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Every girl needs some tricks to help her look her best and stay beautiful.
We are sharing with you a roundup of great girly hacks to get you looking fantastic!
This compilation of life-saving hacks would surely help you in every day’s beauty routine.
So, watch these beauty hacks and learn some valuable and useful insider tips!
This video is for all the ladies out there who can’t get enough of girly hacks!
0:17 Earring cleavage hack
0:51 How to lift your booty
01:44 Tampon medical bandage
02:32 No-heat curls trick
03:47 Face-dunking make up fixing trick
04:46 Gradient lips technique
05:24 How to revive your dried-out liquid eyeliner

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2. mar. 2019

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123 GO!
123 GO! Pred 21 dnevom
Hey! Check out these life-saving girly hacks! Did you try them yet? Let us know in the comments!
Diamond Tran
Diamond Tran Pred 18 urami
Nusrat Parvin was gvvb
Karen Burgbacher
Karen Burgbacher Pred 18 urami
Jordan Hing kik
Edvardas Kliuzas
Edvardas Kliuzas Pred dnevom
Hi come to m o
Janu kumaran
Janu kumaran Pred 2 dnevi
123 I love it
carla mitchell
carla mitchell Pred 2 dnevi
I feel I feel the money
JJ Games
JJ Games Pred uro
The only reason your butt look different is because you squeeze your butt and wait for word and so it looks flat
Remas Shalaby
Remas Shalaby Pred 2 urami
You are from 5 minute crafts
neha s
neha s Pred 3 urami
is this an imposter???
Miss Madeleine
Miss Madeleine Pred 4 urami
Did she actually hurt her knee?
Toy Bonnica Lover
Toy Bonnica Lover Pred 5 urami
1:45 Looks more like you broke your ankle than it does then you hurt your knee
TheDerpyGamer :D
TheDerpyGamer :D Pred 5 urami
*Now, pinch a peace over each of your buttcheeks..* IDK WHY BUT THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD
Toy Bonnica Lover
Toy Bonnica Lover Pred 5 urami
TheDerpyGamer :D same
reggie rivette
reggie rivette Pred 6 urami
Tiffany Balderas
Tiffany Balderas Pred 6 urami
Colin Chin
Colin Chin Pred 10 urami
everything world
everything world Pred 14 urami
123 really funny and cool mindly hacks
Tania Elliott
Tania Elliott Pred 15 urami
pocket frogs
pocket frogs Pred 16 urami
memes girl
memes girl Pred 16 urami
2:24 you have a Banda omg lol
Momosinger77 Check out
7:37 dim the light and sleep tighy
Momosinger77 Check out
0:00 to 0:10
Momosinger77 Check out
Emily Sinnott
Emily Sinnott Pred 19 urami
I swear Vicky's from troom troom...
emma stephenson
emma stephenson Pred 21 uro
I will do the lip one
emma stephenson
emma stephenson Pred 21 uro
I will do the Bobo one
DeeDee Marie
DeeDee Marie Pred 21 uro
Can you tell the difference between these words below sexi sexey sexi
Valentina Paredes
Valentina Paredes Pred 22 urami
Valentina Paredes
Valentina Paredes Pred 22 urami
Guatafox sirsor
Marion Witte
Marion Witte Pred 23 urami
SLASHERJASON25 L Pred dnevom
Girlzrule Pred dnevom
Cool 👎🏻
Kerry Dee
Kerry Dee Pred dnevom
So so cool 😎
Dan Miller
Dan Miller Pred dnevom
What you live
iErikona Pred dnevom
They are also in 5 min crafts
Kulafu Ishmael
Kulafu Ishmael Pred dnevom
And DAB then into your lip line Ok *STARTS DABBING UNTIL ITS ON MY LIPLINE*
dont search me please
I love the person who is doing the voice over cause its so funny
Chloe Magnussen
Chloe Magnussen Pred dnevom
I tryed the tight curly hair one i got my hair stuck on it YA!:'(
Lauren Richey
Lauren Richey Pred dnevom
Yes I did
Thats Lame
Thats Lame Pred dnevom
What if the tampon is used for some reason..
Tomboy Potato
Tomboy Potato Pred 13 urami
Why would you keep a used tampon in your purse?
Akila Robinson
Akila Robinson Pred dnevom
great hacks they saved me alot of time
Savannah Ballengee
Savannah Ballengee Pred dnevom
So why did you leave 5 minute crafts? Because there is a lot of new people on the channel and I never see your faces anymore
Isobel Lyall
Isobel Lyall Pred dnevom
Vicki is from 5 minute hacks
Galium Jentene Olsen
Ralenskitty 19
Ralenskitty 19 Pred 2 dnevi
5 Minutes Craft Girlss😍
Jagoda Kanicka
Jagoda Kanicka Pred 2 dnevi
Fajne macie filmiki
Robin Patrick
Robin Patrick Pred 2 dnevi
Amazing girly haces
Kulafu Ishmael
Kulafu Ishmael Pred 2 dnevi
Who votes 123 GO! Me Reason( Make sure to add a reason) They talk And the other just doesnt entertain and doesnt talk I know troom troom talks But they dont show their bloopers Which is just sad
Sarah Aldridge
Sarah Aldridge Pred 2 dnevi
Stop showing your pantis!
Sarah Aldridge
Sarah Aldridge Pred 2 dnevi
Stop showing your pantis!
Sarah Aldridge
Sarah Aldridge Pred 2 dnevi
Stop showing your pantis!
Sarah Aldridge
Sarah Aldridge Pred 2 dnevi
Stop showing your pantis!
I love Snacks
I love Snacks Pred 2 dnevi
I don’t wear eyeliner
Therese Lowder
Therese Lowder Pred 2 dnevi
Love your videos 😍🥰👌🏼
S Singh
S Singh Pred 2 dnevi
Loved the moment 8:04
Mary Precy Sy
Mary Precy Sy Pred 2 dnevi
i learn something
Ariel Mecate
Ariel Mecate Pred 2 dnevi
Janette Groton
Janette Groton Pred 2 dnevi
0:35 and thats how you stab yourself
amar bajaj
amar bajaj Pred 2 dnevi
Awesome video too much helpful
Emily Sanchez
Emily Sanchez Pred 2 dnevi
Who wears shoes without socks
Elena Douglas
Elena Douglas Pred 2 dnevi
Ha ha ha
Trinity Helene
Trinity Helene Pred 2 dnevi
Trinity Helene
Trinity Helene Pred 2 dnevi
I love your har
wolfyness 101
wolfyness 101 Pred 2 dnevi
You could of covered it *WITH* the bandaid but 👌 ok
Richard Clark
Richard Clark Pred 2 dnevi
pony player
pony player Pred 3 dnevi
0:05 that doesn't even look real or nice XD No hate by the way :D
GamingUnicorn Pred 3 dnevi
Do bloopers in sound to make it funnier XD
Zaynah Kauser
Zaynah Kauser Pred 3 dnevi
1:54 it looks sooo fake
aslinbx Pred 3 dnevi
Very awesome video I like it
Angela Games Blue
Angela Games Blue Pred 3 dnevi
wow funny bloopers
Misaki-chan & Maki-kun
Theuns Pelser
Theuns Pelser Pred 3 dnevi
I love the bloopers 🤣🤣
Alyx Megan Chua
Alyx Megan Chua Pred 3 dnevi
That is not Vicky butt that balloons
Francheska Mikhail Oracion
123 go
Nancy Santellla
Nancy Santellla Pred 3 dnevi
Mark Williams
Mark Williams Pred 3 dnevi
I did
NeekNeek So Funny
NeekNeek So Funny Pred 3 dnevi
Just you
Jayy Wizzle
Jayy Wizzle Pred 3 dnevi
Watch out Troom Troom she's better than you will ever be
naruke Uchiha
naruke Uchiha Pred 3 dnevi
3:07 i tried this it did not work for me
Lizzie Lizzie
Lizzie Lizzie Pred 3 dnevi
Jib just not have box by being held
Helena Ferreira Martins
oi eu falo er português
Mercedez Valencia
Mercedez Valencia Pred 3 dnevi
XD 0:07
Willow The fox
Willow The fox Pred 3 dnevi
Omg whyyy
Blesslee Meneses
Blesslee Meneses Pred 3 dnevi
I love your videos! 💖💖💖
Its ya gurl sydnee
Its ya gurl sydnee Pred 3 dnevi
3:42 or just wrap your hair around a pen (one strand at a time) and blow dry it boom bc that is kinda ugly (in my opinion)
Morgan Waldrip
Morgan Waldrip Pred 3 dnevi
You no that the hair curling hack you can git a cute head band and tuck in your hair and there's a cute hair still
Cheryl Lynch
Cheryl Lynch Pred 4 dnevi
2. 6K
katie clare
katie clare Pred 4 dnevi
But you have to pay for the tites and the hair dryer
Sarah McCarty
Sarah McCarty Pred 2 dnevi
You can use a head band and leave it over night instead it works the same
Sarah McCarty
Sarah McCarty Pred 2 dnevi
You can use a head band and leave it over night
Katie Luke
Katie Luke Pred 4 dnevi
Cool Things umm try the eyeliner one
Annoyingdevil 69
Annoyingdevil 69 Pred 4 dnevi
Very very very vvvvvvv bad
Annoyingdevil 69
Annoyingdevil 69 Pred 4 dnevi
I hate it
anju naithani
anju naithani Pred 4 dnevi
I am seeing the video 1 time only of 123 go & l am inperes with 1 time only & specially because of the bloopers 🤗😍
Riley Strath
Riley Strath Pred 4 dnevi
Sevgi Karimova
Sevgi Karimova Pred 4 dnevi
are you russian?
Jemy Kony
Jemy Kony Pred 4 dnevi
So silly
Addy The Llama
Addy The Llama Pred 4 dnevi
I could see old 5 minute crafts person
Deborah Akang
Deborah Akang Pred 4 dnevi
Love the bloop
Zayna Waseem
Zayna Waseem Pred 4 dnevi
Your feet are so Yellow
Dark Cave Spider
Dark Cave Spider Pred 4 dnevi
7:11 nice joke, i am never going to 711 again.
Red Head Playz
Red Head Playz Pred 4 dnevi
The hair hacks iv seen theys all crafting vids ITS SOOOOO POPULAR
griselle martinez
griselle martinez Pred 4 dnevi
Did I someone change -faints- my cuz is like ded jk
Crystal Brown
Crystal Brown Pred 4 dnevi
her fee t are yellow
Davability Pred 4 dnevi
JordanzCougar Pred 4 dnevi
I was like (I already got nice tush)
Hi Kan
Hi Kan Pred 4 dnevi
Tbh use these hacks when u want to be extra 😂
RainbowGamerGal Lol
RainbowGamerGal Lol Pred 4 dnevi
123 go is another channel for 5 minute crafts
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That scratch was totally fake That lipstick hack was already made it it’s called an Asian lip
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