Teachers Reveal The Craziest Rumors About Their Students That Were Actually True

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Teachers of Reddit, what's the craziest rumor you've heard about a student that turned out to be true? - r/AskReddit
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13. mar. 2019

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YoloMaster Sherr
YoloMaster Sherr Pred 49 minutami
And family members could be heartbroken
YoloMaster Sherr
YoloMaster Sherr Pred 52 minutami
Probably decided to come out since he was leaving anyway. But dont just alienate a kid from friends and family. Its his life hes forced into also
Corvus Dominus
6:49 probably had problems at home involving abuse from his mother.
Cutechar09 AJ
Cutechar09 AJ Pred uro
I was at my moms school and some dude was saying, “yeah,he stuck his fingers in the cats ear and killed it” at first me and my mom thought it was a joke but the kids in the back were saying yeah it happened! I still was not 100% believing it but then at the end of the day I got some info from other kids and it was really true.😭😭😭
Elizabeth Dulhanty
Elizabeth Dulhanty Pred 2 urami
Students reveal rumours about teachers that turned out to be true!! In our primary school (ages 6-7 - 10-11) we used to get people who were training to be teachers in our school so we called them student teachers. We had one the year before I left, he was a nice man but our teaching assistant decided to rape him in the store cupboard (when the teachers assistant was teaching a lesson...) She was fired that year and the headmaster simply said that she "moved on"..... Am pretty sure the rumour is truck because neither came into school the next day. (Probably scared of eachother or something) A pretty disturbing thing is that my mum went to highschool with the teaching assistant who was eventually fired🤪
backwardsuser -
backwardsuser - Pred 2 urami
a substitute teacher, who i had on several occasions, ended up in prison. a male student came forward and said that this substitute was touching him, and another girl said she was touched too. kinda scary that i had no idea this sub that i had did this shit. sub looked very creepy but still never thought that.
PatrickIV Pred 2 urami
*In America if a kid is gone for two weeks, there will be some type of talking to the parent* Yeah no shit.
PatrickIV Pred 2 urami
*continued to not die* ...relatable
Opiate Operator
Opiate Operator Pred 4 urami
Not a teacher, but...
SpaghettiWeirdo[Yes, oh yes.]
Does anybody else think of The Umbrella Academy when it says “I heard a rumor.” ?
NateDawg3 Pred 5 urami
have you ever heard of dark mode
-bakugou is My Religion-
If I was the guy in the last one I would thought I was crazy as hell too
ghosting101 Pred 9 urami
The student at 7:00 seemed like he hated living with his mom and was triggered whenever faced with a female authority figure.
Hyperbeast Pred 10 urami
The last story tho. What the gecko?
Metabreaker Pred 11 urami
The last one was interresting thought
Rookin F games
Rookin F games Pred 12 urami
OK OK i get it fresh empire! lemme watch my videos in peace
Henry Gizzi
Henry Gizzi Pred 13 urami
That last one is weird
AvaLynn Ecklund
AvaLynn Ecklund Pred 13 urami
“Demon spawn” BAHAA
Ember The Wolf
Ember The Wolf Pred 13 urami
Rumour: My friend was vaping. *Deep inhale* IT WAS TRUE. WERE IN 5TH GRADE JESUS CHRIST KADEN!
Gordie R
Gordie R Pred 14 urami
3:29 How’d that investigation end Teacher just, peaks in a car window
Calvin Cuaton
Calvin Cuaton Pred 14 urami
Nathan Filipiak
Nathan Filipiak Pred 15 urami
Morthal guards: (murders a guy) Me: "the f**k are you doing" Morthal guards: "your not supposed to be here"
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau Pred 15 urami
That last one is sus
Sinister_cat248 Pred 15 urami
I feel bad to the 12 year old though...
Ace Fiction
Ace Fiction Pred 15 urami
I love how all of these are 1 year old
AlmondBobaGaming Pred 16 urami
So some kid at my school spread a rumor that another boy had stole the VP's laptop and replaced it with a broken fake. Didn't believe it till sitting in an assembly, some kid runs up, plugs in teachers laptop, and shows 9 pages of porn sites in search history to the entire 8th grade and half the 7th and 6th grades. Safe to say many kids had no idea what they were looking at, half of them started dying of laughter, and then the small group of disgusting kids talking about the sites. My friends an I were just sitting there like "oh ****"
Mohammed Ashan
Mohammed Ashan Pred 16 urami
1:10 i have a classmate that has more absences than presents at school 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Nate Animates
Nate Animates Pred 16 urami
5:38 *Just like the simulations*
Scouto Pouto
Scouto Pouto Pred 16 urami
why are all if this post from a year ago?
Nate Animates
Nate Animates Pred 17 urami
Not really a tacher but feel free to leave a like... Rumor:(Name) ate his shit like a sandwich This dude pretty much screwed up his life. One dayeveryone was talking about a rumor That this guy (who was my classmate) ate his own shit...bit by bit His name was M_r__n And he likes being alone just like me Fast forward to 3 months I came in the boys bathroom and took a piss... Then i heard some moaning and...eating with mushy sounds I came to look at it "Hey is someone there?" **Silence** "Hey dude i can hear you gtfo of there" **me knocking on the door** "You there bitch? Fucking come at me" (I was grade 9 or so. i swear alot at that time) The door was really weak So i-i kicked it open... And saw something that was disturbingly true.. "Holy shit dude" "Oh I'm sorry" "Dude...drop your shit right fucking now" Hol'on tobe continued Alright i just got back from doing stuff Anyways "I cant its stuck to me" "What the fuck is wrong with you" "Please help me" **footsteps** "Shit" I run to another stall These group of boys keep talkin and smoking So basically i just walk out casually **farts** "Hey guys did you hear that?" So basically theyre gonna go through the same shit i did... So now i basically ignore him
DieselFuel Games05
DieselFuel Games05 Pred 17 urami
Well this isn't related to to this topic but uhhh anywho there was this kid in my art class who was weird he drew swastikas and slender man shit i wss he great friend a couple months later he tried to stab my fav reading teacher in 6th grade with a shard of glass with ducttape around it and used it as a knife thankfully when he tried to stab her he failed pretty sure he would of apared me if he shot up the school but idk where he is now
Sleeping beauty
Sleeping beauty Pred 18 urami
(I heard a rumor )I heard a rumor I heard a rumor"that you liked this comment "How Allison from the umbrella company gets likes
Sleeping beauty
Sleeping beauty Pred 18 urami
(I heard a rumor )I heard a rumor I heard a rumor"that you liked this comment "How Allison from the umbrella company gets likes
Tamara Smith
Tamara Smith Pred 18 urami
Wow, that last one was weird. Kind of opposite of the title, since he was saying something happened in school that no one made any rumor about at all, but instead appeared to be a covered up incident. 🤔 We never had anything wild like that happen at my school that I ever heard of, just a few minor things. The biggest rumor I heard was about a teacher, not a student. In 10th grade one Monday morning, I went to geometry class & there was a sub, who said she would be taking over for the foreseeable future, to please be patient & just read quietly today, as she caught up deciphering the teacher's lesson plans for all his classes, to see what we had already covered & what we hadn't in our textbooks. Somebody asked if our teacher had a heart attack or left town suddenly because a close relative was dying, or something like that. He was a really nice teacher who seemed to like what he did, was good at it, & had no issues with any students, so none of us could imagine him just quitting without notice. She said she didn't know, had just recieved notice the day before to do an emergency sub. Then a boy says "I bet he got in trouble for showing up drunk @ the football game on Friday night. He's gonna be on teacher suspension for a while." Several kids laughed, saying who could imagine him even having a drink, he was nice but very goody-two-shoes. But the boy said he had heard from a friend who went to the game that a male teacher arrived @ the game very obviously drunk & was escorted off the property by cops. Still, none of us believed it could be our teacher, it must be a coincidence & our teacher must have a valid reason to not be there. The next day, we had confirmation though, from a student who got details from another teacher. Not only can you not bring alcohol on school grounds, but as teachers are role models even when not on duty, they can be punished for any misbehavior. He drank, then drove himself to the game, thinking he was gonna have fun cheering our team on, but he drank so much he wasn't just a bit buzzed when he arrived, oh no. He was staggering on the stairs when coming in, & then started yelling obnoxiously @ the other team. So another teacher who saw him called security, who said he smelled like he had been drinking heavily, so they called the Principal & the cops, since he had to have been driving drunk to get there. By Saturday morning he had been notified that the Principal spoke to the school board & had him immediately fired, not suspended, for driving drunk & being a bad example to students. 😯
Pix Tron
Pix Tron Pred 18 urami
7:50 This kid will soon find himself around people that aren't paid to tolerate him, and I hope that life becomes incredibly difficult for him
Cyanah Quarterman
Cyanah Quarterman Pred 18 urami
Allison Hargreeves is back at it again
char Pred 18 urami
_i heard a rumour.._
Ted Flynn
Ted Flynn Pred 19 urami
Jeez they get to go to amusement parks for field trips. That’s lucky
qokgb12u T-T
qokgb12u T-T Pred 19 urami
I got a ad for reddit before I watched this lmao
Titanshield Pred 20 urami
Last story was a film.
wolf girl heart
wolf girl heart Pred 20 urami
Bro the one about the psychopath ligit sounds like a kid in my class exepect for the moving to Georgia part
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Pred 20 urami
2:31 ok im just trying to give constructive criticism here but i hate when teachers do things like that, trying to be funny. we are high schoolers (i assume) and we hate it.
Kyliplier Pred 21 uro
Superdameonglitchy4 Denovchek
"has no redeemable qualities"..he sounfs like he would fit in with most communities
Marie Eyre
Marie Eyre Pred 23 urami
hey, love the video, but please turn down volume of the background music slightly, its kinda distracting
kawaii monokuma
kawaii monokuma Pred 23 urami
One of the kids on another bus got mad at another kid and took out a pair of scissors put it to the kids back and tried to slit their throat He got suspended
Soldiers And stuff
Soldiers And stuff Pred dnevom
“Coolio” No big deal” Me: IT IS A BIG DEAL!!!! REEEEEEEEE
Avocate Pred dnevom
the last one was a SCP, thats the only possible answer
Avocate Pred dnevom
the last one was a SCP, thats the only possible answer
Monsour Drunkbird
Monsour Drunkbird Pred dnevom
Noone: r/askreddit Teachers of reddit post: not a teacher btw
Finn Dowling
Finn Dowling Pred dnevom
Lol one of my classmates in 9th grade actually lit himself on fire at a bonfire. He came in like 3 days later came in with a heavily bandaged arm from having gotten some pretty nasty burns
Togira Ikonoka
Togira Ikonoka Pred dnevom
3:18 Atta Boy !
Landon Sorrels
Landon Sorrels Pred dnevom
not too extreme 12yo boy murders kid again not too crazy
Redactdead Pred dnevom
How do you mistake 9 months pregnant for fat? It actually looks really freakin different. Even considering the baggy clothes. Pregnant is like a perfect ball shape tumor looking thing coming off the stomach that’s harder / more solid and fat just hangs and sags and is squishy. I know some ignorant people mistake fat for pregnant but mistaking pregnant for fat is just a little different. Like if you’ve never seen a pregnant woman then mistaking fat for pregnant seems reasonable but when you actually see a pregnant person, you know it’s pregnancy.
luvsacar u
luvsacar u Pred dnevom
The 1st one is sad at the start, but it just shows that just because your ill or disabled, it isnt an excuse to be an a hole
Chreighton - HisMajesty
_”I had a student who had superpowers and could make anything happen just by starting a sentence with ‘I heard a rumor’.....”_
Misa Misaa
Misa Misaa Pred dnevom
Tbh I spent half of the video thinking if the text was read by a computer program...
Rhylan Weekley
Rhylan Weekley Pred dnevom
In Australia we alway light our selves on fire
BoeTheSnowFloof Owo
Acled Maiden
Acled Maiden Pred dnevom
Why are youtubers stealing Cowbelly’s format?
David Sinca
David Sinca Pred dnevom
7:50 Maybe he behaved like this so he can move with his dad.
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Pred dnevom
This series is great, but you need someone to voice it, this one is hard to listen to after a while
some person
some person Pred dnevom
A kid sent dic pics in my skewl...
Batman Pred dnevom
Eew teachers on reddit, what are they doing there
Mememan 1122
Mememan 1122 Pred dnevom
Yo I think I know one of the kids the demon spawn I think he was my neighbor then one day I looked out my window and he was packing a bag and leaving he was fucking insane
Theretarded Gurl
Theretarded Gurl Pred dnevom
“Demon spawn”...
Lucas Brown
Lucas Brown Pred dnevom
That last one would actually drive me crazy.
Swcide Pred dnevom
Spice noodles that tastes like avocado
Jackson Norman
Jackson Norman Pred dnevom
The last story like completely describes my whole town like once there was a kid with a gun and it wasnt even in the papers only found out since my mom is a teacher. Another story I have doesn't completely have to do with school but is still insane and wasn't in the paper, one night I was driving around and there's cop cars all around one house (on the weekend) next school day one kid is describing how 2 men killed each other by one shooting and one sling the other in half with a machete (this wasn't the first time these men were drunk and pulled weapons on each other) the kid lived next door and after he heard the gunshot went to see and he called the police Yall don't have to believe me but I know it's true
Mason Matzker
Mason Matzker Pred dnevom
That last story, could it have been somebody was shooting scenes for a film?
ThrustFrom Behind
ThrustFrom Behind Pred dnevom
Damnit, just lie you are a a teacher and make up a story. You don't need to say "not a teacher, but..."
dan_dapotato Pred dnevom
I’m not a teacher but there was a rumour in my old school that one of the kindergarten teachers touched one of the kids vigina in the classroom toilet and it happened the kid told her mom and he got fired and ran away no one knows where he is.
ExpensiveDerp Dude
ExpensiveDerp Dude Pred dnevom
Free sex... thats awesome
Djack55 !
Djack55 ! Pred dnevom
Wtf was the last one?!?! My guess is that someone committed uninstall life...
Temato Pred dnevom
Bandanas were banned in my school for as long as I remember but a couple weeks ago I finally learned why. Apperently there were gangs with bandanas that would have kids break their finger to join and all kinds of violent, messed up stuff. Damn.
Naked Squirtle
Naked Squirtle Pred dnevom
Last one was definitely fake
ColbyH258 Pred dnevom
7:45 *Wait I live in Georgia*
Olivia Machado
Olivia Machado Pred dnevom
This happens 💀💀
Kid Splash
Kid Splash Pred dnevom
I really want there to be one like "there was a rumor she gave free blowjobs behind the school. I confirmed this myself to be true"
Lefa Pred dnevom
The last guy is probably insane
Jack Dog
Jack Dog Pred dnevom
“Yeah I murdered someone” “Yeah? Who?” “You wouldn’t know her, she’s from another school”
Phoinex Girl
Phoinex Girl Pred dnevom
Last one was interesting...
Thale O
Thale O Pred dnevom
...continued to not die. o.O
Idiocy overload
Idiocy overload Pred dnevom
4:05 excuse me how tf does this happen If she was raped okay but abortions are a thing unless their.......
Sharks And Sinnohs
Sharks And Sinnohs Pred dnevom
How did the twelve year old get pregnant?
strawberryyogurt sublimnals
Bruh who is not dying at this voice tho🤣🤣
strawberryyogurt sublimnals
Banged her head against a locker and went to the hospital.
edi Pred dnevom
We had some interesting people in class: 2 teachers that had to leave because they fakes documents. 2 teachers cheating on their partners during a class trip. 1 pothead teacher. 1 girl that kept dating men twice her age. 1 girl that drunk 1L of Vodka as her heart was broken. Several super nasty kids, where I wondered why none of them ever committed a capital crime... and then a classmate who never stood out did a really messed up major crime a few years after finishing...
nightxflare Pred dnevom
Number 3 got to them all
Lxbryz Pred dnevom
first story is nagito komeada
I feel like I don't wanna. But I wanna.
The one about the sociopath is my favorite as he and me have similar goals. Mine is to create as much hate and suffering around me or to make everyone afraid of me to the point that they avoid me.
Uku Sibul
Uku Sibul Pred dnevom
A sociopath doean't want bad to others (usually)
oddmanout666 CGZ
oddmanout666 CGZ Pred dnevom
I Write Sins Not Usernames
"I heaRd A rUmoR" If you get the reference, I will love you forever
Dark Rider
Dark Rider Pred dnevom
Academy something?
Fanofmoststuff _15
Fanofmoststuff _15 Pred dnevom
Why whenever he said “I heard a rumor” I think of Allison from Umbrella Academy? I heard a Rumor...... that you had a wonderful day 😉
Sunny V
Sunny V Pred dnevom
Pregnant at 12 years old...? Is no one going to mention the rape...?
gangstalishis Pred dnevom
Props to the first kid, staring death in the face and laughing.
Darend Pred dnevom
Couldn't the bloody hallways just been someone who got their period.
Tyler Fate
Tyler Fate Pred dnevom
My neighbors who were english teachers at my highschool, both the husband and wife, they have young kids, but the wife tried to hookup with one of her students, and then she was fired and arrested, the husband lost his job and wrote a book about the school and his experience.
brontosaurus the egg
what twelve year old has sex and gets pregnant...? weird flex but okay
How to Lose your job in style
Bad little brother part 2