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Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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14. mar. 2019

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First We Feast
First We Feast Pred 9 dnevi
SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords: shop.complex.com/collections/first-we-feast
L L Pred 14 urami
+James Perez j
L L Pred 14 urami
+Varmando Varuso,
Ruben Campos
Ruben Campos Pred 17 urami
yo did he still give to that charity though?
Edit 7
Edit 7 Pred 20 urami
First We Feast this was shit get my boy snoop dog on the show
Esperanza Luna
Esperanza Luna Pred 21 uro
Jj que aaaq kkakjzo
Nowyouknow Pred 2 minutami
Shaq: "We never had any differences" Also, Shaq: "Even though we had our differences"
Laslo Brorsonius
Laslo Brorsonius Pred 14 minutami
I love 'Hot Ones' and you guys are doing a really good job with the script and production. But you are making this into a infomercial with your own fucking hot sauce! Isn't +5 MN subscribers enough? Do you need to jeopardize you format and success for that extra cash? Make it a bonus round or something, you guys have creativity to solve this issue in a better way - stop being lazy and greedy assholes!
garzie805 Pred 21 minuto
Man I love shaq hes so much fun to watch
spessarterlandei Pred 22 minutami
god i love this guy so much.
Abigail Eicher
Abigail Eicher Pred 25 minutami
Sometimes when I have a shitty badattude, and I think all people are monsters, I'll think about Sean Evans and his mad smooth way of interviewing people with all of its nuances.That is when I try to change my vibe and get more on his level. You make it look easy, sir. Magnificent
Rory Malcolm
Rory Malcolm Pred 25 minutami
Chugging a jug of milk but rags on Sean for drinking milk after that combo sauce wing. 😂 Hilarious episode but Shaq should be on the wall of shame, no doubt!!
Hey U
Hey U Pred 26 minutami
SHAQ: Barbeque chicken alert! Barbeque chicken alert!
Nate Carmona
Nate Carmona Pred 29 minutami
Shaq bully
Russell Turley
Russell Turley Pred 34 minutami
Sean Evans you the man! Much respect! Great interviews you're one tough ass kid!
Uploah Pred 34 minutami
Taste of the Midwest
Crosshair Pred 38 minutami
11:20 when Ant-Man jumps inside Thanos ass
sdushdiu Pred 38 minutami
Hot for the sake of hot is asinine. Hot for flavor is king - as are jalapeno based sauces.
Lance Lipsey
Lance Lipsey Pred 40 minutami
Shaq seems like one kool dude
Penelope Coger
Penelope Coger Pred 51 minuto
Shaq sounds like the bear filter on Snapchat 🐻
christopher lam
christopher lam Pred 52 minutami
Get Wim Hof (Ice Man)
Jeremy Valencia
Jeremy Valencia Pred 57 minutami
get lil pump lol
PULSEDAGOD Pred 59 minutami
Shaq: h- Hot ones editing team: *_SUBBASS_*
McDangerously Pred 59 minutami
Shaq would be an awesome Space Marine.
James Mcarton
James Mcarton Pred uro
his hands comparing to the wing , Guys , the Wing IS NOT THAT SMALL , just so you know , he's Humengous
Rocco Heckelmann
Can we get Will Smith on here so when he tastes a hot wing he can say Thats hot, thats hot.
Luck _
Luck _ Pred uro
"Gronk is the strongest white dude I've ever felt"......Pause Shaq 😂😂😂😂
team random
team random Pred uro
Shaq Walmart thanks you for coping all the and 1 & fubu possible
Jasmine H
Jasmine H Pred uro
5:29 teeth yellow asf
Santiago Cercavins
What a great interviewer! Great show I’m hooked!
Jasmine H
Jasmine H Pred uro
25:00 bullying starts lol
Jumpy the Hat
Jumpy the Hat Pred uro
What the fuck is he doing at 10:24. Normal people don't eat wings by just cronching them bone and all like Griffin McElroy eating a banana.
michael castillo
Those wings look so tiny in his hands 😂
Jasmine H
Jasmine H Pred uro
Dam his teeth yellow 😂🤣
This Mystic
This Mystic Pred 2 urami
Man is he gross when he eats...
Louis Sylvestre
Louis Sylvestre Pred 2 urami
get will smith on the show
Robbie Brewer
Robbie Brewer Pred 2 urami
yole ch
yole ch Pred 2 urami
rxp56 Pred 2 urami
Shaq's tongue is disturbingly red!
Blair Sloan
Blair Sloan Pred 2 urami
“The black Steph curry” 😂😂😂
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino Pred 2 urami
Shaq is a cool guy and he doesnt really seem to be arrogant like kobe
Namoonga Shikapande
Namoonga Shikapande Pred 2 urami
Enjoyed this one too Edit: its not just america watching. I m watching from Zambia
Daniel Dimino
Daniel Dimino Pred 2 urami
Wtf i didnt know yao Ming was that damn tall jesus
Robbie Brewer
Robbie Brewer Pred 2 urami
Please get Brendon Urie, twenty one pilots, Pete Wentz, Mark Hoppus, and Rivers Cuomo on this please
Sage Media
Sage Media Pred 2 urami
I’d like to see joe Rogan on this show
Just Inked
Just Inked Pred 2 urami
Those wings look so small when Shaq holds them !! Hahaha
Liam Sampson
Liam Sampson Pred 3 urami
18:30 Thanos when he feels Ant Man crawl in his ass
Martijn Noordermeer
Martijn Noordermeer Pred 3 urami
I'm just sitting here watching the end thinking: Holy shit, Sean gonna die...
JOHN PONCE Pred 3 urami
In the beginning, He didn’t know that his saliva is based of water substance
Max Power
Max Power Pred 3 urami
1:02 says he won’t make any faces then becomes a meme cuz of his faces
Krusher 21445
Krusher 21445 Pred 3 urami
Bring corey taylor
SuperIsSarcastic Pred 4 urami
I was like "damn, why is Shaq so tall?" And then 4 seconds later I felt like an idiot
Michael Sullenberger
Fantastic. Great work.
Sagnik Pradhan
Sagnik Pradhan Pred 4 urami
I am disappointed. He bullied him.
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang Pred 4 urami
Get the HodgeTwins
Captain K
Captain K Pred 4 urami
I love Shaq! He’s amazing. So down to earth.
Maxie Nolet
Maxie Nolet Pred 4 urami
Patrik P
Patrik P Pred 4 urami
Why tf is he opening the sauces with his mouth? barbaric
Charles Devine
Charles Devine Pred 4 urami
22:00 **Ant-Man entered the chat**
Anon Pred 4 urami
Holy fuck that's a large human being
Onee San
Onee San Pred 4 urami
Compare to yao Shaq is normal
Z Pred 4 urami
9:58 urrush...
andrew murray
andrew murray Pred 5 urami
Love shaq!
Yung Venuz
Yung Venuz Pred 5 urami
I nurture my skin
Ja’niya Bae
Ja’niya Bae Pred 5 urami
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂his face expression
Curtis Boyce
Curtis Boyce Pred 5 urami
shaq was so offended they brought up a bad stat about him, the rest of the interview he flexed on everyone and no one did anything hahahaha. im about to take a shit right in this studio. no milk for you
Psychology Self Knowledge
shaq is actually a total narcissistic asshole who use humor to win people approval. He lies, cheats, belittles, and gloats. He paid for his degree. Also if you are a doctor why would you keep name calling other nba players and giving them personal attacks? jealous hatred full guy man. He thinks the rules dont apply to him as he feels entitled as he made the host eat all the sauces that were poured ontop whereas his were just single dabs, and then he said finish the wing when he didnt finish one of his wings and finally he didnt let the guy bet to shoot free throws for it while he made it challenging for the host.
Psychology Self Knowledge
this show is losing its authenticity when they dont eat the entire wing, and we dont get a zoom up of the hot sauce on the wing, and wash it with milk? that removes the hot sauce. Anyway, shaq said he wont make a face but has been making faces since the first wing loll
MrE5785 Pred 5 urami
Such a big guy, taking such small bites
Corey Dunlap
Corey Dunlap Pred 5 urami
Get Marilyn Manson! I think that would be interesting
Styxyx Pred 5 urami
why is shaq getting hard at parent teacher conferences
thatguy9609 Pred 5 urami
get all 4 of the impractical jokers their stories would be amazing for this show
Greg G.
Greg G. Pred 5 urami
16:32 he made a face
K. Ramon
K. Ramon Pred 5 urami
Shaq punked out big time. He only took a few nibbles of the really hot ones and completely dodged eating the last one. Still hilarious though
Pubg with mask
Pubg with mask Pred 5 urami
11:19 when you try pussy for the first time
Paul Mandujano
Paul Mandujano Pred 5 urami
Sean a G for tht
Anisa Simone
Anisa Simone Pred 6 urami
low key bullying the host
Doc Playz
Doc Playz Pred 6 urami
Shaq has a deeper voice than my asshole
Collin Pearson
Collin Pearson Pred 6 urami
I don't care who says he isn't but in my opinion shaq is the best basketball player of all time
Blakeblazin Pred 6 urami
Horrible episode
Frackson Phiri
Frackson Phiri Pred 6 urami
He’s really competitive
Akhil P
Akhil P Pred 6 urami
Black Steph curry 😭😭😭
Jersey Hidalgo
Jersey Hidalgo Pred 6 urami
Try not to die💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀
\__/ Pred 7 urami
Damn, Shaq is more cerebral than I thought ... mad respect
\__/ Pred 6 urami
...and laid down some prison rules towards Justin Timberlake
Ken Mok
Ken Mok Pred 7 urami
Shaqtin a fool
BTW, they're advertising this show on the New York City Subway now and it's about to get CRAZY!!!!
Jerm Chillen
Jerm Chillen Pred 7 urami
Shaq a fool lol
First and ONLY time I've seen Sean Star Struck!!! It kinda messed up the show, but Shaq is kicking some knowledge which makes up for it.
Oriana's Oreo's
Oriana's Oreo's Pred 7 urami
Ah dats hot! Dats Hot!
vegeta420z Pred 7 urami
I've never seen this show before but holy shit this was hilarious. I love shaq. Edit: the end kind of sucked, I wanted to see him eat the last wing, shaq you let down the fans homie.
AlDelVex Pred 7 urami
Harry Stockhill
Harry Stockhill Pred 7 urami
Don't make my man Shaq cry!!!
Nikita Bates
Nikita Bates Pred 7 urami
This was the best by far. SHAQ was da bomb, pun intended.
mattay98 Pred 8 urami
‘ I’m not making a face´ literally becomes a meme with his face
thor piirsalu
thor piirsalu Pred 8 urami
4:41 Can someone tell me whats going on with his fingers?
John Smith
John Smith Pred 8 urami
I like how he bashed Kansas then instantly regretted it, true definition of "instant karma"
jayram dahal
jayram dahal Pred 8 urami
love you man.. nice...
Steve Tha Human
Steve Tha Human Pred 8 urami
If I cringed any harder, I would be making a face, and it would be permanent.
Ross Hobson
Ross Hobson Pred 8 urami
SGHIceman Pred 8 urami
Seemed to get a bit pissed when the free throw competition was announced
Sar Sapar
Sar Sapar Pred 9 urami
Shaq is, and I cannot stress this enough, literally the biggest bitch there is
Walter Brown
Walter Brown Pred 9 urami
SHAQUILLE rap about Kobe Bryant Said. Hey Kobe tell me how my ass tastes I guess that hot sauce wasn't teasing so fine isn't it Shaq Daddy !
Unpleasant Ogre
Unpleasant Ogre Pred 9 urami
Ahmad Mohammadi
Ahmad Mohammadi Pred 9 urami
This should be a torture technique to get ppl to confess; better than water boarding
Ahmad Mohammadi
Ahmad Mohammadi Pred 9 urami
11:18 that’s what we’re here fo
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