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French Toasting, hover shoes, and Real Life Trick Shots BLOOPERS... this episode is next level!
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25. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 31 985
Kaleb Barbour
Kaleb Barbour Pred 5 minutami
Love those bloops
Martin Henry
Martin Henry Pred 32 minutami
Big oof 11:03
Blane Walker
Blane Walker Pred 39 minutami
You should step in mouse traps with both feet
Serena Croft
Serena Croft Pred uro
Serena Croft
Serena Croft Pred uro
Allison K
Allison K Pred uro
The bloopers are really funny😂😂
Taya Velda
Taya Velda Pred 2 urami
Cool vid
Jared Tameling
Jared Tameling Pred 2 urami
Sucks to be you coby
DarkRevenge7 Stuff
DarkRevenge7 Stuff Pred 3 urami
Rocky’nOutYT Pred 3 urami
What I hate 1. People who can’t grammar 2. People who beg for likes 4. People who can’t count 5. People who repeat themselves 6. People who repeat themselves Like if you agree!!!
Noam Kassirer
Noam Kassirer Pred 3 urami
It used to be called human French toast
Frankie Mattucci
Frankie Mattucci Pred 4 urami
As one of the consequences getting shot by the kraken
BlackHole Pred 4 urami
The question mark should be run a mile then immediately do 50 push ups
SKRT Fireball
SKRT Fireball Pred 5 urami
The kid who pushed 7 on the security system
BLBlackDragon Pred 5 urami
You know, if you are willing to wax up top, you should have an option for the bottom. BRAZILLIAN!!!!!
Mariam Haffadh
Mariam Haffadh Pred 6 urami
Coincidentally budget bros were never picked on wheel unfortunate but when Coby left the budget bros he got picked,
amna kalim
amna kalim Pred 6 urami
11:12 "It landed upside down..." *"NooOOoOo"*
Terminator Jack Knife
This is Coby's karma for turning his back on his Budget Brother
maryiam mariyam
maryiam mariyam Pred 8 urami
Liew you Quan
Liew you Quan Pred 8 urami
# tyler have been hacked
Princess Daniella
Princess Daniella Pred 9 urami
That could’ve made so much French toast 😩
Michael Apperson
Michael Apperson Pred 10 urami
What happened to games with consequences!?
Zach Clark
Zach Clark Pred 11 urami
text dude to 888111
Oyungerel Sanjsuren
Oyungerel Sanjsuren Pred 11 urami
how you guys got 41milion subscribers?
draq florence
draq florence Pred 11 urami
CHIA CHU YEW Pred 15 urami
DUDE 888111
Glenn Watson III
Glenn Watson III Pred 16 urami
Nicole Busst
Nicole Busst Pred 17 urami
Jungkook 16
Jungkook 16 Pred 17 urami
Your app is not work
Weird ROBLOX Guy
Weird ROBLOX Guy Pred 17 urami
11:45 double trick shot
Queen K
Queen K Pred 18 urami
How do u not get mad
Cool Bri
Cool Bri Pred 18 urami
They should have a lie detector test with their wife’s
Mali Rimmer AZ-WA
Mali Rimmer AZ-WA Pred 19 urami
It’s pretty convenient that ty is never picked cuz who would be Ned?
R.A.K Rafi
R.A.K Rafi Pred 19 urami
12:00 i can't stop laughing
afferbeclauder Pred 19 urami
its white and blue and red
afferbeclauder Pred 19 urami
i love dude perfect cause i got a very snazzy hat
Maile Sithar-Romena
Maile Sithar-Romena Pred 20 urami
I wanna see them own a cat
Makayla Tong
Makayla Tong Pred 20 urami
Is there anyone out there whose also waiting for someone to get 'own a cat?' Because I am desperately waiting!! SOMEBODY GET OWN A CAT!!
Wyatt Zac
Wyatt Zac Pred 20 urami
*Ty you got a package!* *TIM!*
Evangeline Hatcher
Evangeline Hatcher Pred 22 urami
How about you add “in a bath tub with some snakes” to the wheel. I would pay to see it!
Land Scape
Land Scape Pred 23 urami
For wheel unfortunate, what if Tyler gets picked then who will be the golden boy?
specialneedsgamer Pred 23 urami
Wheel unfortunate:own a cat and clean the letter box for a week
Ram Raptor
Ram Raptor Pred 23 urami
Water and cereal 🥣
Iris Jensen
Iris Jensen Pred 23 urami
Trick shots: 9:38
I think you should add for question mark is go bald
Cayden Sands
Cayden Sands Pred 23 urami
Do the ? As drink hot sauce
Marisol Sanchez
Marisol Sanchez Pred dnevom
"DUDE" to 888111
William Shami
William Shami Pred dnevom
"What Unfortunate thing SHOUD we add" Someone forgot to do spell check...
fruity fruity
fruity fruity Pred dnevom
I wonder what will happen if ty gets picked for wheel unfortunate who will be the host
Oren Wenell-Jack
Oren Wenell-Jack Pred dnevom
The disc one was hurting me on the inside
BKL Games
BKL Games Pred dnevom
12:13 it makes me happy everytime
Abbigail Garrett
Abbigail Garrett Pred dnevom
All of bloops was my favorite part of this video I’m already in love that segment!!!!❤️❤️
Finola O'Sullivan
Finola O'Sullivan Pred dnevom
You guys are da 💣
Jason Feldman
Jason Feldman Pred dnevom
Get domed (means to make your head a dome aka make them bald 👨‍🦲) like this if you use it
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker Pred dnevom
Someone get own a cat
Muna Madan Creation
amazing . im from nepal
ronan best
ronan best Pred dnevom
are they jews?
First Nation
First Nation Pred dnevom
If Tyler spin the wheel, who will be Ned Forrester?
Davealvin Pred dnevom
11:03 Ty You Are SO FUNNY! THAT SOUND!!!
Penny Martin
Penny Martin Pred dnevom
Go parachuting of a plane
Diego Premazzi
Diego Premazzi Pred dnevom
thats whiy his a 4 in clin
Mercedes Brito
Mercedes Brito Pred dnevom
Ned for the wheel put you will get water Balloons throwed at you
Kimberly Daughtry
Kimberly Daughtry Pred dnevom
Copy 1v1 me
rotta07 2007
rotta07 2007 Pred dnevom
Teddiursa Yoshi216
Teddiursa Yoshi216 Pred dnevom
They should do a build a boat battle 2
Peanut Squd
Peanut Squd Pred dnevom
Harvey Malthouse
Harvey Malthouse Pred dnevom
I know for wheel unfortunate to go the the other side of the earth
Kodamachili Vinay Krishna
Superb bro keep it up
2PAC Shakur
2PAC Shakur Pred dnevom
Who understood that Ty is never going to spin that wheel?
Julian Heggen
Julian Heggen Pred dnevom
Floors lava in 5 4 3 2 I think you not on the ground anyway
Bradley Butler
Bradley Butler Pred 19 urami
Just a worst version of the top comment
Pars65124 Aydin
Pars65124 Aydin Pred dnevom
Own a dog or do The hardest trik shots
Tejas Suryawanshi
Tejas Suryawanshi Pred dnevom
You should add this : bathe with egg yolks
Hen3hen Pred dnevom
New idea it 50 big macs
William !
William ! Pred dnevom
What happens when ty gets picked
Øčťø [TSP]
Øčťø [TSP] Pred dnevom
New consequence for Wheel Unfortunate : Play The floor is lava for the whole next day!!!
Gilbert Yumol
Gilbert Yumol Pred dnevom
kristi martin
kristi martin Pred dnevom
Dude 888111
Leona Dilanyan
Leona Dilanyan Pred dnevom
What would happen if Tyler got picked for wheel unfortunate? Who else wants to see that happen😂😂😂
Texas Ranger
Texas Ranger Pred dnevom
The “boop” (every-time someone messes up) over and over sounds like a telegraph
Rakshith Bellam
Rakshith Bellam Pred dnevom
Did you guys notice when he sweared in the knife blooper
sniper_andy 612
sniper_andy 612 Pred dnevom
The question mark in the wheel should be playing pubg in front of fans
Chris Wade
Chris Wade Pred dnevom
We can duo
jessica burkman
jessica burkman Pred dnevom
My son wants the group to add Dye your hair green for Wheel Unfortunate.
Sophie Scharton
Sophie Scharton Pred dnevom
He was sooo close to getting a 🐈
Umar Akhtar
Umar Akhtar Pred 2 dnevi
I downloaded your game made by miniclip. It is amazing
Oracle Pred 2 dnevi
9:42 is when the bloopers start for anyone who was wondering
August H
August H Pred 2 dnevi
Love it 🤣🤣
August H
August H Pred 2 dnevi
11:33 ty 😂😂😂
DJ Mustache
DJ Mustache Pred 2 dnevi
how many attempts at a trick shot before you give up lol
Allison Streeter
Allison Streeter Pred 2 dnevi
They need to do overtime again and soon it’s been to long since they have made one
Cooper Pappas
Cooper Pappas Pred 2 dnevi
Do overtime 9
Keegan Dowling
Keegan Dowling Pred 2 dnevi
From now on if there is bloopers I will like the vid
Nicolas the one 11
Nicolas the one 11 Pred 2 dnevi
Joey Stephenson
Joey Stephenson Pred 2 dnevi
You have to kiss a donkey wheel unfortunate
Darealninja _
Darealninja _ Pred 2 dnevi
Life Videos
Life Videos Pred 2 dnevi
Wheel unfortunate new consequences 1: Get front row seats to a ranger game, go into the game purchase popcorn, and leave and sit on the stairs until the game ends 2: apply Icy hot on arm pits and back of neck
Jhazier Gonzalez
Jhazier Gonzalez Pred 2 dnevi
when is the next overtime i cant wait
Owen Strauss
Owen Strauss Pred 2 dnevi
I want Tyler to get picked
Taniya Kaur Chit Chat
Bhaut hard🙏
Annabelle Marshall
Annabelle Marshall Pred 2 dnevi
Can you make more blooper videos
Dylan Haynes
Dylan Haynes Pred 2 dnevi
Cody looks like Brett young😂😂😂
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