Lukaa Dončič vs Rockets; 19 Pts, 15 Reb, 9 Ast! HUGE Block on Capela + Harden!

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11. mar. 2019

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Ivdza Kengur
Ivdza Kengur Pred 11 dnevi
Hahahahah ni dončič ampk dončić poprau to
Ricardo Feced Ibañez
Ricardo Feced Ibañez Pred 12 dnevi
Luka is getting more strength and toughness month by month. I guess Luka will need only few months more to be very competitive athlete against others. Impressive!
Izzy Giggi
Izzy Giggi Pred 11 dnevi
Ricardo Feced Ibañez true bro !! Go luka :)
AJ Miranda
AJ Miranda Pred 12 dnevi
his knee is bothering him
sail555away Pred 12 dnevi
:-) slvid.net/video/video-7eJx2eDhd9A.html
Gabrielle Lara Baniqued
Wasted effort. Seemed they forgot time running out n did not call timeout
Mark Pullin
Mark Pullin Pred 10 dnevi
Tank mode activated. Probably trying to keep their pick
Casper The Ghost
Casper The Ghost Pred 12 dnevi
Na obeh koncih je pri 20ih letih praktično neustavljiv, future is bright !
Marcus Pred 12 dnevi
when surrounded by good players he will be triple-double machine…
Ron Košak
Ron Košak Pred 12 dnevi
Luka on Harden? Harden "only" scored 20pts, wich is low for this season. happy to see Luka working on his defence and all aroundness to help the team + he still manages to play sensational in offence
Alan Foster
Alan Foster Pred 11 dnevi
Players don't block Harden's outside shot. It just isn't done. Amazing reaction by Luc.
M B Pred 11 dnevi
Ron Košak Harden gave Luka a lot of respect in the post-game interview though 👍🏻
Ron Košak
Ron Košak Pred 12 dnevi
+M B my bad, thanks.
M B Pred 12 dnevi
Ron Košak No, Kleber on Harden for quite some time. Kevin Pelton tweeted that Kleber defended Harden as good as a big man possibly can
SinkHollyWood Pred 12 dnevi
Luka truly reminds me of Bird
iusedtobeurs924 Pred 12 dnevi
go luuuuuuukaaaaa!
Robert Balejik
Robert Balejik Pred 12 dnevi
Luka Magic
Dino Valussi
Dino Valussi Pred 12 dnevi
Strgan je..... Hehehe
Izzy Giggi
Izzy Giggi Pred 11 dnevi
Dino Valussi res trga gate :)
ikor roki
ikor roki Pred 12 dnevi
He looks much more athletic now than at the beginning of the season. I new they will pimp him up... the best guys working with the best guys having best possible equipment. How cool is that!
Izzy Giggi
Izzy Giggi Pred 11 dnevi
ikor roki yeh the nba trainings are more based on athletisem then in europe. His a beast, like this guy wery much . Not just like a player but as a person also. His smileing and having fun all the time. Proud to be a Slovenian :)
Headkick Ko
Headkick Ko Pred 12 dnevi
Ni dovolj izkušen za NBA. Ni dovolj eksploziven, atletski, veli... Haha naribal vas bo, tak da bo po zažgani gumi smrdelo...
Izzy Giggi
Izzy Giggi Pred 11 dnevi
Haha res je :) o njem se bo se dolgo pisalo.
Eveline Perko
Eveline Perko Pred 12 dnevi
YEAP 😂😎👌👍👏
xXlegend xX
xXlegend xX Pred 12 dnevi
Just needed 1 more assist for triple double
Matias Kočner
Matias Kočner Pred 12 dnevi
Magicov Luka
Θανάσης Ξενάκης
Haha Gregor you doing it again man, cheers
Kagami Taiga
Kagami Taiga Pred 12 dnevi
Roty for sure
R M Pred 11 dnevi
+Alex B I said it's bullshit if you just want an education in basketball, not altogether. It's also bullshit for students who don't want any of their tuition going towards propping up semi-pro/slave athletic teams.
Alex B
Alex B Pred 11 dnevi
R M yup such a bullshit system that 99% of the best players of all time are a product of American schools. But you’re right, it’s such a bad system.
R M Pred 12 dnevi
+T- Mac Some do. But some think he's an affront to the NCAA feeder league system, which is a rather bullshit system if all you want to do is play basketball.
T- Mac
T- Mac Pred 12 dnevi
+DrP1po what the fuck are you talking about Americans adore Luka they all love him
DrP1po Pred 12 dnevi
Nope, sadly not. Media pouncing on every little speck of dust they can to make Trae Young ROTY. If Doncic was American, he would be the unanimous winner. Since he is not, it is gonna be a close loss. Doesnt matter though. We all know who is the better player
Janko Petrovič
Janko Petrovič Pred 12 dnevi
Luka⛹️‍♂️ in njegove vragolije🛸🔥 Maestro!!!🇸🇮🔝👏👏👏
Scarface Reivax
Scarface Reivax Pred 12 dnevi
Neil Abasolo
Neil Abasolo Pred 12 dnevi
Luis Pensado
Luis Pensado Pred 12 dnevi
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