Rollin', Rollin', in the Shaqtin' | Shaqtin A Fool Episode 22

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Lost Bulls, blown layups & more highlight this week's #Shaqtin! 😂
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5. apr. 2019

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Komentarjev 372
Luis Alejandro Perez
Luis Alejandro Perez Pred 14 urami
Ándale, Ándale? That's some ignorant racism. They run the bulls in Spain. That's not even where Ándale Ándale is associated with. And she had a terrible intro song
Gamer 909
Gamer 909 Pred 8 dnevi
My vote goes to bryant
Fieldball Champ
Fieldball Champ Pred 9 dnevi
Emrah Bağcı
Emrah Bağcı Pred 10 dnevi
Some refs are idiots 😊🏀 slvid.net/video/video-NsHefHZQOW8.html
Naemar roll
Gui MV
Gui MV Pred 12 dnevi
Yağız Yeşil
Yağız Yeşil Pred 13 dnevi
Cedi will be next :D
Ethan Suttle
Ethan Suttle Pred 13 dnevi
#4 Christiano Felicio #3 Josh Hart #2 Moe Harkless #1 Thomas Bryant
wornoutshoes11 Pred 14 dnevi
When they know its time to shine baby...lol oh yeah im gonna roll till i succeed in the nba🤣
Haifu Zhen
Haifu Zhen Pred 14 dnevi
n 13 doesnt even know no one is guarding him.
Steelx X
Steelx X Pred 14 dnevi
Bru get that other person out of there were is Barkley
danielle danke
danielle danke Pred 9 dnevi
Steelx X college basketball that week
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez Pred 15 dnevi
For Thomas I like how wade and green were like brah
King Keef
King Keef Pred 15 dnevi
LOL BRYANT was the best!!!! might as well have fun.. he got pushed by 3 point line and rolled all the way down court to the other 3 point line.. now that's SHAQTIN a fool
Ayaan Sarang
Ayaan Sarang Pred 15 dnevi
1:45 They see me rollin They hatin
ANIME JAKE Pred 16 dnevi
The blazers bench reaction was fake because Nik Stauskas isn't on the team anymore.
im somebody
im somebody Pred 16 dnevi
Thomas moves like Neymar XD.
Trevor Mckenzie
Trevor Mckenzie Pred 16 dnevi
하칸다뽀에버! Pred 16 dnevi
1:45 T .bryant. he looks like the Brazil soccer player Neymarrrrrrrrr
Mārtiņš Lūsis
Mārtiņš Lūsis Pred 16 dnevi
Bryant right there being a roll model for all the young players. :D
Alessandro Zangone
Alessandro Zangone Pred 4 dnevi
Mārtiņš Lūsis nice punchline! :)
high lion
high lion Pred 16 dnevi
No Barkley no party
Steel Curtain
Steel Curtain Pred 16 dnevi
Bryant is the new Neymar 😂
Daniel Araujo
Daniel Araujo Pred 16 dnevi
T. Bryant>> Neymar Lol
MIKEK3NT Pred 16 dnevi
Lol Thomas Bryant must have talked with Neymar
Donald Drumpf
Donald Drumpf Pred 16 dnevi
Candace is so cringe....
eldemasiado Pred 17 dnevi
Keeeeeeep rooooollin roooooolllin
IMANOLL Pred 17 dnevi
0:41 andele andele jajaja
Green Ranger
Green Ranger Pred 17 dnevi
NBA is PHucking JOKE NOW
Stephen Oe
Stephen Oe Pred 17 dnevi
Last one was hilarious that guy shouldnt be on a court
FeathertopDT Pred 17 dnevi
Shows that without the main squad it’s really just cringe.
Pure Player
Pure Player Pred 17 dnevi
Dumbest player in first sequence is not felicio. It's Thomas bryant setting a screen when he's already unguarded and alone under the basket!!!!
Manel Paulino
Manel Paulino Pred 17 dnevi
Saying andale andale arriba to a Portuguese speaker is kind of insulting shaq. I bet Felício would finish the hot wings
Shu Wing Leung
Shu Wing Leung Pred 17 dnevi
Everybody Hark Fu fighting
Sam H
Sam H Pred 17 dnevi
Fire this bumbass crew except for Shaq
Ayawrxsti Pred 17 dnevi
Neymar neymar neymar
Jsh TheSavage
Jsh TheSavage Pred 17 dnevi
Mo Harkless one is savage
Uwais Motala
Uwais Motala Pred 17 dnevi
#1 was hilarious.. shaqtin' of the year nominee
Seth Kasso
Seth Kasso Pred 17 dnevi
Can Kenny just pre-record an intro so that we don't have to listen to IT, Candace, and B-Diddy act like they've never heard how Kenny does it?
Shelton Childress
Shelton Childress Pred 17 dnevi
Thomas Bryant won that ho!
Keyzer Söze
Keyzer Söze Pred 17 dnevi
*ENOUGH OF CANDACE!!!!! ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!!!!!!!! This experinent doesn’t work now and it didn’t work for march madness* 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😫😫😫😩😩😩
Trevor Wheeler
Trevor Wheeler Pred 17 dnevi
#2 is actually ridiculous
JTD Abraham
JTD Abraham Pred 17 dnevi
Bryant taking notes from Neymar
Kakashi Hatake
Kakashi Hatake Pred 17 dnevi
That kick block and the drop rolling was fire 🔥😂👌
Kosta 98
Kosta 98 Pred 17 dnevi
T. Bryant, the Neymar of the NBA😂
Eddie Gur rare ro
Eddie Gur rare ro Pred 17 dnevi
Go back to the kitchen Candace 🤦🏾‍♂️
onlyone23km Pred 15 dnevi
First off, I’m a Mr.. And second, get a better username than ripping off of a dead wrestler.
Eddie Gur rare ro
Eddie Gur rare ro Pred 15 dnevi
onlyone23km get off SLvid and get into the kitchen miss 🤦🏾‍♂️
onlyone23km Pred 15 dnevi
And you lack compassion and sense.
Mr 1776
Mr 1776 Pred 15 dnevi
onlyone23km you are a wimp
Mr 1776
Mr 1776 Pred 15 dnevi
😂 lol
E D Pred 17 dnevi
I had no idea Neymar plays in the NBA
Jindujun Pred 17 dnevi
What's Neymar doing on a Basketball Court huh?
MexWanker0589 Pred 17 dnevi
Candace Parker really is awful. Kenny and Chuck are sorely missed.
DayG Pred 17 dnevi
Why are we talking about Westbrook's 20-20-20 game? I'm pretty sure no one in the history of the NBA has ever blocked a shot with their feet lol
aldi febrianto
aldi febrianto Pred 17 dnevi
So cringe
robyburning Pred 17 dnevi
The Neymar Roll
Robby Mulvany
Robby Mulvany Pred 17 dnevi
When Ernie did the intro was the best one ever...he was so white haha
Anfmethodjor Pred 17 dnevi
The order is perfect from 1️⃣ to 4️⃣
Scy11a 87
Scy11a 87 Pred 17 dnevi
So thomas Bryant trying those neymar challenge. If it were neymar, he would've still rolling now
čecrb dem o
čecrb dem o Pred 17 dnevi
tonty rutinel
tonty rutinel Pred 17 dnevi
Shaq missin EJ Kenny and Chuck
420protoman Pred 17 dnevi
bryant was trying to be funny lol it worked
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach Pred 17 dnevi
1:45 Neymar is that you?
Sophoklis Pred 17 dnevi
T.Bryant = Neymar rolling
John Estrada
John Estrada Pred 17 dnevi
Bryant was flopping during the spurs game today too smh lol
P2P Pilot
P2P Pilot Pred 17 dnevi
It was a rough day today. But after seeing #1 my life good!
Douglas Thompson
Douglas Thompson Pred 17 dnevi
"Ya'll are terrible." Best part of the video.
#02588 #02588
#02588 #02588 Pred 17 dnevi
Where is chuck Kenny and Lenny lol
Cat's Eye Marble
Cat's Eye Marble Pred 17 dnevi
Legend says he keeps rolling
LaserSauce Retro Archives
cringe TNT crew as usual. Need Barkley
ProudCanadian Pred 17 dnevi
That intro was as bad as the WNBA
Zeno Sama
Zeno Sama Pred 15 dnevi
No you're giving the WNBA too much credit
onlyone23km Pred 16 dnevi
Nah, this was worse.
BrownMan59 Pred 17 dnevi
Shaqtin a fool has been terrible this year
Invincible Young Empire
This warms the heart every time lol. RIP Nip! 🏁
sara Wright
sara Wright Pred 17 dnevi
T. Bryant a disgrace to basketball
Kabil Nandakumar
Kabil Nandakumar Pred 17 dnevi
Where’s Chuck, Ernie and Kenny?
danielle danke
danielle danke Pred 9 dnevi
Kabil Nandakumar college basketball
Elmerg77 Pred 17 dnevi
I still love shaqtin a fool but the previous layout of the show was a lot better.
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye Pred 17 dnevi
number 4 was hilarious
Nikhil Devarakonda
Nikhil Devarakonda Pred 17 dnevi
When the episode itself is the biggest shaqtin a fool...
You lion
You lion Pred 17 dnevi
Not funny at all
thedebo777 Pred 17 dnevi
Intro was terrible but the shaqtins almost made up for it
anthony acosta
anthony acosta Pred 17 dnevi
Bryant reminds me of the and you see me rolling song
Flipz209 Pred 17 dnevi
Players only is trash
KhalilRealGaming Pred 17 dnevi
I think the nba players do that stuff on purpose to be on shaqtin a fool
Oel Dave
Oel Dave Pred 17 dnevi
Bums edition of shaqtin.
JC0le Real
JC0le Real Pred 17 dnevi
they see me rolling,they hating
Ross Banter
Ross Banter Pred 18 dnevi
These guys shouldn't even be in the NBA
Pedro Chagas
Pedro Chagas Pred 18 dnevi
Too proud to see a Brazilian at Shaqtin' A Fool
Eitan Ben Dor
Eitan Ben Dor Pred 18 dnevi
This never gets old😅😅😅if somebody can explain why of all sports bball has by far the best bloopers- it’s not even close- I’d love to know.
Adam Moreira
Adam Moreira Pred 18 dnevi
And number 5...this substitute cast!
reph Pred 18 dnevi
“Shaqtin’ Fu”
joyfulvulture Pred 18 dnevi
So Lebron was there not to play but to laugh at his teammates. Nice leader.
Rob Mangeri
Rob Mangeri Pred 18 dnevi
That kick block should be legal 😎
Mateo Clivio
Mateo Clivio Pred 18 dnevi
How is Fox jumping over White out of Shaqtin
a456987 Pred 18 dnevi
Rollin' rollin' rollin'
tai knat
tai knat Pred 18 dnevi
Thomas Bryant took lessons from Neymar...who knew?!
Solomon Alone
Solomon Alone Pred 18 dnevi
T. Bryant can make it to Hollywood if he wants to.
A Goat
A Goat Pred 18 dnevi
1:18 LeBron is turning into a silver fox
Trollius Godum
Trollius Godum Pred 18 dnevi
Fucktin a Shool | Retardation on TNT
Ultra Instinct Shaggy
Ultra Instinct Shaggy Pred 18 dnevi
Bruh this isn’t Inside the Nba without Chuck, Kenny and Ernie. They’ll have to call this Oonsode the OonbooOo smh
ultimatepro13 Pred 18 dnevi
Not the same without the rest of the crew, need Charles Kenny and Ej back after NCAA.
Thoth Of The Morning Rises With The Sun
That intro was horrendous 😟😟
Hicham Amimi
Hicham Amimi Pred 18 dnevi
Probably the worst shaqtin ever
lego 11
lego 11 Pred 18 dnevi
When Kenny not there they should even try
Felipe Neves
Felipe Neves Pred 18 dnevi
#1 is Neymar
SpangleCallLilliLine Pred 18 dnevi
That intro was turrible, Erneh.
Hammerhead 23
Hammerhead 23 Pred 18 dnevi
Bryant was just trying to be funny himself. Was in on the joke
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