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Unbox Therapy
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Unboxing the new Samsung Galaxy Fold. The Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone I've ever tried. The Galaxy Fold is the most futuristic smartphone I've ever tried. How does the Samsung Galaxy Fold stack up against the other flagship devices like Apple iPhone, Huawei Mate X and others? Are foldable smartphones the future of smartphones? Computing devices in general? Enjoy my Samsung Galaxy Fold hands on video.
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15. apr. 2019

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Pred 8 dnevi
Galaxy Fold or Mate X?
chan chan
chan chan Pred 6 dnevi
mate x
떡볶이 Pred 6 dnevi
100% Fold
XCarmeloX Pred 6 dnevi
Jimmy Jimmy
Jimmy Jimmy Pred 6 dnevi
Mate x
彼得鹿PeterLuu Pred 6 dnevi
Unbox Therapy mate x!!
homie man
homie man Pred 8 minutami
I'm only 19 and I feel old thanks to folding fucking smart phones like fr tho FOLDING SMART PHONES
Catlady58 Pred 11 minutami
Love it! Can't afford it!
DestinysEdge Pred 22 minutami
This is gotta be the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen
Ali Salih
Ali Salih Pred 27 minutami
Ugly unnecessary and overrated!
Extr3meDude919 Pred 28 minutami
 gang where ya at?
Johnreig Moras
Johnreig Moras Pred 33 minutami
Unbox the Samaung S10
ADILSON FREIRE Pred 40 minutami
Is this dude trying to sold as that garbage?
Wolf Man
Wolf Man Pred 41 minuto
For $2000 I’d rather just buy an iPad and iPhone tbh.
Larry Wang
Larry Wang Pred 46 minutami
Only fold once? Apple, you know how to beat Samsung!
marcos A
marcos A Pred 56 minutami
But can you play fortnite???
Noop Player KH
hotxhotguy Pred uro
Where is the s pen? Why it's fat?
Toxic Airi
Toxic Airi Pred uro
so basically flip phones are in now?
Tae Tae
Tae Tae Pred uro
Wait how do u make a case cuz half the back is also a screen? Like I wouldn't wanna go out knowing my clumsy ass without a case
Юрген Клоп
you are not first! Have seen already unboxing video
Kaleb Lawson
Kaleb Lawson Pred uro
I say piece of crap device
Janell Vargas
Janell Vargas Pred uro
Muhammad Tariq
Damn great but my budget hmmm....
CHRIS GR3EN Pred 2 urami
u had Streets of Rage playing on youtube.....i like that, f the phone, its too expensive and new
Claire and Emily the gacha Gamer twins Sarver
I think People Breaks That Phone Really Fast Lol
Josh Rinlee
Josh Rinlee Pred 2 urami
When it folds its not completely flat or symmetrical... That bugs me.
Zachery Valerius
Zachery Valerius Pred 2 urami
How much was it😱📱🎧
UniquelyAlexis Pred 2 urami
People can't make fun of flip phones anymore. Lol
FC WHAT Pred 2 urami
It’s a shame they’re all being recalled!! Loooool they’re renaming the product - The Samsung FLOP !!!
Joe Curr
Joe Curr Pred 2 urami
You can't put a case on this phone. Drop it once...and goodbye. Stupidity. You will see.
Verk Music
Verk Music Pred 3 urami
for a price of $1980 USD he just made $14,000 USD
Great Value Bleach
Great Value Bleach Pred 3 urami
Peal off screen protector!
Natalie's World
Natalie's World Pred 3 urami
soo its a phone and a tablet
Russtafa B
Russtafa B Pred 3 urami
Consumerism gone mad. Might be a better idea for these companies to apply some longevity in to their design instead of chasing the holy grail of Corporate profits. Does not matter anyway 2-3 degree global temperature rise and it is game over anyway, no more phones, no more tech and maybe not so much food
Give it to my granny and sheil fold it the other way!😂😂
Nickjane Esmail
Nickjane Esmail Pred 3 urami
I don’t like it at all heheh sorry this is funny phone iPhone11 will be the best 😜
The ideas gonna be a super duper flop!!! Giveme on idea by Apple which ppl didn't like! (Transparent?)
Joshua Ruffin
Joshua Ruffin Pred 3 urami
How is it with mobile games
Schpap Pred 3 urami
It reminds me of the DS
Vaping UK
Vaping UK Pred 3 urami
Edges should have been square like the iPhone 5. The curves leave a groove when folded. The flat square would have looked awesome folded.
bruv Pred 3 urami
What about cases and screen protectors
Geoffrey Straw
Geoffrey Straw Pred 3 urami
$2000 phone! wth!
FaZe Bug
FaZe Bug Pred 4 urami
You know I might just get one of the trusty Nokia bricks 🤣🤣
Jaxon Minyard
Jaxon Minyard Pred 4 urami
unbox therapy - hey guys welcome back to another unboxing video his mind - this device folds it should be called an unfolding
7crosseye Pred 4 urami
How did you get it like so stupid it’s on hold
LegendarySkypenis Pred 4 urami
2k for a foldable phone that will after 2 years never be updated... At this point I'll take a raspberry pi 3 and build a ghetto looking Nintendo DS that runs Android.
Sallent R
Sallent R Pred 4 urami
$2000 for a device with a non-removable battery...which means you'll have to replace it every 12 to 18 months. Shut up and take my money!
ivan sivic
ivan sivic Pred 4 urami
I wanna toss my phone in the river after watching this
Volcom Gurkan
Volcom Gurkan Pred 4 urami
Samsung’s been talking shit about Apple’s notch ever since iPhone X, what they do? Make the ugliest notch in the history of mankind.👏🏻👏🏻 not even symmetrical.
Fernando Freitas
Fernando Freitas Pred 5 urami
how much is Samsung paying you exactly? 😅😅 Cause idk but half of the stuff you were so impressed with, I was just like meh
Rafa Alvarez
Rafa Alvarez Pred 5 urami
7:04 screen fold in looks like there's a full screen on the outside?
Steve With a Side of Salt
I’m gonna be real, I don’t like it at all. It seems like it’s to small to be like a nice phone when folded, but when unfolded too big to use comfortably
Ignas Derzanauskas
Ignas Derzanauskas Pred 5 urami
How many costs it?
Stelum Pred 5 urami
Why would you ever want this?
MODY Pred 5 urami
Me: I got iPhone 6s plus My friend: 11:37 I got these Me: mom can I... Get these 11:37 Mom: well how much Me: 20 Mom: if that shit over 20 dollar you not getting shit Me: Mom I didn't finish Me: mumbbles: why can't I be like my friends
Victor D
Victor D Pred 5 urami
How can you say it is the future when you have it in the present?
Saimun Amin
Saimun Amin Pred 5 urami
Headphone Jack?
Mishel r khan
Mishel r khan Pred 5 urami
Gu Nesnaj
Gu Nesnaj Pred 5 urami
The question is how long that foldable screen will last 3 weeks, 3 months, 1 year?
Jk47rocky23 Pred 5 urami
Recall all folding phones cuz Samsung sucks . If the phones not breaking or exploding it’s not a Samsung ..
Olicyaa Gaming
Olicyaa Gaming Pred 5 urami
How tf they gonna put on a case
P A Pred 5 urami
Meh,... not interested in this fad. Have fun!
Jose castruita
Jose castruita Pred 6 urami
Samsung has just changed the release date due to build issues
Cade Carlson
Cade Carlson Pred 6 urami
How they gonna make the case though
Jaame Boond
Jaame Boond Pred 6 urami
isnt it supposed to come out in asia??? like come out first?
ValkoMusta Pred 6 urami
But does it have a real airplane mode?
Sumith Agarwal
Sumith Agarwal Pred 6 urami
why does it not have a hole punch selfie camera?
Florian Böttinger
Florian Böttinger Pred 6 urami
I buyed a bag and a tablet for less then 1/4 of this 10 years ago...whole new thing...sure :D
HERPY DERPEDY Pred 6 urami
This is going to need a complex case
benybeno Pred 6 urami
on 1:54 i realized it is not worth it
M Ramzan
M Ramzan Pred 6 urami
Muhammad ramzan
Master Sashimi
Master Sashimi Pred 6 urami
Someone please make a castanet app for this device.
Roman Bart
Roman Bart Pred 7 urami
Crazy device! looks like Nintendo DS when folded, to thick for me, i already have something thick that i carry every day with me 24/7. ;) How about a foldable case? Will it exist?
Toyotarou Pred 7 urami
I dont have enough foldable fuck money to buy this cuck of a fuck boy phone.
Jaame Boond
Jaame Boond Pred 7 urami
they did a recall in USA? they going to do it in asia?
Ashley Pred 7 urami
If you want a phone this big buy a tablet
Ashley Pred 7 urami
They’re recalling this phone cus it’s 🗑
Trygve Evensen
Trygve Evensen Pred 7 urami
They sent you 7 phones, that's like $14 000 i'm not jealous...
Kacper Delis
Kacper Delis Pred 7 urami
Has nobody thought about how are they gonna make cases for this thing?
SirBeardy Pred 7 urami
out of all the thing they COULD have put on a phone they chose to make it fold
Dean Pred 7 urami
3:46 well that looks really fucking awful.
SPORT Time Pred 7 urami
Are we back on flip phones
Mathaea Cliku
Mathaea Cliku Pred 7 urami
whats the baeat 9:28
Mathaea Cliku
Mathaea Cliku Pred 7 urami
Brokovic Pred 7 urami
People when iPhone X got Face ID* “Holy shit guys look at this. This is crazy!!!” People who bought the Samsung Galaxy 3 which came out at the same time as the iPhone 6 which also supported Face ID: “Am I a joke to you?”
imadeyew Pred 7 urami
I need a foldable case
Bsndnebs hennew
Bsndnebs hennew Pred 7 urami
Samsung: - releases the Samsung flip phone - flip phones - am I a joke to you?
Lolyaymanz Pred 8 urami
Next phone : Galaxy cheese cutter
Mrbiscuits05 Pred 8 urami
It’s useless. When you drop this it’s gonna be destroyed
Eleanor Silva
Eleanor Silva Pred 8 urami
I want the green one.
MP-Tuners Productions
well... do you remember Nokia 9500? ...
Arch Angel Bey 5000
Arch Angel Bey 5000 Pred 8 urami
If you drop it one time, I am sure your $2000 is down the drain or possibly another $500 for insurance.
John Robertson
John Robertson Pred 8 urami
Very exciting to unbox something and return it after 2 days! 🤣
Jathen618 Pred 8 urami
What type of phone case would work on that
Sumit Das
Sumit Das Pred 9 urami
Its like a small tv mobile
Md Md
Md Md Pred 9 urami
Cant u buy a freakin small bag that an tablet or an iPad can fit in?!??!??!!?????!??!???????? It's more "CHEAP"! Note:IM BAD AT GRAMMAR JUDGE ME PLS XD
Antonio Kenney
Antonio Kenney Pred 9 urami
Wonder if its gonna be a finance phone
Kalapala Vishnu
Kalapala Vishnu Pred 9 urami
Like for Samsung , reply for apple
Bukezyy Pred 58 minutami
Apple is way better, at leat they don't make phones that catch on fire or break on the first day.. Smh androids are useless.
greypimps chass
greypimps chass Pred 10 urami
the mass do not need this 2000 junk.. seriously if you are making less than 100k this not for u.. i can get a phone and a small tabket for 500.
bvnbvn ng
bvnbvn ng Pred 10 urami
Unbox Therapy You are a loser by Samsung.
Hagley West
Hagley West Pred 10 urami
solid vid man....We're looking for people to do unboxing's for our watches pretty much like this one...drop us a message if you're interested
Peter Čech
Peter Čech Pred 10 urami
Try the bend test🤣
Genisus 246
Genisus 246 Pred 11 urami
9:22 through 9:30 What's that song he's playing? I like the beat :)
Nico Corradetti
Nico Corradetti Pred 11 urami
Anyone else think the screen is waaaaay too small when it's folded?
Oblivion Addict
Oblivion Addict Pred 11 urami
Okey it’s cool but who the fuck would want this as a main phone? Just buy an iPad
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