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Gayle King (Leslie Jones) interviews R. Kelly (Kenan Thompson) about the allegations leveled against him.
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10. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 21 942
MissyLillie Pred 2 urami
SNL!!! Lol I love them
Kashun Haye
Kashun Haye Pred 2 urami
fw my new song 17 year old rapper from the DMV lmk what yall think slvid.net/video/video-mL-vdRgfuZ0.html
Zooqan Pawar
Zooqan Pawar Pred 2 urami
Finally an snl skit that made me laugh
Raymond Knuckles
Raymond Knuckles Pred 2 urami
This shit is GREAT
Diesel Burner
Diesel Burner Pred 3 urami
“So you not the jail king?” Lol
sweetangel2002u Pred 4 urami
When he turned to that plant I HOLLERED!😭😭😂😂😂😂
Joy Jackson
Joy Jackson Pred 4 urami
This shit tickles me. I'm hollering🙌🏽😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Points to plant.... "Is this the camera."
Dallas Girl
Dallas Girl Pred 5 urami
This was awful
TheLegend Pred 5 urami
I feel so much sympathy for the unlucky lawyer right now.
TheLegend Pred 5 urami
"Victim" had me dying everytime.
Donald Blocher
Donald Blocher Pred 5 urami
S.N.L. Has officially died. Nothing that they do anymore is actually funny.
David Robbins
David Robbins Pred 5 urami
You know it’s bad for R.kelly when the actual interview is funnier.
Eric Eric
Eric Eric Pred 6 urami
Oh I get it... the funny part is that the interviewer is really a man
Justin Friedman
Justin Friedman Pred 7 urami
"Maybe I can't read, or write, or math" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Best part for me!
Mimi Jones
Mimi Jones Pred 7 urami
Stop tearing this man down
Ephesians 6:10
Ephesians 6:10 Pred 7 urami
This is comedy gold. Love Snl
???? ????
???? ???? Pred 7 urami
Annette jones messes up her lines each week more than jimmy fallon would laugh and break character every chance he got. Except, when jimmy fucked up it could pass as cute most times due to his gross Caucasian little boy smile and low IQ which was highlighted heavily when having trump on his show. That's how bad annette messes up on the simplest lines all too often. P.s. love the cast each year *fart noise using mouth with thumbs down motion. (Adam Sandler in that one part in happy gilmore pretty much)
???? ????
???? ???? Pred 7 urami
You suck stop being so negz
GHustle4 Pred 9 urami
I bet most missed the "also know as individual #1's'" slick slide in from the Cohen testimony classic pun lmao
Jh h
Jh h Pred 9 urami
her boobs look really great in this vid
GHustle4 Pred 9 urami
Kennan Is legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmaooooo
Mo Rush
Mo Rush Pred 10 urami
He lost so much weight! Good for him
Mike Macc
Mike Macc Pred 10 urami
Super Jinchuriki
Super Jinchuriki Pred 11 urami
Does she look like 50 Cent or does 50 Cent look like her?
Terry G
Terry G Pred 12 urami
I gave y'all.. Trapped in the closet.. Feelin on your booty.. Age ain't nothin but a number & so many other clues. Now, this was funny. rofl
Genta Pred 12 urami
I love his face when says "I'm a very poor man." 😂
Fernanddi S
Fernanddi S Pred 13 urami
I'm done with SNL. lol
Severan Vallery
Severan Vallery Pred 13 urami
This is too funny
Armando Cervantes
Armando Cervantes Pred 14 urami
It's over fool 😂
Tedra Chanel
Tedra Chanel Pred 14 urami
Whatever they are paying Keenan is not enough 😩😂
Stephen R
Stephen R Pred 14 urami
Who at these two guys ?
Trea King
Trea King Pred 15 urami
“More then millions, thousands” 💀
Trea King
Trea King Pred 15 urami
“You can’t think of one good thing to say about the devil” 😂😂
Trea King
Trea King Pred 15 urami
“6 that’s almost 10” 😂😂
Ron Griffin
Ron Griffin Pred 15 urami
"More than millions thousandssssss" 😁😁😁
Perfect Gaming
Perfect Gaming Pred 15 urami
Damn, Leslie Jones looks too much like 50 cent. Jesus
Christopher babutheocelot85
How doesn't anyone girl her props for not bursting out laughing the whole time?
Kareem Lawson
Kareem Lawson Pred 15 urami
The lady looks like 50cent
Brandon Atkinson
Brandon Atkinson Pred 16 urami
That lady is ugly
Seng Sourat
Seng Sourat Pred 16 urami
Maiden Lexx
Maiden Lexx Pred 17 urami
Guys i gotta go to the restroom guess u can say i had to do a R KELLY🙃
hector negron
hector negron Pred 17 urami
T1 Vevo
T1 Vevo Pred 17 urami
Hahaaaaaaa that nigga said ma lawyer was tellin me no, but ma ego .... Ma eego was tellin me yes I'm literally cryin cutt 😂😂😂
Nancy King
Nancy King Pred 18 urami
Maybe I should run for President, lol!
buffalobillbuffalove Pred 18 urami
I've never had an issue with Gayle. She's always so calm, to the point of looking bored. I don't know how she did this. Even if I stayed perfectly calm, I would've been at least visibly confused. Mad kudos
Bigbang Love
Bigbang Love Pred 18 urami
Starts with a Q 😂😂😂😂
Amanze The Xzyro
Amanze The Xzyro Pred 19 urami
Damn I really like Kenan!
Sara Pred 20 urami
Maybe I can't read write or math...... 🥀 dead
A. P.
A. P. Pred 20 urami
6...that's almost 10😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 More than millions...thousands
Solomon Parker
Solomon Parker Pred 22 urami
Has there ever been another faux-botched "Live from New York..."? This is the only one I recall ever seeing.
j li
j li Pred 23 urami
I'll probably get trolled for this, but Keenan cant do any impressions other than Steve Harvey.
Psyco Mantis
Psyco Mantis Pred 7 urami
Lavar Ball. His Cosby and Barkley isn't bad either.
Amber Edgeworth
Amber Edgeworth Pred 23 urami
Aidan Griffiths
Aidan Griffiths Pred 23 urami
I love how his "manager" was pouring water from a McDonald's bottle 😂
Gail Albers
Gail Albers Pred 23 urami
since Kavanaugh had success with his flippig and strained anger all these sexual predators now follow suit, with this fake rage.
cyn Pred 23 urami
I keep waiting for Leslie Jones to improve her acting skills and that day never comes.
Maya Aliadams
Maya Aliadams Pred dnevom
This woman defo looks like 50 cent
Jaming Johnson
Jaming Johnson Pred dnevom
The Jail King.
Madman Cb
Madman Cb Pred dnevom
The word starts with a Q is my new answer to everything
Shiftless Lazycrat
Shiftless Lazycrat Pred dnevom
Everytime Kenan tries to hold back his laughter I bust up laughing, that smile kills me every time.
CeCe Crawford
CeCe Crawford Pred dnevom
You are not the Jail King?! 😂
Dannie M
Dannie M Pred dnevom
I can't deal with these 2 🤣😂
Tavon Correct
Tavon Correct Pred dnevom
The McDonald’s water tho 😂😂
James Laiola
James Laiola Pred dnevom
I love McDonald's
melody271 Pred dnevom
O.T.G. Division
O.T.G. Division Pred dnevom
James Laiola
James Laiola Pred dnevom
I'm a very poor man
thisblackgirl Pred dnevom
LoL! Kenan Thompson tried not to laugh the whole time. CAN WE SEE THE OUT-TAKES! I bet it's just as funny!
Jeffrey Dura
Jeffrey Dura Pred dnevom
Not a bad skit, but it just cannot compare to the real interview.
Alana Lesczynski
Alana Lesczynski Pred dnevom
This was amazing
Sequonda Brown
Sequonda Brown Pred dnevom
Lol!!! Lmbo Why in the world am I addicted to this and continue to watch it at least 3 times A-day?!
Oscar Valenzuela
Oscar Valenzuela Pred dnevom
They got 50 cent interviewing him
Donna King
Donna King Pred dnevom
This is more accurate than the actual interview 😂
The HORSEY'S Pred dnevom
mmmaaannnn ROTFLMBO!!!!❤❤❤ Everybody check out our channel ❤❤❤ slvid.net/video/video-9sLSqcSKr04.html
Kaz Money
Kaz Money Pred dnevom
Is that the camera?
Yoshi marcellus
Yoshi marcellus Pred dnevom
“More than millions,thousands!”🤣🤣🤣
derrick tolliver
derrick tolliver Pred dnevom
I've stopped watching snl a long time ago ( not funny ) but this was the funniest skit I've seen from them in a long long time. I did like sumtin clause but this was funny Keenan did a great job
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Pred dnevom
Y'all just keep y'all's camera out in the open like that? Y'all some freaks 🤣🤣 dyyyyying
jayson smith
jayson smith Pred dnevom
Kenan a dam fool ! ...lol 😂
TheLeah2344 Pred dnevom
I was a victim of sexual assualt on multiple occasions and I found this hilarious. They weren’t making a mockery out of the victims. They were making fun of Rkelly’s bizarre antics during that interview.
O.T.G. Division
O.T.G. Division Pred dnevom
Damn... 😶😔
KallMe Kiki
KallMe Kiki Pred dnevom
The Nifty One
The Nifty One Pred dnevom
Half of these views are mine
twizzle Spellman
twizzle Spellman Pred dnevom
I am so fucking done with snl lmao. The greatest skit ever.
Someone123 Pred dnevom
Can someone explain the “starts with a Q....” part? What’s that a reference to? His music? Or is it just a reference that he’s dumb
Mirza Huskic
Mirza Huskic Pred dnevom
nice horns gives good advice hehee
Goldenboy 214
Goldenboy 214 Pred dnevom
Was he really at Mcds tho?
Anti Antifa terrier
I went to go get the mail yesterday and R. (Victim) Kelly jumped out the bush and started peeing on my dog🤷🏿‍♂️
Tiana Harris
Tiana Harris Pred dnevom
O.T.G. Division
O.T.G. Division Pred dnevom
Classic Carter
Classic Carter Pred dnevom
LMAO Stupid!
Dragonball 1999
Dragonball 1999 Pred dnevom
The Notorious Truth
Bitch! This shit is hilarious
Chelo Mejias
Chelo Mejias Pred dnevom
Worst r Kelly impression I’ve ever seen. Mad TVs trapped in the cupboard portrayed the real r Kelly 🔥😂
Jessica Fajardo
Jessica Fajardo Pred dnevom
Ha ha his little water bottle is from McDonald's.
Jasmine C
Jasmine C Pred dnevom
horny: 917-434-6405
Mamie Johnson-Atkins
🎶damn that's a good question.....I wasn't expecting THAT🎶🤣😂😂😂🤣😭😭😭🤷🏾‍♀️
No Nino
No Nino Pred dnevom
3:41-3:51 💀 tears from crying!!! This parody sums up what everyone was thinking. RapistKelley is a bad actor.
"That would be ideal, yes."
Viggo Labbé
Viggo Labbé Pred dnevom
Oh, you gotta check out Jim Jefferies on the Avi Yemeni Show.
Kriss Wade
Kriss Wade Pred dnevom
this idiot is not funny! never has been
AllHaveShadows.com Pred dnevom
I love Leslie Jones and Kenan has been a comedic genius all his life.
KayCee M
KayCee M Pred dnevom
You can’t think of one nice thing to say about the devil??!!! ****passed out***
Phara Giza
Phara Giza Pred dnevom
It's not the Ego it's the ID stupid Hollywood
LaVern Lemons
LaVern Lemons Pred dnevom
The funniest performance ever in my book. Leslie and Kenan nailed & killed it!
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