The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: www.vox.com/2019/4/5/18296646/boeing-737-max-mcas-software-update
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15. apr. 2019

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PJ in the valley
PJ in the valley Pred 11 minutami
It's all about corporate greed folks. You do not fix a problem with a problem. If MCAS is not disengaged soon enough no pilot can pull the plane up. Clearly a whole new plane design was needed, not a re-positioning of the engines.
MilkBeforeCereal -
MilkBeforeCereal - Pred 14 minutami
They only missed one thing, if they told the pilots there was a mcas system, they would realise what would be happening. R.I.P Thinking
j cop
j cop Pred 22 minutami
Don’t see the truth being told on the news you have to hunt for it
Christopher Evans
Design hackers.
QuarioQuario54321 Pred 2 urami
Boeing’s only good solution is to delete the program and make a completely new plane that would be different enough that existing pilots have to go through a change like an A220 pilot learning to fly a 777-300ER.
Jeffrey Collier
Jeffrey Collier Pred 2 urami
I have to disagree with two main points of your presentation. Lives and reputations are at stake here, so it is very important to be as accurate as possible. First of all, the FAA would not certify the 737MAX under the same type rating as the rest of the 737 family because its STALL CHARACTERISTICS were different, not because of the tendency of the MAX to pitch up on takeoff. This is in fact due to the placement of the new, larger CFM LEAP engines. BTW, the sitting height of the MAX on the ground has also increased, by 9 inches. Additionally, in the Ethiopian crash, the crew made two critical errors. They did not disengage the auto throttles, which remained engaged and it the full thrust takeoff setting. They did in fact correctly disengage the two elevator trim switches, which would by design disable the MCAS system. However, because of the high thrust setting, the air loads on the elevator were so high that the crew had great difficulty manually trimming the elevator, and subsequently, turned the elevator trim switches back on in order to electrically trim the elevator again. Unfortunately, this move proved fatal because it also reengaged the faulty MCAS system, which caused additional nose down trim and eventually led to the crash.
J-Man Pred 2 urami
It is a terrible loss for the families and to those who lost their lives Complicit in this is the United States Government as well as Boeing . But ultimately the finamcial.cost of this horriblentragedy will be carried twice by the tax payer . Boeing is heavily subsidized by the US Government and therefore all compensatory damage will be paid once by the tax payer that subsidizes Boeing and then again when the Government is Sued by the families of victims . And not a single person will be charged with manslaughter for their negligence in the charge of duty they had to protect the lives of its passengers . But the rich got richer for a time and they will skate on by with no prison term while someone who got caught selling weed 3 times is serving a life sentence. These families should take everything from Boeing. This was no accident .
vn01208503 Pred 3 urami
UMU-i-D Pred 3 urami
As long as it helps our economy it's OK!
CrazyGames Pred 3 urami
The 5K dislikes are Boeing employees
Lyle Gorch
Lyle Gorch Pred 3 urami
The Free Market is the solution to every problem. De-regualate EVERYTHING.
Dutch iRacer
Dutch iRacer Pred 4 urami
My wife and daughter are going to fly Boeing in 2 months, not happy about it and I told them to cancel if it is a 737 MAX even if we have to pay the ticket ourselves.
Crazy Monkeys
Crazy Monkeys Pred 4 urami
I haven't been on a plane in 6 years but when I do get onto one I hope that it goes well.
Sphinx Rising
Sphinx Rising Pred 4 urami
VOX, a bunch of snowflakes preying on the ignorant masses for Likes, Shares, & Sub, SMH.
dnadeau819 Pred 5 urami
I've always like Airbus better. I'm not gonna be ignorant just because their usa made. If its Boeing I ain't going!!!
Kenzie Lehman
Kenzie Lehman Pred 5 urami
Who else is watching this because their flight was changed due to them not being able to fly on the 737 Just me? Ok
Sumeet S
Sumeet S Pred 5 urami
Thank god Boeing didn't name their new software as 'Anti Stall Software' otherwise instead of MCAS we would have heard something else
Jeet Chakrabarti
Jeet Chakrabarti Pred 5 urami
Boeing isn't facing more scrutiny because its a bunch of Asians and Africans that died if this happened in America it would have been a human cry. Boeing would be asked to pay through their noses, company might even get bankrupt!!! But since Asians and Africans Died lets ground aircraft fix the aircrafts and lets all be on our merry way.
FUGLY Pred 6 urami
Money money money.
Makate Rapulana
Makate Rapulana Pred 6 urami
vsuperstar69 Pred 6 urami
Greedy bastards
silentwarrior3509 Pred 6 urami
What scumbags. It's always about money, isn't it? Are you happy now, Boeing?
Dexter Francis
Dexter Francis Pred 7 urami
This analysis by Vaughn Cordle and Don McGregor is a must read; www.linkedin.com/pulse/boeing-737-max-8-crashes-case-pilot-error-vaughn-cordle-cfa/?fbclid=IwAR0jbyU3W3MRoSDxXr1idIy65EUiL6tI5ZxQPjwqpWHJMeiHzFhQUXAzzsA
Michael Sebourn
Michael Sebourn Pred 7 urami
people are rich still want more money
Joshua Morai
Joshua Morai Pred 7 urami
Oh look. Boeing sold the two planes as extras now ppl are died :(
M S Pred 8 urami
There is no plane that doesn’t have quirky handling characteristics under various conditions. All designs have their compromises between aerodynamic efficiency and utility. Planes go through many design changes in their life, too include the placement of the engine on the wing. That’s nothing new. I don’t like Boeing, not because they don’t make great planes because they do. I don’t like them because their planes are overrated and their employees are a bunch of unionized babies. These two incidents have many things in common with accidents in decades past with other planes, but they never mention those because this story is being used politically both domestically and internationally. You all believe what you want, but there are parts of this story that are being exaggerated, and parts that are flat out being left out. All to serve a purpose. I don’t necessarily prefer Boeing to Airbus, but you can all start acting like The Lord of the Flies if you want. Because that’s what self serving animals do, they use opportunities like this to serve their own ambitions for power, money and fame by exploiting the weak minded to do things far worse. As far as Vox and their credibility, it’s not hard to scroll back, even within the last year, and find stuff they mentioned as facts, and were not. Vox is like Wikipedia to me, it’s good only as a starting point, but I wouldn’t rely on it.
Danny L
Danny L Pred 8 urami
I need a better explanation on why the engine placement increased pitch angle
Dexter Francis
Dexter Francis Pred 7 urami
Danny - It's the result of the airflow over the LEAP engine nacelle contributing to the lift being generated by the wings. It doesn't increase pitch angle as much as it adds to the torque around the lateral axis of the aircraft around the center of gravity, which can move forward or aft about four feet in flight and still be within the aircraft's safe CG envelope.
Lloyd Townsend
Lloyd Townsend Pred 8 urami
This is capitalism people. Capitalism kills people and the earth. If it's a Boeing I'm not going!
Anuj Kapoor
Anuj Kapoor Pred 8 urami
Watch this, that is if it's not censored in the USA. slvid.net/video/video-rvkEpstd9os.html
Russell Lee
Russell Lee Pred 8 urami
Boeing's aircraft are dangerous. 737, 777, 787. All grounded at one point. Money trumping safety now.
S Cholensky
S Cholensky Pred 8 urami
Boeing has some serious internal issues. Disregarding safety, cutting corners, and putting profit above all else isn't the exception at Boeing, it has become the norm. Eye-opening documentary shows the same behavior in the Dreamliner program: slvid.net/video/video-rvkEpstd9os.html If anyone knows of similar issues within Airbus, please comment with links.
Anuj Kapoor
Anuj Kapoor Pred 8 urami
The only reason Boeing will get away with this is because it wasn't American People who lost their lives. FAA the agency that was supposed to work for the safety of the People did the exact opposite. The Government and its agencies are run by big companies. The President is Friends with CEO of Boeing. Conflict of Interest is written all over this story. It just makes me sad I hope people responsible for those innocent lives are brought to justice.
Didier Lemoine
Didier Lemoine Pred 8 urami
Boeing wanted to make money very quick !
Didier Lemoine
Didier Lemoine Pred 9 urami
they should hv put longer legs instead of modifying the plane balance feature !
林航 Pred 9 urami
So Sad after watching this
meg rai
meg rai Pred 9 urami
Competition with rival killed many people😟. Thank you for sharing what exactly happened.
Arc Pred 9 urami
F*** This AIRPLANE!!!! Deep condolences to all victims. RIP
Rick S
Rick S Pred 10 urami
CEO should be put in prison...
Rick S
Rick S Pred 10 urami
CEO should be put in prison...
Willem Kroon
Willem Kroon Pred 10 urami
Pity, the music on this video is disturbed by a talking man. Make the music even louder so you can forget the voice-over totally.
Rick S
Rick S Pred 10 urami
Oh we forgot to tell the pilots about MCAS system.....we bad....
wellwhatthen10101 Pred 10 urami
What do you expect Boeing and USA don' t like being second best they where beaten by UK being the first to bring a jet passenger plain the comet and, " but had a design fault and was taken out of service " could not bring out a supersonic passenger plane. The UK and French Concorde and the Airbus A380. That showed how to make a plane that was better than the Boeing 737. Then this had to be icing on the cake trying to modify The 737 because the Airbus A320 was yet again the better aircraft. It sounds if someone in the US F A A was getting backhanders for allowing this the licence of airworthiness now at what cost.Shame on the USA.
Snetmot Nosrorb
Snetmot Nosrorb Pred 6 urami
US authorities are mostly working to make business better rather than making sure companies follow regulations.
Ahmad Dan-Hamidu
Ahmad Dan-Hamidu Pred 10 urami
What I don't yet understand is that: "If the Ethiopian pilots electrically disabled their MCAS, then why was it too late for them to control their 737 and get it out of the dive that killed them? My thinking is that with the MCAS disabled, they would manually retrim the elevators for a positive feel that would facilitate pulling their yokes back to secure a transition from dive to climb before running out of altitude...or were they already too close to the ground when they successfully disabled the MCAS?" Just my thoughts.
Bill S
Bill S Pred 10 urami
Vox negates to state that the pilots in question re-engaged the system 11 times and eventually left it operating. They had very little time behind the stick of any plane. Pilot 101, if it isn't working and you can fly without it, leave it alone. Boeing definitely needed to disclose this new system, but those airlines come from a "safety 3rd" environment.
Joseph hakim
Joseph hakim Pred 10 urami
Y’all need to learn about aerodynamics and the faa some more, because the amount of testing planes get into are insane
ViralTaco Pred 11 urami
4:33 The pilot asked to check the handbook? WTF What about the memory items? Weren't the pilots trained? So it's not Boeing's fault. It's the god damn airline for not training their pilots properly.
Shadow program
Shadow program Pred 12 urami
"this is an airplane engine" oi cheers mate i thought it was an exotic turtle
Yousef Albasti
Yousef Albasti Pred 13 urami
Just make the landing gear taller
RJ Bair
RJ Bair Pred 4 urami
mailangels Pred 13 urami
I am an aerospace engineer working in the industry. The man is right in that the MCAS system needs to removed ENTIRELY and not just have a software update with additional sensor readings. That the 737max aircraft airframe is inherently instable, is unacceptable for a civil aviation aircraft. This necessitates a complete redesign of the 737-max aircraft to be inherently stable. It is also very dangerous for gliding if the engine fails
geams Pred 14 urami
If that plane was made by VW, the CEO would go to jail, the company would have to buy all planes back and all flight tickets ever purchased for that model would be reimbursed. American companies get away with everything, their international competitors are driven to extinction by American courts.
Hategplus crevis
Hategplus crevis Pred 15 urami
That is absolutely disgusting !! That is a major design flaw that needs a drastic rethink but they just come up with a workaround putting peoples lives at risk. Unbelievable.
Breen Walshe
Breen Walshe Pred 15 urami
If it was 2 planes full of Americans it would still on the news 24/7..................
mike8055 Pred 16 urami
So basically: the Boeing method is to start with a car that swerves to the right by design, and then write some cheaply made code that relies upon unreliable sensors to keep it on the road by forcibly turning the steering wheel to the left, and then not telling the driver about it.
Carlos Krueger
Carlos Krueger Pred 16 urami
The Fuselage of the 737 MAX differs a bit from the Original 737...LOOK AT THE TAIL END OF THE 2 MODELS...And you'll see..
Robert van Piggelen
Robert van Piggelen Pred 17 urami
Ramifications for the ones responsible? None.
Yoshan Raj
Yoshan Raj Pred 17 urami
Made in America is the new Made in China.
Jamal Senjaya
Jamal Senjaya Pred 17 urami
I think the software and censor is the main problem. If Boeing made the software not too confidence on only one censor the plane will not crash. Install more censors (4 is best) on the plane, so if one fail, there are another censor to rely on.
HamHamc00l Pred 17 urami
Tbh why couldn’t Boeing make the wheels taller instead of moving the engine higher just saying..
HamHamc00l Pred 7 urami
Sorry for the autocorrect mistakes
HamHamc00l Pred 7 urami
They would’ve have to move the wheels further away on the wing or just make the plane wider, I understand.
HamHamc00l Pred 7 urami
Tian KAI
Tian KAI Pred 13 urami
They would have to redesign the plane
DOT DOT Pred 17 urami
ManDudeYeah Pred 18 urami
This is one way money kills people. Good job, guys.
Alexander Federowicz
Alexander Federowicz Pred 18 urami
anug14 Pred 20 urami
I wonder what the software engineer who wrote MCAS are thinking
shazam Pred 20 urami
2 critical Wrong "facts" here. 1) The pilots did not have manual control of the plane or follow procedures, they left the auto-throttle at max power, which caused the airplane to go faster than it was allowed to. This made the situation worse. 2) What really doomed of the flight is that the pilots, after eventually turning off the MCAS, turned the MCAS back ON (with the electric trim)! It was on all the way to the ground with the throttles at max. What caused the MCAS to not operate correctly? It will take some time to determine that. Likely it was damage to the AoA "angle of attack sensor", which tells the MCAS how steep the airplane is climbing. While Boeing could have and should have made the MCAS better, in this case the pilots simply did not "fly the plane" or follow their training. Again the greedy "expert" news media puts out misinformation in order to get readers and advertising money. As for AIrbus' Eurocopter division, they have an issue with their largest helicopter where the rotor blades and hub simply fall off in flight, causing 2 fatal accidents killing dozens
Balaxane Pred 21 uro
When I'm booking a flight. if it's Boeing, I choose a different flight.
Mark Shelly
Mark Shelly Pred 22 urami
Nicely done video. Amazing to see 4.9K neg votes.
Adam Birtwistle
Adam Birtwistle Pred 13 urami
Boeing fans... clearly...
8mywaythruit Pred 22 urami
Another aviation expert weigh-in 😏
p- t
p- t Pred 22 urami
Just a couple of questions. The MCAS was installed on the Max because of a concern the plane would tend to go too nose up, especially on take-off and ascent. I have not heard of any reports that the Max actually tends to do this in practice. Does anyone know if pilots have ever reported a tendency for the plane to go nose up, triggering an MCAS intervention? In other words, do we have any evidence that the nose up problem really exists at all, and if it does, do we have any evidence that the MCAS has ever kicked in properly as it was designed to do?
Yakav8r55m Pred 22 urami
For all those following this thread and looking to bad-mouth Boeing designs, I'm not aware of any modern air transport manufacturer that has not had at least one of their aircraft lost in mishaps/accidents stemming from either over-reliance to automated systems and or poor supervision and monitoring of such systems by air crews. Boeing has been working on a major update in the flight control software system in the Boeing B-737 800 Max series aircraft. The biggest part of that is the elevator stab trim will have stops so that MCAS cannot run nose down trim beyond the point where the pilot can recover the nose to level flight. Meaning that at its maximum stab trim run out, the pilot will still have elevator travel to raise the nose.
Super Se7en
Super Se7en Pred 23 urami
If a plane goes down, NTSB will try their best to put the blame on pilots just like "SULLY", and he/she can be jailed, be stripped off their license and shamed their whole life. But if the company made a mistake, they just say "change the software and give training to pilots". Well done NTSB. That's justice right there.
Nicolás Bosch
Nicolás Bosch Pred 3 urami
NTSB did not try to put the blame on the pilots for AWE1549 ditching
Kevin Wilt
Kevin Wilt Pred 23 urami
Aeroflot will still fly them. They flew the TU 154 for decades and that plane was a deathtrap.
Karl Lieck
Karl Lieck Pred 23 urami
Haven't flown in a plane in over 20 years. Don't miss it one bit. Flying is still dangerous. It's the luck of the draw, baby. The luck of the draw.
Ryan Ray
Ryan Ray Pred 23 urami
Prior those two crashes , there were thousands of flights with the 737 Max , none of them had a problem or crashed . How come we know so little who was flying those Two dooms 737 Max ? It was on the news , that voice record from black boxes reviled, that pilots instead save the plain they were PRAYING ! Plus they had only few hours of flying experience . Vox , please make next video about those pilots .
Antoine Carr
Antoine Carr Pred 21 uro
Ryan Ray Actually, at least five American pilots had the same issues months before the Ethiopian crash, but the FAA ignored their complaints here’s a link: www.documentcloud.org/documents/5766398-ASRS-Reports-for-737-max8.html#document/p2/a486265
Joseph Emris
Joseph Emris Pred dnevom
5 thousand boeing employees disliked the video
GrandmaDidAnal Pred dnevom
Sure it wasn't because they used molding clay to prop the plane up?
Björn Thor Gudmundsson
not an expert on planes so im probably wrong but how much does it change to lengthen the planes landing gear? couldnt they have added the extra length necesary onto the suspension or whatever its called that the wheels are attached too (obligatory dont speak english natively)
Kye Lee
Kye Lee Pred dnevom
Why didn’t they just change the landing gear?
DOT DOT Pred 18 urami
Most likely weight it would throw the balance of the plane off which could would make the plane harder to fly and pilots dont want that
Alrighty Pred dnevom
2 hrs iPad training that's insane, when you know people's life is on high stakes
Antonio Aureliano
Antonio Aureliano Pred dnevom
The story of how the pressure to keep marketshare delivered a software with lack of usability, proper testing and risk assessment, combined with the absence of adequate training and intentional misleading as a sales strategy that killed 346 people.
John Benedict
John Benedict Pred dnevom
Blood money. Welcome to the globalized capitalist corporate world.
Greg Grayson
Greg Grayson Pred dnevom
The reason Boeing did what it did was their clear and unequivocal knowledge that they could act with impunity. That impunity is a direct effect of FAA corruption. And that corruption is a direct effect of public apathy and stupidity that posits the remarkably moronic argument that any real judgment stifles creativity and thus endangers progress and thus, yes you guessed it, the production of money! And only blood spilled can generate enough public outcry to effect any change but apparently there hasn't yet been enough gallons spilled.
NEHAR SHEIKH Pred dnevom
America is all about money..ask an IT professional in India...they can explain....so it's no different..all they care about is money....what are people's lives.... 3000 are born a second in US itself...who cares morons
Medice Zt
Medice Zt Pred dnevom
It is clearly Boeing faults. In addition, Boeing should pay for more than 720 planes grounded around the world, along with its life that's been taken
Miki Cavalcanti
Miki Cavalcanti Pred dnevom
I would rather fly on the Kitty Hawk than on the Boeing 737 Max 8.
Wilderf Romero
Wilderf Romero Pred dnevom
Crap! Training only on their IPAD?
Zukat0 Pred dnevom
Luigi Luigi
Luigi Luigi Pred dnevom
So what would happen if MCAS is disabled and at liftoff the pilot flies the plane at “too high an angle”? Disaster again?
DOT DOT Pred 18 urami
The pilot would hopefully be smart enough and skilled enough to pay attention and bring the nose of the plane down to avoid s stall and fly the plane full manual all the way to the destination, or for an emergency landing
0000 0000
0000 0000 Pred dnevom
Capitalism is the most deadly thing humans ever invented
Tian KAI
Tian KAI Pred 13 urami
Capitalism is what made commercial flying possibly as easy as it is now. The problem is however, the corporations are acting more and more like communist dictatorships
Bill Wirt
Bill Wirt Pred 21 uro
Capitalism is an economic system that, by extension, allows you to sit at your computer and comment on this video. If it was the most deadly thing humans ever invented we would not have the internet, computers, defective airplanes and a whole host of other "things" that man invented, manufactured and took to market thanks to that very thing called capitalism (the non-deadly variety). The other 2 economic systems are socialism and communism and we know how they have "enriched" the world over the years.
StojanovskiTV Pred dnevom
Pushed it to soon, sounds American.
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Pred dnevom
and im scheduled for going on one in a few months. I actually hope the plane is still grounded so its cancelled. it better be fixed
Amit Sharma
Amit Sharma Pred dnevom
The top management of Boeing should be sent to jail. This was not an accident. This was murder !!
Patriot Indian
Patriot Indian Pred dnevom
Can someone describe, what was the reason for "Nose pointing too far upward". How exactly this is related to new Engine position.
Google is Trash
Google is Trash Pred dnevom
Boeing recklessly endangered and ended up killing people because they wanted to avoid being straight-forward about the new system. If Boeing is not thoroughly punished for this, and the responsible people fired and fined (especially the board, executives, supervisors, and anyone else in leadership positions), then justice will have failed to deliver punishment to the guilty.
john c
john c Pred dnevom
Now everyone is an Engineer. Including the one that made this video. It’s easy to say it was Boeing but truth is more complex than that and we need to wait for studies and field research work. Now everyone believes on everything someone claims as truth in this days.....
James Harris
James Harris Pred dnevom
Ist that the American way greed over lives look at there healthcare
Wasim Sajzad
Wasim Sajzad Pred dnevom
This is so sad
NyDeviant Pred dnevom
So people died over greed and money smh
Robbie Briggs
Robbie Briggs Pred dnevom
This is absolutely ridiculous. BOEING NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS. The plane industry should not be based off of competition because stuff like this happens. Government needs to regulate this to a monopoly like utilities.
Bill Wirt
Bill Wirt Pred 21 uro
Let your Congressman and Senators know how you feel. The only way our government is going to "regulate" the design and construction of aircraft such as the Boeing 737 Max is by legislative action...i.e. passing a law that does that very thing (good luck with that). Of course, once that is done, the price of those aircraft will rise disportionately to the economic impact of the laws that control that industry and then the airlines will begin raising airfares in order to pay for those same aircraft. We peons can then kiss air travel goodbye because it will be too expensive for us to afford. Ah, the domino effect of government intervention. Regarding utility monopolies, in my city there is only one: water, which we buy from the city. There are a handful of electric companies, a couple of gas companies, and 3 or 4 internet/TV companies which creates competition which helps keep prices down. Take away the competition...i.e. create a monopoly...and prices go up. That is an economic fact. Again, the domino effect of government intervention.
Reichsfüher - SS Leichttraktor
Remember the DC-10 Problems? Yeah the company that made them, McDonald Douglas, fixed them, the Boeing Company should fix this, as everything is.
Chase Janko
Chase Janko Pred dnevom
It was pilot error both times. Nice try tho
I Drink Your Milkshake
We found this out well before this video was uploaded
MohammadReza Tayyebi
واقعا باعث تأسفه.
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