The Spiders and the Bees

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Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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8. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 132 953
BigEZ98 Pred 53 minutami
Im petrified of bees. If its small flies has black and yellow stripes i run
Saif Edden Kirresh
Saif Edden Kirresh Pred 53 minutami
They are at the shops #ddm
greciana castillo
greciana castillo Pred 53 minutami
Talk about one day at a time
Saif Edden Kirresh
Saif Edden Kirresh Pred 53 minutami
The shops
_Zambe _
_Zambe _ Pred 54 minutami
The spiders and the bees ( and a little bit of sharks)
ale_cruz 06
ale_cruz 06 Pred 56 minutami
I hate the UGLY spiders the ones that looks like came from a horror movie
David Trinh
David Trinh Pred 58 minutami
i have reasons the reason arachnofobia :P ;-; i fear spiders from the day i was born ;-;
Legendary Wolf
5:42 you sound like a mom 😂
; Mørning_Gløøm :
(.u.) I | \ I 👌 /\
Krystle Kiriakou
{\_/} (O O) BUGS...... />
MonBun Pred uro
Ƒedelle Đort
When he said web design, I was expecting a Wix or Squarespace ad
Nejooto Tube
Nejooto Tube Pred uro
I don’t think a spider won’t survive the yeet
Just Random
Just Random Pred uro
7:33 lolololololol
Lewis Lewis
Lewis Lewis Pred uro
A bee can only sting someone once in their life as when they do they will die soon after
Fat Trio
Fat Trio Pred uro
hay james or any one plz subcribe to the fat trio
E A F Pred uro
Well done at hitting 10 mil
ZachyMan11 Hit or miss
3:53 joke about charlottes web😂😂
Шигши ´
Шигши ´ Pred uro
Тебя смотрят в РОССИИ (you look in Russia)
Kat yy
Kat yy Pred uro
u scared of bees? u obviosly have never seen a cicada killer google it edit: when i was 9 i was stung by a cicada killer it hurt like fire and it felt like i was stabbed
Brooks Howard
Brooks Howard Pred uro
Noice job hitting 10 million subs I've been watching since 2.38 mil
Sucyisfabulouse 1038
Believe or not humming birds too I think
Sucyisfabulouse 1038
Butterflies do the rest of pollination
Tina Tjahjani
Tina Tjahjani Pred uro
Ive been stung by a asian bee
Elisha Garcia
Elisha Garcia Pred uro
James watch out!Code Red!Alex Clark Is training for THE CHALLENGE
Michaela Hilfiger
7:37 lolol bees keep landing on my face for some reason
Alex Mets
Alex Mets Pred uro
I got stung by a bee 31 times
Michaela Hilfiger
Bees killed my grandma.
Noobnublol Pred uro
Your copying real peach
RandomCrybaby Fan
Jaaaaammmes i found your book in Walmart ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) im so lucky ( ͡• ͜ʖ ͡• )
Nicole Nutter
Nicole Nutter Pred uro
Once a bee was on my nose when I was 8 and I was scared but I just stayed calm and don’t move
Kiara edit
Kiara edit Pred uro
I made a video on you
G&K Brand
G&K Brand Pred uro
Sleep tight, don't let the bed-HUMANS bite.
Rama Jakka
Rama Jakka Pred uro
James watch slvid.net/video/video-XOjXlIqoCyo.html
Rebecca Stratton
Im scared of bees...😷
Mustang Headass
Yea no... spiders are a no. I'll throw a snake at anyone who tries to hand me their pet spider
G&K Brand
G&K Brand Pred uro
The two spiders at the beginning of the video are voiced by MATPAT and STEPHANIE
Cara 2
Cara 2 Pred uro
Rosemary Murry
I am absolutely TERRIFIED of wasps. I full on Freak Out if one comes near me. But spiders? Nah. They're fuzzy little friends of the ground. And honey bee's? Mixed feelings.
hey!! James, you should try the 1 week eating with only one dollar
G&K Brand
G&K Brand Pred uro
7:35 dat face tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aeѕтнeтιcally pleaѕιng
I’ve gotten bit by a Brown Recluses... the area where it bit me Turned black and now I have a big scar on my hand
Jackson Animation
Wow! By the way, you can see a fun 3d animation of odd1sout on my channels latest video.
Adrian Tavera
Adrian Tavera Pred uro
I have never been stung by a bee
Jesus Barrios
Jesus Barrios Pred uro
Hey did you know
Jackson Animation
Did we know what? Also take a look at a fun 3d animation of odd1sout on my channels latest video.
G&K Brand
G&K Brand Pred uro
5:14 I've had that movie for years 😊
Jackson Animation
I have fun 3d animation of odd1sout on my channels latest video. Check it out.
Hunter Thurin
Hunter Thurin Pred uro
i have been TRAMTIZED by bees because when i was 5 i steped on a home of ground bees and they whent up the back of my shirt on 50 of them stung me!!!
Dark8263 Locuras Etc
excellent designer and animator, your drawings and stories are AMAZING :,D
Jackson Animation
Then you might also like my 3D animation of odd1sout on my channels latest video.
Hangman official
"What did we learn?" Chill the *_F U C K_* out.
Hangman official
+Jackson Animation Why do you gotta advertise so blatantly, man... And the video ain't that funny either.
Jackson Animation
That is true. By the way, I have a fun 3D animation of odd1sout on my channels newest video.
Luna wolf Gacha
Why Did my nose started to bleed?!?! I HATE THIS WORLD! I dont have a mum i have no father and no brother. If you ask about my mom she died of brain cancer and my dad idk him my brother died in a war so yea...
Wigga Mcwiggins
I found one of your books at walmart I WAS SHOOK
G&K Brand
G&K Brand Pred uro
4:58 the insect you're looking for is a FLUTTERBY
Tails Thehedgehog
Tails Thehedgehog Pred 2 urami
4:53 look like me to see a bee umder me XD
Derek Krahn
Derek Krahn Pred 2 urami
*The golden silk orb weaver spider has too many middle names*
Michelle Hartley
Michelle Hartley Pred 2 urami
U hate bees
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation Pred 2 urami
I like bees. Also, take a look at my 3d animation interview with odd1sout on my channels latest video. Thanks
Nate_the Great_7713
Nate_the Great_7713 Pred 2 urami
Notification squad reporting forduty
rabi fangfu
rabi fangfu Pred 2 urami
you have second channel odds2
Seba Caliente
Seba Caliente Pred 2 urami
I was 7 years old and it stung me in the penus and like 3 months ago it almost stung me in the eye
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation Pred 2 urami
Holy cow! That's terrible. By the way, take a look at my 3D animated interview with odd1sout on my channels latest video.
Luna wolf Gacha
Luna wolf Gacha Pred 2 urami
I got stun by a bee not 4 times not 5 and not 6 I GOT STUN 10 TIMES BY A BEE!-_- WHY?!
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation Pred 2 urami
I am sorry to hear that. You can see a fun 3D animation of odd1sout on my channel. It my latest video.
Dragon Energy
Dragon Energy Pred 2 urami
I got stung by a wasp it hurt like shi-
Jackson Animation
Those do hurt. Also, take a look at my 3d animation video of odd1sout on my channels most recent video.
Maxium Haha
Maxium Haha Pred 2 urami
i have to tell you when i come back to school and feel like shit u make me feel good
Jackson Animation
Maybe you would also like my 3D animation of odd1sout on my channel.
Yellow Fella
Yellow Fella Pred 2 urami
0:29 sounded like matpat
Capri Klups
Capri Klups Pred 2 urami
play animal jam
Stephanie Crawford
Stephanie Crawford Pred 2 urami
Birds do the rest pollination
Casey Hardly
Casey Hardly Pred 2 urami
actually, honey bees should die, they’re an invasive species in North America
Daniele Savinelli
Daniele Savinelli Pred 2 urami
My friend had s bee on his face
Dan Le
Dan Le Pred 2 urami
Happy 10 million subscribers
Tacodude7000 Tacodude7000
James are you in faze
Aylin Mammadzada
Aylin Mammadzada Pred 2 urami
I've been stung 11 times
Lettuce For life
Lettuce For life Pred 2 urami
What you can do to stop the dropping population of bees is leave alone any hive you find. We have 2 wild hives on our property, and they don’t hurt anyone. If the bees have build a hive in a dangerous spot such as your porch, then you can hire people to remove and relocate them.
Sean Innis
Sean Innis Pred 2 urami
Hey James you’re an awesome guy and I love your videos! One day I hope to be as great as you👍 Have an amazing day!
gacha abstrat
gacha abstrat Pred 2 urami
did anyone notice thata mathew is purnounced "math!?!!!! ew!!!
Jackson Animation
Jackson Animation Pred 2 urami
That's funny. Also, you can see a 3D animation interview with Odd1sout on my channels latest video.
Noobgaming 3ds
Noobgaming 3ds Pred 2 urami
Right here
Debra da zebra gachacake
Spiders are cute as long as they arnt about to crawl up my arm And bees are just adorable First time I got stung I cried a whole park down then cried cause it died :l ye
BronzeBoy Pred 2 urami
You should do a video about cheat codes
aaron rosati
aaron rosati Pred 2 urami
I love the cute spider drawings you made :D
hotel hideaway weirdos
If bees die we die Did you know people are killing the bees that help us there are starting to be little left the sec they all die we all will die,because they help the Trees give us air and if they die not more air #DontKillBees
Little Kek
Little Kek Pred 2 urami
One time i was outside and a bee flew on to my flower hair clip I HATE BEES
Alannah Sears
Alannah Sears Pred 2 urami
Hello people
Purple ソーダ
Purple ソーダ Pred 2 urami
Never trust an edited comment.
Wilhelmina Shank
Wilhelmina Shank Pred 2 urami
I have a be hive in my yard. for good... I'm never going out side ever agian
XxCrystal_ GamerxX
XxCrystal_ GamerxX Pred 2 urami
*Y E E T I T*
EvilDemon Wolf
EvilDemon Wolf Pred 2 urami
Wow! Lol
Kordan / gagerdoodooz
7:56 *FARTTT*
Lost Child
Lost Child Pred 2 urami
I once killed a spider that bit me on reflex. I still feel kinda bad for it.
299 vlOg
299 vlOg Pred 2 urami
Sarah Carlson
Sarah Carlson Pred 2 urami
luke&logan Johnston
luke&logan Johnston Pred 2 urami
i am scared of spiders but i know they cant hurt me so am i good or bad like comment if you think i am good
E S C Life
E S C Life Pred 2 urami
James what is your tumblr name
Starry gameress
Starry gameress Pred 2 urami
I hate spiders I don't care if they're cool they're friggin terrifying!!
Kid_Gaming 2009
Kid_Gaming 2009 Pred 2 urami
3.00 1 eyes hahahaha
dawn draws animations 17
Asian Sensation
Asian Sensation Pred 3 urami
Whos voice was the mom spider?
Grandmas Basement
Grandmas Basement Pred 3 urami
I think this is my favorite vid on youtube not joking
Caleb Eastvold
Caleb Eastvold Pred 3 urami
Who pollinates the rest? 🤣🤣
Ok Baldies
Ok Baldies Pred 3 urami
EXSACTLY I *HATE* BEES BUT I *LOVE* SPIDERS But i love wasps the most
Bug Fighter
Bug Fighter Pred 3 urami
Bees ? How can you be scared of bees when wasps exist ?
im a person
im a person Pred 3 urami
I polinate the rest of the crops
im a person
im a person Pred 3 urami
That was a fleet not a yeet
David Burcham
David Burcham Pred 3 urami
Hey James I was wondering what kind of tablet you use to draw? Alex Clark uses Huion but what do you use? If anyone else knows a good brand for starters please tell me.
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