Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season

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Maisie Williams shares her top five iconic moments portraying Arya Stark on Game of Thrones and gets upset when she accidentally lets a major spoiler slip about a big death while trying to describe the show's final season.
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Maisie Williams Accidentally Drops a Major Spoiler in Game of Thrones' Final Season




2. apr. 2019

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Komentarjev 21 812
Claudia Jade
Claudia Jade Pred minuto
As soon as its done I just need to rewatch the whole thing cause I cannot remember Anything
Shubham Mishra
Shubham Mishra Pred 13 minutami
She was telling the truth... The girl died and became a woman in the second episode
Emilie Khaleesi
Emilie Khaleesi Pred 14 minutami
Well something died in the second episode, it wasn’t Arya but it was her v card
TOSH GAMEZ Pred 15 minutami
1:50 was the start HAHAHAHAHA
Drache bleibt Unbesiegt
Drache bleibt Unbesiegt Pred 27 minutami
Shes so a good actor amazing
Diegoscomeback Pred 35 minutami
No virgin will die in episode 3.
Marbelous !
Marbelous ! Pred 38 minutami
Haha she did well
Irman Permana
Irman Permana Pred 59 minutami
Her virginity surely dies in second episode 😂
Jim Mason
Jim Mason Pred uro
Thought she was coming out with the mask / new face and a few weapons saying she had to "smoke" everyone 😂......
Thamam Mubaris
A girl isnt no one if she lies
Robert Ressi
Robert Ressi Pred uro
She doesn't die in the second episode don't worry
George Zaharia
LoOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL i got pranked on 24th of april ... damn.... this prank got me good....
Hans Robert Skjærvær
she is sutch an amazing actor!!!
Tung uska
Tung uska Pred uro
Have you noticed how her hands are shaking after this slip?
Noiki Pred 2 urami
Calvin da great
Calvin da great Pred 2 urami
Its still a spoiler cuz we know arya didn't die in that episode
Mark Steven
Mark Steven Pred 2 urami
Hes such a terrible actor
megatronVS Pred 2 urami
What is wrong with her hair??
Tandord Pred 2 urami
little friend hymen dies in episode 2....
Emilia Konopka
Emilia Konopka Pred 2 urami
Fuck that was so uncomfortable I loved that 😂😂😂
P.R. T
P.R. T Pred 2 urami
Man she has really grown. She just keeps getting prettier. God bless her heart.
girlgamer Pred 2 urami
Yeah she didnt die in episode 2
Sorra Pred 3 urami
She got me for real bruhhhhh 😂 I’m dying
Jake H.
Jake H. Pred 3 urami
I am I the only one who instantly knew this was set up.
Mady Pred 3 urami
At least she ain't dying a virgin 😁
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Pred 3 urami
Lol good prank
VOLTAGE Pred 3 urami
She spoiled that Arya didn’t die in episode 2
Kaitlin Towner
Kaitlin Towner Pred 3 urami
xXDrDistructoXx Pred 3 urami
Gendry killed it alright....
ME BE DOFFI Pred 3 urami
thank god for the ending. i was feeeling shaite bad for that right there
Анастасия Кононова
Она имела в виду смерть своей девственной плевы😘
Frozen Gumwad
Frozen Gumwad Pred 4 urami
Jesus, I just SAW episode two and was fooled...LMAO
bill florina
bill florina Pred 4 urami
She got stabbed alright in the second episode.
Tsering Choezom
Tsering Choezom Pred 4 urami
In this show ,each word and sentence got unbelievable reasons and logic 'u have a daughter and I have a son ' Robert brathan in season 1,season 🙄
Tolstiakov Anatolii
Tolstiakov Anatolii Pred 4 urami
Maisie, you are a little cheeky bastard :)
The.Otis.Burger Pred 4 urami
She is just TOO adorable! I wish her co to use success (as well as all of the other actors) once the show is done. This was one of the best shows in TV history!
It Would Seem I Have Internal Bleeding
Wtf there were literally tears in her eyes
Britney Evans
Britney Evans Pred 4 urami
Holy crap that girl is a good actress.
XileBlue Pred 4 urami
I already say the episode and my heart still dropped she looked so freaked out
5000 Abos ohne Video
April April😂
Izaki Galaxy
Izaki Galaxy Pred 4 urami
2:11 She is a really good actress u can tell,the little trembling of her hand.And the facial expression.She is so good at it.
hijosdeputa1000 Pred 4 urami
She could lie so perfectly cause she is a faceless woman !
ValcryeTheSecond Pred 4 urami
I find it amazing at how well she faked that, that was so genuine it was unbelievable.
MisterL2 Pred 4 urami
Uploaded 1st of April, should have given it away xd
Paul Roberts
Paul Roberts Pred 5 urami
Emmy winning performance from Massie!
BigTdeluxe Pred 5 urami
Well Arya certainly got stabbed in Episode 2 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
DarkeningSkies1 Pred 5 urami
Ha! She is great.
Chrism Chin
Chrism Chin Pred 5 urami
Magnificent actor. Maisie is so convincing!
Jesse Davis
Jesse Davis Pred 5 urami
Second episode and she's still alive
Mason Pred 5 urami
Daaaamn she fucking BAMBOOZLED us
sayan mitra
sayan mitra Pred 5 urami
Ballo Akos
Ballo Akos Pred 5 urami
That was april fools and she did not die in 2nd episode😂😂
Alex Heller
Alex Heller Pred 5 urami
Nice acting! I stated really question the fact that she hadn't died.
BobTheStickMan5 Pred 5 urami
Jimmy Fallons terrible acting makes it so obvious that it’s a joke pahahhaahah
Rachel McIvor
Rachel McIvor Pred 5 urami
Liquid Asylum
Liquid Asylum Pred 6 urami
She died alright, Gendry killed that ass
Sandrilyona Doe
Sandrilyona Doe Pred 6 urami
People are so weird. A girl kills people in violent ways, cooks two men and feeds them to thier father in a pie. And then she has sex and people are like - awww, we lost our INNOCENT Aria. Seriously?
Rohit Ahir
Rohit Ahir Pred 6 urami
nice acting by the way
King Cole
King Cole Pred 6 urami
Something about Arya did die that episode though.....
Aaron Pomeroy
Aaron Pomeroy Pred 6 urami
she doesn't die in episode 2 hahaha
Gorden Grow
Gorden Grow Pred 6 urami
It's fine,she just have sex so it's ok
Teddy Wake
Teddy Wake Pred 7 urami
She’s my favorite character ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
J P Pred 7 urami
Well her virginity died lol
Elise Der
Elise Der Pred 7 urami
It will be very "funny" if she dies in the third episode
Nathan HC
Nathan HC Pred 7 urami
And it was all a lie hahahaha
theminer223 Pred 7 urami
I think that's a joke
Jay McGinty
Jay McGinty Pred 7 urami
Me finding out I got 0/40 on an exam 😳
Omar Pred 7 urami
Rzer Kows
Rzer Kows Pred 7 urami
Who came here after arya x gendery scene
Hvitserks Pred 7 urami
She really is an amazing actress
Ohms Law
Ohms Law Pred 7 urami
Sophie Rieser
Sophie Rieser Pred 8 urami
She's so savage😂😂😂😂
Rachelle Janssen
Rachelle Janssen Pred 8 urami
holy shit that was good!
RAMBIT Pred 8 urami
The second episode of the season is technically episode 1 part 2, so really the third episode of the season is episode 2. Which is when she will die
Aj Fa R
Aj Fa R Pred 8 urami
he does not die but he fucks gendry
Average Joe
Average Joe Pred 8 urami
Cripss Pred 8 urami
She cute tho
gezzly72 Pred 8 urami
Lucky gendry
Kunal Madan
Kunal Madan Pred 8 urami
La petite mort ("The little death") is a metaphor for an orgasm So technically she wasn't lying when she said Arya dies in the second episode
Luisac Pred 9 urami
The only thing that dies in the second episode is her virginity :v
Drago Vatra
Drago Vatra Pred 9 urami
Bran: it was beautiful
Tlustej Cartman
Tlustej Cartman Pred 9 urami
Ah , you got me 😂😂😂👌
wozadamada Pred 9 urami
Damn that girl is a good actress!
Riley Lindsay
Riley Lindsay Pred 9 urami
im showing this to my mom who loves game of thrones.
3s for Es
3s for Es Pred 9 urami
Haha she lied
The Chef YT Gaming
The Chef YT Gaming Pred 9 urami
Oh it’s just an April fools day prank but that was hilarious
The Chef YT Gaming
The Chef YT Gaming Pred 9 urami
Hahahahaha this has got to be fake. This is so awkward
The Chef YT Gaming
The Chef YT Gaming Pred 9 urami
This is fake right
jamie Sutherland
jamie Sutherland Pred 9 urami
Love her as an actress she's awesome
0Lilly zone
0Lilly zone Pred 10 urami
I feel Arya is going to take the face of the night king during the last scene of the battle at kings landing. She did mention she wasn't afraid of death let them come! And she can be many faces.👤☺
Yasien Byy
Yasien Byy Pred 10 urami
That reaction 😂😂😂
Ryan Dulay
Ryan Dulay Pred 10 urami
King Slayer is the real one...
Koko Pred 10 urami
Pues no mintió si la mataron en el 2do episodio🤫💏👉👌
Florent Pred 10 urami
Question is, is this an actual spoiler as in "so she doesn't die" or is it a spoiler in "ah ah you fools" but she actually dies... :)
Maren- BlaBla
Maren- BlaBla Pred 11 urami
Rich Mond
Rich Mond Pred 11 urami
She is a brilliant actor!
Michael Abboud
Michael Abboud Pred 11 urami
OMG she is just epically good actress. Respect! Her acting blew me away.. made me hold my breath . Resect respect!!!
shalee perry
shalee perry Pred 11 urami
I know it was a prank, but when people get like embarrassed, or feel awkward on Tv, i feel super awkward! like it was a prank but I still felt bad for Maisie
forti orestis
forti orestis Pred 12 urami
I saw it after episode two, but she gave an AWESOME!!!!! performance. For sure if I did not know the plot I would feel a bit uncomfortable.
felipe dandrea
felipe dandrea Pred 12 urami
She didn't die on the second episode, just got sticked with the pointy end.
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