Minimum Wage Employees Reveal What They Do When They’re Paid To Do The Minimum

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Minimum wage workers, what is something that is against the rules for customers to do but you aren't paid enough to actually care? - r/AskReddit
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11. mar. 2019

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ThinkSixx Pred 30 minutami
Thank God for that bathroom guy. I’m a custodian and I’m not supposed to let people into the Gymnasium lobby to use the restrooms. But if I get a mother/father with a kid or couple kiddos doing the pee pee dance you can be damn sure I ain’t gonna let them piss there pants. On a side note though, don’t EXPECT to be let in to use a restroom in a place that has employee only rules. I still completely understand not wanting to lose your job, which in most cases I imagine would be a real possibility.
Sammy Alarcon
Sammy Alarcon Pred 14 urami
I work at mcds and we're suppose to charge people after a certain amount of sauce cups but I could care less and end up giving them a shitload of sauces. Also if people ask for a soda or fry or something small after they had already paid I'll just give it to them so I don't have to waste time charging them and they'll leave faster. Sometimes I'll even promo orders cos I feel bad if I see people don't have enough money to pay for the food
Voyager Pred dnevom
Stegt flæsk
Stegt flæsk Pred dnevom
Kids under the age of 16 cant buy groceries with alcohol in it, but being the super cool 15 y/o cashier working for slave wage in a supermarket, I didnt really care if a kid that was obviously under the age of 16 wanted to buy some beers for him and his friends. So I always winked and asked to check their ID’s to fake that they are over the age of 16, so the manager wouldnt find out. However, I didn’t sell anything to small kids. If a 17 year old wanted to buy anything with over 16,5% alcohol (That you have to be 18 years of age to do), wanted to buy a potato polish vodka with 35%, I’d just let him get it. Oh yeah and we could decide our own prices on a pack of cigarettes, so if a customer was really rude, I’d double the normal price. But on a good day, if a customer was really nice, I’d take it a little cheaper.
Ren Tachibana
Ren Tachibana Pred dnevom
I work at Dollar General. Where everything, to the surprise of anyone not from the US (probably), is not just a dollar. People regularly bring their small dogs in. Before I started working there, I was at the cash register paying and some dude walked in with three tiny Chihuahua like dogs without any leashes. Now that I do work there, we have a guy come in with a little puppy sitting in the child seat on his basket. I get to pet her, so fuck it. We also had a guy that walked around with no shoes on and his feet were curiously cyan colored. We get junkies in there sometimes so I wasn’t about to ask what happened.
Erica Quint
Erica Quint Pred dnevom
I used to work as the sample lady for Wal Mart. I would be given instructions from my company every day as to what products I was to buy and how much. Because I worked in a smaller town, there were always leftovers of what was supposed to be sampled out. I was supposed to just throw everything away at the end of my shift but I couldn’t bring myself to waste that much food, so I would just load my backpack with the leftovers and take it home. My kids LOVED when I would bring home cookies and candy that I sampled out that day
Keith Lavigne
Keith Lavigne Pred dnevom
Close to min wage. I usually don't mind if someone drinks a bottle of soda/eats something before they buy it, as long as they buy it
The Enigma
The Enigma Pred 2 dnevi
Who *DARES* to imitate Cowbelly the great.
Gamer007 Pred 2 dnevi
So is this why these jobs still pay minimum wage and are closing up? cool and all people paid minimum do the things they do but it probably isn't helping the business or them get pay raises. In some scenarios tips should be allowed.
Daisho_OW Pred 3 dnevi
One time, my friends and I were at an arcade/sports place. When we went to turn in our tickets, we bought some random things and then asked for 82(?) tootsie rolls. The worker looked at us and then dumped the whole bucket onto the counter. We shared a good laugh and left. Still love telling that story.
jffry890 Pred 4 dnevi
Home Depot one fucking got me. There's something awesome about a subordinate telling a superior to fuck off and then a superior one grade higher siding with the original subordinate.
Krystal Ho
Krystal Ho Pred 4 dnevi
Don't know how much donation places' employees get paid to work, but sometimes they skip scanning a couple items for me when I have a large amount of clothing items. Yeah. They get all of that for free. Still nice of them to do so anyways.
MrQuijibo Pred 4 dnevi
My first job was at a pet store where they had a 7 day guarantee on the animals if they were sick. They'd also replace if accidentally killed. After this family with devil child killed 3 hamsters in 5 days by basically being morons I refused to give them a new one. They got the manager and tried to get me fired. Manager actually sent a 4th hamster to certain death.
Endorphins27 Pred 4 dnevi
The craft store worker sounds like a bitch on a power trip. The rest are funny enough I guess.
cmndrkool321 Pred 5 dnevi
Tip for the minimum wage workers: you are NOT responsible for cleaning up messes that involve bodily fluids (this includes poop). The store manager or highest ranking person on shift is responsible because they are specifically trained to handle hazmat emergencies. I had a GM try to make me clean up a shit explosion in the bathroom, and I stated this. She told me "Shit, he knows the laws," and cleaned it up herself.
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Pred 5 dnevi
Minimum wage surfers.. repugnant.
NAWAZ RAJA Pred 5 dnevi
There was a rule where to get a student discount, you had to have a specific card. so your school ID card would not be acceptable, but every time they didn’t have this card and they looked like a student I would just give it to them .
alick swiden
alick swiden Pred 5 dnevi
fuck. yes. kirby.
rickpgriffin Pred 5 dnevi
I used to work at a theater and it's true: we don't care if you bring in outside food. Just don't be obvious about it. We're not gonna kick you out if you got past ticketing with it. Although the funny thing was the sheer number of times that people brought in packaged snacks and didn't even end up opening them. Free snacks for the ushers!
Devoid Pred 5 dnevi
Not a worker, but went to an arcade one time. Worker basically said he's going to be laid off soon and he wants to be nice. While buying ice cream with family, he just gave me my ice cream for free. Apparently his boss was an asshole so he didn't care.
ReVo's Residence
ReVo's Residence Pred 6 dnevi
I worked Customer Service and at a Butcher Shop during high school... If you are nice and aren't a dick you might get a refund when you shouldn't, or maybe 50% off your steaks. I also had some customers that were on WIC (women, infants, and children) so they may or may not have gotten 6 chicken breasts for the price of one.
TeaNCoffee Pred 6 dnevi
That one about sneaking into movie theaters was kind of a relief. I paid to see Us, but I didn't pay to see Captain Marvel.
Suburban Havoc
Suburban Havoc Pred 6 dnevi
I used to be a porter at a car dealership, and one of my "very important duties" was to put these stupid bouncing happy face balloons on all the cars in the used car lot every morning. I literally had men in three-piece suits freaking out and yelling at me about these fucking things. One day, a guy came out of the Hooters next door, half-loaded, and in the least sneaky way possible grabbed one and ran off with it. I wasn't about to stop him; less balloons for me to put out.
Call Me Kevan
Call Me Kevan Pred 6 dnevi
I once missed a milk when checking someone out at the grocery store and i was legit like just go i don’t care.
Tobias Funke
Tobias Funke Pred 6 dnevi
Work at Starbucks if you are nice ill give you a size up by “accident”
Ace Pred 7 dnevi
As a a teenager, I worked at a Petsmart. We had a system where you could take a scooping device and use it to scoop dog treats/ dog cookies into a bag. We would weigh it at the front and charge them by pound. One day, a lady handed me this bag of dog treats. She had a really sweet looking dress and she was clearly very religious and good-mannered. I asked her how she was doing and she just looked at me and said she was going to be putting her dog down that day. Then she started crying. I just gave her the bag, and some toys and treats for free.
Michael The Mage
Michael The Mage Pred 7 dnevi
I work as a cashier at a supermarket. We usually have a thing going on where we give away something collectable at every 10 euro purchase. You'd get like an animal card or something you can save up with etc. When there's people with kids, I always just give all the kids a card regardless of the total amount. Nice people also get more cards or stickers or whatever it is we have going on.
Paul Pietras
Paul Pietras Pred 7 dnevi
Lots of these people are just lazy.. that’s why they’re stuck working minimum wage jobs anyway complaining about not getting paid enough to care.. you don’t even care about yourself if you’re gonna waste yourself like that so you’re the real loser
fimbles101 Pred 7 dnevi
I worked for a really shitty blackpool supermarket chain, Minimum wage and had to write down time taken going for a pee, Everytime I picked up a box saying fragile I would ace ventura that shit all the way to my forklift, SOOO satisfying.
Je Cal
Je Cal Pred 7 dnevi
I worked midnights at a Subway and a couple nights I just locked the store and went home and came back an hr before dayshift came in did it once a week for 6months
Articaaa SD
Articaaa SD Pred 7 dnevi
Why the dislikes ??:pp
Alice Rose
Alice Rose Pred 8 dnevi
I'm a cashier at a grocery store on the shadier end of town and was told when i was being trained that if i was working a night shift or whatever and was threatened to give money, I was to lock the computer and stand my ground. If I was ever held up for money from the drawer, I'm giving it to them. I'm not getting shot for not giving up a few hundred in cash while working minimum wage fuck that
Bob Duncan
Bob Duncan Pred 8 dnevi
the one at 1:46 reminds me of this one time. one item wasn’t ringing up were usually suppose to check the price when it doesn’t ring up but there was no price listed. i told the costumer to pick a price, as a joke she said “1 cent” i look at her and say “works for me” and just gave it to her for basically free. the store i worked at was ridiculously over priced and she was nice so i didn’t care at all
holynova15 Pred 8 dnevi
I love the TTS
Cameron Rouse
Cameron Rouse Pred 8 dnevi
Literally anything that doesn't disrespect me or my staff or involve damage and theft
Nyanko Sensey
Nyanko Sensey Pred 8 dnevi
Massage therapist: geting money from customer. Srsly they pay me 0,3euro cents in hour.... ofc im not working my fullest. After customer paing me normaly i will do my best. Sorry people in rebilitation but i also need to eat
Orochimaru666 Pred 8 dnevi
I work at a theme park at a stroller rental shop, and if there are strollers/wheelchairs/power scooters on hold in the back during closing I'll go to register and return the deposit as if I was giving it back to the customer who rented it but would just pocket the $10 deposit to buy weed
Buzzard Nation
Buzzard Nation Pred 8 dnevi
Working behind a bar, I’m supposed to intervene in fights or get the manager. I prefer to find my favourite customers and place bets with them 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
TheCanadianBeaf Pred 9 dnevi
The bathroom thing do not applies. when your customers regularly use drugs and stay inside the store for an hour.
mad max.7th
mad max.7th Pred 9 dnevi
My last week at Domino's, I still felt like I was being set up. One day i was accused of stealing a credit card. I look all over the place the manger even had me looking out side.. I didn't get in trouble though, still a pain. Another of one of my last days some one shits all over in the bathroom. The walls, the floor the seat everywhere. It was my turn to clean the bathroom. The general manger was mad I made the manger clean it. Fuck that shit.
WQ 2
WQ 2 Pred 9 dnevi
That stupid voice posses me off speak yourself nobodies gonna fond you
James Jammie Jam
James Jammie Jam Pred 9 dnevi
If you EVER say,"it doesnt ring up? Oh I guess free!" By the power GIVEN TO ME BY MY GOD DAMN MOTHER I WILL FIND OUT THAT DAMNED PRICE YOU IGNORANT FOOL or find something overpriced even
Naranja Pred 9 dnevi
I worked at mcdonalds. When people came saying that their order was wrong, and they were supposed to get like another sandwich, I didnt bother even to check the receipt and just gave them what they asked for
Patrick Hogan
Patrick Hogan Pred 10 dnevi
Be careful with letting customers bring in outside alcohol, though. Restaurants can lose their liquor licenses over that.
The Euro Ricer
The Euro Ricer Pred 10 dnevi
I work at a papa johns and we have a rule where customers aren’t aloud to walk behind the counter and a customer walked over to the cooler to grab a drink one of our employees asked them to not do that because “customers have to remain behind counter for safety reasons” and the customer let me know he was rude I said “I’ll handle it” i didn’t do shit but I let them get a free drink
Skynyrd Jesus
Skynyrd Jesus Pred 10 dnevi
When I worked my first job in fast food I was the absolute nicest person you could possibly buy deep fried animal flesh from. We sold our drinks for an absurd mark up, especially considering it was awful and almost 5:1 water to soda, so I routinely gave away free drinks to anyone who made an effort to be nice, went out of my way to make customers orders as cheap as possible, and would happily give coupon prices to anyone who brightened my day. Treating the people who make your food as actual human beings does nothing but help you. Plus after leaving that place on bad terms for a variety of reasons thinkint of the amount of money I must've cost that place in my time there still makes me smile from time to time, so bonus.
the one and only rusty shakleford
I get payed 10 bucks and hour and take tips, but they never told me not to take tips.
ActivelyLogical Pred 10 dnevi
worked at papa johns, I would always charge assholes full price for pizzas, but nice people i would give discounts from a few dollars off all the way to employee discount depending on how nice they were.
Parker t
Parker t Pred 11 dnevi
I loaded mulch at lowes during high school too. They told me I'm not allowed to take tips. I took all the tips. Fuck them lol
Tyler Henderson
Tyler Henderson Pred 11 dnevi
have been let in to various games and such, just because the people at the gates are paid too little to care. recently, my highschool baseball team from paradise got to play on Oracle stadium in SF. when i got to the stadium, 3 hours from my town, I realized i'd left my ticket at home. i asked the man at the gate if i could pay for a second ticket at the door, and he waved me along. when i questioned it, he asked me if i wanted his job (jokingly ofc) and pulled on his jacket, telling me i could have that too. i laughed and walked in with my friends.
mrfarenheit0323 Pred 12 dnevi
There are only menial jobs, not menial people
DDougz Pred 12 dnevi
Minimum wage = minimum effort, it's like saying if make you work for free I would :/
Extra Slayar
Extra Slayar Pred 13 dnevi
This is a good story of why I like my job. I work in a hardware store and we try to keep our bathrooms to employees only but sometimes people who know where it is or find it will just go use it. And this one time i walked in to get a item that was over stocked in there and it smelt so bad (I'm used to my boss dropping big ones and not putting air freshener.) So I went to spray the freshener and saw the toliet was over flowing and shit everywhere like literal shit. I just walked out if the bathroom like nope. Told my coworker who said yea he saw it to so we just kinda acted like we didn't. And my boss walked in heard him curse from across the building. He walked out called everyone to the front and said from here on only you guys are allowed in there. Keep a eye out walked back and cleaned it up himself.
Taylor Willis
Taylor Willis Pred 14 dnevi
I work at a fast food place with really old registers and paper tickets. So I can write down one thing and then charge whatever I want. So if someone’s order comes to $30 and they only have $20, I can just take a couple things off the register to knock it down to $20, and then send the ticket with all your stuff back to the cooks. I only do that if you’re nice to me. Please remember, it’s not my fault the prices are high, or that we don’t have x item anymore, or that happy hour ends at 4. I also don’t care and there nothing I can do about it. If you’re courteous to me, I can make the pricing problems go away. Sometimes someone will come in and want a large cup of ice cream but only have money for a small, so I’ll just ring up a drink that costs $1 then give them the large cup of ice cream and a large drink. Or friends will come in and want a burger, they usually leave with a large cup of ice cream, a full combo meal, a couple coupons for later and our private WiFi password, all for $2. I’m a really nice person.
ʟᴀᴜʀᴇɴ Pred 14 dnevi
I work at McDonalds and if i can’t get the order taking machine to work properly i just make it and give it to you for free lmao. (If its something small or cheap)
kaleidoscopik Pred 14 dnevi
reminds me of when i was at an arcade with some friends one time, an employee opened the case to one of the games and hit the jackpot button. ive never seen such carelessness being extruded onto pushing a button. i loved it.
All Night Cats
All Night Cats Pred 15 dnevi
I keep getting free drinks from Busch Gardens. I’m not sure if it’s just that I’m really nice about everything of if they think I’m cute. It’s not always the same people, gender, tap. Either way, it’s been great customer service and I have always come back. Sometimes I donate the difference to their wildlife fund, to pay the kindness forward.
Dog Flamingo
Dog Flamingo Pred 15 dnevi
If you're offered a job for a certain amount of money, and you accept that job for a specific amount of money, then it is your job to fulfill it to the best of your ability for the amount of money you accepted. If you don't think you make enough money to do the job, you are completely within your rights to seek another job, where you are paid what you feel is a fair amount. It does not mean that you should feel entitled to slack off, not fulfill your obligations, give away the business's products, cut the prices on your whim, etc. If you want to do this, you should open your own business and feel happy that you can run it in any way that you feel best. It does not mean that you should feel pressured to take abuse, do things that you were not hired to do (eg. cashiers being told to clean up human waste), put your safety on the line (eg. chasing after shoplifters), start fights over something small that would likely cost more than it cured (eg making a movie customer throw out a candy bar in their bag, when they were buying an $8 soda to go with their $12 movie ticket), etc. It just means that if you agree to an amount of money to do the job, then you are not entitled to then not do the job (or do it in an altered or poor manner), because you wish you'd gotten more.
great value bleach
great value bleach Pred 15 dnevi
one time someone stole a suitcase full of red bull from my store. i wasn’t there, but if i was, i’m not sure what i would have done. what blows my mind is no one stopped to wonder why someone would be in a gas station with a suit case.
Outdated Tastes
Outdated Tastes Pred 16 dnevi
the only time I ever got a tip was at my last job. these two women walked up to me and asked if I can move a tv cabinet to the front of the store so they could buy it, of coarse I said yes cuz moving furniture is the easiest thing imaginable. they said they would need help putting it in their uhaul and I offered. after everything was finished they tipped me 10 bucks and said "thanks, you couldn't have made this easier". those were nice people :)
Lisa Is My Maknae
Lisa Is My Maknae Pred 17 dnevi
If you don’t want bad pay actually go somewhere in your life
Makai Brown
Makai Brown Pred 17 dnevi
Yeah I would cone in and hour late to my over night shifts at burger king and would stay on my phone until customers would cone to the drive thru speaker and the actually cool manager didnt care. One day they made me clean the fucking bathroom after a female took a massive shit. Like there was shit on the walls on the floors and all around the outside of the toilet bowl. I was fucking furious. About a week later I started to going on my phone immediately as I came in because I was tired of the stuoid job and I was on my phone for a good 2 hours and a half they told me to go home and I never came back.
Nyx Sparkle
Nyx Sparkle Pred 17 dnevi
8:05 Walgreen's is the place that mainly does this
TrumpCat Pred 18 dnevi
I was asked to remove some smelly bag from our carpark twice, at the supermarket i worked at when i was 17 and a trolley boy ....... *1st one* - was about 40 used nappies just dumped in the car park in a massive bin bag and it smelled like Death (not quite lol... keep reading) *2nd one* - was really bad and smelled like actual Death....... this time i was right....... it was a dead dog about a week dead id say.. as the skin was coming away from the body , when my teenage mind relised what it was i stopped touching the bag took 2 massive steps back and said "NOPE NOPE NOPE" a lady came over asking if i was ok , she got too close and got the smell and dry reached next to me and just walked away saying "nope nope no no no........... god no" Good times ........... not..
Original Deadly
Original Deadly Pred 18 dnevi
Some of these places sound like target...
kiora james
kiora james Pred 19 dnevi
Ira🏵️ Pred 19 dnevi
I'm senior page at a library that works 20cents above minimum wage. If you bring in your books and movies late, your attitude depends if I'm going to charge you a fine or not. Had someone bring in 50 late movies 10 days late for a dollar a day, when I asked him why they we're late he went on a rant about how he's a tax payer and he writes my check.guess who got $500 library fine, when I just could have backdated it
shadow the divine wolf gacha and gaming
Ironic but, sometimes I go into the subway that my older cousin works at after school just to keep her company and when all the other kids from my high school (I'm in australia, high school is from 7th grade to 12th grade here) come in most of them get the free water cups and fill them with soft drink/soda and if there's like, one goody two shoes kid that tries to tell on them she just shrugs and says "look kid, I'm keeping an apartment, my little sister and a dog on 13 dollars an hour. I'm not paid enough to deal with that shit. They can do whatever they want. I don't even care if the steal the chips." Sometimes I help her prepare the subs, I'm technically not allowed to but it's only my cousin most afternoons and 13 dollars an hour isn't enough money to deal with 40 highschool kids alone in the space of 2 hours. Side note: my cousin is 20, her little sister is my age (13) she was at her older sisters place because my aunt was sick and my uncle was on a business trip and my aunt didn't want her to get sick too.
Whistling Banshee
Whistling Banshee Pred 20 dnevi
I give out free food at my cafe like candy. Its all fresh baked stuff so it gets thrown out at the end of the day anyway. Towards the end of the day, if you order 1 slice of cake and you smiled at me youre getting half a cake.
mfuentes43 Pred 20 dnevi
I worked for minimum wage in retail and always busted my ass. Mangers would always tell me I’m clearly one of the best and most productive employees they’ve ever hired. I was still making significantly less money than people who would argue with customers consistently or people who would hide in the restroom for hours at a time. Needlessly to say, I don’t work there anymore
The Legend
The Legend Pred 20 dnevi
I work at McDonald’s and every time someone buys a drink I give them a bigger size than the ordered because they’re literally the same price it doesn’t matter
Undyne Isabadass
Undyne Isabadass Pred 20 dnevi
I remember my school denied me lunch because I was missing like...25 cents. That’s always a humiliating feeling, walking away empty handed as they trash the food you were so excited for.
Itz Air
Itz Air Pred 21 dnevom
One time I went to the theater with my partner and after 3 on a weekend you have to be 18+ to be in the mall unless accompanied and we had no one and we really wanted to watch a movie after 3. We couldn't and the guy selling the tickets goes... you can "watch" this movie at 2 50. We paid for those tickets and he was like the movie you want is in theater 1
fitall200 Pred 21 dnevom
This reminds me of something. Just last fall me and my family were in a Big Lots in a shady part of town. At the checkout suddenly some lady in line starts yelling "Hey he's stealing that vacuum! Grab him!" And yeah, a guy is running out with a big box. Only cashier working is a tiny teenage girl who looks over and her face is just like "Fuck that" and continues checking people out. Yeah girl, I wouldn't go after that guy either.
Nadi B
Nadi B Pred 21 dnevom
I worked at discount retail store like TJMaxx (not TJMaxx) for some time and customers would always bring items to the register without price tags. We were supposed to call a manger to price check for us when things like that happened, but that held up the line, which was regularly insanely long being that we only had two cashiers. So I would just grab any vaguely similar item and ring that up instead.
J Pred 22 dnevi
Everyone who asks for a cup for water then fills it with soda? I don’t care, soda is almost as cheap as water. I don’t get paid to hunt them down over that
bodysnatchers 4 ever
bodysnatchers 4 ever Pred 22 dnevi
"ten tenths employee"
Zarixh_9 Pred 22 dnevi
Lol ok
Kony [Current Year]
Kony [Current Year] Pred 22 dnevi
Maybe don't support the importation of cheap labour that devalues your wages, millennials.
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Pred 22 dnevi
One time i was at an arcade with all of my brothers, there was a girl at the prize area and she just gave us a bag and put HEAPING HANDFULS of candy into it and just gave it to us. The candy lasted about a week
Nacho -Meme Time-
Nacho -Meme Time- Pred 22 dnevi
I helped the elderly as a summer job, never got a dime. But hey, minecons are worth it.
Henry Hawes
Henry Hawes Pred 22 dnevi
7:53 so that’s why they always ask me..... Do I look like a shoplifter?
haylestormable Pred 22 dnevi
I work at McDonalds. An older customer got a cup for water. Like 15 minutes later he comes up and tells me he accidentally got lemonade (the water and lemonade were in the same dispenser) and felt bad and wanted to pay us for it. I told him not to worry about it, it was an accident after all. None of us care anyway
PRGME7 Pred 23 dnevi
I think that mall can be sued
Lauma Pred 23 dnevi
i used to work in various shops across an amusement park. Well during my last day i didn't give a fuck and gave about £40 of candy away from free. Not too bad, but it was something. And Once i was in this kiosk place in front of some water rides, and these two young kids were shivering and asked for a towel each, saying they'll ask their mum to pay me back. I gave them the towels (£7 each) and later when their mother came to pay, annoyed because she didn't even ask for them, i just told her not to bother since it was me who gave them the towels anyway.
Goldievoi Pred 23 dnevi
It was near Halloween and I had just finished a Sunday matinee where I had to wear heels and a pleather skirt for about two hours. Cast went to a nearby Zaxbys afterwards. I had left my cat ear headband in the theater yesterday so I wore them and also had on my cheetah print pj pants (they were soooo fuzzy and soft) so the cashier asked what size drink I wanted and gave me a large and charged me for a smaller size cuz she thought I was dressed up. It was accidental cosplay but I took it anyways. I hope she had a good Halloween after that
JaytheGreenling Pred 23 dnevi
Reading some of these it's no surprise that so many small businesses shut down.
Synaris Pred 23 dnevi
6:09 If a cashier did that in germany, at least where I am, they'd instantly get fined, fired and would most certainly never find a job as cashier in the vicinity again.
Veleada Pred 24 dnevi
My work used to want to share tips. And they would expect us to share tips with the managers and chefs who all got way over minimum wage. They also shared them based off hours worked. which of course meant the chefs and managers got the larger share. I just started pocketing my own tips fuck them.
Doll Circus
Doll Circus Pred 24 dnevi
I was at this place with the claw machine. Employee is changing the stuffed animals. He hands me the left over two and says “take this, it’s a gift for... being good.”
Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown Pred 24 dnevi
"You're out of this." "Sorry, our delivery doesn't come until tomorrow." "Well I need one. Go check the back." "Okay sir." - Out the back to play with my phone for 5 minutes. "No sorry, I checked everything and we don't have any."
Will Hobbs
Will Hobbs Pred 24 dnevi
*closes at **9:00* 8:50: 8:55: 8:56: 8:57: 8:58: 8:59: *customer walks in* "REV UP THOSE FRYERS"
TheOldAmerica Pred 26 dnevi
That’s why it’s now against protocol to chase shoplifters 😂
Arwen Joseph
Arwen Joseph Pred 26 dnevi
I was working alone on the overnight shift at a gas station/convenient store. A methhead came in carrying a knife. He used the knife to slice open a bag of beef jerky and started eating it in front of me whilst telling me a story about some Russian who was going to have him assassinated. I participated in the insane conversation as best I could until he finished his snack without paying and left.
Gheorghe Pred 26 dnevi
About a decade ago I was in charge of the shoe department and I had just started working as the back to school season commenced. Lots of low income families with multiple kids. So I’d just discount the hell out of shoes for no reason at all. People would look at me and I’d just give them a knowing look and they’d just say thanks. After awhile I started thinking about how I could probably get in a lot of trouble and was about to stop...when the store announced they were going out of business. So then I really amped it up so basically anyone who came to my register for those last couple of months got big ass discounts lmao
Just Jum
Just Jum Pred 27 dnevi
2:26 (situation C): Customer: (thing from video) Me: Ok I think it was somewhere around... _€1,000,000 manual price entry_
Mike Vasquez
Mike Vasquez Pred 27 dnevi
I have come up a lil short at a fast food place before and someone covered for me like that. They were so smooth about it that only the two of us were aware happened. Those of you who do this sort of thing are angels.
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Of course I care I need the money
JMGRICH Pred 27 dnevi
The minimum wage worker can't say they don't make enough not to care nowadays, especially with 15 year olds stepping into to a 15 dollar minimum wage job smfh
greebleClown Pred 28 dnevi
I wad once asked to get some small flower pots ready to be put on the floor. It looked like they were dirty, so I got ready to clean them, then I realised that the dirt was mold and looked suspiciously similar to black mold. The manager asked if I could still clean them as that was a LOT of merchandise. I was diplomatic, though. I told my manager I would happily clean the pots if I was given the proper safety equipment to properly clean black mold. We looked but our supply closet didn't have any, so I was told to forget about it.
Crazy Easter Routine!
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