Mi 9 Durability Test! - Is the Camera Lens Sapphire?

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Xiaomi just released their flagship Mi 9 smartphone. A powerful colorful fairly priced device. But is the Mi 9 durable? The only way to find out is with a durability test. We will be scratching the 'sapphire glass' camera lens cover to find out if the sapphire is real or not. I also have a diamond selector tool to test the thermal conductivity of the gemstone like material.
Sapphire crystal is a super premium material. Its hardness level is right next to diamonds on the hardness scale. But when sapphire is not pure... it does not maintain the level of hardness that a pure form would. Sapphire should not start scratching until a level 8 or 9 on Mohs Scale of Hardness.
In depth review on Apples Sapphire: slvid.net/video/video-Zx4hRmuW6TM.html
HTC Sapphire: slvid.net/video/video-yvlYOOLmxgw.html
Kyocera Sapphire: slvid.net/video/video-qNAlQ786cmM.html
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13. mar. 2019

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Absar Khan
Absar Khan Pred 16 minutami
Pls samsung A50 durebilty test plss
WestSideKomiti 1987
WestSideKomiti 1987 Pred 30 minutami
iphones: AM I A JOKE TO YOU !?!?!?!?!?!?
HD_legendz /HDL
HD_legendz /HDL Pred 37 minutami
Please test the huawie y9 2019
GalacticWolf 557
Do a durability test on a ZTE Blaze Z Max
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Efren Piru Pred 2 urami
Try the lg g flex
happy saroj
happy saroj Pred 3 urami
Do Lg G felx
Forttube Schmidt
Forttube Schmidt Pred 4 urami
Apple is so shit
LeoSomeRandomBoi Pred 4 urami
arent u supposed to be small,and mouse?
Meme Master C
Meme Master C Pred 4 urami
Can you do a galaxy j3 star durability test next?
Tomala Games
Tomala Games Pred 4 urami
Do a Nokia lumia 1020 durablity and teardown video
Irappa Hurail
Irappa Hurail Pred 5 urami
Teardown mi 9
Timo Rouw
Timo Rouw Pred 5 urami
1:53 kills me everytime
Liam Temmerman
Liam Temmerman Pred 5 urami
Hey, a little request Could you maybe do a durability test on the fossil q gen 4, I'm thinking to buy it but I don't know how durable it is
Honor Thaun
Honor Thaun Pred 5 urami
S10e durability testtttt
Roby Gadea
Roby Gadea Pred 5 urami
The new nokia
Тимка а
Тимка а Pred 6 urami
Go crash test mi8lite
James jr
James jr Pred 6 urami
-Please check black shark 2 SD855!!
Jonathan Kan
Jonathan Kan Pred 6 urami
Please do vivo v15pro durability test , please please please
pajak tahuna
pajak tahuna Pred 7 urami
samsung galaxy a50 Sir.
Dcmk LD
Dcmk LD Pred 7 urami
can u rig other phones like REALME 3 the sub-brand of OPPO for us?
flybycow Pred 8 urami
Please can you do a durability test for the Huawei p smart 2019
Nicolas Francisco
Nicolas Francisco Pred 8 urami
jerry try some pilipino phones like cherrym mobile,my phone and star mobile please.
DRIPI TV Pred 36 minutami
LOKESH ilove u darlings
Samsung A50 durability test please
yuvan sankar
yuvan sankar Pred 10 urami
Please put vivo v15pro durability test jerry
pranita devi
pranita devi Pred 11 urami
Samsung Galaxy A50
John Jp
John Jp Pred 11 urami
the blade is a serial phone killer
John Jp
John Jp Pred 11 urami
the blade is a serial phone killer
muhammad saad
muhammad saad Pred 12 urami
jerry the agent 67
Bisma Juliar
Bisma Juliar Pred 13 urami
My dream handphone 😭can't buy but you destory so easy 😂 make me sad 😭
mrGhost Pred 13 urami
Next do the Moto z3
Valey Pred 13 urami
But HTC is dead :(
TheMrRoboto Pred 14 urami
Please test the galaxy watch
Gan Sik Khai
Gan Sik Khai Pred 15 urami
Mi 9 teardown please
Muhammad Aufar Ardian
Muhammad Aufar Ardian Pred 16 urami
Waiting for the teardown
cool mind
cool mind Pred 16 urami
I see your every video please give
cool mind
cool mind Pred 16 urami
Please give me one mobile
Léo Natividade
Léo Natividade Pred 16 urami
Poxa mano eu tou querendo um celular desse e vc faz isso
The Chemical Can Studios TM
Amazon fire phone
The Chemical Can Studios TM
Amazon fire phone
MessengerGaming Pred 17 urami
DIEGOgaming69 Pred 18 urami
"Highly scientific Bic inflammatory device I obtain at the gas station"
Toby Tech
Toby Tech Pred 19 urami
When are you going to upload again
agis nara channel
agis nara channel Pred 20 urami
durubality test m20
comminust Pred 21 uro
Can u durability test on honor play
Deht Warfare
Deht Warfare Pred 21 uro
Dude knock it off expensive and very good phones
Veeresh Ananda Butti
Veeresh Ananda Butti Pred 22 urami
Please Do redmi note 6 pro test
Hannan Ali
Hannan Ali Pred dnevom
Test Huawei Y9 2019
Fastin Jijo
Fastin Jijo Pred dnevom
I'm new subscriber for your channel
Baban Dadage
Baban Dadage Pred dnevom
Hello sir Meri apko एक request Hai kuch Mobile compniya Specific Site pe hi apna Mobile Sell karti Hai ex. Red mi note 7 on Flipcart, One plus on Amazon. Meri request ye Hai ki dono website ke upar agar ye Mobile कंपनी अपना प्रॉडक्ट सेल karegi तो हमारा फायदा होगा. जैसे कुछ लोगो ko sirf amazon pe विश्वास होता है तो कुछ ko Flipcart pe. अगर कोई भी प्रॉडक्ट खासकर Mobile Dono Website sell karenge to ye dikkat नही ayegi. Aur Hamare pass Vikalap भी honge. कुछ हो sakega to जरूर kijiye sir. Plz..
Nickolas Augusto
Nickolas Augusto Pred dnevom
Make a durability test on Mi 8 Lite
A Pred dnevom
Hey jery, do Nokia 9 pureview.
Jay Reambonanza
Jay Reambonanza Pred dnevom
The first 45secs of the video is shady
EPGKIN Pred dnevom
Please do the durability test on Moto G7 Plus
Surendra peesa
Surendra peesa Pred dnevom
Can you make a durability test of Nokia 8.1
ryba Pred dnevom
Jerry please test Wowfixit liquid screan protection
Pablo824 Pred dnevom
There is a phone with 8 cameras holy.. Nokia
Rolling Rocky360
Only 5?
Scott Stamp
Scott Stamp Pred dnevom
Guys the reason he can afford all of this is clearly because he spends less money on shampoo.
Dexter Dimaano
Dexter Dimaano Pred dnevom
Huawei mate 20.. Test the durability test
Mtndewlvr493 Pred dnevom
There is an Iphone screen protector that is advertising a 9 on the mohs hardness scale. It's on Amazon. Can you check it to see if it actually is 9 on the hardness scale.
all in one a
all in one a Pred dnevom
Do durability test realme 3
Kirk Accion
Kirk Accion Pred dnevom
Real me 3 pls
RAJESH PANT Pred dnevom
Hey .. Waiting for the video on HUAWEI MATE X , How the screen folding is working there ? What material used ? How ?
Hamani Mulla
Hamani Mulla Pred dnevom
Hamani Mulla
Hamani Mulla Pred dnevom
Y9 please
r/abstract Pred dnevom
Can you durability test the Samsung J4+ with glass backing?
Eating Away Time
Eating Away Time Pred dnevom
I am planning to release a video parody of you doing all sorts of abuse to the phone. Just wait for April 1st
Rather than destroying the phone just send me the phone
TVG28 Pred 16 urami
In head: pls be joking plz be joking plz be joking
Aa Ss
Aa Ss Pred dnevom
عاوز اختبار قوه علي تليفون الآفاق اراس٤١
Ketan J
Ketan J Pred dnevom
Jerry plz do one plus 6t charger and cable teardown
Dab Dab
Dab Dab Pred dnevom
Can u do a compare between Sumsang A9(2018) and Sumsang S10E?
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Jony Ahmmed Pred dnevom
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Om Syah Pred dnevom
F. Barnes
F. Barnes Pred dnevom
You are always on Apple?? Not so cool make your own product and compare other phones too
TVG28 Pred 16 urami
You know, some of what he says is true, believe it or not (Nothing is flawless FYI), but the rest is for humor; Not for bashing the company.
Anuraj Rp
Anuraj Rp Pred dnevom
Note 7 pro
Game On
Game On Pred dnevom
Try the oppo A3S
Pablo Domínguez
Pablo Domínguez Pred dnevom
Umidigi f1 please!!!
Sadik Sadik
Sadik Sadik Pred dnevom
Make a video on galaxy folder
Кузнецов Андрей
Не понимаю этих придурков.Купил телефон и пользуйся, получай удовольствие от новенького аппарата. Неужели кто-то после покупки будет обдирать его ножом и царапать стекло, ведь убить можно любой защищенный телефон за одну минуту. У меня "сердце кровью обливалось" от этих издевательств. Надо аккуратно пользоваться девайсом и он прослужит долго, не теряя своего внешнего вида. Не понимаю!!! Дизлайк.
vishwa sivakumar
vishwa sivakumar Pred dnevom
Hey Jerry do u have any s8 back glass replacements
SirSuomiPoika #1
SirSuomiPoika #1 Pred dnevom
Shanawar Pred dnevom
can u post durability test of samsung a50
NaKhim YT
NaKhim YT Pred dnevom
Please make video about Vivo V15pro and Galaxy A50
Thunderhawk51 Pred dnevom
We want Nokia 9 Pure View durability test! 😁
kennet silva
kennet silva Pred dnevom
Do mi a2
Joshua Ramos Toro
Joshua Ramos Toro Pred dnevom
Cool video, you should do a vid on a Galaxy A7 2018.
Kartik Saini
Kartik Saini Pred dnevom
Mi 9 se jre
JEMS Pred dnevom
Letito Jimenez
Letito Jimenez Pred dnevom
Jerry Rig the only thing I like about your videos is the unboxing part. Unboxing videos just talk to much then unbox it😒😒😒😒😡😤😡😤
Franco Yim
Franco Yim Pred dnevom
Can you do one about Xiaomi mi 8 lite please?🙏🙏
anonymous Pred dnevom
Still waiting on the teardown of the new Nokia phone with 5 cameras
Gustavo Caires
Gustavo Caires Pred dnevom
Your Tech Expert
Your Tech Expert Pred 2 dnevi
You should consider using bend test machine.
Very Simple 360
Very Simple 360 Pred 2 dnevi
Please destroy huawei y7... please.
Max Pepito
Max Pepito Pred 2 dnevi
Hopely you can do a Vivo V15 Pro durability test and teardown 😍🐼 Love your show so much 💜💜
Trakyalı Kafa
Trakyalı Kafa Pred 2 dnevi
pls xiaomi mi 9 explorer edition teardown
Tim0zZ Pred 2 dnevi
Mi 9 explorer teardown?
Markus Bluebird
Markus Bluebird Pred 2 dnevi
Unrig them. I wanna see inside procie and ram or cooler
syarieff rhecox
syarieff rhecox Pred 2 dnevi
Coba HP samsung di kaya gituin
Bms tech TV
Bms tech TV Pred 2 dnevi
plz give me a 1 phone
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