LA Clippers vs Golden State Warriors - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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Golden State Warriors vs Los Angeles LA Clippers - Game 1 - Full Game Highlights | April 13, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season
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14. apr. 2019

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Ximo Pierto
Ximo Pierto Pred 9 dnevi
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Jonathan Barreto
Jonathan Barreto Pred 4 dnevi
Ko, ,,
suib ismail
suib ismail Pred 7 dnevi
Tv3 woman scorned akhir
suib ismail
suib ismail Pred 7 dnevi
+tomitstube Woman scorned tv3
ngichuru3 Pred 8 dnevi
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The Realist
The Realist Pred 8 dnevi
Thanks for the longer vids
Elli Pantia
Elli Pantia Pred dnevom
LA CLIPPERS special move rolling at the floor
tyler killingsworth
tyler killingsworth Pred 2 dnevi
you suck
Sal A
Sal A Pred 3 dnevi
# Ximo Pierto, if monetization is disabled on your channel then why do you create these videos? Do you work for free?
rehoboth rehoboth
rehoboth rehoboth Pred 3 dnevi
Yeah curry kevin durant klay thomspom
rehoboth rehoboth
rehoboth rehoboth Pred 3 dnevi
Yeah curry kevin durant klay thomspom
MAHDI X GAMING Pred 4 dnevi
Imm Litty
Imm Litty Pred 5 dnevi
This is what i dont get. Who dislikes this video lmao
東野 Pred 5 dnevi
mad dog Beverly
dhie Ar
dhie Ar Pred 5 dnevi
Did lebron team get the spot to the playoffs?
Bad Cornflakes
Bad Cornflakes Pred 5 dnevi
Why was Steph wearing A black and yellow shoe? Looks nice
Kenneth Osorio
Kenneth Osorio Pred 6 dnevi
So ain’t nobody gon talk about 12:44😂
mckenly charlon
mckenly charlon Pred 6 dnevi
durant is not playing will,, he give the chance to curry to back the mvp title , I think,,, good team,,
markgerald tejidor
markgerald tejidor Pred 6 dnevi
kudack82 Pred 6 dnevi
스테판 커리
Alessandro Promio
Alessandro Promio Pred 6 dnevi
8:56 wtf??
alan2021233 Pred 6 dnevi
warriors offense is just structured around giving curry space lol
City Hunter
City Hunter Pred 6 dnevi
good play white team congrats ^_^
moon ryan
moon ryan Pred 6 dnevi
Basketball in Africa is developing very well.
Diskubre Channel
Diskubre Channel Pred 6 dnevi
Season of Upsets
Kyle We
Kyle We Pred 6 dnevi
8:50 steph poster Beverly 😂
Hi im Ryou
Hi im Ryou Pred 7 dnevi
Nobody spotted that Curry 8 step no dribble ???
uraz gg
uraz gg Pred 7 dnevi
There is a no man in clippers
AndyD Productions
AndyD Productions Pred 7 dnevi
So is nobody going to mention that HARD AS F*CK travel as 8:56 by Stephen Curry LOL
Monsta Dunker
Monsta Dunker Pred 7 dnevi
Looks like the Warriors blew another “3 1” lead
Jose Bustamante
Jose Bustamante Pred 7 dnevi
Curry a simple normal player , u take away he’s 3 pointers he’s garbage
Bob Larsen
Bob Larsen Pred 7 dnevi
Me trying to cover all of my responsibilities 7:17
Tam Adrian
Tam Adrian Pred 7 dnevi
50%of curry's open shot are from moving pick!
Matheus Ortega
Matheus Ortega Pred 7 dnevi
Lou Williams best curry
Zed with Red
Zed with Red Pred 7 dnevi
Draymond green three point shooting form is like old man shooting
kojo kojo
kojo kojo Pred 7 dnevi
12:46 is everyone notice that hi five haha
Adzie 82
Adzie 82 Pred 7 dnevi
great win by the clippers! leaded by the orc brothers!
Seth g
Seth g Pred 7 dnevi
Cain Marco
Cain Marco Pred 7 dnevi
Hayden Peck
Hayden Peck Pred 7 dnevi
So we all just gon ignore Lou Williams performance orrrrrrr
woozie Pred 7 dnevi
Jsudjjd Djjdhdj
Jsudjjd Djjdhdj Pred 7 dnevi
Doğan Güntürkün
Doğan Güntürkün Pred 7 dnevi
Durant'ın gerçekten itici bir orospu çocuğu olması, sinir bozuyor. Piç. Do GS fans really like Durant? Every time I watch it, it breaks my nerves.
Sports Central
Sports Central Pred 7 dnevi
Here we go!!!
enzio kho
enzio kho Pred 7 dnevi
Brandon Xia
Brandon Xia Pred 7 dnevi
Fuck the clippers. Fuck Lou Williams. I hope he fucking break both his legs and die some day. Fucking beat my team?!?!?
JackGeezy Pred 7 dnevi
Your team? Shut up bandwagon ass
TEE JONES Pred 7 dnevi
??? Dude people are sick
Karl vincent Manuel
Karl vincent Manuel Pred 7 dnevi
Congrats idol steph and your team
Dybz Jr
Dybz Jr Pred 7 dnevi
KD is such a bitch
Noah Lee
Noah Lee Pred 7 dnevi
8:40 Looney almost got shook by Lou Williams
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen Pred 7 dnevi
Can I get a rip at 12:44
BREAD CRUMBs Pred 7 dnevi
7:13 bruhhh I’m dead 💀
꧁꧂Ꮆ Ꮛ Ꮼ Ꮧ Ꮆ Ꮛ꧁꧂
How many rings will the chef end up with?
Rayshawn Winbush
Rayshawn Winbush Pred 7 dnevi
I like the old intro song better
Jhon Eren Barreto Garcia
Gracias brother x subir los vídeos de Golden state Warriors eres mi Dios
Isabel Oli
Isabel Oli Pred 7 dnevi
Contact lenses Steph is better than squint Steph.
Timothy/Tristan/Tanya Alvarez
Aisha & Reyyy ZK
Aisha & Reyyy ZK Pred 7 dnevi
Where was this located?
RAGINGcajunAsian Pred 8 dnevi
Truly a gift to this planet. Keep doing the lord's work XP
Alfred Melencion
Alfred Melencion Pred 8 dnevi
Burn 12:43
Austin De Guzman
Austin De Guzman Pred 8 dnevi
Steph starts: they win Steph sits: the other team starts to catch up Steph plays: they win
Isabel Lora
Isabel Lora Pred 8 dnevi
Los mejores eso equipo k se que de para siempre
Blaxican Pred 8 dnevi
Most improved looney with the fade aways 😎💪💯💯💯
Jake Balasila
Jake Balasila Pred 8 dnevi
Lou williams bruh
ZeidGho Pred 8 dnevi
Cousins with the threeee... misses, Curry with the rebound -What?
KFC Lover
KFC Lover Pred 8 dnevi
Víctor Esteban Brito Santiago
Lou Williams is todo.
radius radii
radius radii Pred 8 dnevi
Shai Gilgeous-Alexander is gonna be a superstar. Mark my words. His style of play reminds me of Penny Hardaway. He has skills, as a rookie, that you can't teach. The Clippers better hold onto him!
Quaker Throats
Quaker Throats Pred 8 dnevi
Curry passing is underrated
david ale
david ale Pred 8 dnevi
30, 11, 9, 35 and 23 combinations really hard to beat.
Adamantium Pimmel
Adamantium Pimmel Pred 8 dnevi
Andy E
Andy E Pred 8 dnevi
I like how everyone is going all crazy over them bearing the Clippers.. THE CLIPPERS.. No shit, GS is going to win its the Clippers. I'll be more impressed when they face a stronger team.
MOBA Gaming NYC Pred 8 dnevi
Lou Williams carrying his team
niuniuhan Pred 8 dnevi
根本就是 戏耍一样的打法。这就是王朝球队。
Randzi Pred 8 dnevi
They set so many moving screens
Randzi Pred 8 dnevi
This time of year again where all the comments are warrior “fans” but if they lose there isn’t a single soul in site
Ryan Montero
Ryan Montero Pred 8 dnevi
lou williams is an asset
Fresko88 Pred 8 dnevi
Curry 15 rebounds?🤔 i already see his next objective...
久雄仲村 Pred 8 dnevi
SUCKmyDicc JuHuurd
SUCKmyDicc JuHuurd Pred 8 dnevi
NBA so fake son. I rather watch classics
RAY GROVER Pred 8 dnevi
slvid.net/video/video-2SikejL24hQ.html Golden State Warriors Store vs Customer - Full "Game" SF Store | Jan 18, 2019 Store Playoffs
RAY GROVER Pred 7 dnevi
risehitsiblaze Pred 8 dnevi
New music video city in the sky m.slvid.net/video/video-LFT190IzV9s.html
ballerboy doyoueven
ballerboy doyoueven Pred 8 dnevi
I got Magic in 5 against warriors #facts
Fredhen April
Fredhen April Pred 8 dnevi
Curry play off mode...🔥🔥🔥
Anthony Beltran
Anthony Beltran Pred 8 dnevi
Takes 5 superstars to win a championship golden state is the biggest pussy ass team ive ever known whoever is a golden state fan yall are fucking fake asf
Isaiah Miller
Isaiah Miller Pred 8 dnevi
Fuck Kevin draunt
Glorious evening
Glorious evening Pred 8 dnevi
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Chenita Degoma
Chenita Degoma Pred 8 dnevi
The dunk from Curry tho in 8:50
Chenita Degoma
Chenita Degoma Pred 8 dnevi
The dunk from Curry tho
Rikimaru B
Rikimaru B Pred 8 dnevi
it possible only 2 teams have a chance to beat the warrior. Rockets and Bucks
Tomoya Reez
Tomoya Reez Pred 8 dnevi
Greatest Shooter Of All Time #ChefCurry 🤘
Spencer Keene
Spencer Keene Pred 8 dnevi
How was 1:37 a three? Foot on the line .
2k. Benford
2k. Benford Pred 8 dnevi
So y’all gone tell me lou did not fucking carry that ball?!
Jamie Grimes
Jamie Grimes Pred 8 dnevi
Enjoy it while it lasts gs fans. This is ur last year!
Ekis Nicer
Ekis Nicer Pred 8 dnevi
Putang ina nu gsw,yumabang n kau lhat,tang ina nu
Neasia Rhynes
Neasia Rhynes Pred 8 dnevi
Curry playing in 1080p now... they going all the way... why did curry switch shoe?... he’s about to have everyone wearing mix match shoes 👟
Floof Frames
Floof Frames Pred 8 dnevi
Lou Williams to Warriors confirmed.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Pred 8 dnevi
Rashaid Clarke
Rashaid Clarke Pred 8 dnevi
I demand to know who mop the floor. Every play someone’s on the floor
FatOnesFull Pred 8 dnevi
The NBA referees have turned into such pussies. Durant and beverly should not have been ejected
Michelle Branch
Michelle Branch Pred 8 dnevi
This team was way overly physical and refs called nothing I think the refs were wrong about ejecting Durant. They allowed Beverly to hold him hug on him way to much they should have called multiple fouls on Beverly and fouled him out the game, that shit was way over the line, Cleveland's coach should have been fined
Jack park
Jack park Pred 8 dnevi
Curry is the best player in the league by a mile. There is no fucking way KD would ever win the Finals if he had to carry the team.
Ian Carlo BARTOLOME Pred 8 dnevi
NBA Playoffs is boring without Lebron James.. bron haters gonna bash me now 😂😂😅😅
Jack park
Jack park Pred 8 dnevi
Curry's three point shooting is better than most of the league's FG%.
Tailooan Tan
Tailooan Tan Pred 8 dnevi
NBA "RARE" Moves Part 1
Ogledi 11 000 000
$199 Chair Vs. $9,800 Chair