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Tattoo artists react to tattoos from PewDiePie, Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, Elijah Daniel, and Monami Frost.
Which SLvidr do you think has the best tattoos? Let us know in the comments!
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8. mar. 2019

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Elijah Daniel
Elijah Daniel Pred 15 dnevi
yes it means PRETTY HOT AND GAY
Deviant Pred 20 urami
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Pred dnevom
That's gotta be the dumbest shit I've ever seen
cuttage B
cuttage B Pred dnevom
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata Pred dnevom
That's your FACE, dude! Never never marr and scar your FACE! Bad, Elijah... bad! It was so pretty and then you messed it up!
CITISIN Pred dnevom
RIP Elijah :(
Anguela Silva
Anguela Silva Pred 54 minutami
Came here for the Jeffree Star. His ass really thought about going to a 1 star rated tattoo place but bc they disrespected his friend LipstickNic he said no. BUT HE STILL THOUGHT ABOUT IT. So, idk who the guy is that wants to tattoo Jeffree but let him know about that. He almost lost his dream. Hahah
Alana Woodd
Alana Woodd Pred 59 minutami
The guy who reacted to Jake Paul who said "its better than I would expect I mean I would expect home to get a shit tattoo to match his shit personality" I FREAKING LOVE YOU!!😂😂😂
Kim van der Linden
Pewd's tat is frickin adorable wtf
Shterrra Pred 2 urami
"I got the six leaves to represent the six years I spent in prison" goddamnit I love Chris so much
h. a
h. a Pred 3 urami
church tattoo tells a lot... So symbolic... Respect the idea
Baret Pred 3 urami
jeffree star would look great strung up in a tree.
Dakøta the Banditø
“Oh honeyyy, ohh, he wants a soundcloud so bad” i died +10 damage (Crit.) +10 burn
matteo franklin
matteo franklin Pred 6 urami
If I recall correctly, Pewdiepie’s tattoo had something to do with the church from his home town in Sweden or with an old cartoon or strip. Maybe a combo, but I think it had to do with one of those 2
Yano Pred 6 urami
Why are these tattoo artists so FUCKING DUMB
Mika Miciano
Mika Miciano Pred 6 urami
I like how some tattoo artists have this like slang acsent
ScubaSteve Pred 7 urami
Stafano Alcantera!
Ashleigh Christie
Ashleigh Christie Pred 9 urami
Jake Pauls tattoo, the story/meaning/concept be unlocking the world truth between evolution (dinosaur) and creation (serpent) ? I dont know im probably way off track.
Marie Drummond
Marie Drummond Pred 10 urami
Kind of puzzles me that all these people critiquing these tattoos are pretty much all covered with sucky tattoos themselves. Like the guy bitching about how there “needs to be structure” or “that’s too hodgepodge for my liking” and they are super hodgepodge and unstructured themselves. Also the chick with the hoodie all covering her....daaaaaamn her arms are nasty looking!!!!
Elizabeth Larios
Elizabeth Larios Pred 12 urami
Sara fabel 😍 ive been in love with her work since I was 15, I'm 26 now
Ann Kolosionek
Ann Kolosionek Pred 13 urami
When he said “lemme talk about Romeo’s tats” oh boyyy
Mason Rogers
Mason Rogers Pred 14 urami
Pretty sure Pewdiepie's, while simplistic, is actually a really deep message about his Scandinavian heritage and the oppression his ancestors faced by the church. Not really a fan of his but a long time black metal fan and have seen plenty of similar concepts on Norwegian/Swedish friends.
YOUSEF World Over
YOUSEF World Over Pred 14 urami
Helping everyone 9:53
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Pred 16 urami
Should have shown Jeffree Stars Catwoman piece!
noodlellover Pred 16 urami
"Key to the world is dinosaurs?"
Aly Randall
Aly Randall Pred 18 urami
someone that Y O U T U B E S?
Brittney Frye
Brittney Frye Pred 18 urami
Katy Klawe
Katy Klawe Pred 20 urami
What the fuck are youtubers? Lmao
Deviant Pred 20 urami
"What the f*** is a youtuber" XD
Rylaenah Pred 21 uro
“What the fuck is a youtuber?? Someone who just youtubes??” 😂😂 yes Ryan haha
S o m e o n e
S o m e o n e Pred 21 uro
2:19 Says the guy who looks like a hen
S o m e o n e
S o m e o n e Pred 21 uro
Wtf is a youtuber? Someone that just youtubes? Omg that killed me 😂 Since when is youtube a frickin verb??
Amber Lucille
Amber Lucille Pred 22 urami
They got alot of people from black ink crew New York & Chicago on here
Kaithlyn Jamaludin
Kaithlyn Jamaludin Pred 22 urami
Manboy133too Pred dnevom
Who is the artist at 4:33 . I am really into that chest design style
Yenny Pred dnevom
Look how small those nipples are. You can EAT them
Snarkulous Pred dnevom
The bald guy really likes trash human beings... PewDiePie, Jeffree Starr...
Jamie Purtteman
Jamie Purtteman Pred dnevom
“He’s so pretty you wouldn’t expect him to be blasted” Pretty sure that statement would be Jeffree Star Approved!
Bayu Adam
Bayu Adam Pred dnevom
Most of the guys are hawt!
Karla Rodriguez
Karla Rodriguez Pred dnevom
That girl destroyed Pewdiepie's arm😂
Tim Anders
Tim Anders Pred dnevom
Big Sleeps.. only decent person in this video. Maybe Mark Wade. God these are the grossest people I have ever seen. Time to move the fuck out of the west coast. Can't wait til opiates wipe out these fucking dorks.
Tim Anders
Tim Anders Pred dnevom
hahaha.. look at these fucking freaks!!! 30 secs more into the video and holy shit. It takes a lot of shitty drugs to strive to look like a such goobers.
Tim Anders
Tim Anders Pred dnevom
Clowns making fun of other clowns. What a circus.
Jenn Boud
Jenn Boud Pred dnevom
Honestly if you actually watch Elijah's channel you view his tattoo differently in my opinion haha. They make him look like some wannabe thug and he's not that way at all
thedogfather1996 Pred dnevom
Girls with tattoos/female tattoo artist are the hottest people alive.
Anita Dimaya
Anita Dimaya Pred dnevom
Have them react to read holidays tats
Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet Pred dnevom
1:51 looks like she could've been cardiB's sister, I do not mean that in a good way
Bissan HD
Bissan HD Pred dnevom
"wHat ThE fUck Is A yoUtUber Is it SoMeoNe thAt YouTuBEs??"
Pronkman666 Pred dnevom
2:19 why would you do that to your hair?
ltejada09 Pred dnevom
does that means pretty hot and gay? 😂😂😂😂
Hunter Lowry
Hunter Lowry Pred dnevom
Who is the blonde girl
Sofang Pred dnevom
Oh, make them react to tattoos gone wrong. Would love to see their reactions.
Kaeda Sonata
Kaeda Sonata Pred dnevom
Elijah, honey right off the bat, sir... Your FACE?! On your FACE! That messy, badly outlined... deeply scarring shit tattoo... Your pretty little FACE?! Bad! That is a BAD SLvidR!
Dave C
Dave C Pred dnevom
Great now my want for more tattoos have resurfaced
JJ Janovich
JJ Janovich Pred dnevom
“He’s your average client that wants to be deep with a tattoo that every truck driver has”. Fuckin perfect
chitown chapin
chitown chapin Pred dnevom
Why is that a church?
Meows Red
Meows Red Pred dnevom
8:13 lmaooooo that drag
Carnage Artistry
Carnage Artistry Pred dnevom
The guy in the white shirt with the round glasses seems like such a preppy doooooouch
Koteshima :
Koteshima : Pred dnevom
It's real cool how they interpret these stuff.
Knot Da Momma
Knot Da Momma Pred dnevom
Chris Showstoppr sounds just like Korg from Thor Ragnarok! 😂😂
HeyMonaLisaCanI 67
HeyMonaLisaCanI 67 Pred dnevom
Why is Ryan Ashley here.
Mark Gupton
Mark Gupton Pred dnevom
Tattoo artist saying it was dumb and he must like attention is quite ironic. I have tattoos. Wish I didn't.
Teddy Winfield
Teddy Winfield Pred dnevom
Lmao that artist clearly doesn’t know who Jefree Star is if she thinks sun damage could be a contributing factor. 😂
N. A.
N. A. Pred dnevom
7:22 hot tattoo artist who knows Jake Paul: "I thought he would get a shit tattoo.... With his shit personality" 😂
Vasimeme Pred dnevom
I’d marry Ryan
Rosy M
Rosy M Pred dnevom
"Wtf is a youtuber" lol
RS Pred dnevom
9:18 Rip
The Broken Crown
The Broken Crown Pred dnevom
11:30 pewdiepie's tattoo reminds me of the heartless from kingdom hearts
Bảo寶 Pred dnevom
0:08 can someone plug me her IG?
hi im' ,are autism
hi im' ,are autism Pred dnevom
Its always so weird hearing the New Zealand accent mixed in with all the Americans lmao
misschackalacka1 Pred dnevom
I really don't understand how they decide whats a good or bad tattoo
misschackalacka1 Pred 36 minutami
+Monica K of course. This show also has only entertainig purpose but it seems so arbitrarily especially considering what they have on their own bodies, necks and faces.
Monica K
Monica K Pred 49 minutami
misschackalacka1 well its obviously personal taste, but there is a lot of technique involved, of course, as it is with every art
_OriGinAL 702_
_OriGinAL 702_ Pred dnevom
Why were they reacting to that first guy for like 20 minutes like I get it it’s crazy
Anto theja
Anto theja Pred dnevom
Yes PewDiePie has tiny arms. Tiny arms, tiny penis.
smiler Pred dnevom
These artists are snobs.
Cyrece Brown
Cyrece Brown Pred 2 dnevi
We get it you like black 😂😂😂
Tman Goodguy
Tman Goodguy Pred 2 dnevi
@ 0:55 what the fuck is a youtuber, umm, the people that make probably 10X more than you, and are borderline celebrities..yeah..those people dumb bitch hahaha, I also think the second lady has way the fuck too much ink on her..obviously its all about opinion, but damn thats way the fuck too much
Kiki Sade
Kiki Sade Pred 2 dnevi
1950* "There will be many smart peoples on Earth in the future" 2019 *People trying to find meaning behind Pewdiepie's tattoo"
drpookles Pred 2 dnevi
I really want to know who the woman is at 2:29 , I want to see her full body tattoo. Looks incredible
drpookles Pred 2 dnevi
What's a SLvidr... Good gawdddddd, someone lift the rock she's under 😂 I think she was trying to be "hip" like Huh..? SLvid what's that? I don't use Facebook ahaha (JK I just thought it was a funny comment 😂💯)
Joselyn Ortiz
Joselyn Ortiz Pred 2 dnevi
"What the fuck is a SLvidr" really sis?
Kirrilium Pred 2 dnevi
The most important thing I learned from this is that female tattoo artists don't wear bra's
CARL TUBE Pred 2 dnevi
I think PewDiePie win
Mary Callen
Mary Callen Pred 2 dnevi
Ok I watched it, happy SLvid? Also who the hell has not heard of what a youtuber is?
Ellie Fleming
Ellie Fleming Pred 2 dnevi
I'm obsessed with all of these artists omg, their aesthetic is amazing
La RaPi
La RaPi Pred 2 dnevi
Is 27 too old to get my first tattoo? Also I don't know most of these SLvidr's ha :p
Crystal Platt
Crystal Platt Pred 2 dnevi
Never too old. I got my first for my 30th birthday.
6:56 "I wish I would've gone in this direction" What does she really mean? That she herself should've gotten more black in her tattoos?
Dylan McDonald
Dylan McDonald Pred 2 dnevi
Can we get a video where we fans show you are best tats but have a big rule that we say what shop and tattoo artist did it side note cruse you tattoo artists I am hooked till I get my half sleeve done which was only to be a koala on a tree and now I am getting the tree and more animals added but I might get more done later in life lol
chapasproject Pred 2 dnevi
lol pewdiepie tat is actually cool. not sure if its cute or creepy, or does it have deep meaning like "he was raped in a church" or is it some dumb shit from children's book. cool work.
Tsukiko Aerasume
Tsukiko Aerasume Pred 2 dnevi
Imagine jazza's toe tattoo in it.... XD IM DEAD.
SauceySandwich Pred 2 dnevi
Whew Jeffree Star is giving some really heavy Marilyn Manson vibes
La RaPi
La RaPi Pred 2 dnevi
Mr HunterF λ
Mr HunterF λ Pred 2 dnevi
1:59 Lol. Bit rich.
Desiree Abell
Desiree Abell Pred 2 dnevi
The Hispanic man wearing the Dodgers shirt, Does he have a channel? I would LOVE to listen to him tell stories about his life he seems extremely interesting!!! Just where he grew up and what he told us in just a few few seconds has me captivated.
Austin VanHise
Austin VanHise Pred 2 dnevi
Wtf if a SLvidr
Carly LeDoux
Carly LeDoux Pred 2 dnevi
The guy with the glasses is actually gorgeous. The one wearing white .
Ashley Champagne
Ashley Champagne Pred 2 dnevi
#pewdiepie free tattoo!
fr3@kb!+¢h Pred 2 dnevi
pony cute asf
Natalie Jayne
Natalie Jayne Pred 2 dnevi
the artist with brutal black is dope
Edward Hitten
Edward Hitten Pred 2 dnevi
Jeeze. Some great looking ladies stained with ink all over. Is taste dead?
Jessica Vincent
Jessica Vincent Pred 2 dnevi
I hate when some of the artist's are too cool to say how incredible a tattoo is. Monami's work is fucking incredible.
Shadow Dragon Productions
The only tattoo I know for sure that I'm getting is the semicolon. I'm not sure what I want to spice it up with, though. Any ideas?
Olivia Bennington
Olivia Bennington Pred 2 dnevi
who is the artist with the beanie and hoodie covering her but you can see streaks of some sort of face tattoo?
I have been looking in the commente for it too!!
NotYo Business
NotYo Business Pred 2 dnevi
"wtf is a youtuber? someone that youtubes?" talk about trying to be cool and pretending like you dont know what something is, sheesh, superficial bitch
Constance Connie
Constance Connie Pred 2 dnevi
Lol this was good!
Sketch_mage Pred 2 dnevi
What’s a SLvidr does she live under a rock
lostboynotfound Pred 2 dnevi
Pewdiepie has a church tattoo because the mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand was his fault 😏
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