Rectifying a Bunch of Videos

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DO NOT BELIEVE, or more importantly, DO NOT ATTEMPT everything you see on internet!
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Videos I reviewed:
Hyper Dimensional Resonator: slvid.net/video/video--5LnsDNRkfU.html
High Voltage: slvid.net/video/video-5xBmcmopPBI.html
Electric Man: slvid.net/video/video-JxbhDePzVP0.html
WiFi Booster: facebook.com/watch/?v=938682426274343
Sparks from Falling Water: slvid.net/video/video-rv4MjaF_wow.html
By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
#FakeVideos #Rectifier #ElectroBOOM

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14. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 3 029
ElectroBOOM Pred 9 dnevi
Just to clarify two things: first on my comment about Mr. Veritasium's clip, he said "there is not much charge behind it" which is correct, but then he said "so you can't get that much current flowing" which is incorrect. This is because current = charge / time. Since time is very short, the current is high, in fact can be as high as 30A through body depending on voltage. And you know well when someone says "it is the current that gets you, not voltage" it boils my blood!! Second regarding the guy with big transformer, apparently he is saying that he is running a wire through his shirt and is honest about it (translated by my Brazilian commenters, thank you!). That's why I said "If he is trying to imply that the current is running through his body..." because I wasn't sure. So he is not implying that, which is good. But I find it sketchy that he hid the wire in his shirt. WHY???
NeXt GeN
NeXt GeN Pred dnevom
Hi Mehdi is this true or fake. Please rectify it. slvid.net/video/video-30h6hrxACdA.html
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips Pred 2 dnevi
You make the internet great
Orlando Benjamin
Orlando Benjamin Pred 2 dnevi
The ElectroBoom'ness is what gets you by the end of the day.
Liam Pred 4 dnevi
+Alisdair Herd It also depends on inductance, capacitance, rate of change of the voltage...
Liam Pred 4 dnevi
+carlos gaspar If they cared about "perfecting" the electric chair, they would use a defibrillator. Unfortunately the whole point of many such execution methods is the gruesome spectacle.
Uxue Chung
Uxue Chung Pred 2 urami
Lmfao when he says “family friendly”. Nice joke
Lost Places FPV
Lost Places FPV Pred 2 urami
Routers use sleeved dipoles tho
Voltex Pred 3 urami
Totally not a cable around him at 3:44
Naim Al Sadik
Naim Al Sadik Pred 3 urami
Hi, I need help, plz help me. i am trying to make a adjustable power supply by LM350 regulator, so, i need a short circuit protector, when the output is short i need a + / - palse for cutting the output wire by relay. plz send me a small circuit for it. ( i have extra 12 volt sorce for this circuit)
flavius Alex
flavius Alex Pred 4 urami
Hey mehdi have a look on this video please slvid.net/video/video-E6Q4X-pqaDA.html
wiffleduster Pred 4 urami
You should be a teacher for kids with ADHD
Ryu Gaming
Ryu Gaming Pred 6 urami
Men you are the best💖
Shafiqul islam
Shafiqul islam Pred 8 urami
Please make a video about charging e scooter and earning money, I think e scooter Company's are f..king people. People doesn't think how much they are paying to utilities and how much they getting 😆
umesh pandey
umesh pandey Pred 8 urami
i wish u were my teacher in BE.. learning would have been fun
250 Abos ohne Video
250 Abos ohne Video Pred 10 urami
basic normality
basic normality Pred 11 urami
merwindor Pred 14 urami
The second vid is of Photonicinductions long lost cousin...
The Japanese Hans
The Japanese Hans Pred 14 urami
This is one of the funniest channel i ever seen deserves a sub
The Devil In The Circuit
@7:32 "There are two ways that electricity Hertz." Mehdi, you are a funny guy!
karan Singh
karan Singh Pred 16 urami
M. Kharis
M. Kharis Pred 17 urami
At 1 moment I thought you were going to attack Veritasium
Rowyn Gaming official
Rowyn Gaming official Pred 17 urami
Turn on english auto generated 0:47
InfernoGaming Pred 18 urami
There are two ways that electricity hertz
Alan Guzman
Alan Guzman Pred 18 urami
In his videos that includes electricity I'm still wondering why he doesn't wear electric proof gloves
Charlie Clague
Charlie Clague Pred 18 urami
If you were sentenced to death, would you chose to die by electric chair to go out in passion
server075 Pred 20 urami
slvid.net/video/video-_pm2tLN6KOQ.html wtf!?
Bro vs Bro
Bro vs Bro Pred 20 urami
In norway 1 teenager got 15,000 volt in him he died
Nick de Groot
Nick de Groot Pred 20 urami
I had a shock from a microwave transformer once luckily i survived that powerful shock.
Mario Luigi
Mario Luigi Pred 21 uro
Altering time is real electric boom. I know. 😉
Bill Kordis
Bill Kordis Pred 22 urami
Love watching your videos and you getting the shit shocked out of you...HAHA
Bill Kordis
Bill Kordis Pred 22 urami
I would like to hear your take on the Keshe Magravs
OfficialDuxz Pred dnevom
Lol im from puerto rico
OfficialDuxz Pred dnevom
NeXt GeN
NeXt GeN Pred dnevom
Hi Mehdi is this true or fake. Please rectify it. slvid.net/video/video-30h6hrxACdA.html
steve1978ger Pred dnevom
I'm not mad at those people. They're just doing physics fan-fiction....
Mikhale Angelo Olegario
Pls turn on a high pressure sodium bulbs and low pressure sodium bulbs
Eduardo Sosa
Eduardo Sosa Pred dnevom
2:09 if you have a (duck sound) black hole close by.
I think you should create a series where you debunk all the fake information people spread here on youtube especially the topics that are related to your field. XD
slickerian Labs
slickerian Labs Pred dnevom
slvid.net/video/video-FDVrM929s70.html Is this real sir?
Alex Warne
Alex Warne Pred dnevom
"Some people are cancer. ...Let's just watch the next one...". I don't think there could be a more perfect summary of the internet.
furonwarrior Pred dnevom
Can you explain more on EMF and if it’s dangerous or not? I’m so confused.
연규은 Pred dnevom
This channel finally supports Korean language. I have been waiting for Korean language support since 5 years ago. I love you Mehdi :D
sardak nidal
sardak nidal Pred dnevom
you should make a channle called mehdication for home remedies
Patrick Guinnane
Patrick Guinnane Pred dnevom
I'll rectify your video....!!!
Rock Man
Rock Man Pred dnevom
Максим Чёрствый
I dunno if hdr effect at time but it good effect at render
Ash Pred dnevom
Thats the problem of eating too many cakes, he didn't feel like working. For all your current cake requirements (and occasionally see Mehdi tranforming them) visit his wifes shop Address #109 - 511 W 7th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Z 4R2 Full details on www.yummyonie.com/ Delicious cakes try them
Jack armstrong
Jack armstrong Pred dnevom
This guy reminds me of BORAT
CoxTH Pred 2 dnevi
To be fair. The coke-can satellite dish on your router could work...if you only care about having a wifi signal in a straight line originating from the dish.
SplungerCat -_-
SplungerCat -_- Pred 2 dnevi
Sneez Pred 2 dnevi
slvid.net/video/video-waQUEly4kPw.html Mehdi why dont you explain this video to the people?
张天阳 Pred 2 dnevi
Make a reaction video to this:slvid.net/video/video-OFLdTuXmnA8.html My teacher played this when I was in elementary school...
张天阳 Pred 2 dnevi
5:55 I think Mehdi is more resisting to current at least he operates experiment with a designed amount of explodes *nearly electrocuted by falling apparature*
ApexWolf 56
ApexWolf 56 Pred 2 dnevi
Are you faze rugs dad
Juan Manuel Saenz Kotyk
OMG ill be waiting for an arduino video!!!!
iminindonesia Pred 2 dnevi
God I'm laughing hard when I heard master in failure. hahahah
iEuropa Pred 2 dnevi
now i'm wondering something. in case of an emergency and in a scenario where you would have no other solution, could it be possible to save someone from hypothermia by running high frequency electricity through its body? if we could "plug" the body safely so that it doesn't burn the contacts points, i assume it could be possible?
areamusicale Pred 2 dnevi
7:30 I like the pun: electricity heartz :D
Tamer AL-Rodainieh
Tamer AL-Rodainieh Pred 2 dnevi
slvid.net/video/video-M0CXZ5LsJn0.html Again free energy hhhhh this thing will never stop....
loydix 36 gaming
loydix 36 gaming Pred 2 dnevi
This ain't a ElectroBOOM video if nothing explodes
ShR33k Pred 2 dnevi
"Master of failure" - you are truly educational and hilarious with it! hahaha
Lucky Pred 2 dnevi
1:29 KEYSI- Oh okay..
Davoded Pred 2 dnevi
Oi, i love your videos and i have a suggestion, it would be awesome if you made a video on the rodin coil, explaining how they work and possible applications
Smlfan jeffy 357
Smlfan jeffy 357 Pred 2 dnevi
roven garrate
roven garrate Pred 2 dnevi
Good day sir, can you please make a video in what rating of fuse should we use in different electronic appliances?? Thankyou so much sir!!
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Pred 2 dnevi
Whatever they're cooking is burning
Aspectix Pred 2 dnevi
Family friendly xdxd
Play Geetar
Play Geetar Pred 2 dnevi
"did this guy really think that his giant dil.... lemma" lmao
Ashok B R Radder
Ashok B R Radder Pred 2 dnevi
Hi i found a fake video see it, 👉slvid.net/video/video-mHA4ym_cXis.html
Hey medhi can u please make a video on topic CYCLOTRON..... Its working, applications. And how does it looks like... And like your sweet smile.. and ypur... genius thinking ..
David Zamudio
David Zamudio Pred 2 dnevi
i saw colinfurze
Phillip Berger
Phillip Berger Pred 2 dnevi
Why not full bridge rectify these videos?
Franco Maroni
Franco Maroni Pred 2 dnevi
i am worried about your health you might die by electrocuting your self well if you want to continue I am not stopping you
metho1234 Pred 2 dnevi
Good utuber
Anon Anon
Anon Anon Pred 2 dnevi
I have subscribed to that suspicious brown middle-eastern guy long ago
Nokhod Pred 2 dnevi
Eydet mobarak mehdi joon
William Weston
William Weston Pred 2 dnevi
3:43 You can even se the cable go into his shirt xD
Olli Pred 2 dnevi
Can you make a video where you explain how to change the current independet from the voltage like in power supplys where you can regulate the current independent of voltage, or transmission lines where the voltage can be high but the current not? Sry for bad english
Arno nümuss
Arno nümuss Pred 2 dnevi
The DC magnet is also called a permanent magnet ;D
Namrisc Pred 2 dnevi
The reason why the scientists in the third video do not understand whats going on is that they are physicists, who think electricity is just Maxwell's equations and do not know anything beyond the knowledge they got in the early semesters. It is the same reason why every so often renomed physicists jump onto the "9/11 was an inside job" train, because in their tunnel vision they only notice the fact that burning cerosene cannot melt steel; whereas a civil engineer in first semester can already tell you that, while still counting as a solid, steel loses 70% of its carrying capacity. Instead of thinking something is a miracle, they should just consult experts of applied sciences, e.g. people like Mehdi.
Ali Medani
Ali Medani Pred 2 dnevi
i think the videos that you should really rectify are theo joe ones
JAMES! Since the 70's
The guy with the transformer had probably done killed a few idiots!
JAMES! Since the 70's
A clock is just a machine . that moves, the only thing it has to do with time, is how we relate its movement with time! Otherwise it has nothing to do with time!
user255 Pred 2 dnevi
Thanks for mixing in skepticism in your videos! We really need it!
Jhs Guy
Jhs Guy Pred 3 dnevi
12:09 The Eyes of Death
DeathWaves 47
DeathWaves 47 Pred 3 dnevi
Can you explain this? slvid.net/video/video-4OdwyBVBUx4.html
Roland Kontson
Roland Kontson Pred 3 dnevi
12:08 - dam let my guard down - didn't expect it
MadScientist512 Pred 3 dnevi
I'm glad his ongoing cringe-worthy use microwave oven transformers hasn't killed him, yet...
PhOor PlAyeR
PhOor PlAyeR Pred 3 dnevi
Even i am just 16Yearsold i always watch your videos even i dont understand most of the thing you say'n
Doi Doi
Doi Doi Pred 3 dnevi
Giant dil....
Zahidul Hasan
Zahidul Hasan Pred 3 dnevi
He has a masters in "Electrifying himself"
Red Psycho
Red Psycho Pred 3 dnevi
Why do you hurt yourself so much? I mean is it really worth it?
Mr. Magnificent
Mr. Magnificent Pred 3 dnevi
Hi Mr. Mehdi your videos are very good and i like them.Can you make a digital timer auto on off switch ?
khan riyaz ahmad
khan riyaz ahmad Pred 2 dnevi
Great idea.please work on it mehdi.
KenTheGamer1212 Pred 3 dnevi
What is that dil- oh wait family friendly
Avon Gaming
Avon Gaming Pred 3 dnevi
maybe that guy have some sort of tesla coil inside,Oh NeverMind Maybe He Rigged The TV flyback transformer??Make A video about it Mehdi
BigpapaG 5
BigpapaG 5 Pred 3 dnevi
Bro your Eventually not gonna feel shocks anymore 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
DomzysJapanac Pred 3 dnevi
11:15 The best guy :D
Emilia Guerra
Emilia Guerra Pred 3 dnevi
soy la unica persona que ve tus videos sin entender nada?
baraa orabi
baraa orabi Pred 3 dnevi
Can you talk about electrical disharged machine
Ernesto Flores
Ernesto Flores Pred 3 dnevi
John Murphy
John Murphy Pred 3 dnevi
Lmao 1:15. “What did I just watch?! Does this guy that his giant dil... dilemma” I’m dead
Callum Stanley
Callum Stanley Pred 3 dnevi
(Electro boom lives in Canada) = (Canada will have nuclear powers)
isomore Pred 3 dnevi
you're a master alright
DJ GEOMETRY Pred 3 dnevi
12:07 🤣
John Randazzo
John Randazzo Pred 3 dnevi
I gotta say I started watching your stuff via a meme I saw but now I'm watching more and more of your videos and your very entertaining and informative. Keep it up love the content.
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