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Exclusive leak of Google Pixel 4.
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1. apr. 2019

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Andrew Langellier
Andrew Langellier Pred 48 minutami
So... if you have an iPhone XR, have you noticed how his videos go right up to the notch in standard view??
John Sweeney
John Sweeney Pred 5 urami
He put way too much thought into that.
micah Pred 7 urami
Is that a 2016 macbook pro?
Hanxuan Song
Hanxuan Song Pred 19 urami
Plz google "Oppo Reno" - AVAILABLE now on Chinese market. Not some "leak" "concept" BS.
Skylar Pred 20 urami
I literally got an ad for this that was just the entirety of Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley and I knew it was an April fool's joke 3 weeks later. I've been duped. Thanks, SLvid
VR Ready Pc Fan
VR Ready Pc Fan Pred dnevom
5:45 thats so ugly lol
Nathan Knauss
Nathan Knauss Pred dnevom
But this is gonna make our phones thicc.
Saif Khan
Saif Khan Pred dnevom
I believed it untill I read comments..
Clemylee Dopehop
Clemylee Dopehop Pred dnevom
😂😂😂😂😂 seriously??!!😅😅😅😅😅😅
TrixSir Pred dnevom
Why u bully me?
Vanessa Asylum
Vanessa Asylum Pred dnevom
Do conspiracy videos like what Shane Dawson do
Favour Oluloto
Favour Oluloto Pred 2 dnevi
Bro u a snitch snitch
ANDY & carol the beta.
keep the foil hat on , or the satellites will read your mind.
Alfredo Gonzalez
Alfredo Gonzalez Pred 2 dnevi
I subscribed today now im unsubscribing
Nick RAnon
Nick RAnon Pred 2 dnevi
Marcello AFK
Marcello AFK Pred 2 dnevi
HING Pred 2 dnevi
Hi Cambodia 🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭
Matteo Pred 2 dnevi
Took me 90% of the video to remember april fool’s day was coming..
Raza Ali
Raza Ali Pred 2 dnevi
Can anybody tell me the name and link of"wallpaper showed on phone" ?
Xx shoxity xX Xx
Xx shoxity xX Xx Pred 2 dnevi
Your mic is really good, like omg
H4mst3r Pred 2 dnevi
watching this on 21st of april ... he got me :) Markass
刘博文 Pred 2 dnevi
Alan Wang
Alan Wang Pred 2 dnevi
Oppo Reno
Faisal Rahat
Faisal Rahat Pred 2 dnevi
Sherlock Holmes version 2019
Pubg club
Pubg club Pred 3 dnevi
Subscribe please
Bongani ndhlovu
Bongani ndhlovu Pred 3 dnevi
Mkbhd you've never been this funny😂
Moments with Jenya
Moments with Jenya Pred 3 dnevi
i just lost my boner after seeing pixel ultra
Big Mim
Big Mim Pred 3 dnevi
watching on 21st apr
Hi Im APOP Pred 3 dnevi
The tinfoil hat made me look at the date. I should've expected it. Damn it!
Bajungadustin Pred 3 dnevi
Seriously.. If the Google pixel xl had that camera instead of the giant ass notch.. I would have bought it. I hope this shark fin thing becomes a reality.
Light Being Aid
Light Being Aid Pred 3 dnevi
Google Pixel 4 stole this from the Oppo Reno Phone
Francis Meg
Francis Meg Pred 4 dnevi
😭😭😭 When he put the aluminum hat on was when I realized it wasn't real 😂😂😂 Well played Marques
Logan Cagle
Logan Cagle Pred 4 dnevi
I'm over here on April 19th wondering what the hell is going on
Assorted Video
Assorted Video Pred 4 dnevi
Please. Give me one of your used phone. Please.
Sean Sweeney
Sean Sweeney Pred 4 dnevi
I hate myself for buying in...
Review Ben Vlogs
Review Ben Vlogs Pred 4 dnevi
Seriously really really funny
Tushar Agarwal
Tushar Agarwal Pred 4 dnevi
No doubt you will get 10M subscribers by 2020. Keep up the great work Marques. 💪🏼
Your local Meme dealer
Markass brownlee
Mayank Arora
Mayank Arora Pred 4 dnevi
what's that laptop skin?
Xilog Pred 4 dnevi
19th April. I thought the tinfoil hat part was a funny joke and being overly detective aaand I got fooled until the very end.
Julien Forest-Pesant
Fucking same here!
alig8ter 0__0
alig8ter 0__0 Pred 4 dnevi
I love this
Jesús Porfirio Mendoza
Aluminum Thinking Cap 😂😂 Priceless
Blessan Kuriakose
Blessan Kuriakose Pred 4 dnevi
Bro...., Your think level is awesome.. Huge fan from India
AIM NINJA Pred 4 dnevi
For the record This phone is real OPPO Reno
Chew Rick
Chew Rick Pred 4 dnevi
u bet ur life???nonsense, oppo reno already came out with the real thing, make sure u bet ur life on it..waiting to see
Risto Karatisto
Risto Karatisto Pred 4 dnevi
Saw it was 1st of April and realised
Pranav Kadam
Pranav Kadam Pred 4 dnevi
That is Oppo Reno
Hakan Jordan
Hakan Jordan Pred 4 dnevi
Dude I watched it weeks later and got sooo confused 😂😂
brbjuke45 Pred 4 dnevi
Shit Im just seeing this video, and until i checked the description 3 mins in, I was fooled.
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott Pred 4 dnevi
Just wanna say I did finish the video just got disappointed about the design and comment before all the crazy
113 DmG
113 DmG Pred 4 dnevi
So was ANY of this true?
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott Pred 4 dnevi
I hope it doesn't look like that
113 DmG
113 DmG Pred 4 dnevi
Second video I've ever watched of this guy. Amused by tinfoil hat prop. However, I fell for it 99% hook, line and sinker.
Game Ademption
Game Ademption Pred 4 dnevi
Shiyang Ma
Shiyang Ma Pred 4 dnevi
Kate Mary Queen Paderanga Ebonia
This was an April Fool's joke? OMG
Ale Pred 5 dnevi
Marksass brownie
ं IBRAHIM ं Pred 5 dnevi
Who else watched this vdo for second time and getting laugh About first time
Oliver Smith
Oliver Smith Pred 5 dnevi
Had me convinced then he put on the hat
EJ Holland
EJ Holland Pred 5 dnevi
I love these vids
kazenotaima Pred 5 dnevi
JL sand/ JLの砂
JL sand/ JLの砂 Pred 5 dnevi
When you realize that the reno its real jaja😂😂😂
Jarreau Randolph
Jarreau Randolph Pred 6 dnevi
Harry Collins
Harry Collins Pred 6 dnevi
I watched this entire video thinking ‘wow this phone looks sick’ and ‘hahaha marques got jokes, I’m liking the irony of the tin foil hat’. It wasn’t until he translated that text that I realised I’d just been taken for a mug for a solid 6 or so minutes 😂😭 what made it worse was that I watched it 2 weeks late so had no idea it was posted on April 1st 😂😂
Roger Skagerström
Roger Skagerström Pred 6 dnevi
But this is just a theory.. A PHONE THEORY!
B Cro
B Cro Pred 6 dnevi
Damn, Oppo actually DID this! Lol
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar Pred 6 dnevi
i was all excited to buy pixel 4 and boom, i got fooled.
Jamie Pred 7 dnevi
Oh ffs, April 17th...he got me. I'm researching what phone to get.
Daniyal Aftab
Daniyal Aftab Pred 4 dnevi
S10 Plus
Rob Nahantchi
Rob Nahantchi Pred 5 dnevi
OnePlus 7 pro😉
Casey Bolster
Casey Bolster Pred 7 dnevi
The tinfoil-hat nice touch LOL
Jona2122 Pred 7 dnevi
Took me a few seconds to not believe you
Sayid Hk
Sayid Hk Pred 7 dnevi
Just watched this on 16th April, one minute in and the music made the whole thing suspicious I had to check the comments hahaha. good one.
Sarita Singh
Sarita Singh Pred 7 dnevi
Oh God I watched this video in 0.75 speed to understand and it took about 3 times the duration of video to watch and understand what is he saying and finally he said it's April fool. 😱😱😱😱
Suzy White
Suzy White Pred 7 dnevi
Took me a minute to realize this was an April's fools video ... well played, so funny
Ole Hofsøy
Ole Hofsøy Pred 7 dnevi
... It's april 16. You had me going for a good 2 minutes there!
sam_bread Pred 7 dnevi
3:09 into the video and realizing it's the April fools video...
BTCF Pred 7 dnevi
The music gave it away
Shippi Pred 7 dnevi
Пошёл ты на хуй Нигер
Gem Iñigo
Gem Iñigo Pred 7 dnevi
The moment when he puts on the Tin foil hat! 😂😂😂
Prophfit K
Prophfit K Pred 7 dnevi
So basically everyone that's late is getting caught... Noice
Grayson Gibson
Grayson Gibson Pred 8 dnevi
the tinfoil lmao
Joel Lubwama
Joel Lubwama Pred 8 dnevi
nocctea Pred 8 dnevi
the second the video started playing that royalty free "sneaking" music i immediately knew something was up. marques would never use that kind of music in his videos lmao
Isaac Bey
Isaac Bey Pred 8 dnevi
Good shit..... You got my black azz... April 15 Fml
natieya Pred 8 dnevi
Love the tin foil hat! 😂🤣
Derek Lion
Derek Lion Pred 8 dnevi
Omg... i'm dying. The tinfoil bit... priceless!
BehelitOutlaw Pred 8 dnevi
I hate you!
Fassil D
Fassil D Pred 8 dnevi
Hope no one bought stocks of OPPO based on this info. I sure was thinking about it.
Zaccy Boy
Zaccy Boy Pred 8 dnevi
Imagine if this wasn’t a joke and he actually used that fkn music
Posted Broadcast
Posted Broadcast Pred 8 dnevi
Damn I was watching this taking it serious. As soon as he put on the aluminum foil cap I scrolled down to the comments & realized it was on April Fool's Day. I'm just now watching this lol
BEN10 Pred 8 dnevi
OPPO Reno 5G weird but cool!
Ivan Kodzoman
Ivan Kodzoman Pred 8 dnevi
YouTube Pakistan
YouTube Pakistan Pred 8 dnevi
is it april fools joke?
Akii leonhart
Akii leonhart Pred 8 dnevi
Watching it on April 15
Dhananjayan S
Dhananjayan S Pred 8 dnevi
Someone gif up that "confirmed" at 3:52
vineeth reddy
vineeth reddy Pred 8 dnevi
google spies on us and marques spies on googles . karma!!!!
Daneil Ruiz
Daneil Ruiz Pred 8 dnevi
Nice one
The Ten Ways
The Ten Ways Pred 9 dnevi
April 14th and still trollin.
Paul T Sjordal
Paul T Sjordal Pred 9 dnevi
I love how phone manufacturers just had to remove the headphone jacks because there's not enough room in these increasingly large phones, but they have enough room for a motorized pop-up selfie camera? Nice to know they've been honest with us.
paradoxdesigns Pred 9 dnevi
mmmm.. shark fin.
Fation Mehilli
Fation Mehilli Pred 9 dnevi
Wow wow wow nerd alert
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