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NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | March 14, 2019

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night featuring Paul George, Luka Doncic, Wesley Matthews Nikola Jokic, LeBron James and more!
The Top 10 of the night in the NBA, tailored down to the very best plays. Tell us your favorites in the comments!
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15. mar. 2019

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Gürhan Titrek
Gürhan Titrek Pred 4 dnevi
Does anyone know s the music playing behind
Penemuel Watcher
Penemuel Watcher Pred 6 dnevi
Yeah, I think LeBron owes us a slam dunk contest before he retires.
Aleksandar Miric
Aleksandar Miric Pred 6 dnevi
Doncic future NBA superstar!! 💪
Kabi DB
Kabi DB Pred 7 dnevi
People say Ben Simmons is the next LeBron without jump shot but what abt Luka being the next Kobe both his plays reminded me so much of Kobe. We can see glimpses of Kobe in his game. Luka soon gonna become an ALL-STAR,MVP, FMVP,NBA CHAMPION will be Hall of Famer and eventually get his jersey number retired.
Kabi DB
Kabi DB Pred 7 dnevi
No. 8 :-Luka straight up fried and cooked Millsap just like Kentucky Fried 🐔. Should have been in the top 3 or at least above LeBum's overrated dunk. Luka, definitely has the best footwork in the league. Reminds me so much of Kobe"MAMBA"Bryant .The 🐐 of #footworks.
Since when
Since when Pred 7 dnevi
LeBitch James team mate blame with his vagina in a knot
Tomás Schnyder Carpio
How bout one more time mentator
Wang Jingyi
Wang Jingyi Pred 7 dnevi
the how about one more timinator
Tom Schneitter
Tom Schneitter Pred 7 dnevi
How many rookies on this list? That's right. Luka čarobno!
John Williams
John Williams Pred 7 dnevi
Devon slam should have been #1
J Fiah
J Fiah Pred 7 dnevi
LeBron running and jumping like that but the media will say he didn't come back healthy
GokuvsVegeta111 Pred 7 dnevi
lets give our prayers to those who died in New Zealand.
chuck00000100 Pred 7 dnevi
Only one highlight from LeBron. Fuck no.
Ahmet Çalıkıran
Ahmet Çalıkıran Pred 7 dnevi
Look my chanel :)
Alan KS
Alan KS Pred 7 dnevi
two great games tonight
Igor Avramović
Igor Avramović Pred 7 dnevi
Ta 'ladan ko' špricer, pravi bačvan! Živela Vojvodina i sinovi ravnice!
Ricardo Iris
Ricardo Iris Pred 7 dnevi
No matter how good is Luca... because Mavericks are loosing all the games...
minimalisch minimalisxh
they tanking..smh
Mark Kid Tapayan
Mark Kid Tapayan Pred 7 dnevi
What a move by Luka Jokic😎
Евгений Петров
travelling by Jokic
Luuikaas videos
Luuikaas videos Pred 8 dnevi
White power
Kevin M
Kevin M Pred 8 dnevi
number 1 was a charge
Brian Ivy
Brian Ivy Pred 8 dnevi
Recorded in a bathtub
Abdirahman Aded
Abdirahman Aded Pred 8 dnevi
Ahhhhhh if he says one more time one more time😡😡
WaveXx78 Pred 8 dnevi
No Kyrie ?!
Harry Harry
Harry Harry Pred 8 dnevi
How bout...
fqk Elmind
fqk Elmind Pred 8 dnevi
matthews should be n1, defense and offense play
katoni waller
katoni waller Pred 8 dnevi
Miles or myles turner is wack. Please trade him for tougher player.
Barrack O'llama06
Barrack O'llama06 Pred 3 dnevi
katoni waller
katoni waller Pred 8 dnevi
I know he is rook but how he freaked Paul could've been #2. Im not his nutz but sheesh. #trickBag
inFAMOUS Gaming
inFAMOUS Gaming Pred 8 dnevi
This audio trash
daniel jackson
daniel jackson Pred 8 dnevi
Doncics trash ass acting like he did something. He literally fuckin 6'7
2 Egos
2 Egos Pred 8 dnevi
Why does the guy sound like a robot
Grant Manley
Grant Manley Pred 8 dnevi
It sounds like he is recording this in his car
PeopleAreDumb Pred 8 dnevi
Is this guy recording from his closet?
Aleksandar Matejic
Aleksandar Matejic Pred 8 dnevi
Man this Jokic has high iq but he is no LeBrown he IS CLUTCH. :D
Leroy Smith
Leroy Smith Pred 8 dnevi
No plumlee dunk?
Moonroof Pred 8 dnevi
Top 10
Dan. P.
Dan. P. Pred 8 dnevi
Someone count how many times this guy says "How about" at the beginning of a play. Who runs this fucking channel and signs off on this consistently horrible commentary?
Edric Evasco
Edric Evasco Pred 8 dnevi
Man! That was a mavs heart breaker! One more time... That was a mavs heart breaker
Kwan Yu Shek
Kwan Yu Shek Pred 8 dnevi
how bout one more time
leeb86 Pred 8 dnevi
Dear commentator, hopefully you’ll free yourself from the tin can you’re trapped in soon. Kind regards.
Woody Pow
Woody Pow Pred 8 dnevi
Who picks these? Fucking suck
Jay Diompoc
Jay Diompoc Pred 8 dnevi
Onemoretimentator turned howboutmentator then gets back to being Onemoretimentator again 😁
我了个大去 Pred 8 dnevi
How about repeating 'HOW ABOUT' ONE MORE TIME
Onni Mäki-Turja
Onni Mäki-Turja Pred 8 dnevi
How about one more time
adri Viejo
adri Viejo Pred 8 dnevi
Another cringementator
dragonage200 Pred 8 dnevi
Only De'Aaron Fox can still look like he's going at normal speed in a slo-mo replay
Stefan Zigic
Stefan Zigic Pred 8 dnevi
Jokic 🐐
redhawk Alex
redhawk Alex Pred 8 dnevi
Nikola Jokic the most underrated center in the nba. Can't wait to see what type of damage he do it the playoffs😎👊🃏
SpinDash Pred 8 dnevi
I still can’t believe the Thunder choked that bad
Leonardo Fagundes
Leonardo Fagundes Pred 8 dnevi
Goatmentator > coolmentator (goatmentator + cringementator) > cringementator (mutementator is not really bad) > oldmentator ( {g}oldmentator) > how about mentator/onemoretimentator > womentator (AKA pussymentator) > sleep mentator
Netanel Dahan
Netanel Dahan Pred 8 dnevi
How about getting rid of this boring guy? One more time... How about getting rid of this boring guy?
Davide D.
Davide D. Pred 8 dnevi
江澄 Pred 8 dnevi
Jerome Bonghanoy Maitum
Ricardo Feced Ibañez
Luka is getting stronger 💪
Da snake 19
Da snake 19 Pred 8 dnevi
REP FAIRFEILD D MITCH (we from the same county in CT)
Da snake 19
Da snake 19 Pred 8 dnevi
kawhi's 3 looked like a 43 year old man tried to recreate d wades iconic game winner LMAO
pride cebu
pride cebu Pred 8 dnevi
Its your top ten to mute
Da snake 19
Da snake 19 Pred 8 dnevi
nah this the reverbmentator
Rob C
Rob C Pred 8 dnevi
Top 10 NBA plays, 50% more traveling.
Moritz Fuchs
Moritz Fuchs Pred 8 dnevi
calm down myles.
InTheFameLane Pred 8 dnevi
two defenders, why no foul?
SeinaTC Hearthstone
SeinaTC Hearthstone Pred 8 dnevi
How about?
Alex Apgar
Alex Apgar Pred 8 dnevi
IDontKnowWhatToSayMentator back at it with the flames!!!
Jessica Christensen
Jessica Christensen Pred 8 dnevi
How 'bout...
Athanasios Logaras
Athanasios Logaras Pred 8 dnevi
Every time i dont hear "Number 8 is always great" i cry a bit. :'(
Timmbuck22 Pred 8 dnevi
This fukin commentator sucks
TheOutcast Pred 8 dnevi
Jokic is the people’s MVP
amazinghorse1 Pred 8 dnevi
Lebron only cares about his stats lol
Luciano Rosas
Luciano Rosas Pred 8 dnevi
I got a free VC ad before this video
Jhay Basarte
Jhay Basarte Pred 8 dnevi
how many "how about" ? 🤔 damn .
Atelier.si Pred 8 dnevi
Luka uses gravity like a slingshot, if you notice. He just goes fast and strong. This is the marxist way, not some feminism and Lgbt. Show them the late post-Jew slavic marxism Luka.
P Sports Reports
P Sports Reports Pred 8 dnevi
That Donovan Mitchell dunk was lit 💪
Abyan Fernandez
Abyan Fernandez Pred 8 dnevi
How bout you stop saying how bout soo much huh? How bout that! Lol jk goodwork
ninja sicko
ninja sicko Pred 8 dnevi
pure nibbamentator
Roko Bor
Roko Bor Pred 8 dnevi
Paul Pierce where are you,when you see dominate Joker?
helloyou807 Pred 8 dnevi
Lebron games
Merce Chua
Merce Chua Pred 8 dnevi
1:25 there. he did it again... one more time. =\
Andrew Mojzer
Andrew Mojzer Pred 8 dnevi
"Shower stall echo"mentator
Ivars Bergs
Ivars Bergs Pred 8 dnevi
How about onemoretimementator?
Pcorf Creations
Pcorf Creations Pred 8 dnevi
That familiar no 15 on the Nuggets hitting the game winner.
Terence Tan
Terence Tan Pred 8 dnevi
One-more-timementator is having an off day. He forgot to say one more time in a couple of plays
Henrikus Andrian
Henrikus Andrian Pred 8 dnevi
How about one more time?
Prison Riot
Prison Riot Pred 8 dnevi
Picking up dudes on the street for this?
Thanasis S.
Thanasis S. Pred 8 dnevi
What? Luka's dunk 6 seconds before the end in number 2? What could possibly be better than that?Oh wait a sec, nevermind...
Otis Driftwood
Otis Driftwood Pred 8 dnevi
Less “one more time”, more “how about” 😫😫
zheng xu
zheng xu Pred 8 dnevi
How about for 10 times.
karl nystedt
karl nystedt Pred 8 dnevi
How about that?Not even one more time!
Rag Hato
Rag Hato Pred 8 dnevi
MAGIC LUKA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kharllo Denia
Kharllo Denia Pred 8 dnevi
I saw flashes of Kobes shadow when luka made that dunk.
Jazz59107 Pred 8 dnevi
Actual good commentator, i like this guy
PixelBaller Pred 8 dnevi
How about this commentator? One more time. How about this commentator?
LT Prod
LT Prod Pred 7 dnevi
most underrated comment on this video i'm dead
mikoobear Pred 8 dnevi
Where the fck is goatmentator
Ng Shu Wang
Ng Shu Wang Pred 8 dnevi
intimissimi88 Pred 8 dnevi
luka if you read this.. I love you!
Jaideep Singh Bachher
How about Goatmentator?
Dewayne Lindsay
Dewayne Lindsay Pred 8 dnevi
Announcer sounds like Ben Stein. So dead
wrong fnhorse
wrong fnhorse Pred 8 dnevi
Lebron reg ass dunk better than Kawhi euro step buzzer beater 3 over 2 defenders? hell nah and Matthews putback game winner not better than Luka little dunk? hell nah
Tayeb 13
Tayeb 13 Pred 8 dnevi
What is the soundtrack
David Ha
David Ha Pred 8 dnevi
Is Dwight Howard still playing? I haven't heard about him for a long time.
David Ha
David Ha Pred 8 dnevi
+Mr.Bombastic no one knows, and no one cares. lmaooo
Mr.Bombastic Pred 8 dnevi
David Ha i think he´s still injured 😂
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