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Robocalls are a growing problem. If only we could make the FCC care a little bit more about fixing it.
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11. mar. 2019

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Gerardo Flores
Gerardo Flores Pred 32 minutami
did you yourself feel such a mystical vibration ...
Herotimes The Undertale Player
Man do they have an orchestra playing all this music? I wanna be in it.
Galfin 01
Galfin 01 Pred 2 urami
Why not try stamps.com
aneebaba06 Pred 2 urami
I get ones that are in Chinese - i heard these scammed Chinese Americans as they thought the govt was after them and since they are scared that they might actually get in trouble back home, they gave the money etc. I have the Pixel 3, so now i use the screening feature and they usually hang up right away.
Joe V
Joe V Pred 2 urami
ONE Lesson here: do NOT EVER gives WELLS FARGO …..ANY BUISNESS AT ALL.....they're thieves
SpartanF8 Pred 2 urami
Blocking numbers helps, no call lists help and setting your phone to only accept known numbers
J.Y. Demir
J.Y. Demir Pred 3 urami
At least someone's calling me.. Don't get rid of them
C T Pred 3 urami
Why am I crying
Taylor Adair
Taylor Adair Pred 4 urami
I have terrible anxiety, and these calls have started so many panic attacks. I don’t understand how it’s legal.
Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee Pred 6 urami
He needs to reduce the interval between calls from every 90 minutes to every 3 minutes
Jackalofdeath Pred 9 urami
what sort of sad fucking people worship this ugly little jew he looks like a rat
Fact Check
Fact Check Pred 10 urami
You forget Obsma the disaster
jv7x Pred 12 urami
John Oliver is a god damn national treasure!
Jesse Slaughter
Jesse Slaughter Pred 13 urami
I am genuinely impressed with how John Oliver has progressed in fake news, Let that sink in
Girl Etherial
Girl Etherial Pred 13 urami
Did anyone else think his call to action at the end sounded like, "Russia... If you're listening...."? Hmmm. As I'm writing this, the Mueller report was delivered to Barr, so maybe that's just on my mind....
Angelene Parr Ramos
Angelene Parr Ramos Pred 14 urami
Can someone please make a meme of John saying “cool”? That was the best.
Matthew Britton
Matthew Britton Pred 17 urami
Can you please share the phone numbers of all the FCC Goobers?
Dee Tree
Dee Tree Pred 23 urami
Oliver is great. I wish news Anchor's in general followed his model.... this mf can make fun of himself, his fans and his sponsors while making realistic suggestions fans can do to help support something beneficial, or to troll d.bags in public office not listening.
Eileen Chon
Eileen Chon Pred dnevom
got a robocall while watching this video -.-
Gnome Queen
Gnome Queen Pred dnevom
Fuck the FCC
NittanyTiger1 Pred dnevom
When I was in debt to the hospital due to being disabled before my SSI was approved, I was getting debt collector robocalls so often that I set a personalized voicemail message telling them not to call back, let the robocallers fill up my voicemail box on purpose, then just shut my phone off because I was under so much stress then that I was liable to snap.
SKvid Pred dnevom
You are great
Hugh Orr
Hugh Orr Pred dnevom
The best is, 'Dont hang up...'
Jack Siegel
Jack Siegel Pred dnevom
As I'm watching this, I get a robocall
They are so annoying. One time my grandma got a call that said she needed to give a certain amount of money to get her son out of jail, but here's the thing, he's the under sheriff.
LarryHovis Pred dnevom
samsnow1984 Pred dnevom
should've just given their phone numbers so we could all call them :)
strungoutboy21 Pred dnevom
I've gotten robocalls about getting a life alert necklace and I'm in my 30's.
Jacob S
Jacob S Pred dnevom
Thankfully Andrew Yang wants to tackle them. #Yang2020
The Dolly Llama
The Dolly Llama Pred dnevom
this is funny as heck, thank you so much for existing
Nikhillesh Sadassivam
Address buried - 348 W 57th. Street, #301, New York 10019
Dovey Dossett
Dovey Dossett Pred dnevom
Love you, dude. But the raunchy Stuff felt really gratuitous and unnecessary in this episode. Don't be infantile just to be infantile.
JOHN E BOB Pred dnevom
I virtually stopped all the Robo Calls I got by getting an air horn and blasting it when I got a "Scam Likely" call. 😁
Dierdri716 Pred dnevom
There’s no use to blocking the numbers, they just generate a new one.
xlar54 Pred dnevom
Hold the telecom companies responsible. If a number can be spoofed, someone fucked up. Fine Verizon or ATT 1 billion dollars for every falsified number. Shit will change real quick.
qawi hall
qawi hall Pred dnevom
I love how John Oliver does less shows than the other late night to save money and spend it on the most stupidest yet funny props and skits
Ryan Curry
Ryan Curry Pred dnevom
John Oliver, the hero the world needs but doesn’t deserve
Manda Days
Manda Days Pred dnevom
I found the address: 345 W 57th Street, #301, New York, NY, 10019
Kye W
Kye W Pred dnevom
its ok i dont answer the phone
Wangnan Zhong
Wangnan Zhong Pred dnevom
Oliver: pulls out giant props. other late night show host: neither we are crazy nor we had the John Oliver's budget
PeterVintonJr_Art Pred dnevom
Terrified to Google the word "watermeloning" now...
Zhargida Beoulve
Zhargida Beoulve Pred dnevom
The issue is not the calls, but the fact that I can't tell a real person to go fuck themselves: I would enjoy triple the unsolicited calls per day if I were afforded this luxury; I might even buy the cat insurance they're usually selling.
Carver Pred dnevom
You Fox!
Reaven Veaceslav
Reaven Veaceslav Pred dnevom
Huge reason why spam calls are awful for me: I have to answer random phone calls because I'm 'on call' and it could be important patient stuff. And if I'm dealing with spam calls, I could miss or delay something that was actually important. "Don't pick up" is a bad option when you have people dying
rubystarrs Pred dnevom
It worked! 11 days after this video was originally posted and AT&T and Comcast have announced caller authentication programs being released.
Redstone Casey
Redstone Casey Pred dnevom
John Oliver is the very definition of "Chaotic Good".
Toaster Bath Challenge
We nerds are the minority now.
konschti's aural pleasure
I didn’t even know that a problem like this exists but I’m also an European where this is just illegal. No strings attached it’s just not allowed except if you call a customer service and instead of waiting you want them to call back. That’s done by a robot. Kind of cool if your government acts in your interest most of the time, isn’t it? ;)
Karen Pred dnevom
I got a robocall while watching this...no kidding!! I had to buy a CPR Call Blocker to reduce these calls just a bit! Thanks JOHN!!
Katie Oberst
Katie Oberst Pred dnevom
I get upwards of 5 calls a day about my debt that I can't pay cuz I'm on SSI. I only answer my phone if I recognize the number these days.
MrMentalrevolution Pred dnevom
USA is weird. *From Europe
Adam Pred dnevom
If I get a call from someone I don't know, I know it is a scam, so I immediately try to sell them a a bag of dicks. One of these days I'm gonna find a buyer for this big ol bag. One time I reverse tracked a scam call center.and called every phone line they had pushing my wares. They blocked me :/
BluetexasTrucking Pred dnevom
Lol awesome John you are a hero!!!!
Andrea Wetherald
Andrea Wetherald Pred 2 dnevi
Got a robo call while watching this. Sigh.
IFCGaming Pred 2 dnevi
Scammers are like: So the FCC will let me be and let me be me so let me scam...
wbrenne Pred 2 dnevi
In Germany, robocalls are fined with up to 300,000 €. This has pretty much eliminated the problem.
wbrenne Pred 2 dnevi
(just as any cold call)
Sai S
Sai S Pred 2 dnevi
Hahaha.. Johns expressions are pure gold and that robo laugh was some spooky shit..
Luther Mason
Luther Mason Pred 2 dnevi
I'd love to have the FCC place hefty fines on all of these telecommunication providers that allows Robocalls access on consumer's landlines and cell phones limitless 24/7. Force them to foot the bill since they use my phone more than I do!!!
Ownuts Pred 2 dnevi
13:09 perfect reaction
António Lencastre
António Lencastre Pred 2 dnevi
This dude has te biggest nuts of the internet! :D
Bridget Bee
Bridget Bee Pred 2 dnevi
“(Laughs) There is a live person here” is prime uncanny valley **shivers**
Desert Aria
Desert Aria Pred 2 dnevi
Uff I'm sorry americans have to deal with this, I can't imagine how annoying these must be. The 30 years I lived in EU, the number of sales calls I received are in the single digits and even those I hated getting ( ´ ▽ ` )
Drew Cross
Drew Cross Pred 2 dnevi
Install youmail, set blocking to maximum or non-contacts and don't allow private numbers. Sure, I have to add people to my contacts if I want them to be able to call me, but that is a minor distraction when I meet new people vs the daily distraction of robocalls.
will segen
will segen Pred 2 dnevi
o'rielly: Phone: 1-888-225-5322; et al
Chance Whistler
Chance Whistler Pred 2 dnevi
This is not a robo comment. Haha. Bet you didn't know that was a thing....
Bob Stevenson
Bob Stevenson Pred 2 dnevi
348 W 57th. Street #301 New York, NY 10019 You don't even have to be autistic to find it..
Bob Stevenson
Bob Stevenson Pred 2 dnevi
This show always brings up interesting issues, but the host is painfully unfunny.
Lilac Rose
Lilac Rose Pred 2 dnevi
Shit weasels 😂😂😂
I'm ALIZArd Pred 2 dnevi
Got a robo call while watching.
BrutalxTruth Pred 2 dnevi
Woah! @7:12 That's crazy! My SSN is FUCK SHIT FUCK - COCK TWAT - TAINT JIZZ SHIT COCK! What are the odds?
Jae Lee
Jae Lee Pred 2 dnevi
Ajit Pai is such a fucking loser. The type that actually tries to pick up women at the bar with corny dad jokes.
Alexander Senatore
Alexander Senatore Pred 2 dnevi
What a wasteful episode
Dawn O'Friel
Dawn O'Friel Pred 2 dnevi
Oh, there are no words to fully express how much I love that he gave the FCC a big dose of this plague. Way to go, John Oliver! You rock!
zara h
zara h Pred 2 dnevi
Please do a piece on the upcoming Indian elections. PLEASE! 🙏
Neeraja Balachander
Neeraja Balachander Pred 2 dnevi
Bloody brilliant
TJ Lydon
TJ Lydon Pred 2 dnevi
You are the GREATEST!!! I have thought about doing the same thing to the companies that call me just so I can tie up there lines. But I don't think that works anymore since it's a computer calling you, they can probably have 10,000 calls going at once.
Thabiso Moloko
Thabiso Moloko Pred 2 dnevi
I wish I had Thanos' glove and all the infinity stones...i'd throw the moon at Ajit pai's face.
Ariel Miner
Ariel Miner Pred 2 dnevi
I’m Ajit pai I like penis in my mouth yeah
Gal Dagon
Gal Dagon Pred 2 dnevi
"Slang for when magicians shoot heroin" amazing.
Andrew Flowers
Andrew Flowers Pred 2 dnevi
I'd like the FCC to post the business phone numbers of every scammer that they've ever received a protest for. ;)
Melissa Henriquez
Melissa Henriquez Pred 2 dnevi
the hero we need, truly
Jillian Bresnahan
Jillian Bresnahan Pred 2 dnevi
What pisses me off if not that I could get scammed, but when fake companies are calling people who don’t know any better and scamming them into thinking they are going to be deported, arrested for IRS discrepancies, or visa issues. I can’t fathom how many people have been scammed into giving these scammers money, their SSN, or their personal info. Breaks my heart.
Maura Aldera
Maura Aldera Pred 2 dnevi
Richard Freeberg
Richard Freeberg Pred 2 dnevi
Finally something I can watch without throwing up and actually laugh about our current horror show cum reality TV reality ...
Lauren Goff
Lauren Goff Pred 2 dnevi
The FCC must really hate John Oliver XD
spookydonkey513 Pred 2 dnevi
I can’t be the only person who thinks ajit pai has the face of a simpleton. He looks like a cross eyed cousin fucker.
spookydonkey513 Pred 2 dnevi
I’m a cantalouper man myself 😉
papson85 Pred 2 dnevi
It's crazy, i learn more from John Oliver, a comedian than the news journalist!
Panda skate & Stuff
Panda skate & Stuff Pred 2 dnevi
You should make an episode about the adpocalypse and the SLvid algorithm
bob smith
bob smith Pred 2 dnevi
love that FFC chairman spin...like any of the O-DUMBbutt guys or gals did any better...and they had 8 whole years of NO one talking shit to them each day
Kris Kanyon
Kris Kanyon Pred 2 dnevi
Used the wrong finger on that giant hand to press the button.
Persephone Hana
Persephone Hana Pred 2 dnevi
Please tell me they actually did it....
Des Troya
Des Troya Pred 2 dnevi
Haha pee pee poo poo jokes. Plus he said "fuck"
Emily Mayhew
Emily Mayhew Pred 2 dnevi
I got three robocalls during this video.
mxysptlk23 Pred 2 dnevi
Dear john: I get it, America sucks. Go the fuck home!
mxysptlk23 Pred 2 dnevi
Btw, if Wells Fargo calls you about an unpaid bill... pay the bill deadbeat.
Aadrit Pred 2 dnevi
So that's how the " I Am Not a Robot" popup works. Never realized how effective it was.
Corny Talks
Corny Talks Pred 3 dnevi
John Oliver: "Can you just say: 'I am not a dingo'? It would really mean a lot to me." Tom Wheeler: (laughs) "I am a real person!"
J.P. Anderson-Young
J.P. Anderson-Young Pred 3 dnevi
2:05, didn't know that NBC's phone screens stayed when they were faking a robocall?
shutupandwatchbitch Pred 3 dnevi
Omg that was an amazing ending! youre an american hero :)
Ruby Grace
Ruby Grace Pred 3 dnevi
I found the address😂😂
darcenex14 Pred 3 dnevi
I was robocalled while watching this video. smh
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