New Trump Nicknames For 2020 Democrats

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'Crazy Bernie' is retired. The President has a new and equally dumb nickname for the senator from Vermont.
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12. mar. 2019

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Benton Xavier
Benton Xavier Pred uro
this is one small incident that proves Trump is a verifiable liar.
That very last bit was an awesomely funny way to end this video, "....President, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!"
Hannah Norby
Hannah Norby Pred 18 urami
Or, maybe Trump was referring to the newer Nutty Professor. Though, in that case, if Bernie was more like Eddie Murphy he might actually appeal to voters of color.
A J Pred 22 urami
Sub to pewdiepie Thanks
Purple Rain
Purple Rain Pred dnevom
Dump2020 loser..
Jayyy Zeee
Jayyy Zeee Pred dnevom
Trump is so efficient with his words which gives him more "executive time". Unlike Obama who wasted his time speaking coherently.
Maddy Hall
Maddy Hall Pred 2 dnevi
Is this real?
kmandotcom Pred 2 dnevi
love you stephen, but prefer your voice to the trumpersonation
SuperLeica1 Pred 2 dnevi
Tim Cook Von Apfel. Donald Dumb Von Drumpf. d d
Tootie Q
Tootie Q Pred 2 dnevi
The raised eyebrow when he said “The Unstoppable Apparatus” reminded me of a character Stephen played on that other show which cannot be named.
ozwzrd Pred 2 dnevi
President Brain Spurs.
THEEND4444 Pred 2 dnevi
“Unstoppable Apparatus”
Trump supporters - come on. Do now believe Trump tells lies
Kevin Burton
Kevin Burton Pred 2 dnevi
God damn, the unstoppable apparatus bit is pure gold. :D:D:D
Yawning Pheonix
Yawning Pheonix Pred 3 dnevi
Anyone can lie about important stuff. Pathological liars lie about things they don't even need to lie about.
Naerwyn Pred 3 dnevi
Yang 2020!
Saphira Pred 3 dnevi
I can't believe the "Tim Apple" thing actually happened.
Steph anie
Steph anie Pred 4 dnevi
Raven Ken
Raven Ken Pred 4 dnevi
The bit with the scene ending in death.... That really did bring me to tears - laughing:-)
Charles Carter
Charles Carter Pred 4 dnevi
I love this guy's originality. Trump jokes, who knew? This guy is so funny that about 15 seconds of his hilarity is all I can take. He is the quintessence of white privilege.
EuroFrench Pred 4 dnevi
America will be better when the door hits the 45th’s backend on his way out
zoe 4494
zoe 4494 Pred 5 dnevi
little paper route
Virginia Paige Love
Virginia Paige Love Pred 5 dnevi
Yes, Stephen - there IS something Trump won't divorce...Vladimir Putin.
C Cato
C Cato Pred 5 dnevi
Steve Coldsore shows his stupidity ... again. #SteveColdsore #NPC #OrangeManBad
David DeLaney
David DeLaney Pred 5 dnevi
Dear President Orange: Please do try to remember that NORMAL CEOs do NOT name their companies after themselves. --Dave, badly socialized
Erich Altekalt
Erich Altekalt Pred 5 dnevi
I am waiting for the death of Dotard. When this 🍊 piece of 💩 dies I will 🎉
Jeff Barnett
Jeff Barnett Pred 5 dnevi
seriously Stephen are you trying to be a comedian. Does it have to include bashing Trump continuously. A least he is trying to achieve something. Like a church minister you rely heavily on your denomination which must it seems be mostly democratic or do you rely on canned laughter for your appreciation. Seriously is just piss taking the only thing you can espouse to. Why don't you try and be a proper comedian and get out there to a non partisan audience.
SweetCherries Pred 5 dnevi
1:49 lmbooooo he said monk or something lolz
I Created An Account For This
This comment is finger lickin good
Banjo Peppers
Banjo Peppers Pred 5 dnevi
Why would you even want a bible signed by Trump? That's like getting The Shining autographed by Stephanie Meyer or having someone autograph your dictionary. Why not get him to autograph his book?
Tim Waterworth
Tim Waterworth Pred 5 dnevi
I got your unstoppable apparatus right here, unstop this.
deirdre ryan
deirdre ryan Pred 5 dnevi
i dont like his apparatus and i dont like yours!
vennril Pred 6 dnevi
Ok I think that's enough America for today...
Hong Fei Bai
Hong Fei Bai Pred 6 dnevi
I can't believe this pathological liar. Any conservative who believes in not telling lies should not be falling for this stupidity. Where did your morals go? I don't know about you but in my religion we were taught to tell the truth.
MrSylfa Pred 6 dnevi
"'Divorced from reality.' Is there anything that he won't divorce?" Ivanka?
Jason Reese
Jason Reese Pred 6 dnevi
Your sad show brings more division to Americans than laughs with your constant liberal bashing about Trump!!!
PRSRROSE 71 Pred 6 dnevi
Trump so insecure, can't even take the slightest criticism; of course he is the village idiot anyways. God help us all get through until 2020 elections and we can All Unite and Vote, and get this Demi-God, Dictator, Lunatic, Anti-Christ out of office.
N S Pred 6 dnevi
The border wall is like Donald's little mushroom. No one wants it, and he can't erect it.
Gavin B
Gavin B Pred 6 dnevi
Liberal nonsense
Talha Nazir
Talha Nazir Pred 6 dnevi
Americans are too unluky nation who got president like Trump
flnthrn2 Pred 6 dnevi
The Unstoppable Apparatus' Prognosis is Negative.
Piyush Zope
Piyush Zope Pred 6 dnevi
0:46 f.....' it
Eric Perry
Eric Perry Pred 6 dnevi
I always wanted a copy of the Bible signed by the Devil
R. B.L.
R. B.L. Pred 6 dnevi
Tim Apple - ha ha ha - it is not the first or the last time he messes up peoples' names I suspect it is indicative of his failing intellect - assuming he ever had any intellect
DesmoFan Pred 7 dnevi
It just occurred to me that "Tim Apple" gets us one step closer to the novel "Jennifer Government."
Nirmal Raj
Nirmal Raj Pred 7 dnevi
Tired of trump trump trump..get something new fellas...are you out of ideas??!!!
Nirmal Raj
Nirmal Raj Pred 7 dnevi
Marvel Antonio
Marvel Antonio Pred 7 dnevi
"Tim Cook Apple" Seriously, how dumb does he think we are?
Conner Fields
Conner Fields Pred 7 dnevi
Come on, Warren has a good head on her shoulders. She's the straw-man here?
Joe Weddle
Joe Weddle Pred 7 dnevi
at 4:40 when Jon Batiste plays the head of the Jazz Standard "Scrapple from the Apple" to accompany a story about Tim "Cook" Apple is why I still look forward to life everyday.
Roberta Miller
Roberta Miller Pred 7 dnevi
James Yakura
James Yakura Pred 7 dnevi
He must have had to work to get his handwriting that bad. It's even worse than mine!
Space Captain
Space Captain Pred 7 dnevi
Please go back to real jokes and quality topics! This more closely resembles middle school bullying than infotainment. I miss the laughs!
Space Captain
Space Captain Pred 7 dnevi
If we must hear even more about Trump (remember when you had other jokes?) will you at least pick a topic of interest? Who cares if he said "Apple", instead of a surname? It's not worth whole minutes of examination. Hate Trump properly, or move on, please!
Carol Ondrey
Carol Ondrey Pred 7 dnevi
Colbert has by far the best writers among all the late night hosts. And of course, he's also the most talented host. His show is a gift to all of us needing more laughter in these terrible times.
Patrick Corcoran
Patrick Corcoran Pred 7 dnevi
2:26 he said "The Unstoppable Apparatus" in the Myron Reducto voice from Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law
Ayélé Mensah
Ayélé Mensah Pred 8 dnevi
Damn, this Stephen Lateshowhost is really funny!
uwe in Hamburg
uwe in Hamburg Pred 8 dnevi
When did he last meet Angela Germany or Theresa England?
Shane Besong
Shane Besong Pred 8 dnevi
The naming convention really helps me remember who people work for. Thanks Trump/Russia!
Sir Mutantenkraken
Sir Mutantenkraken Pred 8 dnevi
no roger stone = no trump for the second time. yay
ShariSez1 Pred 8 dnevi
Has he checked out the fate of the Orange Boil's other campaign managers?
misterjag Pred 8 dnevi
An apparatus requires apparatchik.
Handikappa Ku
Handikappa Ku Pred 8 dnevi
Orange man bad
Sterling Johnson
Sterling Johnson Pred 8 dnevi
Snl needs to make a skit on how the the president of the usa eats KFC and thinks of nicknames.
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez Pred 8 dnevi
I always thought there were strict qualifications a person needed to be President. Here's a man poised to run for a second term who qualifies for the Presidency and jail too.
ghosted166 Pred 8 dnevi
signed by President ARRRRRRRRRGH....lmao
Nott Nice
Nott Nice Pred 8 dnevi
Why is it hard to make it thru February? Because you realize you all are devils?💯
5341545 Pred 8 dnevi
Fekkin eejit.
Soul Pred 8 dnevi
I still can’t believe he signed bibles! 😂😂
Natasha Ryan
Natasha Ryan Pred 8 dnevi
stephen getting mean is Everything
pj gameplay
pj gameplay Pred 8 dnevi
Colbert 's ear
Eduardo Aguirre
Eduardo Aguirre Pred 8 dnevi
How thin skinned could someone be
Mr No name
Mr No name Pred 8 dnevi
7:47 he's an all amannequin
David Bowman
David Bowman Pred 9 dnevi
Fkr lies when the truth fits better
rod long
rod long Pred 9 dnevi
Trump 2020
Tink-R-Toys' Will I Am Shark Wheels and Ham
It’s one and only our U.S. #DickTraitorandQuief
G Hill
G Hill Pred 9 dnevi
Mr Trump, nice example of the creation of the "REAL" fake news. YOU. 90%
John Asendorf
John Asendorf Pred 9 dnevi
Jon kept playing Charlie Parker's "Scrapple From The Apple" ... he's so brilliant.
TMG252 Pred 9 dnevi
omg why is he still talking about tim apple. Jesus Christ he is so cringe
Hazel McCloy
Hazel McCloy Pred 9 dnevi
Where's manafort
TJ Tampa
TJ Tampa Pred 9 dnevi
Words DO just disappear! haha I hate it when ppl are talking and they drop their voice on certain words just constantly. Not sure it happened here... but it DOES happen 😊 (anyway, why would Trump lie? Have you ever heard of ANY politician to LIE?? oh my that's never happened before. No politician has ever gone to jail, cheated on their wife and taxes or been impeached... what are you thinking?)
Burevix Pred 9 dnevi
Whenever he does his evil and sinister voice all I hear is Myron Reducto. Good memories.
Jonian Pred 9 dnevi
He said *team apple* you dumbasses
Unity Pred 8 dnevi
I know, right? Trump even clarified that in a tweet saying "I said team apple."
that was the best calfornium flavored coffee I had so far, last night. I've got my own ways of kissing the morning good-bye.
Mischa L.
Mischa L. Pred 9 dnevi
I think it would save the whole nation time if they just replaced all news repeating Trump's stupidity with the Spongebob meme, would leave them a lot of time to make more relevant articles
H No
H No Pred 9 dnevi
Trump Dip Stick.
Christian Stinson
Christian Stinson Pred 9 dnevi
Doing a hell of a lot better than Obama
Johan Michael
Johan Michael Pred 9 dnevi
Damn that budget title is eerily similar to our utterly corrupted-and-ousted ex PM: Janji Ditepati, Rakyat Didahulukan which literally means Promises Kept, People (Taxpayers) First.
Faawks Pred 9 dnevi
2:07 Reducto's voice!
GroovyVideo2 Pred 9 dnevi
Creepy donald smell
David Harrington
David Harrington Pred 9 dnevi
Straight up Sociopath.
isabel gason
isabel gason Pred 9 dnevi
So funny
Likes&Favorites Pred 9 dnevi
really democrats have nothing to say much about donald trump. Trump says something then Stephen colbert takes a pause than makes fun of him by repeating what was just said in a humorous way...that's it!. Give me a decent argument then we'll talk. It's like building a wall...the boos....FOR WHAT!! He is trying to protect us from terrorists...how dare he? The president wants to protect us!!! oh mun der....
Gusstavv's Stuff
Gusstavv's Stuff Pred 9 dnevi
There he is again!! Myron Reducto's voice is trying to overtake Stephen!! I miss Phil Ken Sebben so much!
Noises Pred 9 dnevi
Thank you Tim Apple You're welcome Donald Bankruptcy.
Rukmani Sindhu Thangam
What happened to Stephen’s eyebrow game?
Robert Sutton
Robert Sutton Pred 9 dnevi
Stephen Colbert doesn't want you to know the Democrats were the black slave owners in the South and the Republicans freed the slaves the Civil War in the 1860's. The Democrats did not want to pass the voting rights bill in 1964, and the Republicans along with President Johnson were able to pass the bill. The KKK were Democrats even in the 1960's one or more of the Democrats in Congress admitted to it. Hitler in Germany was a believer in Socialism but the Democrats that are new in the House are for it why?
65wiseman Pred 9 dnevi
Our "president" is morally bankrupt. I knew that we were in trouble after his first week in office.
my gold shoes are not for sale. you ain't got 250 pounds of gold ( that's how much I weighed last time I went through that ignominious procedure) or was it 238? naah, I haven't being able to hook up with any nutritious isotopes, thou I enjoyed some really delicious californium.
Pavel0MG Pred 9 dnevi
That last joke killed me. I am writing this from hell.
Leif Harmsen
Leif Harmsen Pred 9 dnevi
Trump doesn't expect anyone to believe his firehose of obvious lies. He just wants to demonstrate that his power allows him to lie with impunity. That appeals to the primitive mob mentality of his base.