolic Pred 14 dnevi
The thing is not to be equal on the field, own doing by referree 🤔
arya wibisono
arya wibisono Pred 14 dnevi
Where is ronaldo?
Ronald Madziro
Ronald Madziro Pred 14 dnevi
Keane should go to Premier League,he will be more appreciated there than playing for this Fascist Serie A league.
E L Pred 14 dnevi
Juventus league not Seri A
Siapa Aku
Siapa Aku Pred 14 dnevi
Stanley Pred 14 dnevi
Hahaha thats why juve never won champion cup. bcz can't buy referee...Italy just full of calciopoli. and this team is the lead of that...
Mike Morelli
Mike Morelli Pred 14 dnevi
Milan, 8 years in a row without a victory in Turin! Juventus shot them down easy as 1, 2... well, this time we stopped at 2!