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10. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 30 372
Brad Springer
Brad Springer Pred 54 minutami
With your young viewership, this is extremely irresponsible. It’s very dangerous to insist scientific research is wrong. You would not exist without all aspects of science. Its good to teach kids to ask questions but this is just irresponsible and dangerous.
Ilyass Boytlan
I have zero braincells and im smarter than logan paul
Heather Rogers
Bruh did Logan really beat up his friend
Σοφία Σμέλτσερ
Flat earth video 0:04 u can already see it’s round omg
Nee York
Nee York Pred uro
wtf are y’all talking about? the earth’s a pentagon.
Boneless bananna
This is why he lost his gf
Boneless bananna
Opens with the rotating globe hmm
Emily Davis
Emily Davis Pred 2 urami
ME: Do you not believe in gravity? Flat earthers: No ME: ohh.. okay
Jerson Tañan
Jerson Tañan Pred 2 urami
Eesha Nagwani
Eesha Nagwani Pred 2 urami
we love a Shane Dawson copycat
Hannah S
Hannah S Pred 3 urami
shane dawson who? JKJKKKK
Josie Mae
Josie Mae Pred 3 urami
If you’re a flat earther explain this, why does it take only 5.27 hours to fly from Alaska to Russia? On a flat earth map they’re on opposite sides but on a globe they’re right next to each other. so stop being stupid. Gravity is flipping real and their are no freaking “ice walls” you dumb people agh NO FLAT EARTHER HAS ANY EVIDENCE..... YALL ARE SOOO DUMB IT MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE.....
Jenna H
Jenna H Pred 3 urami
logan paul has been watching too many shane dawson videos..
Mcswagger Merps
Mcswagger Merps Pred 3 urami
Walk in one direction for years, you'll end up in the same place. Why? BECAUSE THE EARTH IS ROUND.
Mcswagger Merps
Mcswagger Merps Pred 3 urami
the theory is flawed in so many ways. What are planets and the sun then? Hell, how would the moon revolve around the Earth? Why has NOBODY IN MILLIONS OF YEARS FALLEN OFF THE EARTH? oH bEcaUsE mY eYe iS rOUnD 1:16
Łãürä D
Łãürä D Pred 3 urami
"the earth is flat, if it was round we would all be falling off " HAVE YOU HEARD OF A THING CALLED GRAVITY!!!!!! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Anil Gaming
Anil Gaming Pred 4 urami
bruh the world is not flat don't u guys know that the world has the gravity ??? wtf the people who believe that the world is flat is soo dumb af
Sonya Yoffe
Sonya Yoffe Pred 5 urami
Well hello there Shane Dawson! U BEEN CANCELLED
Jimi W
Jimi W Pred 5 urami
Holy shit dude you should give a seizure warning for these epileptic inducing edits
Tanbire Gazy
Tanbire Gazy Pred 5 urami
Earth is fuck
Joseph Hannawa
Joseph Hannawa Pred 5 urami
At 2:03 is he saying flat earth is a sexuality Like explain wtf
Adeeb R
Adeeb R Pred 5 urami
oh no, he's actually retarded
Sour cream Animations
My names is Logan Paul and i think im coming out of the "im an idiot" coset
angie Pred 6 urami
he’s trying to hard to be like shane. he grew a beard and everything
Doodles M
Doodles M Pred 6 urami
Zoe Lala
Zoe Lala Pred 7 urami
I’m very concerned about anyone that thinks this is serious
mridul sharma
mridul sharma Pred 8 urami
This wanna make me take my teacher to principal's office
Jericho Robinson
Jericho Robinson Pred 8 urami
Stay in school
Whale pops
Whale pops Pred 8 urami
Teclado Pred 9 urami
get laid mate
Kieley Salazar
Kieley Salazar Pred 9 urami
Logan Dawson
SacrificedPotato 69
SacrificedPotato 69 Pred 10 urami
ive become a flat earther
Jordan Muhammad
Jordan Muhammad Pred 10 urami
Uh... you guys realise this is satire? Even Logan Paul can be genuinely funny
General JAK
General JAK Pred 10 urami
Martinez Pred 10 urami
Like: if you think the Earth is round Comment: if you think the Earth is round
Lana Chelsea
Lana Chelsea Pred 11 urami
Logan you are right I will Blive
. alaa
. alaa Pred 11 urami
Tanner Gaming
Tanner Gaming Pred 11 urami
Your not crazy your hysterical!
Christy Potatoes
Christy Potatoes Pred 12 urami
Stop tryna be a Shane wannabe ugh
xyungx Pred 13 urami
his beard is weird.
BoatmasterW Pred 14 urami
Ever heard of the ozone layer bud?
Atomas's Galaxy
Atomas's Galaxy Pred 14 urami
Man...this dilemma is still here? This is worse than a Ded meme
Hulk Fan
Hulk Fan Pred 14 urami
To all those flat earthers Have you heard of gravity?
Adam Grace
Adam Grace Pred 14 urami
Why people are getting dumb day by day.?
Melvine Rosete
Melvine Rosete Pred 15 urami
Jim Allen 'll. juju
Jim Allen 'll. juju Pred 15 urami
AL3X Music
AL3X Music Pred 15 urami
I watched the movie and no cap I thought it was a joke...
Varsha Nagarur
Varsha Nagarur Pred 15 urami
Literally wtf
Varsha Nagarur
Varsha Nagarur Pred 15 urami
He went so far to copy Shane that he grew a beard...
dDKk Pred 16 urami
I don’t really like like Logan Paul but i think its interesting to know what this society as to say concerning the flat earth and im curious about certain theory they got
Q Pred 16 urami
Can someone prove this guy can be shot?
Edder BD
Edder BD Pred 17 urami
pedaso de troll
Alexa Pred 17 urami
You better be fucking joking
mohamed Eltayeib
mohamed Eltayeib Pred 17 urami
I’ve lost 87 chromosomes
Kacie Reynoso
Kacie Reynoso Pred 17 urami
Wait......Logan Paul does documentaries now??...
thatboisolo Pred 18 urami
Fuck yeah bitch where's it at???
Wezi Nyasulu
Wezi Nyasulu Pred 18 urami
so retarded
Tj2cool Pred 18 urami
This is what happens when KSI know pieces of you brain out
Brandon_pig Thepig
Brandon_pig Thepig Pred 18 urami
NASA should get all flat earthers and send them to space, then leave them there.
AL3X Music
AL3X Music Pred 15 urami
Finley Osbourne
Finley Osbourne Pred 18 urami
What is the world coming to you've seen picture on Google that it's round
Fabián Bouffanais
Fabián Bouffanais Pred 18 urami
Que excelente manera de promover la ignorancia y la estupidez. Para que avanzar ? mejor retrocedamos! ...
Brend Kouijzer
Brend Kouijzer Pred 19 urami
Yup, the end is here
Ultimate Slav
Ultimate Slav Pred 19 urami
San San Maw
San San Maw Pred 19 urami
the earth is not freaking flat the earth is round
Bob Chignons
Bob Chignons Pred 19 urami
Ksi f**ked you up in the head
Christian Marens
Christian Marens Pred 19 urami
You know I liked Logan Paul but you have to be mentally retarded to believe the Earth is flat.
chris_espo03 Pred 19 urami
When Logan Paul goes flat earth just to cop a HOT PIECE OF ASS
Max Caligari
Max Caligari Pred 19 urami
This is utter craps you have 18 million subscribers and you call this content get a life
Ayesha Maan
Ayesha Maan Pred 20 urami
Actually wtf
Andrew McW
Andrew McW Pred 20 urami
Ur a fucking moron
nick angel
nick angel Pred 20 urami
Who the hell did he smack at 1:58
OT Hudner
OT Hudner Pred 20 urami
This mans needs help
Max Seeley
Max Seeley Pred 21 uro
I came here because of a ksi video
Jach Forrest
Jach Forrest Pred 21 uro
Red WG
Red WG Pred 21 uro
Please don't tell me this is serious
JUSTIN Azanli Pred 21 uro
Oh my god
The Oathman
The Oathman Pred 21 uro
Earth Is FLAT
Not Josh Bowen
Not Josh Bowen Pred 21 uro
You do realise he’s joking, right?
Kiiwi 4
Kiiwi 4 Pred 22 urami
God is dead.
POTATI O Pred 22 urami
i have lost all fate in humanity
bob jr
bob jr Pred 23 urami
It might seem that he believes this, but I’m not sure he does because these reasons aren’t really reasonable and I think those people who were talking in the video (everyone but Logan and friends) are making him lose brain cells RIP Logan Paul’s brain cells The funeral will be hosted soon Like or comment to be invited
Samiya Fatima
Samiya Fatima Pred 23 urami
0:43 um have you ever heard of gravity
alex julien
alex julien Pred 23 urami
Well done! You were known as a clown, but now we know you as a whore...whatever it take to make money...have you ever think to make the second part of 'idiocracy' ? I'll think you and your crew will be at the top for it!
The-Gaming-Swagger Pred 23 urami
Bro did ksi really hit you that hard lmfao
ninlop Pred 23 urami
How hard did KSI hit you?
Jroz ——————
1:22 I thought Australia didn’t exist
yahya yasiji
yahya yasiji Pred dnevom
its flat
impractical dolan ツ
Shane Dawson wya
daniel gameing
daniel gameing Pred dnevom
Yeyen Aderiani
Yeyen Aderiani Pred dnevom
If the earth is flat, there woulda be edges around it...
JD Pred dnevom
Lilwonder Pred dnevom
logan paul joined the have sex with your cat club with shane dawson
Мария Совдагарова
Somebody tries to copy Shane Dawson's content:/
Amben Pred dnevom
it is round bc the shape of eye is round damn too much brain cell to lose
Bryan Franco Brizuela
The Earth is flat!!
garret sanlayan
garret sanlayan Pred dnevom
wtf logan???!??!!
Janis Daugavietis
Janis Daugavietis Pred dnevom
Nadja Milicevic
Nadja Milicevic Pred dnevom
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23109 Vlogs Pred dnevom
Shane dawson is shook the house!
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