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Star Wars
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Every generation has a legend. Watch the brand-new teaser for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.




12. apr. 2019

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RandomVideosThingy Pred 45 minutami
No one's ever really gone *The Senate has joined the server*
ChewTalka Podcast
ChewTalka Podcast Pred 46 minutami
Can't wait. We talked all about it on our first episode... slvid.net/video/video-pmapy6OFzp0.html
Tyronne_A Pred 47 minutami
That backflip over the tie fighter was sick. I'm pretty juiced for this to come out. Rebel for life!
Stogie2112 Pred 44 minutami
She could have used to Force to just jump straight up. 😀
Stephen Martinez
Stephen Martinez Pred 51 minuto
Will The Rise of Skywalker be better than Bumblebee
S.C.P foundation M.T.F
S.C.P foundation M.T.F Pred 54 minutami
Cie Tai
Cie Tai Pred uro
Looks awful
ketchupkatsup Pred uro
The laugh is actually Jar Jar
Carlos Jimenez
Jar Jar binks first sence: ME BEEN FALLING FOR 20 YEARS!!!
Nitical Pred uro
“No one’s ever gone” Looks like my Dad is coming back!
Outro Bangtan
Outro Bangtan Pred uro
Can't wait to see this movie
Beres Stanley
Beres Stanley Pred 2 urami
shootermcgavon Pred 2 urami
Nobody watch this in theatres. Star Wars fans deserved much better than this garbage trilogy disney pumped out. Like seriously, this new storyline is a complete joke. A 10 year old could have came up with more interesting stories/things and new characters instead using all recycled music and characters.... just grossssss
KittyCat217 Pred 2 urami
*_Star Wars 9: The Musical_* well Pixar bought it...
Brett Blair
Brett Blair Pred 2 urami
Star Wars failed years ago when they made the force bugs inside your body.
Robert Abshear
Robert Abshear Pred 2 urami
Lame...how many cried while watching this....lol
Turnel Pred 2 urami
Pls bring the god jar jar Bink's back
Carlongo Arenas
Carlongo Arenas Pred 2 urami
After Rian Johnson's great work... I don't know what to expect about this.
Carttheman Carttheman
It’s jar jar
Sean Pred 2 urami
Hey where is the titular Rose Tico?
harvestcanada Pred 2 urami
I knew the Clarissian would be back!!!. After Jame Earl Jones used his common sense and reprised his role and after Carrie Fisher passed away, May she Rest in Peace. There is no other replacement. And if anyone don't like it go and watch the Ewoks or something.
silver fox
silver fox Pred 2 urami
I'm sorry but after the first 3 star wars movies made" star wars was finished for me ...they will never make the magic they made back then ever again...sadly....😢😢may the force be with u..
Kylo_ben 135
Kylo_ben 135 Pred 2 urami
My boy Lando is coming back
Cronctus Pred 2 urami
Star Wars Fall Of The Dark Side
Daniel Wijnberg
Daniel Wijnberg Pred 3 urami
Had to watch it twice because I fell asleep the first time
leslie smith
leslie smith Pred 3 urami
Hey when are tickets gonna be available
Stogie2112 Pred 3 urami
Very soon....
D Leo
D Leo Pred 3 urami
You guys are still trying to make these movies happen? Lol they have all sucked and u know it! Embarrassing!
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Pred 3 urami
Every generation has a legend. Every journey has a last step. Every saga has an ending.
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez Pred 3 urami
Jacob Dominguez
Jacob Dominguez Pred 3 urami
Zejakov Pred 4 urami
New hide and seek champion! *Palpatine!*
VegasLowBlower Pred 4 urami
Im going cause there was a black guy in the trailer
Outro Bangtan
Outro Bangtan Pred uro
Are u racist?
TARDI B Pred 4 urami
1:04 notice these mountains are different than the ones when she jumps over the speeder a few seconds later?
TryharderenSilas Pred 4 urami
No one is ever really gone *My dad came home after 3 years* 😢
Social Idiot
Social Idiot Pred 4 urami
I thought the first movie ended it.
hollow labs
hollow labs Pred 4 urami
I think sidious is coming back as a force ghost
Henning A
Henning A Pred 3 urami
Sith can't become force ghosts. They can only haunt places or possess objects.
FRICKPOOL Pred 4 urami
"No one is every really gone" *Jet Set Radio music starts playing*
Simone C M
Simone C M Pred 4 urami
I was weeping, sighing, wailing, while watching this. But I was passing a kidney stone.
Terrible Gaming
Terrible Gaming Pred 4 urami
No one is ever really gone Jar Jar: did ya forget about meesa
Salty Tattie
Salty Tattie Pred 4 urami
This video has far too many likes, and far too few dislikes
Crazy fan theory" Palpatine "The Emperor" is Anakins father, thus being Lukes great grandfather, what if Rey is Luke's daughter, Emperor is Rey's Great Grandfather.
Guarionex Batista
Guarionex Batista Pred 5 urami
how many years have they been fighting the Empire?
Titan Master Race
Titan Master Race Pred 5 urami
1:44 is that what i think it is? 😮
The Engineer
The Engineer Pred 5 urami
boba fett:i escaped from sarlacc so i will be in the movie right? disney:no darth maul:can i be in the movie? disney:no emperor palpatine:i am still falling disney:yes
littlebee93 Pred 5 urami
There are some deeply concerning rumours about what the plot of this movie is from individuals who have provided rather accurate information on the past two movies. Disney, I really hope these rumours aren't true...if they are, please just shelf the whole movie.
Rebecca T.
Rebecca T. Pred 4 urami
ForceWave 1139
ForceWave 1139 Pred 5 urami
littlebee93 What rumors?
scream queens fan 28
I don't know why but I have goosebumps while watching this teaser😂
Nick Name
Nick Name Pred 5 urami
1:46 Top 10 Anime Comebacks
b b
b b Pred 5 urami
Leia's theme playing in the background..❤ best part of the trailer.
Reza Ghasemi
Reza Ghasemi Pred 6 urami
This actress single handedly ruined the series Lol
Chuuni Chewer
Chuuni Chewer Pred 2 urami
Not rose?
Americafy Pred 6 urami
"The saga comes to and end" yes until you make 3 new triolgies beacuse of pa$$ion...
Flaming Flammenwerfer
"You should have gone for the head"
Santimagine Pred 6 urami
No one ever really is gone Rogue one: hold our ghost beers
Magneto Pred 6 urami
I hate how few people are talking about how they specifically used Leia's theme for this trailer. To me that seems way more important than the Emperor tease.
ValkoMusta Pred 6 urami
why did they change the title end game to star wars
ata sule
ata sule Pred 6 urami
Yes, disney ruined this legend
Santimagine Pred 6 urami
Star wars 9: the rise of skywalker Star wars 10: obi wan reclaims the high ground
Santimagine Pred 6 urami
From the teasers they said, i have created my own version Teaser 1: Palpatine laugh Teaser 2: Vader breathing Teaser 3: Yoda's (hmmmmm) Teaser 4: Mesa jar jar binks, mesa back! Trailer: H e L l O t H E r E
Santimagine Pred 6 urami
The theme song at the end, gave me chills. Version 2 Yes, another angry birds star wars level finished. It is princess leia's somewhat of a theme in the whole trailer. So maybe this is her end.
Matthew Shaver
Matthew Shaver Pred 6 urami
Really hoping the Emperor isn't back :/
Mike P
Mike P Pred 7 urami
Just saw the movie....Thanos is her Dad.
The Lion
The Lion Pred 7 urami
They basically showed us the whole movie
Marcos Grau
Marcos Grau Pred 7 urami
Bring it !!!!!! 💪😊
Hectornos Monstierr
Hectornos Monstierr Pred 7 urami
Please be a good movie
Happie Chapman
Happie Chapman Pred 7 urami
he attacc he protecc but most importantly *meesa is back*
oleg mol
oleg mol Pred 7 urami
i send like... but WOMAN is Jedi knight ? NONSENSE!!! RETURN OLD STYLE JEDY !
Peter Smith
Peter Smith Pred 7 urami
Shes running away from her acting coach. Gotta say though i love jj abrams use of colour.
xLence Pred 7 urami
I like the fact that this is only the teaser...
The Rheumatic Musician
1:26 The saga comes to an end?? As long there are fans, as long Disney want money we will see new episods.
Parallax Pred 8 urami
" No one's ever really gone.. " *Cargo guy knocks on the door*
The Rose Experience
The Rose Experience Pred 8 urami
Dan Stevens
Dan Stevens Pred 8 urami
Every movie is the same... a tiny pencil thin female heroin beating up a bunch of men .... yawnfest. Feminism is CANCER. it literally ruins everything.
Hi-Breed Gamer
Hi-Breed Gamer Pred 5 urami
U deserve to perish
Evan Hendri
Evan Hendri Pred 8 urami
I so excited
RRoJ Pred 8 urami
Palpatine = “I AM THE FRANCHISE”
Tyler Singleton
Tyler Singleton Pred 9 urami
Does anyone else get that fan film vibe from the first part? Just running in a random desert with no one in sight, breathing heavy and then looking all around, ignites light saber, then we get some unbelievable stunt for no apparent reason except that it is cool?
Ruasonid Pred 9 urami
No one: Emperor Palpatine: heroes never die Overwatch reference.
Tolga Bingol
Tolga Bingol Pred 9 urami
I hope that laugh belongs to Darth Jar Jar Binks. If it is Emperor, it would make it disrespectful to original trilogy.
Landon Todd
Landon Todd Pred 9 urami
The force awakens series doesn't have a point, they just release them for money
Valentine Lyric
Valentine Lyric Pred 9 urami
Marvel I still better Star Wars has always been the same old star wars
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Pred 9 urami
Same old Star Wars = great
Tokyo Shounen
Tokyo Shounen Pred 10 urami
Where the hell is Jar Jar in this teaser >:(
accidentally logical
accidentally logical Pred 10 urami
Sign me up for more Palpatine memes
L&NGaming Pred 10 urami
DARTH JAR JAR!!!!!!!!!!!!
الصلاة الآن
الصلاة الآن Pred 10 urami
Emperor Palpatine shows up: “I HAVE BEEN FALLING FOR 36 YEARS "Let the past die"
Walt Kowalski
Walt Kowalski Pred 10 urami
another carp coming too your cinema
Unifier 01
Unifier 01 Pred 11 urami
I just hope it's better than the last jedi
Dean Ivanov
Dean Ivanov Pred 11 urami
Disney never learnt how this lightsaber is ignited. Sad.
bron lebron
bron lebron Pred 11 urami
I have seen better fan made trailers
Tick Tock
Tick Tock Pred 11 urami
Yo lando caleriseon is back he was with chewbacca in the malenion flacon
Justin Myles
Justin Myles Pred 11 urami
"No one's ever really gone" Luke's hand crawls in
Ugbemugbem Osas
Ugbemugbem Osas Pred 11 urami
If this movie is a flop, Disney can save Star Wars with one movie... _Binks: A Star Wars Story_
thesilverspider Pred 10 urami
Binks for President ;-D
Alex W
Alex W Pred 11 urami
Idk what Disney has done with Star Wars anymore, but that laugh...
Akashdeep Kumar
Akashdeep Kumar Pred 11 urami
We are in endgame now.. Star wars.
Oğuz Emir
Oğuz Emir Pred 12 urami
Disney: Let's ruin a legend Disney again: Let's bring Palpatine back and ruin that Legend more
Dolar Pred 12 urami
Poopwars 9
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Pred 11 urami
Haterwars 9
Jon Price
Jon Price Pred 12 urami
He protecc He attacc But most importantly, he say senate is wacc
cdizzle99z Pred 12 urami
Maybe it’s twins again
CRAB JAB Pred 12 urami
What a complete joke this franchise has become. This will go down as one of the worst trilogies put on film. I thought The Hobbit was weak but this wins by miles. To go from the biggest franchise in the history of cinema to a joke. How an earth can something be ruined so easily.
James Davis
James Davis Pred 7 urami
+Thomas Bludis The prequels are better movies than the sequels. Do you have any taste in original filmmaking whatsoever? Not even their toys are selling these days.
CRAB JAB Pred 12 urami
Thomas Bludis Makes no sense. This is how I see it. This new trilogy is NOT Star Wars. You can not compare something like Empire Strikes Back with The Last Jedi. It’s borderline insulting.
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Pred 12 urami
Let me get this straight, so the prequels ruined Star Wars but it was alive again for the force awakens to kill? And alive again for the last Jedi to kill? Who keeps resurrecting this franchise and then killing it again? Terrible logic.
Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders Pred 12 urami
Get ready to be disappointed.......
Peaky Blinders
Peaky Blinders Pred 12 urami
I prefer my version. 😎
Thomas Bludis
Thomas Bludis Pred 12 urami
Correction: get ready to be happy
Red Pred 12 urami
I think they may have jumped the tie fighter on this one.
Freeman Gordon
Freeman Gordon Pred 12 urami
Potato Dip
Potato Dip Pred 12 urami
My guess is that Rey is a Skywalker and they left her to protect her
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