MATCH Colors RACE! Which COLOR Burns the BEST?

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Which match Color has the BEST FIRE? I made a race for the most common match colors to find out. Every track contains exactly the same number of matches. Same shape.
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I used matches of various different colors to make a race experiment to find out which matchstick color has the best/fastest fire. This is fire art at it's best. Which one is the winner? Red, blue, green, brown or pink? Let's watch and find out!
This is not a how to video. Never do this at home. We are professionals.




14. feb. 2019

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samantha mendez
samantha mendez Pred 43 minutami
Que padriuris
Jhony Jhonathan
Jhony Jhonathan Pred 44 minutami
San Diiego
San Diiego Pred 44 minutami
Red ❤️
Francisca Pereira
Rosa e mais bonito
Мария Хрипун
Я за голубые
Baban Paul
Baban Paul Pred 2 urami
wow uncle khub BHALO laglo
Nyomi Young
Nyomi Young Pred 2 urami
That must have tooken so long you having to set it up meanwhile not showing your hands on camera adding 2 by 2 and making sure it’s filmed correctly with a good view I give you a good job 👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👍👏👏👏👏👏
Alan Torres
Alan Torres Pred 2 urami
Gano rojo
Cristiane Vasconcellos
En Red
Makayla Duncan
Makayla Duncan Pred 3 urami
Why did you use all the matches
Create-Art Pred 3 urami
4:42 actual race starts! 😜
Moorthi Pradeep
Moorthi Pradeep Pred 4 urami
Tamil video give
Jyoti Kumari
Jyoti Kumari Pred 4 urami
Sorry but this is time waste and money waste nothing else
William Siegfried
William Siegfried Pred 4 urami
gobinda mukherjee
gobinda mukherjee Pred 4 urami
Ut Danh
Ut Danh Pred 4 urami
Hay nhung hoi phi tien
Manish Srivastava
Manish Srivastava Pred 4 urami
What a waste... What a waste...
Ragini Bhavsar
Ragini Bhavsar Pred 4 urami
Copycat coping for intresting and ficus
Juanito IV Lopez
Juanito IV Lopez Pred 4 urami
I vote red is will winner and red is smart at blue
Khawfhang memecancee
ольга бычкова
Что то невероятное. Сколько работы
POTI KHORA Pred 5 urami
very nice
Naima Abidi
Naima Abidi Pred 5 urami
Who loves blue colour
Babu Bhua
Babu Bhua Pred 5 urami
Chote. Car
Sadiq Cəfər
Sadiq Cəfər Pred 5 urami
Cox ela idi
Ebru Kuruoğlu
Ebru Kuruoğlu Pred 6 urami
محمد  القعيطي
Devina my love
Devina my love Pred 6 urami
Ihhh bagusss
Abaas Abaas
Abaas Abaas Pred 6 urami
والله شلون حلوه اني اسوي نفسها المصارعه شحلاته اسوي مسابقه شيلات يلا لا لا عاد لين انا بوحدات
Sevara Sevara
Sevara Sevara Pred 6 urami
Mavlyuda Abdurazakova
Red 1-st😘😘😘
umriah komar
umriah komar Pred 6 urami
Wah pasti capek nusukin korek nya
CRAZU CHAHHEL Pred 6 urami
Rakshitha H M
Rakshitha H M Pred 7 urami
Super 😄😄
fir Firnanda
fir Firnanda Pred 7 urami
Wow cantik
Кубатбек Барманбеков
Mr Troll
Mr Troll Pred 7 urami
This video is so RACEIST
Sangkot Harahap
Sangkot Harahap Pred 7 urami
Hurangan karejo
Ammu swea
Ammu swea Pred 7 urami
Great hard work... congratulations
Ammu swea
Ammu swea Pred 7 urami
I thought red only won the game.....red only best bcz my fab color red😍😍
goren 999
goren 999 Pred 7 urami
Red win👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️
Payal Diwakar
Payal Diwakar Pred 7 urami
red is my luckey.colour because he is my bf s favorite colour
Anand Volvoikar
Anand Volvoikar Pred 7 urami
Nonsense wastage of time and money
LightsOn Pred 8 urami
Vikash Awasthi
Vikash Awasthi Pred 8 urami
Itni match waste why ki
Vikash Awasthi
Vikash Awasthi Pred 8 urami
Yellow match bhi Hoti hai
murat türk
murat türk Pred 8 urami
moussa mazaache
moussa mazaache Pred 8 urami
gdfd udue uwyej jco mnb cgdg ysrzi ichry ezt ucjf mvng hxuf ncjf jxhd jfj kgigu hhhhjj jfjdh hfh hhhjjj
Lucas Moda
Lucas Moda Pred 8 urami
so creative
Palash Roy
Palash Roy Pred 8 urami
U r a artist bro
كرم الامير
كرم الامير Pred 8 urami
Guys.. Thinking why the red is fast.. Any one reply me
Ayshamoni Ayshamoni
Ayshamoni Ayshamoni Pred 8 urami
Jos Video
gaetano loffredo
gaetano loffredo Pred 8 urami
Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Che figata
Elvira Kasimova
Elvira Kasimova Pred 9 urami
Кому понравилось это видео вставте лайк
Arvind Thakur
Arvind Thakur Pred 9 urami
Good video
Sukhdeep Singh
Sukhdeep Singh Pred 9 urami
Matchies ki barbadi
kagdra omen
kagdra omen Pred 9 urami
Real test would be build one at a time and burn one at a time. So that way the heat from the others don't bring matches to the burning point quicker.
IQBAL KHAN Pred 9 urami
Jyoti Mondal
Jyoti Mondal Pred 9 urami
GalaxyGlaceon AMVs
GalaxyGlaceon AMVs Pred 9 urami
*looks for "never do this at home" in des* found it :D
badryh 4mas
badryh 4mas Pred 9 urami
Mark Anthony Onal
Mark Anthony Onal Pred 9 urami
How many macthes did you used😂😂😂
Mohsin Khan
Mohsin Khan Pred 9 urami
I don't believe this!!!!!!!
MD BORHAN Pred 9 urami
all the best
궁 석
궁 석 Pred 9 urami
Suresh K
Suresh K Pred 10 urami
Red Colour Is Faster Than Other Colours
Suraj jha
Suraj jha Pred 10 urami
Aman kumar
Fariya Mim
Fariya Mim Pred 10 urami
Maya Moona
Maya Moona Pred 10 urami
Donald Cabais
Donald Cabais Pred 10 urami
Pink and green
Bishwash Khanal
Bishwash Khanal Pred 10 urami
O my god
Midhun Mathew
Midhun Mathew Pred 10 urami
Vat vat
murugesan kasirajan
murugesan kasirajan Pred 10 urami
Cake drawing nice cake drawing nice cake drawing nice cake drawing nice cake drawing nice drawing
murugesan kasirajan
murugesan kasirajan Pred 10 urami
Cake drawing nice cake drawing nice cake drawing nice cake drawing nice cake drawing nice drawing
Sam. Sa
Sam. Sa Pred 11 urami
والله انه فاضي انا حتى ما في اسوي اول حبيتين وهو ماشاء سوا عمل فني 👏👏
مـلآگ مـلوگ m
Надежда Судакова
Красный выграл
Vijay Kumar
Vijay Kumar Pred 11 urami
Kishankumar Raj you are bast
Rei-chan Miyazawa
Rei-chan Miyazawa Pred 11 urami
i wonder how much time they need to arrange these all
Koshis Moktan
Koshis Moktan Pred 11 urami
I know red will win cuz its my fav colour
Laxmi Bera
Laxmi Bera Pred 11 urami
Healing Space Therapy Clinic
So much pollution
Sonu Rachna
Sonu Rachna Pred 11 urami
U are the beat i like u
salman khan
salman khan Pred 11 urami
The matches are paid actor
Bhatti Prince
Bhatti Prince Pred 11 urami
sudam pradhan
sudam pradhan Pred 11 urami
Red always first and fast
Christien Star
Christien Star Pred 11 urami
kavitha kavitha
kavitha kavitha Pred 12 urami
Instead of waste of cost and time u could do more useful work than this.
kavitha kavitha
kavitha kavitha Pred 12 urami
Red is always yet to come first.....
Suminto Minto
Suminto Minto Pred 12 urami
Aku mili warna biru dan kakak ku berwarna merah 😭😭😭😭
lucky Ingole
lucky Ingole Pred 12 urami
Red is great 💪💪💪💪💪
Abiraj P
Abiraj P Pred 12 urami
Super creativity
Gita Fitriani
Gita Fitriani Pred 12 urami
I like
Anuseenu Anu
Anuseenu Anu Pred 12 urami
Hfkir scientific b having
Pac Tube
Pac Tube Pred 12 urami
I see the Pink one is the best Personally I don't like to lose my match Instantly
Juanito IV Lopez
Juanito IV Lopez Pred 4 urami
The pink will lose
purdiman Oppa
purdiman Oppa Pred 12 urami
wahduh hati hati ya takut kebakaran
Anchala Sai
Anchala Sai Pred 12 urami
I also like red colour
mian Mohsin
mian Mohsin Pred 12 urami
welestom saidy
welestom saidy Pred 13 urami
To torceno po vermelho😄
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