The TRUTH About IRON MAN in Real Life!

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You've seen the End Game trailer -- now watch a real life Iron Man take off!
Learning to fly like Iron Man ► slvid.net/video/video-EpYKwiiOxyU.html
Gravity SLvid ► slvid.net/show-UCkHr2Z0JWH8KGmQNDp4QXLw
Gravity Instagram ► instagram.com/takeongravity/
Gravity website ► www.gravity.co
We traveled to Los Angeles California a few weeks ago to meet Richard Browning from Gravity Industries. He's built a 1000hp jet suit that allows you to fly around like Iron Man. We got to try it last video, but in this video, stick around for an in depth interview that explains how the jet suit works. We also gave Richard a very special gift -- a real metal Iron Man helmet for him to wear while flying!
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14. mar. 2019

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Komentarjev 2 461
_SoulGamez _
_SoulGamez _ Pred uro
Am i the only one that is clebrating its the 100th video of season five?
Chris Lite
Chris Lite Pred uro
Do the Vulture wings!!! (Also, Mask tutorial??)
Paweł Szczęsny
Paweł Szczęsny Pred 2 urami
Łapka w górę Pozdrawiam :)
Hello Hi
Hello Hi Pred 3 urami
How about you the jetpack from jetpack joyride
祥和的安 Pred 3 urami
12:40 I like how excited he looks, he's like "WTF AN IRON MAN MASK!"
guy dude
guy dude Pred 4 urami
are those emrax motors?
Tobiah W.
Tobiah W. Pred 5 urami
They should turn the eyes of the iron man helmet into cameras and put a screen inside it
Prakhar Shukla
Prakhar Shukla Pred 7 urami
Today's science fiction , tomorrow's reality.
파랑 Pred 9 urami
your good
Bushcraft1974 Pred 9 urami
Amazing......the future is almost here!! One question, could three smaller main jets be arranged around the torso and be used in a cone configuration to create stable lift and have smaller arm jets to manoeuvre? This way if something went wrong with the arms you wouldn’t loose lift and crash?
Atahan Önaçan
Atahan Önaçan Pred 9 urami
What if Robert Downey Jr. tries this?
Norsahman Hussin
Norsahman Hussin Pred 9 urami
Can you gift me your iron man head
Random Pleb
Random Pleb Pred 11 urami
No party for 100 episodes?
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 8 urami
We never have time :( always begins on the next video
Burning Phoenix
Burning Phoenix Pred 18 urami
is that as high as it can go bc if it is that's kind of sad big hype for nothing
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 17 urami
It can go high, but would you want to fall by accident?
Tiny Deek
Tiny Deek Pred 18 urami
Make black panther suite
Dead shot
Dead shot Pred 20 urami
Build the pocket knife from avengers infinity war that belongs to Gemora that Thanos have given to her when she was young
The Real Timmyt FPV
The Real Timmyt FPV Pred 20 urami
You need an fpv feed and display in that helmet! RunCam Micro Eagle 170 degree field of view! That's close to the human eye's perspective! Awesome either way!
Murl Harmon
Murl Harmon Pred 20 urami
THIS got me to subscribe...oh and collaboration with KOR
TorrentOfficial Pred 20 urami
so... how far can it fly... can I use it to get to work and back like 30 km's?
Adam Waddell
Adam Waddell Pred 21 uro
Hey @thehacksmith would it be easier to make green goblins glider than to fly like Ironman?
Adam Waddell
Adam Waddell Pred 20 urami
the Hacksmith ya, I bet. I think it would be pretty cool to see you guy build one based off the 90’s shows version.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 20 urami
yup,. but still expensive
Dimitri valery
Dimitri valery Pred 21 uro
French subtile pleas
KacperM Pred 23 urami
Every little kids dream? More like every person dream
DeadZeal Pred 23 urami
Since you guys can sorta control your flight with the arm turbines why not look at making the green Goblin hovercraft? You could easily make a base to hold all the batteries and the turbines required for low height flight.
Anonymous User
Because balancing a broom on the end of its handle is stupid. This design is much better than a board.
noob king havel
noob king havel Pred dnevom
Ur channel is legendary but thos might b what kills u heli hat srry just saying proove me wrong but guys thts a bit much dnt u think
NonsensicalVids Pred dnevom
I completely forgot there was an inspector gadget film
Black turbine
Black turbine Pred dnevom
Well it wouldn't rip your hand off but when the engine has an uncotained catastrophic failure...Well...just look at Holset rotating assembly burst test's
Axel Eschenröder
Axel Eschenröder Pred dnevom
Echt gut!!!!!!!
Why I woke Up
Why I woke Up Pred dnevom
You have to find tony do it
Emmanuel Evans
Emmanuel Evans Pred dnevom
Build Google or Alexa in to the iron Man mask
Blak Cat
Blak Cat Pred dnevom
You are the best of the inventor l prefer you 🌏👍👍👍👍👏👏👏💞💞💖😀😀😀😀😉😉😉😃😃😃
Don Gerra Marco
Don Gerra Marco Pred dnevom
spending millions on prehistoric technology...;ike the cars we drive ...but why?
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred dnevom
What is your idea of modern technology...
Rain JoLix
Rain JoLix Pred dnevom
What If It Will Fly Higher ? 😮 It Will Be Awesome 😍
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred dnevom
Or you fall and die
- ナシュnashuuu
- ナシュnashuuu Pred dnevom
I'm here to comment to show my future grand-grand-grand-grand ... kids that their grand-grand-grand-grand-grand ... dad watched and liked the video where they feature a thing very close to an iron man suit and a very cool retractable magnet iron man helmet. ❤
Rob Magi
Rob Magi Pred dnevom
Kinda disappointed in the helmet, it’s so cool but there’s no interior AR stuff like he wanted, the range that the helmet goes up is way too short and worst of all almost insulting is that there’s no Jarvis AI programmed into the helmet like come on man step up your game, sheesh.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred dnevom
Vikas bharat Choudhary
You should show how to make Jarvis
Vijayalakshmi Srinivasan
even i am trying to build a iron man suit how much the metal sheet cost
Anonymous User
so you're just making knight's armor...
deathblade Pred dnevom
That's awesome
Blazing Blade
Blazing Blade Pred dnevom
This is like Tony Stark and Peter Parker.
Scorpy yt
Scorpy yt Pred dnevom
It did look cooler with the feet jets
Anonymous User
disagree, it looked sloppier and more awkward
Homza ali
Homza ali Pred dnevom
Gravity should get the person who plays iron man and let him try it
Anonymous User
"the person who plays iron man"
The Anime Box
The Anime Box Pred dnevom
A thousand years from now, people will dig up these video and say "Ah, so this is where it all started" while they fly around in a suit more advance than even iron man's suit. This is incredible.
Ethan Renault
Ethan Renault Pred 2 dnevi
You guys should make an extendable arm doesn’t have to be based on anything but like it extends outwards and can grab stuff or in a make believe fight you would extend your arm and hit an enemy or kinda like you jump from a height and grab onto something like spider man shoots webs to grab on to buildings (edit) not like one of those toy grabbers but it can be concealed and you can whip it out when you need and and be sturdy enough to support your weight
Marcus Nordahl
Marcus Nordahl Pred 2 dnevi
If you guys read this How do you feel about making something fallout themed like...a powerarmor or pipboy
Thomas Buffam
Thomas Buffam Pred 2 dnevi
Make the saw launcher next
renu susan thomas
renu susan thomas Pred 2 dnevi
Hey! Guess what? I dare you to build the flying suit of your own.
renu susan thomas
renu susan thomas Pred 2 dnevi
+the Hacksmith Ya. But I don't mean to be rude. I wanted to see a suit of your design with a Hacksmith youch to it.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 2 dnevi
Did you watch the video...
Black Pred 2 dnevi
Who thinks he looks a little bit like Logan ? (Wolverine)
K3 Pred 2 dnevi
Build the Hawkeye bow
hemant kumar
hemant kumar Pred 2 dnevi
Please also try to make black panther nails
hemant kumar
hemant kumar Pred 2 dnevi
Please try to make a hoverboard that actually float above the land
vinay patel
vinay patel Pred 2 dnevi
Hamza Abbas
Hamza Abbas Pred 2 dnevi
Boss tell me how I buy this equipment 🤔🤔🤓🤓
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 2 dnevi
From his website...
BITCH lasagna
BITCH lasagna Pred 2 dnevi
Which one is stronger Like:The hacksmith Not like:One punch man Dislike:Thor with his stormbreaker Comment:Thanos without his gauntlet Comment and like 3x times:Thanos with his gauntlet
Game Over
Game Over Pred 2 dnevi
Is Ur T-SHIRT available for sale??
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 2 dnevi
Yes, links in the description
Game Over
Game Over Pred 2 dnevi
The one with ur logo
MAD- MASON03 Pred 2 dnevi
Please next project after the aliens suit do a fallout (4) suit of power armor like if you a agree
Riker Reinhart
Riker Reinhart Pred 2 dnevi
Hey guy's,I found a site where you can get Titanium rods,blocks and sheets for a decently low price that you could use for future builds. Please reply to this comment if you would like a link or the name of the site.
Green Arrow2112
Green Arrow2112 Pred 2 dnevi
that guy is the British Iron Man
Saveon Mitchell
Saveon Mitchell Pred 2 dnevi
2019: OMG I can't afford that. It's one million dollars 3019: I'm going to the dollar store to get a Rocket suit
Trog TV
Trog TV Pred 2 dnevi
You should make a grappling gun that uses a magnet instead of a hook
عبودي ابن العراق Professional games
الاختراع جميل و رائع
GT DRAGON Pred 3 dnevi
Joel V
Joel V Pred 3 dnevi
you should do doc ock arms
Lucas Goes
Lucas Goes Pred 3 dnevi
Do the wall-E!
C OC Pred 3 dnevi
Oh my gush you make my day complete and totally happy especially when you gave him an iron man helmet and fly off
Someone once told me
Could you maybe try building Rico’s grappling hook from Just Cause
Aurora Johnson
Aurora Johnson Pred 3 dnevi
Why dont you use gloves with suckers attached to magnets so you can climb up walls like spider man easier
Matt Cerbone
Matt Cerbone Pred 3 dnevi
God.....if I had more money than sense........
BloodPanda Panda
BloodPanda Panda Pred 3 dnevi
Make assassin's creed knife ( hidden blade )
supedup 101
supedup 101 Pred 3 dnevi
You should build the bubble from fortnite
READ Comics
READ Comics Pred 3 dnevi
Iron Man is the awesomest character ever!
louis Funtime
louis Funtime Pred 3 dnevi
I'm so excited for the power loader build part 3!!!
Ray Fields
Ray Fields Pred 3 dnevi
Hey let's see some challenging wepons from dead rising 4 or sunset overdrive
polly Sinha
polly Sinha Pred 3 dnevi
Hey hacksmith i, am subharghya from india and i have an awesome idea for you to work with . Its an awesome laser burner made to be portable Heres the basic idea Take as many 5 watt burning laser as you can Next make sure they're rechargeable Then you will need some convex lens and some prisms with the help of which you can refract and finally combine (or at least make the rays parallel with negligible space between them) the lasers to make a single ray That single ray should be able to burns almost anything in seconds(like your zarya particle cannon but a portable one) And if security does not take you in, you will have a laser gun Heres my WhatsApp no 9874126555
Bucqy Pred 3 dnevi
Real life tony stark
Beau Maier
Beau Maier Pred 3 dnevi
Imagin someone saying want to race my car and you walk outside with this
Anonymous User
The car wins.
Olumuyiwa Bolaji
Olumuyiwa Bolaji Pred 3 dnevi
Im inspired by this,i used to make diagrams(im only 10)and I would draw out if i had too much thrust on my arms,i would not be able to control it,I could get burned,or everything can go wrong and it blows up xd. but I've already been beat to my dream :( 😪
mrtigretiger Pred 3 dnevi
Haha its the american tony stark And a white English rowdy
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 3 dnevi
NTNProductions Pred 3 dnevi
They need to team up with Colin Furze. With him they'll build a real iron man suit.
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 3 dnevi
We have
Rainier Robin
Rainier Robin Pred 3 dnevi
For make it real make Mavericks blow torch from rainbow six seige
Colman's Cool Legos
Colman's Cool Legos Pred 4 dnevi
you guys should make a working Antman helmet
Rahimi Elias
Rahimi Elias Pred 4 dnevi
make a video when Tony stark visits hacksmith and tests the iron man suit
Rahimi Elias
Rahimi Elias Pred 4 dnevi
the avengers are here
Get Something
Get Something Pred 4 dnevi
hmm if Dmc 5 came out why dont u do Nero's Red Queen?
Ismael Judá Moraes Reis dias
What about create a mechanical flapping wing that uses some kind of battery to do that work? Haha
Jaibu nisha
Jaibu nisha Pred 4 dnevi
Pls make crow's throwing knives from brawl stars game
Łukasz Tuszyński
Łukasz Tuszyński Pred 4 dnevi
Man, where can i get that Iron Man helmet. Its dank
siddhant Nagotkar
siddhant Nagotkar Pred 4 dnevi
I love your videos, 😁 from Indian
D Sealy
D Sealy Pred 4 dnevi
Why does this guy remind me of Bruce Dickinson?
SmiksDK Pred 4 dnevi
what is he truth ha
bob1cina Pred 4 dnevi
I have not seen this SLvid channel for about 5 months ... Now his face is V shaped
Max Ritter
Max Ritter Pred 4 dnevi
The Wright brothers were flying the first airplane in 1903 and it took only 6 more years until the military used its first plane. Judging by that and the fact that the development of technology keeps getting faster and faster I'd say that we'll see the first military Iron-Man armor in late 2020/early 2021. The future is going to be dope and it's coming soon.
Arkaan Attalah
Arkaan Attalah Pred 4 dnevi
Im request Saw launcher in facry new dawn Saw launcher bear with me
Zean Gaem
Zean Gaem Pred 4 dnevi
thats f*****g litt edit:sorry about that im kinda shock about those things in the video
David Cliff
David Cliff Pred 4 dnevi
Make Aquaman Trident
Crystallized Pred 4 dnevi
Could you do your own Scythe? I would love to see that!
Hey hacksmith plz plz plz make iron man hologram technology plz plz
SkilledWeeb Pred 4 dnevi
You guys should make some sort of anime “Item/Weapon” like a sword from sword art online or something like that. Lol.
Mely Rosas
Mely Rosas Pred 4 dnevi
Make the helmet of star lord
Koh Hedley
Koh Hedley Pred 4 dnevi
Can you make the left hand and the right hand version of the infinity gauntlet to celebrate the endgame?
pro gamer 332
pro gamer 332 Pred 4 dnevi
Make a Tesla
Eric Torres
Eric Torres Pred 4 dnevi
Hacksmith, was this filmed at the Camarillo airport? Ventura County California?
the Hacksmith
the Hacksmith Pred 4 dnevi
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