Kicked by a Taekwondo Expert

The Slow Mo Guys
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Gav and Dan learn what is required of someone on the Kukkiwon Taekwondo.




14. mar. 2019

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nightbling890 Pred 2 urami
I use to do kajukenpo when I was younger and I’m a yellow belt. It was very fun and always great to show my friends how high I could kick. But that time is over and now I can kick high but can’t run a mile
Phoenix Commander
Phoenix Commander Pred 2 urami
I knew it was going to happen
sandeep singh
sandeep singh Pred 3 urami
Thanks God... the taekwondo girl not kicked on your **** otherwise no medical science will help you to become a father forever 😂😂😂😂
Tobogganeer Pred 3 urami
*Dan kicks seven y/o*
Jonathan Chambers
Jonathan Chambers Pred 3 urami
Film Joe Rogans kick!
EmoRageX YT
EmoRageX YT Pred 4 urami
Put that headmaster inside a ring with Buakaw or Saenchai to check his TKD skills against Muay Thai legends
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick Pred 6 urami
Bwahaha take ones dough
Patrick Edgley
Patrick Edgley Pred 7 urami
When punched the board it was against the grain
Bebel Souza
Bebel Souza Pred 10 urami
' Souza
Bebel Souza
Bebel Souza Pred 10 urami
hansfriess Pred 11 urami
Why is dan always the fall guy why don’t you change it up a bit
Shot Boi 2.0
Shot Boi 2.0 Pred 15 urami
9:56 what was that, she said POW
Paul Arlukiewicz
Paul Arlukiewicz Pred 17 urami
chickeyta20 Pred 18 urami
7:43 I heard dans nuckles crack
Logan McCutcheon
Logan McCutcheon Pred 18 urami
NEVER PUNCH A BOARD! Unless you're expert, always use a palm strike
erick digby
erick digby Pred 22 urami
You came for 9:50
crowspike Pred 23 urami
6:17 :0 Omg
Big Boi
Big Boi Pred dnevom
*cough brainwashed *cough
Sebastian Martin
Sebastian Martin Pred dnevom
Awe the little girl is actually a hurricane. Knock down anything
xXj229mXx Pred dnevom
I thought it was the Cookie One team
Yes No
Yes No Pred dnevom
10:23 Poor DAN scared. Look at eyes closed ~
Stefan Pred dnevom
Well in Germany it takes about 7 years to get a first degree Blackelt xD
TheGreatWarrior123 Pred dnevom
Let Joe Rogan kick you, that would be a great episode :)
miguel pineda
miguel pineda Pred dnevom
Use an adult..
Medo Hamdani
Medo Hamdani Pred dnevom
Thank you for making a video about TaekWonDo which means the art of using a fist and leg.
luuke luketer
luuke luketer Pred dnevom
I want the kid on my security team...........
Milpy Pred dnevom
So, they kick with their hands? 10:53
mkms 17
mkms 17 Pred dnevom
1:17 Never thought of this position but I’ma try it tonight
MAX the SAVAGE Pred dnevom
Wow i was soo happy when i got yellow belt and then this😭
nightbling890 Pred 3 urami
Me too amigo me too
Ring ShinBing
Ring ShinBing Pred dnevom
KotaGaming Pred dnevom
7:29 family guy
dbspaceoditty Pred dnevom
im sure they used thin cheap boards because they didnt want to hurt them self for a stupid youtube video
Justin Carawan
Justin Carawan Pred dnevom
(Watches montage) Somewhere, Sylvester Stallone is laughing!
MestreShadow 0
MestreShadow 0 Pred dnevom
I dindnt know that Fallen is one of the slow mo guys
Alexander F
Alexander F Pred dnevom
TIL, Dan is actually in pretty good shape.
mustafa ekşi
mustafa ekşi Pred dnevom
Lisek Pro
Lisek Pro Pred dnevom
I'm training taekwondo!
Adam Mc Garrity
Adam Mc Garrity Pred dnevom
Gav just had to keep up the tradition of Dan getting injured.
aquablaze Pred dnevom
Is that bmo’s actor?
Pedro Sequeira
Pedro Sequeira Pred dnevom
I wish I could kick like a 9 year old girl.
Manzoor Ahmad
Manzoor Ahmad Pred dnevom
who came back to watch the montage?
Raymond Pan
Raymond Pan Pred dnevom
Dan, you gotta mop them floors. Girls legs dirty.
James Murray
James Murray Pred 2 dnevi
Joe Rogan spinning back kick. Have him on and do it. Doubt he’ll come on, but still it would be cool.
Eazyone23 Pred 2 dnevi
As Bruce Lee would say .... Boards Don't Hit Back !!
Michael Davis
Michael Davis Pred 2 dnevi
That was the worlds most adorable kick
bBrain Pred 2 dnevi
and there goes the comments disabled
FlashGFX Pred 2 dnevi
Fire ! subbed liked , maybe u can do the same?
Billy Chrisnada
Billy Chrisnada Pred 2 dnevi
6:36 That face. When your teacher know you are awful but have to give a plause just to cheer you up
Erica Alexandria-Roth
Danica showed up and my heart melted gjfkffn YOU GO BBY KICK ALL THE DANS
bored.identitty Pred 2 dnevi
I wish we got to see the team reacting to seeing themselves in slow mo. I remember in the episode with the eagles, seeing the woman who works with them react to the footage was so cool. It shows people in these different fields the things they encounter everyday, in a way they've never seen before.
nightbling890 Pred 3 urami
신기한닉넴 Pred 2 dnevi
Is he Sokratis Papa?
Judas Iscariot
Judas Iscariot Pred 2 dnevi
Shame taekwondo is complete garbage and you'd get knocked out in 3 seconds flat trying this nonsense in any fight.
Mujhtuba Baksh
Mujhtuba Baksh Pred 2 dnevi
That was great. I think that little girl will be a nice addition to the channel lol. Scene stealer that one.
bonamb Pred 2 dnevi
"Most impressive human feets I've filmed in slow motion"
Pushkar Kulkarni
Pushkar Kulkarni Pred 2 dnevi
Taekwondo expert!!!! Mmmmmm he's gonna hurt a lot. 8:17. Awwwwwww 9:55 Ooooooooo, good
Shoeb Md
Shoeb Md Pred 2 dnevi
Great video though
Shoeb Md
Shoeb Md Pred 2 dnevi
If they wore a pink tutu it would look a lot like a fusion of martial arts and ballet. Like prancing kicking pony or a swan under rainbow. "Cuteness and claws"
TheToastRevenge Pred 2 dnevi
maybe it is a good idea, to try and find some kind of group or collective, doing something very fast and perfectly synced, just like @vasu maru suggested with a drum corps. your job would be finding their "level of sync" and determine how accurate they really are / how accurate and on time a human can possibly be.
ceh1237 Pred 2 dnevi
A soft wind would break those boards
player 2 joinded
player 2 joinded Pred 2 dnevi
Real kungfu panda😍😍
Mike Karman
Mike Karman Pred 2 dnevi
Cookie won? Any cookie wins with me!
CamSC Pred 2 dnevi
how's the hand? Still a bit stiff.
woody Pred 2 dnevi
Ohmy gosh when did you guys visit my country haha
Dijkkla Pred 2 dnevi
(I've no idea who is who) Aside from acting, when after the training montage they both punch a board, the first one was correct but the second one held the board wrong.
Demon Asta
Demon Asta Pred 2 dnevi
Ayeee I do Taekwondo 🥋
John Whodat
John Whodat Pred 2 dnevi
Mike Tyson can take all these members at once.
Vexsus22 Pred 2 dnevi
Am I the only one that feels click baited
A 1964 Chevy Impala
A 1964 Chevy Impala Pred 2 dnevi
i just realized how bold dans eyebrows are
deathk1ller100 Pred 2 dnevi
Wanna be Airman
Wanna be Airman Pred 2 dnevi
Surprised that not many people at all noticed how Gav just changed the direction of the wood grains to prevent Dan from punching through it.😂
Austin Morehead
Austin Morehead Pred 14 urami
He also didn't lock his arms while holding the board like Dan did.
Tokeo -/ /- Skiry
Tokeo -/ /- Skiry Pred 2 dnevi
Kicked by a Muay Thai Expert next
Fraol F
Fraol F Pred 2 dnevi
I thought it was Q from impractical Jokers on the thumbnail
Virgil Ierubino
Virgil Ierubino Pred 2 dnevi
Ahaha that was too cute!
Timothy Whieldon
Timothy Whieldon Pred 2 dnevi
you need to show us the full show, no slomo and no commentary, just the action please
SpirareExpressions Pred 2 dnevi
The quiet Asian smile at 4:38 in agreement.
Fled From Dema
Fled From Dema Pred 2 dnevi
I’ve been in Taekwondo over 3 years and I test on June 15 for 1st degree black belt 🥋
Fled From Dema
Fled From Dema Pred 20 urami
Thx. It is gonna be a very testing. (Pun intended)
iEvolution -
iEvolution - Pred dnevom
Good Luck. :)
Double Cross
Double Cross Pred 2 dnevi
0:56 Nah that's just K-Pop
Sword of ManticorE
Sword of ManticorE Pred 2 dnevi
My 10 year old son has been doing TKD since he was 5 and has been a Poom belt for the last 1 and a half years. With his kicking techniques and constant deep core training, his round house kicks can break my ribs. His tornado kick can take my head of my shoulder with all the power he has. Taekwando has the world's most powerful kicks in the martial arts world.
Happy Sisters
Happy Sisters Pred 2 dnevi
10:15 quickie watching
NGT Pred 2 dnevi
I keep thinking of all that foot grease on the floor...
Broomtwo Pred 2 dnevi
Dan's lucky he didn't completely break his hand lol
Miguelito 101XD
Miguelito 101XD Pred 2 dnevi
Cookie one team
We Lit
We Lit Pred 2 dnevi
Taekwondo... The least effective major martial art.
schase10353 Pred 2 dnevi
7:25 Gav is a douche because he held Dan's board against the grain, which makes it impossible to break! And Dan's montage was brilliant, I think Gav is just jealous at his mad TaeKwonDo skillz. XD
AnhViet Tran
AnhViet Tran Pred 2 dnevi
LOL 1-2 years to get a blackbelt. What a joke.
Whizzy the Elephant
Whizzy the Elephant Pred 2 dnevi
"Whenever you're ready, give me a good wack" The only legit situation where you can say that to a child.
Sleeping Backbone
Sleeping Backbone Pred 2 dnevi
Dante Faulk
Dante Faulk Pred 2 dnevi
I was kinda hoping dan was going to get blasted across the room xD. Great vid tho!!
Skereee Pred 2 dnevi
Se parece a auronplay el de la miniatura
Dam Jackass
Dam Jackass Pred 2 dnevi
I waited 20 years for this
Roger Ek
Roger Ek Pred 2 dnevi
Dylan Stankewicz
Dylan Stankewicz Pred 3 dnevi
Hands down, better than the Rocky 4 montage
Mouwcat Pred 3 dnevi
i cant be the only one who clapped at the end of the montage
Malte Binz
Malte Binz Pred 3 dnevi
the grain on the wood was the other way...
Aaron Meighoo
Aaron Meighoo Pred 3 dnevi
HA! Human _feets_ :D
Robert Oortwijn
Robert Oortwijn Pred 3 dnevi
Lmao that joke saying 7 is half your life
Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall Pred 3 dnevi
looks cool, but taekwondo is too flashy, put any of them against an amateur MMA fighter and i bet they get balled up
DJMelodic Pred 2 dnevi
It's not really about strength. It's more about technique, patience, skill, coordination, and motivation. Similar to suggesting to have a ballet professional take on a wrestler. Fighting is not their goal so of course, they would likely not win.
Sabrina Sierra Pagán
Dan can already get his stunt double license. 😂
Bipradeep Das
Bipradeep Das Pred 3 dnevi
2:42 😍
Rob Ackerman
Rob Ackerman Pred 3 dnevi
7:25 he is holding the board wrong! He is holding it so Dan is punching against the grain of the board. That makes it soo much harder!!
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