Steve Aoki & Alan Walker - Are You Lonely feat. ISAK (Lyric Video) [Ultra Music]

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Steve Aoki & Alan Walker - Are You Lonely feat. ISAK
Steve Aoki & Alan Walker - Are You Lonely feat. ISAK by Ultra Music ffm.to/areyoulonely
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22. feb. 2019

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Komentarjev 3 660
Steve Aoki
Steve Aoki Pred 28 dnevi
Are you lonely?
Leakshmi _chea
Leakshmi _chea Pred dnevom
Paul Nagele
Paul Nagele Pred 6 dnevi
Isaac Hoover
Isaac Hoover Pred 7 dnevi
Steve Aoki not anymore 🤪
lama essam
lama essam Pred 13 dnevi
Sara Exo-L
Sara Exo-L Pred 15 dnevi
No because I have Exo💎
victor jimenez
AMo esta cancion Like si tu tambien
Emilien Fremeau
amazing song to workout
Salvatore Sortino
Salvatore Sortino Pred 2 urami
Fendt926Power Pred 2 urami
thank for upload , very nice !
Nataaz Channel
Nataaz Channel Pred 3 urami
juliana rocha
juliana rocha Pred 3 urami
Brasil ✌🏻
jonahdreizehn Pred 4 urami
The only problem by this song is... He ends... 😥
turuncu çığlık
turuncu çığlık Pred 4 urami
Dhanush Walker
Dhanush Walker Pred 4 urami
arrosm oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
simple man
simple man Pred 5 urami
Wow really i like it
TM 161161
TM 161161 Pred 7 urami
So very good!!!
Hoàng Nguyễn
Hoàng Nguyễn Pred 11 urami
slvid.net/video/video-m-PJmmvyP10.html listen again plz ^^
KevinMan's Steam
KevinMan's Steam Pred 12 urami
Alan Walker Ft Dua Lipa. Like
DJ walker
DJ walker Pred 14 urami
World of Walkers
thetankman 9000
thetankman 9000 Pred 15 urami
remove your ads
Nancy Hernandez
Nancy Hernandez Pred 16 urami
*Estás muy buena la canción*
LG Sus
LG Sus Pred 16 urami
Alan Walker and steve aoki are my favorite djs
Respecc Whamen
Respecc Whamen Pred 17 urami
I am lonely
Yeya 23
Yeya 23 Pred 17 urami
Are u lonely? Ohhh lonely
Rodet Jbegh
Rodet Jbegh Pred 17 urami
Steve Walker and Alan Aoki
Sophiasgaming channle
Sophiasgaming channle Pred 17 urami
Yes im lonely
SUPRAI1 1 Pred 18 urami
Mix ok
Kim K.
Kim K. Pred 18 urami
Alan Walker : Are You Lonely TheFatRat : NO NO NO
ㅎ태태덕 Pred 19 urami
wj... duddj ahffkdy rms ep.. dlrj snrk aksemsrj dpdy!!
Luis Toapanta
Luis Toapanta Pred 19 urami
Muy sorprendente con su fama
lynz sebastian
lynz sebastian Pred 19 urami
"Are You LONELY??" NOPE...... IM WITH U😆😆😆😆😆😆 ALAN WALKER ROCKS 😌😌😌😌😌
Pappu Ghosh
Pappu Ghosh Pred 19 urami
I love this music
Bob 3
Bob 3 Pred 20 urami
i like how this song has the alan walker feel and steve aoki feel here's the math: alan walker + steve aoki = good alan walker+ steve aoki + marshmello + martin garrix = perfect song
Harry Khan
Harry Khan Pred 22 urami
I love this song
Al Man
Al Man Pred 22 urami
Bella Veres
Bella Veres Pred 22 urami
Elena Pirvu
Elena Pirvu Pred 22 urami
The first 20 seconds remind me of another song, but I cannot figure it out what song. Does anybody have any idea?
WV3 TGU Pred dnevom
Song: Are you lonely me: yea
Katie Does Art💜ケイティんアート
WV3 TGU for real tho
JuDesi Pred dnevom
Helt fantastisk sang, men kor e joiken hennes henne?! Det hadde toppet heeeeele driten! Var litt skuffende at du ikke fikk den med 🥺
Halewood Pred dnevom
is it just me or dose the very begining look like the ps4 back screen
nitroll nitroll
nitroll nitroll Pred dnevom
el mejor
houdaifa rarbi
houdaifa rarbi Pred dnevom
Are You Lonely wow
k -pop y informacion
wow i like
Filip KillerBlox
Filip KillerBlox Pred dnevom
Роман Болуров
Super song
Anubhav Das
Anubhav Das Pred dnevom
Sounds So Pleasant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
la hija del namjin
la hija del namjin Pred dnevom
Belleza pura
alin ciucanel
alin ciucanel Pred dnevom
Aceasta melodie trebuia sa dureze mai mult. 7-10min
alin ciucanel
alin ciucanel Pred dnevom
Poți schimba un pic orchestratia sa nu fie monoton dar ritmul e ok
Hatziry Hernandez
Hatziry Hernandez Pred dnevom
Benjamin Lock
Benjamin Lock Pred dnevom
❤️dis song
ImmortalCat1 Pred dnevom
Чумовой трек!
Shela E.
Shela E. Pred dnevom
Why does this look/sound like a mobile phone ad? 🤣
Jay Harvey
Jay Harvey Pred dnevom
Are you Lonely? ... Yes = like ... No = reply
ホースグースHorse Goose
I read Steve Ayuwoki xdd
Alisha Rocks
Alisha Rocks Pred dnevom
I luv this song \ /\ / \/ /\ \/ / \
Elisabeth S.
Elisabeth S. Pred dnevom
Dang, this is so dope. 👌👍❤
Toxic Pred dnevom
Spring can not start any better :D luv the song so much!!!! good job guys, keep up
Vallen Rossi
Vallen Rossi Pred dnevom
Its Wonderfull
Rajesh Nayak
Rajesh Nayak Pred dnevom
0:50 Yes Very Lonely, What's your fqin problem? You beep!
Rafal 7111
Rafal 7111 Pred dnevom
Good song
Red Harrison
Red Harrison Pred dnevom
I miss my darling Nicole....
Dewa P
Dewa P Pred dnevom
Kurang lama durasine
Dynamic Dynamite
Dynamic Dynamite Pred dnevom
0:24 Ariana Grande???????
Alison Marquez
Alison Marquez Pred dnevom
I love the Walkers My dream wish is meeting them in real life Quick question Are you alone?
Plous Grief
Plous Grief Pred dnevom
x1.5x Turbo music)
Bellalsims Webamaster
Artesion Pred dnevom
I dont know why she sound like Ariana Grande for me.
Đ.M.H vlogs
Đ.M.H vlogs Pred dnevom
Vegetto Patrick Santana
CAT OMG0989 Pred dnevom
Best ever
Wilma Bengtsson GRB
så bra låt
okhunter boinazaroff
R u after 17M?
Rani Singh
Rani Singh Pred dnevom
The worst part of the song It is very short song
Rani Singh
Rani Singh Pred dnevom
ARE YOU LONELY ......I'LL STAND BY YOU ......yeah just rock......🎶🎵🎸🎸🎸🎸
MaMia Pred dnevom
slvid.net/show-UCLvVtrKSJgKpbNBxACjT_UA?view_as=subscriber silahkan kunjungi link nya
Rachel X
Rachel X Pred dnevom
Tùng Nguyễn
Tùng Nguyễn Pred dnevom
I'll stand by you, Steve
Zuo Miaomiao
Zuo Miaomiao Pred dnevom
Yes I'm lonely
diego mauricio barraza vargas
Wow exelent!! [×_×]♥♥
Shirley Boonzajer
Shirley Boonzajer Pred dnevom
EM, you never cease to amaze, dazzle, daze. Delivering a definitive equillivent tof divinity. Dishing, dissing, spilling &spitting the syllables, sentences, sorting & shifting through the shit. Going about your business with excellence. You are having the time of your life and giving, unselfishly. Yes !! We love you Em
Aiden 0318
Aiden 0318 Pred dnevom
I like
Rosa Aguilar
Rosa Aguilar Pred dnevom
Miller Withe
Miller Withe Pred dnevom
Miller Withe
Miller Withe Pred dnevom
Marat Kh
Marat Kh Pred dnevom
Ахуенная музыкаа
Dj API Pred dnevom
Fida Juliana
Fida Juliana Pred dnevom
Oshane King
Oshane King Pred dnevom
First time hearing....I already like it....
erick farfan de la cruz
SI :(
SUPER MIX Pred dnevom
Come to me, I have a lot of great mixes 🔊 🎵
dulce maria merino laureano
yome fisseha
yome fisseha Pred dnevom
this music is directly copied from rophnan
aña doidinha
aña doidinha Pred dnevom
Miriam López cordova
Hola Marshmello soy Nadia
Naina Sandhu
Naina Sandhu Pred dnevom
Miriam López cordova sorry, but this isn’t marshmello
Amber-Kay September
Love the song 😍🔥💯
Freems Jiang
Freems Jiang Pred dnevom
Anyone know the name of the font used in the video?
qiric gjipali
qiric gjipali Pred dnevom
Beata Gordon
Beata Gordon Pred dnevom
Андрей ТО
Андрей ТО Pred 2 dnevi
The BEST musik ♥️
Robert Kosa
Robert Kosa Pred 2 dnevi
Kto z Polski moi kochani?🙌
Nabil Kamal
Nabil Kamal Pred 2 dnevi
now I can say : that's a real song ..... nice
الزعرة *
الزعرة * Pred 2 dnevi
Im so lonely
teresita páramo
teresita páramo Pred 2 dnevi
Lover 10 spainnn
Avicii - Waiting For Love
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